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    CoD sucks nuts.  
    Uhh.. I already play video games non stop.  
    Already am one of Satan's minions  
    I think Black Ops is terrible.  
    Way cooler, plus, if you survive, awesome scars! +73
    Why is this in tech?  
    All my friends are on my games :c  
    CoD is so lame.  
    Sorry, I prefer to play games. +2
    none, faggies  
    I'm a feeemale  
    a little garder snake maybe, if you could cook it  
    mmmm squishy  
    garbeg +3
    I LOVED these games!  
    be swaggin'  
    my face is fine so  
    Oreos and milk.  
    We already live on food for the rest of our lives..  
    If there were heaven, yeah.  
    I'm okay with gays :3  
    I'm a gamer.  
    Less intelligent, not stupid and fake.  
    I actually prefer records. I miss clicked D:  
    All these people be like "god is already real" there's no proof, lame arses.  
    Vanilla latte from Starbucks. WIIIIN! +1
    If you could be like a vampire/ess on true blood, PFFT. HELLS TO THE YES!  
    teleport in bank and then out with millions of bucks :DD  
    Cats are their own boss. +1
    Depends on where you live. If you're in a cold place, then a hot tub.  
    I had it when I was 10...  
    Hate him.  
    If there's love.  
    Personally, playstation person. But in comparison from Wii to Xbox, xbox no question.  
    Do bad things and then fly away. But I guess it goes both ways, like, rob a bank, fly away, rob a bank while being invisible, fly away, etc.  
    A girl from my class owes me 30 bucks worth of LUNCH MONEY.  
    But.. Would there be others on earth or spaceship?  
    Platforms! :D  
    I prefer plugs, though.  
    Cold because you can add more clothes. You can't take off your skin.  
    The usual: go to sleep at 3 and wake up for school at 5. No biggie to me.  
    Go buy water  
    CoD sucks.  
    Family guy is hilarious. +1
    Daring is fun! :D  
    This is a great question.  
    Looooollies c:  
    Payphone only because I have really great inside jokes with my friends that make fun of it.  
    Too many torrents on my laptop, I would die.  
    Screw everyone! :D  
    Adoption, if it's not the right time in my life.  
    Pam is hot.  
    5 some  
    Aria is my favorite c:  
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