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    They're both guys... 1 year ago  
    a wasn't sad at was a terrible writing decision to get rid of a powerful villain 1 year ago  
    A would have no point 1 year ago  
    B looks like a stalker imo 1 year ago +1
    i hate a...far too sweet 1 year ago  
    CW Flash made as an RPG like Dark Souls but not as difficult 1 year ago  
    sean 1 year ago  
    afros 1 year ago +1
    waaaaaaay more fun 1 year ago  
    a girl's 1 year ago  
    this happened to me irl 1 year ago  
    i hate obito with a passion 1 year ago  
    sho is a b!tch with multiple personalities 1 year ago  
    gray=cancer 1 year ago  
    waay hotter 1 year ago  
    one of the only good guys in fairy tail to die 1 year ago  
    hotter 1 year ago  
    SPOILER to authors note: she was revived by neinhart proving she died 1 year ago  
    take over: pizza! 1 year ago  
    hotter 1 year ago  
    that is a punishment that is too cruel for any crime 1 year ago  
    sakura 1 year ago  
    the question says "HIM"...i don't mess with that gay sh*t 1 year ago  
    neither...i want to meet someone that i actually know 1 year ago  
    for like two seconds...then go to sleep 1 year ago  
    and you're from the US? shame... 1 year ago  
    i dont know who either of these guys are 1 year ago  
    um...that's soccer 1 year ago  
    Who's McCain? 1 year ago  
    i dont even want immortality tbh 1 year ago  
    thanos destroys everyone on both teams with ease 1 year ago  
    jelly is gross 1 year ago +2
    y'all are some heathens 1 year ago  
    21, 17, 4 1 year ago  
    lucario 1 year ago  
    HXH FTW 1 year ago +1
    so i become illumi zoldyck? 1 year ago +1
    people aim for the heart more often 1 year ago +2
    harry potter is trash imo 1 year ago  
    exactly 1 year ago  
    why is this a question 1 year ago  
    sasori puppet wrecks 1 year ago  
    cuz wet 1 year ago  
    hes that one fag right 1 year ago  
    music confuses me 1 year ago  
    i thought this was supposed to be which one is more outdated...then i saw "6 years ago" 1 year ago  
    so 9% of this sites users are muslim...good to know 1 year ago  
    summer=no school 1 year ago  
    i just want to flyyyyyyyyy 1 year ago  
    harry potter is sh*t, just saying 1 year ago  
    just paint him purple 1 year ago  
    well no homo 1 year ago  
    eyelashes dont hurt to pull out 1 year ago  
    f*ck harry potter all i need is the force 1 year ago  
    can these be fictional characters as well 1 year ago +1
    like some teenagers and a talking dog would beat a F*CKING GOD OF DEATH 1 year ago  
    every one that picked the scooby-doo gang must immediately hang themselves for the good of mankind 1 year ago +1
    the worst of the best is technically better than the best of the worst (for example sakura>hinata(team 7>team 8)) 1 year ago +1
    wrong one because im 12 1 year ago  
    main character from movie: road to ninja: naruto main character from game: naruto ultimate ninja storm 4: i mainly use darui main character from book i read: magi-labyrinth of magic: good 1 year ago  
    lol neither 1 year ago  
    #REBEL!!! 1 year ago  
    a sounds like the name of a documentary 1 year ago  
    i watch youtube and i dont watch twitch but you get a lot more money off of youtube than you do from twitch 1 year ago  
    haven't watched it but i'm just going along with the meme 1 year ago  
    just get a tattoo of a bible verse or inspirational saying...then my parents wouldn't care 1 year ago  
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