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They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but doesn't that imply the road to Heaven is paved with all the bad ones?

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    Since that could include my gf 1 day ago +1
    idk but i like guacamole 1 day ago  
    Neater 1 day ago  
    An apocalypse of the weeb/gamer uprising. 1 day ago +2
    lmao 1 day ago  
    He did the same to me. Bit of an ass. 1 day ago +1
    I'm pretty sure that last bit got added after I commented this, but I don't really remember. 1 day ago  
    Definitely 1 day ago  
    Bigger tiddies 2 days ago  
    Not at all, they'd be ethnically their original place of birth but a citizen of their current country. They might be a called a French-African however to reflect that or whatever 2 days ago  
    Misclick, unless I was really unhappy with the person I'm with. 2 days ago  
    Lack of legs can be worked around in various means, unlike arms. 2 days ago  
    Ye 2 days ago  
    8-9, that's be hell 2 days ago  
    0, I don't get the scare factor. 2 days ago  
    The poorest 90% of the population owns about 22% of the wealth. 2 days ago +1
    No but i'm still too skinny regardless 3 days ago  
    Their choice 3 days ago  
    More common, sorta 3 days ago  
    Fvck misclick. A is way nicer 3 days ago  
    Tiddies 3 days ago  
    Less furry 3 days ago  
    1% of the wealth owns 38% of the population 3 days ago +1
    Also fvck off pedo 3 days ago +4
    1% of the population owns 38% of the wealth. 3 days ago +2
    1% of the population owns 38% of the wealth. 3 days ago +1
    Wayyyyy less cancerous 3 days ago  
    I mean James isn't really an uncommon name though. Not like you thought "Kahoolan". 4 days ago +1
    Imo, Itachi could beat the Six Paths of Pain, but not Nagato with a rennigan in his prime. I'm basing this on the fact that Itachi does seal away Nagato in edo tensei form, albeit with help and against a Nagato with a severely damaged body. 4 days ago  
    I mean his satire, no homo 4 days ago  
    I love you 4 days ago  
    I mean it currently is winning so far. 4 days ago +2
    Much more useful 4 days ago  
    God no. There's no power in it and all they do is make celebrity appearances and have their entire personal lives obsessed over by the media. That would be utterly hell. 4 days ago +3
    What astho said 4 days ago +1
    Of course 5 days ago  
    Please 5 days ago  
    Throwing in no way equates to accurately hitting. 6 days ago  
    My penls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 6 days ago +1
    What venus said 6 days ago +1
    People are majorly overeacting to having to stay inside lol. Running out of supplies and good food is a legit issue, but just being mildly bored is a luxery I wish I had. 6 days ago  
    A bag of sex toys 6 days ago  
    lmao 6 days ago  
    Yay old man 6 days ago  
    Their distracting 6 days ago +1
    Flashrex would be my obvious second in command, Golden and Hatty can be in charge of the economy and stuff because they're actually practical people, Catty will of course be my High Priestess, and nikopower and his clones can be the footsoldiers on the frontlines of the army. 6 days ago  
    More reminiscent of a hentai thing online 6 days ago +1
    Don't have one 6 days ago  
    My gf tried to convince me I was destined to be a terrible father. 1 week ago  
    I'd be more inquisitive that she wasn't just drawing hentai as a more efficient alternative 1 week ago +1
    No because taking a picture with a doll is gay anyway 1 week ago  
    I prefer cats to cuddle 1 week ago +1
    Probably averages out at 6, maybe 7 honestly 1 week ago  
    What frisk said, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. 1 week ago  
    True. I guess if you look at it a certain way, the wall is actually paid for (/made out of) by said outsiders too. 1 week ago  
    What usmanc said 1 week ago  
    By far 1 week ago  
    I've never been able to figure out why this is the only anime you seem to like 1 week ago  
    Naruto's best arcs were Hidan and Kakuzu and the Itachi arc in shippuden imo 1 week ago  
    More in the mood for pizza rn, but donuts yummy 1 week ago  
    Small ones but yeah 1 week ago  
    Flashrex and Satan's Bizarre Adventure 1 week ago +3
    I'd feel a hell of a lot better off during what's an actual worldwide crisis going on under Obama than Trump 1 week ago +3
    I know there's only 5 votes but what the actual hell are these percentages 1 week ago +2
    Yeah nope 1 week ago  
    The power to make extra cheese pepperoni pizzas out of thin air 1 week ago  
    I have to ration milk and im fvcking thirsty lol 1 week ago  
    Really hates muslims 1 week ago +1
    Not Barrack Obama 1 week ago  
    Spaghetti arms shall be summoned 1 week ago +1
    What gtc said 1 week ago +1
    Likes licking cats ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1 week ago  
    I'm objectively less edgy than you though 1 week ago  
    Yay 1 week ago  
    Both really really good tho 1 week ago  
    Me: Vandalising the holy Vatican city; Freedom: Public Drunkeness, indecent exposure, rape, hate crimes; Astho: Hate crimes also, but towards muslims; Usmanc: Arrested for arriving at yomokogirl's house naked and begging her to let him lick her toes; Mustakrakish: Urinating on people in public; Catty: Kidnapping (of me), statutory rape, and animal cruelty; alexw: illegal bribe taking (probably from nikopower) 1 week ago +1
    I mean ig not the coronavirus *technically* but for other stuff no lol. A good bit of the viruses come from contact that's not neccesarily related to eating the animals, as other people pointed out. 1 week ago  
    Avacado time 1 week ago  
    YEET 1 week ago  
    Zucc isn't black 1 week ago +1
    Actually a hard choice ngl 1 week ago  
    At least A wasn't ruining anything good 1 week ago +1
    Nikos clones returning 1 week ago +1
    Blacker 2 weeks ago  
    Just don't shoot your guacamole nlgger penis 2 weeks ago +1
    Cooler 2 weeks ago  
    Asians look young for a long ass time until they suddenly look really old, so they literally have the best genetics 2 weeks ago  
    Basically everyone on this site except like golden lol 2 weeks ago +1
    Less chance of catching coronavirus 2 weeks ago +2
    A are at least begoneable 2 weeks ago +1
    Bruh wtf lmao 2 weeks ago +1
    That's commitment right there 2 weeks ago  
    History seems to show we don't learn from the past to begin with 2 weeks ago +1
    Humanity would die in a day with B. A is also a free source of metal. 2 weeks ago +1
    The sequel we've all been waiting for 2 weeks ago +1
    I'm usually not B anyway 2 weeks ago  
    I see no downside to a friend that'll happilly stab the shlt out of someone for you 2 weeks ago +1
    #americaneducationsystemisbroken 2 weeks ago  
    Duh? 2 weeks ago  
    I can kill the Terminator 2 weeks ago  
    Yayyyyyyy 3 weeks ago  
    MHA is just overhyped, that's about it 3 weeks ago  
    The governments being ineffective at dealing with it. It'll ultimately get better, but it'll get worse first. We've already surpassed South Korea in cases. 3 weeks ago  
    Not sand nlggers 3 weeks ago +3
    If I get the coronavirus I'm still stuck doing school as usual smh 3 weeks ago  
    Because I have none to lose lmao 3 weeks ago  
    Honestly that's not even really racist, just true 3 weeks ago  
    Ye it is 3 weeks ago  
    ^^ 3 weeks ago  
    Makes the most sense 3 weeks ago  
    Guacamole Nlgger Penls 3 weeks ago +1
    Fun 3 weeks ago  
    Both are good tho 3 weeks ago  
    I mean duh 3 weeks ago  
    Way lower death rate 3 weeks ago  
    Duh 3 weeks ago +1
    A is actually more OP but B is more fun 3 weeks ago  
    Tell her I have a girlfriend lol 3 weeks ago +1
    Anything but A 3 weeks ago  
    Best to start from the top 3 weeks ago +1
    This is actually a pretty good question that I feel you could make solid arguments both ways for. 3 weeks ago  
    I understand what this question was supposed to mean, but I originally read it as a satire in which answering no would state that nothing at all can be bought with money, which would have been funnier honestly 3 weeks ago  
    B is the saying and stuff, but it sort of depends on specific situations. Someone with nothing to lose is only dangerous if their carrying a grudge and have the energy left to carry revenge out after everything they lost. 3 weeks ago  
    What catty said 3 weeks ago  
    That's actually pretty true lmfao, although in fairness a lot of its actually legitimate issues with poor health codes in those meat markets in China 3 weeks ago  
    My mom all but has us living in a sealed bunker, so I'm evidently fine. Slightly more worried for my gf i guess since she's close to NYC where its kinda bad. 3 weeks ago  
    Long overdue tbh 3 weeks ago  
    What bacontits said 3 weeks ago  
    Set off nukes 3 weeks ago +1
    Golden, Jedi, and usmanc would be the popular kids, freedom would be the bully whos an alcoholic and drug addict at 16, the old rarely on vets would be the elitest crowd sorta, except not really stuck up in the same way. What freedom said about everyone else 4 weeks ago +1
    Just making sure lol 4 weeks ago  
    It's all the same guy 4 weeks ago +1
    Could use it 4 weeks ago  
    I relate to that one more personally 4 weeks ago +1
    More random than #1 4 weeks ago  
    Much cooler 4 weeks ago  
    More useful and less dangerous 1 month ago  
    Hail Satan 1 month ago +1
    YES 1 month ago  
    More useful 1 month ago  
    Idk what Zoroastrianism is, but Islam is equally bad as Christianity. Nothing good ever came out of either 1 month ago +5
    Obviously 1 month ago  
    Both, but A made it take a huge hit quickly 1 month ago  
    A overall, though Inquisition was fun from the bit I played 1 month ago  
    Only A when in physically able too 1 month ago  
    Yeah, but mainly because its being handled stupidly. If the government would get its shlt together it wouldn't really be an issue 1 month ago  
    Duh 1 month ago  
    Unfortunately. 1 month ago  
    Other presidents did A already back when dueling was a thing. 1 month ago  
    I mean the dishwasher duh 1 month ago  
    Probably not too heavily, bout a 4-5. I don't really do anything that'd get me in serious trouble 1 month ago  
    Call the fvcking cops lol 1 month ago  
    I mean it's just overall more conveinant if you can 1 month ago  
    Anarchy time 1 month ago  
    I mean you can kind of do both here now 1 month ago  
    2 years ago ish 1 month ago  
    Overall, yeah. 1 month ago  
    Because he's Indian and that country needs nuked 1 month ago +1
    Much better 1 month ago  
    Anything but A 1 month ago +1
    He came off like a moron last time, the only thing he was good at was employing the tactic of shouting "BUT EMAILS" when asked what his actual policy was 1 month ago +1
    Warren is like constantly dissing the Republicans lol. I'd have to look up videos of her speakingfor reference, but she seems fairly outspoken imo 1 month ago +1
    Nah, Biden has too much controversy, I don't even see him making it through the primarys far. Buttigeig doesn't have the support either. I think Bernies too far left to get majority support unfortunately, but I agree with the guest that Warren could have a chance if she makes it through the primarys. 1 month ago  
    I suspect he'll come in second place but I could be wrong 1 month ago  
    I would rather not contract the kung flu 1 month ago  
    So you're mildly sleep deprived basically. As far as grammer goes, its just simpler ig. I otherwise do tend to proofread what I write for mistakes. 1 month ago  
    Ah, gotchu 1 month ago  
    I mean, why were you curious about my time zone that is. 1 month ago  
    It's 7 pm now, but I posted that 2 hours ago, so around 5 then. You're 6 hours ahead of me, I believe. Why? 1 month ago 1 month ago  
    Also, more on A: I honestly have no idea wtf your talking about that men can't show emotions more nowadays. Gender roles went both ways, and men were always expected to be cold, unemotional, and "strong" compared to women in the past. It's *way* more acceptable nowadays for men to be emotional. The first point is dumb too imo, but that's more of a political debate I don't really want to get into. 1 month ago  
    A is 4chan logic, B is actually true to an extent, although not really in the ways you discussed. The world is getting better in a lot of ways, but on the other hand we're likely slowly working towards our own extinction. I give humanity a few hundred years tops before we die out. 1 month ago  
    Money buys things that can bring you a level of happiness. So, yes, it can, it just can't buy *all* forms of happiness (love, friendship, ect) and an obsession with money itself is unhealthy. But imo the statement "money cant buy happiness" is dumb 1 month ago +2
    This is actually pretty funny if its intentionally a joke 1 month ago +1
    I'm pretty sure B is freedom's standard routine tho 1 month ago  
    It'd heavily discourage people from seeking other forms of education after spending so many years in medical school. It would also create a massive surplus of doctors with heavily limited job opportunities due to insane levels of competition. 1 month ago +1
    Satan Bless Canada 1 month ago +2
    More productive 1 month ago  
    Corruption time 1 month ago  
    More money 1 month ago +1
    I'd just stop trying to be funny. 1 month ago  
    In my backyard pool. 1 month ago +1
    I'm assuming "mediocre body" refers to fitness and not looks, but either way B is better. 1 month ago  
    B is still 42k a year. It's not a lot, but it's enough to support yourself fairly decently. 1 month ago  
    B is killable without dealing with jailtime. 1 month ago  
    More modern amenities. 1 month ago  
    I'm a Hellsing weeb 1 month ago +1
    Increases my perception of my lifespan massively. 1 month ago  
    A would be unfortunately more of an issue 1 month ago  
    Far more dangerous to society 1 month ago +1
    More interesting I think. In my experiance it usually depends on whats easier to actually write a paper on though 1 month ago  
    Way more over the top than B 1 month ago +1
    Tbh 1 month ago  
    Cooler 1 month ago  
    Ayy 1 month ago  
    Unless they were super crazy about hating them. 1 month ago +1
    Being too cold 1 month ago  
    Dairy Queen 1 month ago +1
    We should all pm alex telling him "Yes." 1 month ago +2
    "Alexw" 1 month ago  
    I think American politics has pretty much always been that anyway 1 month ago  
    Aren't you supposed to be anti-weeb? 1 month ago  
    Less reminiscent of Trump 1 month ago  
    Fun 1 month ago  
    What mah boi flash said 1 month ago  
    Sh1tty but still less s n e e z y 1 month ago  
    I love robes 1 month ago  
    I'd have an easier time making fun of them, since I'm more familiar with the topic 1 month ago  
    Less religious, among many other things 1 month ago  
    A dragon sized p e n i s 1 month ago  
    Fun 1 month ago  
    As long as its not my penis 1 month ago  
    I'd rather randomly change eye color because the entire world can't decide what they are 1 month ago  
    I have only one other person in my "class" lmao 1 month ago +1
    History books are pretty dull, so being infamous in that must be a pretty impressive feat 1 month ago  
    Less autistic s n e e z i n g 1 month ago +1
    Already am 1 month ago +1
    The moon landing was only part of an expensive plssing match with Russia that in itself was based on our desire to control and manipulate valuble foreign resources. Yes, its a semi scientific feat nontheless, but that backround works as a relativly applicable analogy for usual standards of political descision making in the U.s (and granted, most countries). Point is patriotism is silly imo because no country has every been truly great on the basis of their government. 1 month ago +1
    I'd do it for free lmao, fvck the U.S. 1 month ago +1
    I am in fact the real Satan 1 month ago  
    You're allowed to destroy the enviorment and systematically enslave helpless people all in the name of progress and becoming an overlord through taking control of the farming system. It's historically accurate, if nothing else. 1 month ago +1
    Trick question; you didn't, but your ankle did 1 month ago  
    More Scottish 1 month ago +1
    You're like one of my favorite people on here ngl 1 month ago  
    Probably an improvement to her sister tbh 1 month ago  
    uwu 1 month ago +1
    I don't eat much anyway. Although actually, being a twig is nice 1 month ago  
    Better if done right 1 month ago  
    What flash said 1 month ago  
    Yeeeeet 1 month ago  
    We all appreciate your efforts 1 month ago  
    Less homophobic 1 month ago  
    Kinkeh 1 month ago  
    Why do I have a gun lmao 1 month ago +2
    Not neccesarily. Might be in college debt but able to pay it off 1 month ago  
    The earth is actually a quadrilateral triangle 1 month ago +1
    I tend to have mental conversations from multiple directions, so it alternates. 1 month ago  
    Pointy Hat Club 1 month ago  
    Go big, go home, or go to the grave alone. 1 month ago  
    If you pick A you're gay 1 month ago +1
    I think most guys do for fapping tbh 1 month ago +1
    LETS GO TO PENISLAND 1 month ago  
    Depends on the person, but I think most could do at least twice. 1 month ago  
    If you pick B you're either a liar or a nlgger 1 month ago  
    Depends 1 month ago  
    Less google 1 month ago  
    My boner 1 month ago  
    What cat said about- nah jk you guys are all furry degenerates, I only get boners from pussies ; ) 1 month ago +1
    Bad time to post this question 1 month ago  
    Instead, flood rrrather with hentai. #alexcantbanusall 1 month ago +1
    Who does A 1 month ago  
    What freedom said lmao 1 month ago  
    Weeb tank ahoy 1 month ago +1
    Goddamnit alex 1 month ago +3
    Wisdom tooth surgery; they give you novacain to cut 90% of the pain regardless of whether you take anesthesia or choose to stay awake. 1 month ago  
    None 1 month ago  
    Biden would have been fine in the last election but theres too much controversy around him now. It's pretty stupid, but he's not the ideal candidate as a result. 1 month ago  
    I can't really take A seriously with his name. Obvious choice either way tho 1 month ago  
    And yet true 1 month ago +1
    Russia should honestly just be its own continent. But in answer to the question, ethnically I think their more European, geographically their more Asian 1 month ago +1
    ^^ 1 month ago  
    I don't think you realize how terrifying paralysis tends to be. 1 month ago +1
    Way more useful 1 month ago +1
    Bout 20 minutes ago at a guess 1 month ago  
    Honestly, it depends heavily on the game. Pc has far better aiming and often better overall controls, but for some games I just like the feel of a controller. 2 months ago  
    I think we should nuke India still 2 months ago +1
    Not a huge difference overall, but it looks a bit nicer I think. 2 months ago +1
    f o l d, but actually misclick, I don't like wearing shirts much anyway, bathrobes ftw 2 months ago  
    Time will get massivly fvcked beyond being salvagable long before ten uses lol 2 months ago +2
    Tap my foot or something 2 months ago  
    Hail Satan 2 months ago +1
    Duh. For one thing, $1 for every jumping jack is broken lol. But even assuming its meant to mean like every set, its still both more effeciant and less likely to kill you then B. 2 months ago +1
    Well it only says that women are able to give birth through eggs, so I took it to mean the whole egg laying thing was optional. But fair enough 2 months ago  
    Misclick, since that would presumably include medical drugs. 2 months ago  
    More practical uses 2 months ago  
    What kind of monster would choose B 2 months ago +1
    Neato. Also, I love how Trump still looks like a complete retard in A all the way back in the 80's. 2 months ago  
    Any city not in China lol 2 months ago  
    I'd be a skeleton with B lol 2 months ago  
    Duh? 2 months ago  
    More immediate concern, and what cat said 2 months ago +1
    There's a lot of them down here. 2 months ago +1
    I don't think you really understand feminism 2 months ago  
    I love you 2 months ago +1
    Pretty obvious outcome, still unfortunate. 2 months ago  
    lmao 2 months ago  
    One of my favorite sins 2 months ago +1
    Join the dark side. We have ankles and heels 2 months ago  
    Carry four small walls around me whenever I leave the house. 2 months ago  
    Fvck fries 2 months ago  
    Pretty doable tbh 2 months ago  
    Although cheese would be nice 2 months ago  
    Actually not a bad question, and close 2 months ago  
    My girlfriend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 months ago +1
    Wouldn't use A really at all. 2 months ago  
    Thanks, yours is cool too 2 months ago  
    More options 2 months ago  
    All the vets randomly showing up is honestly more impactful than alex's occaisional attempts to remind people he exists. 2 months ago +2
    Actually better, memes aside 2 months ago  
    Lit 2 months ago  
    Cooler, although B prolly makes more 2 months ago +1
    Nice 2 months ago +1
    Obviously 2 months ago  
    By all means. That'd be pretty lit 2 months ago  
    Duh 2 months ago  
    Just sell it 2 months ago  
    By far 2 months ago  
    Thank you ankle-senpai uwu 2 months ago  
    Noice 2 months ago  
    I prefer earbuds 2 months ago  
    Rub my penis 2 months ago  
    That'd be cute uwu 2 months ago 2 months ago +1
    The tortured souls complain to me a lot 2 months ago +1
    Neither are demonic enough 2 months ago  
    But but but but but but but 2 months ago  
    Ick 2 months ago  
    Sports are gross 2 months ago  
    It was pretty good 2 months ago  
    There are plenty of other things to make a good villain. 2 months ago  
    Basically me now 2 months ago +2
    1 was worse 2 months ago +1
    I agree because she's cute 2 months ago +1
    What astho said 2 months ago  
    100% attempt 2 months ago +1
    What korean said 2 months ago +1
    B can and has been done right, but usually isn't. 2 months ago  
    Well, the death number gets higher at least. 2 months ago  
    ^^ 2 months ago  
    What onex said 2 months ago +1
    I feel like him as president would honestly be ideal 2 months ago +1
    I am required to as a member of the Holy Ankle Cult. Alexw still gotta be overthrown tho 2 months ago +1
    1. People who post comments saying "HUUR DURR GIVE ME LIKES IF YOUR WATCHING ANY TIME IN THE NEXT 20 YEARS". 2. People who are generally racist/sexist/overly religious or conservative. 3. People who admin discord servers and screech autistically that you're spamming if you post more than 3 statements in a row. 2 months ago +1
    It'd end with us nuking the entire planet 2 months ago +1
    Oh yeah definitely that's broke af 2 months ago  
    Duh 2 months ago  
    L E S S R E L I G O U S: M A X I M U M L E V E L 2 months ago  
    The thing about Vegeta is he alternates between being the only character with common sense and an ego driven moron. 2 months ago +2
    That could thereoretically place me living near my gf 2 months ago  
    Presuming it was prepared properly. 2 months ago  
    I'd rather figure out what the actual issue is than uninspiredly taking their things, thus not solving the actual issue and basically just making them resent me. 2 months ago  
    I can maybe squeeze water out of some form of food 2 months ago  
    Duh 2 months ago  
    The only way I can see Itachi standing a chance is if he pulls of some genjutsu or isanagi hax, and even then its heavily in Guy's favor. A non or partial gates Guy would lose to Itachi tho I believe 2 months ago  
    If he went 8 gates, probably. 2 months ago  
    That's actually not a bad roast ngl 2 months ago  
    [deleted comment] 2 months ago +2
    Also, Llamathrust sounds kinkeh af 3 months ago +1
    Anarchy time 3 months ago  
    If you're equally sexist against both genders, does it loop back around to not being sexist? 3 months ago  
    Against the people of some obscure, low populated country no one will know about. 3 months ago  
    His sunglasses are a creepypasta themselves 3 months ago +3
    I'm talking about the actual Wii Fit cycling, not the resort game 3 months ago  
    The sun doesn't seem to have exterminated us yet, surprisingly 3 months ago +1
    He's got some ActualBalls 3 months ago  
    I'm disturbed by A without knowing anything about it 3 months ago +2
    More durable 3 months ago +1
    Ironic since the most popular user is banned, but that's classic alexw 3 months ago +1
    Change the weight of air 3 months ago +1
    More OP but A is cool 3 months ago +1
    Yum 3 months ago  
    Tbh it depends on the question 3 months ago  
    yeet 3 months ago  
    What the fvck is the downside with this? 3 months ago +1
    Close enough 3 months ago  
    Duh 3 months ago  
    Less reminicent of Kpop 3 months ago  
    Yes. It's close to full for several nights, but the actual full thing is only a single night 3 months ago  
    B looks like sticks of deodorant 3 months ago +1
    THIS ISN'T FAIR 3 months ago  
    I think that's kind of a myth 3 months ago  
    That's insulting to Yamcha 3 months ago +2
    I was 5 lol 3 months ago  
    Wtf how am I winning 3 months ago  
    yeet 3 months ago  
    Living in an anime world would be cooler than looking like it. 3 months ago +2
    I mean, again makes sense since everyone can legally have sex with a minor under a certain age, being a minor themselves. 3 months ago  
    I'd question how I made it this far, but then I realized Usmanc and Golden both got defeated by Jedi early on, plus some other people. 3 months ago +1
    As a guy, I don't want to know how B would work. Also, A lasts a night, instead of like a week. 3 months ago  
    uwu 3 months ago  
    lol 3 months ago  
    A reminds me of Amish people 3 months ago  
    Less neckbeard ish 3 months ago  
    Less French 3 months ago  
    Fancier 3 months ago  
    I don't leave the house much. When I do, I can invest in androgynous clothes, like a spacesuit. 3 months ago  
    Or alternatively, no clothing at all. 3 months ago +1
    2019 was the best out of them all, so yeah. 3 months ago  
    Close 3 months ago  
    Actually we're even atm lmao 3 months ago  
    Average until like the last year ish 3 months ago  
    Misclicked lol, clicked automatically. I could cast a vote for you too if you'd like. 3 months ago +1
    Shopping is actually the 10th circle of Hell, Dante accidently detoured around it. 3 months ago  
    #BringBackJediSenpai 3 months ago +3
    Both lit af 3 months ago  
    Actually Crazyhorse is better than me as the ultimate scotsman 3 months ago  
    B is cool tho 3 months ago +3
    I backmailed alexw with naked pictures of him with the bot wife he created in javascript. 3 months ago +2
    10/10 would get roasted again 3 months ago  
    Can't read it tbh, can you take a screenshot and just link an imgur doc? 3 months ago +2
    It's the cover of a 90's album which would have appeared in stores and stuff. Not really child porn lol 3 months ago  
    I'd make one of these if I wasn't lazy. 3 months ago +1
    Darksith isn't lawful and alexw is best defined as Lazy Neutral, otherwise cool 3 months ago +2
    #BringBackTheEagle 3 months ago  
    I somehow have 100% of female and unknown votes despite there not being any? 3 months ago  
    Easy 3 months ago  
    Ngl this is hard but I gotta go with my bro 3 months ago  
    I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or just legitimately lack that much self awareness. 3 months ago +1
    Look at all those lovely unknown votes. I'm sure you'll somehow go from barely scraping by the noobs to barely scraping by people like goldenmoon once again, won't you? 3 months ago +6
    -6 3 months ago  
    Currently a martyr 3 months ago  
    I mean Travis is cool but ye 3 months ago  
    Mah boi Hat 3 months ago  
    Of course 3 months ago +1
    Except it sort of is for posting so many at once. 3 months ago +7
    That's terrible. Sorry you have to go through that. 3 months ago +3
    Ye 3 months ago  
    I was about to say she should tie you up down there, but on second thought you'd enjoy that probably. 3 months ago  
    Actually Alex is arguably just as bad for not banning them and similar 3 months ago +3
    Wait how is Musta losing 3 months ago  
    A is really nice tho 3 months ago  
    yeet 3 months ago  
    B is an alt lol 3 months ago  
    Most of these people aren't active in 2019 yknow 3 months ago +3
    Don't like either tbh 3 months ago  
    Easy 3 months ago  
    Dude did you just post 64 questions at once 3 months ago +3
    lmao 3 months ago  
    I did not say it causes anal bleeding. If you already have it however... 3 months ago  
    Sex with a man does not feel good when you suffer from anal bleeding, your argument is invalid. 3 months ago +2
    Minecraft, clothes, and a functioning mobile device 3 months ago  
    cooler 3 months ago +1
    #notmypresident 3 months ago +1
    I got functioning technology, which is a straight 10 right there. -2 points for annoying holiday dinners, and we've got about an 8. 3 months ago  
    Would seem to be the case 3 months ago  
    Presumably he's referring to gay rights, but yeah lol 3 months ago  
    Depends really. By most standards I think, probably just sloth, lust, and maybe gluttony. But by the standards of the Bible odds are I have like all of them lol 3 months ago  
    Even by the end of Z it goes far beyond the vast majority of most series. But ye original DB is fine, that wasn't what I meant really. 3 months ago  
    Dragon Ball power scaling is broken to the point of ridiculousness, so that basically negates every other possible aspect. 3 months ago  
    I love how this 2018 tournament is still going into 2020. 3 months ago +2
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