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Hello I am Sami and I am a very dumb and weird person I also suck at everything in life except for making people smile and making them happy (most of the times). Feel free to message me, i love talking to people. Life is weird and you be weird

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    My friends would tell everyone to hate her  
    Pokemon sometimes got f*cked up, i like f*cked up things  
    Cats hate me  
    Friends are literally the only thing that keep me from suicide  
    Good bye Kardashians  
    If i killed hitler before the holocaust then a lot of sh*t would happen that would f*ck up the world  
    I would give the money I got to the children, obvious loophole  
    WAYYYYYYY better  
    If the mermaids are like in the picture then no but if they were like the conspiracy theories say they look, nope  
    Hmm I wonder if she likes me, no, well lets try this chick.  
    misclick, noooooooooooooooo!!  
    Watch all my loved ones die one by one, no thank you!  
    In the harry potter world i would die in like 10 seconds  
    At least I would be with people  
    Love is literally the most important thing in my life  
    F8ck twilight  
    It killed more people +1
    I'd wish for the things I was gonna buy with the money +1
    I wouldn't go to jail for as much time as A  
    I could technically read and control people's minds by moving certain parts of the brain to make them tell me what the are thinking or do something I want +1
    I am kid soooo A  
    I would be super famous then  
    Misclick, i would  
    I would never cheat  
    Just go to an isolated island  
    F8ck twilight  
    I might not have loved it my way and at least i loved it  
    Im super skinny sooooooo...I would just be a bit fat  
    I dont want to be super smart, just normal  
    True Love = Everything I need  
    If you are the best magician the you get just less than being a gambler but still a lot  
    Easier than sweating 24/7  
    Way better though family guy is still awesome  
    If my clothes also go invisible then YES  
    I LOVE icecream  
    I like public bathrooms the thing is I cant stop partying to go to the bathroom  
    I would look beautiful  
    True love is one of my three wishes  
    Very good friends are like best frinds  
    A happens a lot of times  
    I would get over the creepyness eventually  
    Force + lightsaber plus super badass dad  
    Easier to use  
    In A everyone would think that Im really dumb  
    Fit plus yummy food sign me up  
    Rebuild humanity  
    Depends what kind of slave but if its a worker slave like 1800 then prison is better  
    I can survive most likely plus it hurts less  
    Cities look awesome  
    Good quality, bad quantity, Mcdonald food  
    There is no point in waiting, why wait what's the difference between the first week or the first year +20
    Mario is a bad guy he is a maniac +1
    Do I get to teleport anywhere +1
    I might get someone good +1
    Both are awesome but I would probably prefer A +5
    It's better food +86
    Cooler +2
    I don't wanna dye in 3 seconds +1
    Too much work to control the whole population +1
    I think my ancestors would be slaves soooo WIFI +1
    XXX +1
    I would be dead so I wouldn't care +1
    I have my computer at least and ipad +1
    If I changed it people might send me to prison or bully me hardcore +1
    Cuba, bahamas, jamaica +1
    The aliens might be good +1
    With the lightsaber you could save people +1
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