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    Then I could pick stuff up and eventually walk again using crutches. I don't want to become a Winter Soldier with metal arms, though it would give me super strength!  
    In a perfect relationship you won't need to worry about other people!!  
    Chocolate pudding!!!  
    I'd prefer that as it would make leading up to it better!  
    I like fruit!  
    I'd like to meet the Borg and all the other aliens and entities.  
    I don't now how to fly a plane but a boat can't be that hard!  
    If they were a really good friend going places or if this was their last chance!  
    Rather be with my true love forever than being alone or just without someone I truly love!  
    Not many notice me anyway!  
    She'd be smaller than me so I could pick her up!  
    I'd dry them if they were friendly or just sit there stroking them because I love dogs!!  
    I've already been to France!  
    I love Pewdiepie and his fear of barrels!!  
    It looks poufy and nice!  
    Tumblr for life!!!  
    I love meat but I would never be able to kill an animal!  
    Colour in this case looks better!  
    Me anyway! I am generally a quiet person!  
    Always bring a banana. Banana's are good and a great source of potassium!! (DrWho reference)  
    May be better or worse than we are today!  
    Nice smelling breathe!  
    Team Jacob all the way. Don't like Twilight but he is definitely better than Justin Bieber!  
    Hear the thoughts of those around me to find out stuff like terrorism, if I was close enough of course!  
    But it would really hurt getting all that tape off!  
    Quicker I would think in a train crash. The idea of drowning or being eaten seems worse to me! Plus my body may never be found if it is in the ocean!  
    A song would be better. Then you could hear other people singing it for ages after it is the No.1 instead of being a movie to be criticised!  
    Russian Roulette is basically a game of change or luck where you put on bullet in a gun, turn it and without seeing where the bullet is put the gun to your head and shoot. Having to stay completely calm hoping you don't die in the process.  
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