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    Really they're both the same thing.  
    Video stores used to be the best places to meet chicks. My video store game was strong.  
    At least the skull can blow you. +2
    As long as it's a woman's ass I'm connected to...I know that shouldn't matter, but it does.  
    They're both bad dates though.  
    who was good? rich white people? Sorry. We didn't mean to shake up your perfect little world with all our equality bullsh*t.  
    Shuttup....Elvis was an adult, 'dating' a 13 year old girl, that's a fact. Don't act like Elvis Presley was some saint. Michael Jackson was accused of molesting children by the same parents who let their kids sleep at his house. He was never convicted of it, so you can't say he did it. If someone accused your dumb ass of doing something you didn't do you'd be all up in arms saying it's unjust to be accused of something you didn't do. And don't reduce Michael Jackson to just being the 'king of pop'. Michael Jackson is one of the greatest singers, dancers, producers, entertainers in the history of the World.  
    They all wanna bone you, trust me.  
    Even before I scrolled down I said "some asshole from middle-America is gonna say something about the people smelling bad". It's good to know all your idiots are still predictable.  
    1 G is not worth my dignity. 10 G's? maybe.  
    Robin Williams.  
    "There is nothing in space that's interesting." Spoken like a true modern American. Not only do they know everything there is to know about life on Earth, but they also have total knowledge of everything that exists outside of the Earth. Let's just start calling Americans Gods.  
    lol yeah right. How is it then that every rich douche bag has a hot girlfriend and every poor caring dude is on the internet answering frivolous questions?  
    These MFers would rather be physically sick than for their computer to not work for a while. Wow. I have never said this to anyone before...but you people are pathetic.  
    Since most of you never leave the house, I suppose street smarts would be of little use.  
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