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    but with a unicorn? perv 6 years ago  
    guest 6 years ago  
    mission to mars 6 years ago +1
    Quicker. Hazmat suit on, pull out, jam in. Done 6 years ago +2
    should be: football vs game played with hands but called football 6 years ago +11
    does that mean transsexual music? 6 years ago +4
    europe is not a county 6 years ago  
    a criminal doesnt need to be a murderer 6 years ago +3
    may 24 6 years ago  
    fck can i undo my answer? i want b 6 years ago +1
    hell no 6 years ago +1
    surgery. 6 years ago  
    i would be the biggest pervert on this planet 6 years ago +1
    human sized ants couldnt even walk 6 years ago  
    you mean idiots should choose right 6 years ago  
    i dont want to live on this planet anymore 6 years ago  
    pfff fu*k safety 6 years ago  
    brain is fully explained 6 years ago  
    i read the word mac so i chose a 6 years ago +3
    headache is like a torture 6 years ago +6
    everything is better than cod 6 years ago +3
    PC 6 years ago +2
    both of them suck 6 years ago +65
    none 6 years ago  
    i dont want to live on this planet anymore 6 years ago  
    apple is overrated 6 years ago +7
    Wolfgang* 6 years ago +2
    wrong 6 years ago  
    why didnt i google blue waffle before i answered -.- 6 years ago  
    i dont use laptops 6 years ago  
    you guys are boring 6 years ago +4
    does 1000 degree liquid water exist? 6 years ago +4
    it doesnt say how many bags 6 years ago  
    damn i thought it said undressed 6 years ago  
    both 6 years ago  
    i chose hair stylist because i want to drive the car myself 6 years ago  
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