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    step daughter?  
    Tinkie Winkie's gay though...  
    Who says the cook doesn't do that?  
    "Telekinesis" is moving things. "Psychokinesis" means moving anything, from the tv remote, to firebending.  
    logic behind the bible...  
    American republicans don't...  
    I would call out hypocrisy but since I agree with you on "keep it to yourself"...  
    I thought God mode meant "omnipotence" now I want quicksave...  
    Never said you couldn't break up  
    Well I'm right so joke's on them  
    What if the allergy's just sneezing?  
    You have to make it though...  
    Why not both?  
    Can I write down stuff first?  
    I really hate it when people say Pokemon's for kids. It was never meant to be children's game, that's the executives' faults. Pokemon faint instead of die not because kids play it, but to teach kids that killing is no laughing matter. Not to mention the tournaments actually do require skill. I'm not saying FF is bad, but Pokemon isn't as bad as you think  
    Since men think with their penises, yes I would like my mind blown  
    it means lowest lose ratio  
    why'd you pick family then....  
    I already do this  
    It never said the ghosts in the house were evil (or that being insane was bad)  
    Well what if I'm a baby?  
    Dogs: Master feeds me. He/She must be a god! Cats: Master feeds me. I must be a god!  
    Hitler's been stalling...  
    both options suck...  
    50% percent of you are f*cked  
    You didn't earn it yourself  
    Maybe if it was 2 billion  
    The correct term is "dwarfs"  
    It began to right before the cut. Notice that every other time it spins in the dream, it's straight, like it's balanced or shaped like that.  
    Less tired arms  
    wait, are you joking?  
    I don't have friends  
    It can mean racist (which is really stupid)  
    People can abuse your words and turn it into a religion. Even if you never meant it, it would still (most likely) become a religion  
    apparently black friday  
    She IS Jodie from Beyond Two Souls (she's the actress)  
    I already am a creep that barely talks  
    Ability to forget spoilers  
    I have to lead and most likely I'll be doing something completely separate so I'm working alone within a group  
    what about poop  
    it's not that simple brah...  
    I picked it because I'm already able and stupid and perfectly fine with it  
    I honestly couldn't choose. I think Hawaii's just more famous and I'm sure Dubrovnik is actually really nice  
    It never says the victim is a decent person...  
    no incognito  
    the author says they will be anybody BUT your crush  
    And nothing else dude...  
    I could just forget it...  
    People live in the desert...  
    Time to go talk to some Jewish people  
    Let's say they can, but then they're too short to see the windshield  
    I barely talk already...  
    Nerds are smart while geeks just obsess  
    Nerds are smart. Geeks are obsessed  
    Why not both  
    Well, at least I'm not in trouble  
    LOL halloween is tomorrow  
    Kind of hate my family....  
    I'm californian....  
    No.... just no....  
    It's safer in authoritarian governments  
    Good luck getting off that addiction of yours  
    How'd you get it in the first place...  
    Why not both?  
    It's "would you rather" not "which is better"  
    What about Europe's definition of football (In America it's soccer)  
    It could be European football (Americans call it soccer)...  
    when you mature mentally. I'm still a kid  
    I'm just more familiar with America  
    This is if lions were in jungles.... and sharks are easier to fend off anyway. Just punch their eyes and nose  
    the ocean?  
    Flying is so short... and the food is sh*t. And at least people survived the Titanic, no one survived 9/11  
    Welcome to my life  
    Smart doesn't always mean they try hard (which is why smart people are respected, because they tried hard, not through magical powers) or are even nice.  
    I don't watch movies  
    It doesn't say anything about a nice one that does something about the world...  
    "...All our friends will make fun of us and we'll just along because none of them have felt this way" "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's  
    It's basically dying...  
    Why control dreams? They aren't real...  
    All you blue pill pussies....  
    I would kill you  
    I like it....  
    Cheese masks it  
    With infinite power you can give yourself infinite knowledge, and the capacity to use it (so you don't go insane).  
    Their mouths are like the face of satan....  
    Put 1 bullet in a revolver, spin the barrel (ends up on a random chamber) and pull the trigger while aiming it at your head.  
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