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    Spying on dat booty  
    What's wrong with the 80%?  
    He's already dead  
    Who even chose Bieber?  
    Easiest question in the world +2
    Only got one  
    Don't got one  
    People will remember me, and not whatever celebrity was on that plane  
    Augustus Waters  
    I die either way  
    Wouldn't mind  
    Don't got one  
    My dad is dead  
    Gay as the 4th of July +1
    Neither of these is a problem, people. +34
    Don't want any kids  
    Don't have a dad  
    He'd have to cut his hair first  
    I can still say "thanks"  
    Spit on the grave  
    I am a gay man.  
    Just won't talk  
    Already am  
    I'd rather not marry a woman at all.  
    Never had one.  
    I'd do Superman.  
    I'd date a 27 year old. Mmm...  
    I can smile and wave.  
    So I can kill him.  
    I like a tough guy.  
    "Love" is a complicated thing. He could still like me.  
    I am gay!  
    Don't care either way  
    Racism. Women are taking care of sexism on their own.  
    I suppose i could bring home the bacon.  
    So I can make TFiOS jokes  
    Really? 14%?  
    So I can flirt  
    Don't want kids anyway  
    So I wouldn't feel bad about splitting them up  
    I could live in a wheelchair  
    Don't care about my friends.  
    No being a deuce  
    Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and I'm not sure of the rest.  
    Whoever voted for Bieber: for shame.  
    All my crushes are straight anyways  
    How is it that people are still voting for Twilight?  
    How is it that Bella has more votes?  
    These are both terrifying.  
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