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some 12 year old weeb 8 months ago +2
Dont have kids 9 months ago  
Misclick 9 months ago  
Well, as long as they like hockey. 10 months ago  
b looks 12 10 months ago  
The guy in 'B' looks WAY cooler than Ichigo 10 months ago  
FML 10 months ago  
Is that suppossed to be disturbed? 10 months ago  
Well then fvck off f a g 10 months ago  
seriously? why do all your questions revolve around these 2? can you add some variety? 10 months ago  
Sup faggot 10 months ago +1
I have played all of it 10 months ago  
actually boys rule girls drool 10 months ago +1
anime is cancer 10 months ago  
niko is like 12 and he is a pervert i have never heard of b 10 months ago  
no 10 months ago  
because ddlc sucks and its BORING when you have to present the poems they didnt implement skipping 10 months ago  
i typed it up after voting 10 months ago  
even though the leafs are my favorite nhl team they are not going to win against the bruins 10 months ago  
please no that would make me have cancer and die in 5 seconds 10 months ago  
How about trump gets impeached 10 months ago +2
i typed it up 10 months ago  
it means scotland forever 10 months ago +1
Trick question 11 months ago  
Misclick 11 months ago  
Dumb sh*t 11 months ago  
Hockey 11 months ago  
Didn’t say anything about sex 11 months ago  
Both of them make me want to eat a tide pod 1 year ago +1
Ye man 1 year ago  
I would rather die 1 year ago  
Wut. Dewott is lit, yes. 1 year ago  
Who is she 1 year ago  
Idk 1 year ago  
Better 1 year ago  
Thank you 1 year ago  
UK IS SHIT AT HOCKEY 1 year ago  
IT WAS A SNOW DAY! 1 year ago  
900 Billion a year 1 year ago  
Chinese 1 year ago  
Zelda breath of the wild wallpaper 1 year ago  
Yeah he should do that 1 year ago  
Earth 1 year ago  
Breath of the wild all the way 1 year ago  
North Korea 1 year ago  
Screw hentai 1 year ago  
Dewott 1 year ago  
Birdo 1 year ago  
One time 1 year ago  
That game was trash 1 year ago  
These undertale questions are giving me CANCER 1 year ago +1
It says “Come on Boy” 1 year ago  
Quit asking about girls you basket case 1 year ago  
Neither 1 year ago  
Depends if it would have to be a live death or not 1 year ago  
Some guy with his head in a freezer 1 year ago +1
I got a helicopter 1 year ago  
Whenever it’s monday make it Saturday!!! 1 year ago  
Breath of the wild 1 year ago +1
I would stop world war 3 1 year ago  
Feck off 1 year ago  
All anime except Pokémon is garbage 1 year ago  
One foot tall bridge 1 year ago  
Anime is garbage 1 year ago  
Blue 1 year ago  
Somebody in NHL making 10 goals in one game 1 year ago  
Fine be that way idgaf 1 year ago  
Shit misclick 1 year ago  
Ikr 1 year ago  
Fvck that I do what I want boi 1 year ago  
What is twilight 1 year ago  
This is a hard question and I am currently debating whether I misclicked or not. 1 year ago  
MLP is a gay show 1 year ago  
You’re sh*t at spelling in this question lol 1 year ago  
Cats are cooler lol 1 year ago  
Shot gun 1 year ago  
Mans not hot never hot 1 year ago  
Screw Roblox 1 year ago  
Link 1 year ago  
Please not B 1 year ago  
Didn’t understand what this is trying to say 1 year ago +1
Cooler 1 year ago  
Family guy 1 year ago  
this song is not even that bad anyway 1 year ago +2
more things :) 1 year ago  
DANK MEMES BRUH 1 year ago  
damn thats a lot of TB 1 year ago  
6.9 billion/year 1 year ago +1
chocolate 1 year ago  
Just shut up 1 year ago  
Yes, you retard 1 year ago  
Torchic all the way 1 year ago  
some of us dont wanna see this sh*t x rated questions 1 year ago +1
punch him in the mouth 1 year ago +1
Me 1 year ago  
i dont even know 1 year ago  
bruh 1 year ago  
Both are good songs but I like A better 1 year ago  
69th vote 1 year ago  
what 1 year ago  
I know right!!! 1 year ago  
They both sound cool af 1 year ago +1
Bruh 1 year ago +1
Bruh 1 year ago  
Oh shut up 1 year ago  
Still thinking about it 1 year ago  
Assuming the robot pumpkin has arms 1 year ago +1
Dafuq is Noragami 1 year ago  
Better than being a slave 1 year ago  
Both of those are cancer 1 year ago  
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