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some 12 year old weeb 1 year ago +2
Dont have kids 1 year ago  
Misclick 1 year ago  
Well, as long as they like hockey. 1 year ago  
b looks 12 1 year ago  
The guy in 'B' looks WAY cooler than Ichigo 1 year ago  
FML 1 year ago  
Is that suppossed to be disturbed? 1 year ago  
Well then fvck off f a g 1 year ago  
seriously? why do all your questions revolve around these 2? can you add some variety? 1 year ago  
Sup faggot 1 year ago +1
I have played all of it 1 year ago  
actually boys rule girls drool 1 year ago +1
anime is cancer 1 year ago  
niko is like 12 and he is a pervert i have never heard of b 1 year ago  
no 1 year ago  
because ddlc sucks and its BORING when you have to present the poems they didnt implement skipping 1 year ago  
i typed it up after voting 1 year ago  
even though the leafs are my favorite nhl team they are not going to win against the bruins 1 year ago  
please no that would make me have cancer and die in 5 seconds 1 year ago  
How about trump gets impeached 1 year ago +2
i typed it up 1 year ago  
it means scotland forever 1 year ago +1
Trick question 1 year ago  
Misclick 1 year ago  
Dumb sh*t 1 year ago  
Hockey 1 year ago  
Didn’t say anything about sex 1 year ago  
Both of them make me want to eat a tide pod 1 year ago +1
Ye man 1 year ago  
I would rather die 1 year ago  
Wut. Dewott is lit, yes. 1 year ago  
Who is she 1 year ago  
Idk 1 year ago  
Better 1 year ago  
Thank you 1 year ago  
UK IS SHIT AT HOCKEY 1 year ago  
IT WAS A SNOW DAY! 1 year ago  
900 Billion a year 1 year ago  
Chinese 1 year ago  
Zelda breath of the wild wallpaper 1 year ago  
Yeah he should do that 1 year ago  
Earth 1 year ago  
Breath of the wild all the way 1 year ago  
North Korea 1 year ago  
Screw hentai 1 year ago  
Dewott 1 year ago  
Birdo 1 year ago  
One time 1 year ago  
That game was trash 1 year ago  
These undertale questions are giving me CANCER 1 year ago +1
It says “Come on Boy” 1 year ago  
Quit asking about girls you basket case 1 year ago  
Neither 1 year ago  
Depends if it would have to be a live death or not 1 year ago  
Some guy with his head in a freezer 1 year ago +1
I got a helicopter 1 year ago  
Whenever it’s monday make it Saturday!!! 1 year ago  
Breath of the wild 1 year ago +1
I would stop world war 3 1 year ago  
Feck off 1 year ago  
All anime except Pokémon is garbage 1 year ago  
One foot tall bridge 1 year ago  
Anime is garbage 1 year ago  
Blue 1 year ago  
Somebody in NHL making 10 goals in one game 1 year ago  
Fine be that way idgaf 1 year ago  
Shit misclick 1 year ago  
Ikr 1 year ago  
Fvck that I do what I want boi 1 year ago  
What is twilight 1 year ago  
This is a hard question and I am currently debating whether I misclicked or not. 1 year ago  
MLP is a gay show 1 year ago  
You’re sh*t at spelling in this question lol 1 year ago  
Cats are cooler lol 1 year ago  
Shot gun 1 year ago  
Mans not hot never hot 1 year ago  
Screw Roblox 1 year ago  
Link 1 year ago  
Please not B 1 year ago  
Didn’t understand what this is trying to say 1 year ago +1
Cooler 1 year ago  
Family guy 1 year ago  
this song is not even that bad anyway 1 year ago +2
more things :) 1 year ago  
DANK MEMES BRUH 1 year ago  
6.9 billion/year 1 year ago +1
chocolate 1 year ago  
Just shut up 1 year ago  
Yes, you retard 1 year ago  
Torchic all the way 1 year ago  
some of us dont wanna see this sh*t x rated questions 1 year ago +1
punch him in the mouth 1 year ago +1
Me 1 year ago  
i dont even know 1 year ago  
bruh 1 year ago  
Both are good songs but I like A better 1 year ago  
69th vote 1 year ago  
what 1 year ago  
I know right!!! 1 year ago  
They both sound cool af 1 year ago +1
Bruh 1 year ago +1
Bruh 1 year ago  
Oh shut up 1 year ago  
Still thinking about it 1 year ago  
Assuming the robot pumpkin has arms 1 year ago +1
Dafuq is Noragami 1 year ago  
Better than being a slave 1 year ago  
Both of those are cancer 1 year ago  
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