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    Without doubt 3 years ago +1
    Sounds interesting 3 years ago  
    Without doubt 3 years ago +1
    dEfInItElY 3 years ago  
    With out a doubt 3 years ago  
    You look awesome men 3 years ago  
    Way more safer 3 years ago  
    Definitely 3 years ago  
    I still miss him 3 years ago  
    Yeah I can kick your ass son 3 years ago +2
    A is too destructive probably mess up my stuff 3 years ago +1
    Yes sir 3 years ago  
    That would be awesome 3 years ago +1
    That's just messed up 3 years ago  
    THat sh*t gay son! 3 years ago  
    I would bang her so hard 3 years ago  
    B looks weird 3 years ago  
    WOah 3 years ago  
    duh 3 years ago  
    Without doubt 3 years ago  
    Looks like a better fighter 3 years ago  
    Definitely 3 years ago  
    Yepi di da 3 years ago  
    Woah 3 years ago  
    It's time to get laid 3 years ago  
    Definitely 3 years ago +1
    Without doubt 3 years ago  
    Without doubt 3 years ago  
    With out doubt 3 years ago +1
    Definitely 3 years ago  
    looks like a better fighter 3 years ago  
    Better than eating cow balls 3 years ago  
    Disgusting 3 years ago  
    Indeed 3 years ago  
    Definitely B 3 years ago +2
    Neither 3 years ago  
    who wouldn't 3 years ago  
    Definitely 3 years ago  
    A sounds gay 3 years ago +1
    Kill some creepy clown 3 years ago  
    Definitely 3 years ago  
    In a matter of seconds 3 years ago  
    Who cares if she's from brazil 3 years ago  
    I rarely eat pasta 3 years ago  
    A picture of a wolf 3 years ago  
    Probably didn't love me 3 years ago  
    better graphics 3 years ago +1
    Bigger and stronger 3 years ago +1
    yeah why not 3 years ago +1
    Ryu would kick the sh*t outer her 3 years ago +1
    Neither 3 years ago +2
    Jackie chan 3 years ago +3
    better fighter 3 years ago  
    way better looking 3 years ago  
    I could be like the next bigfoot 3 years ago  
    In real life I'm a god of beauti and in photos too 3 years ago +1
    You suck it 3 years ago +1
    More work would be done 3 years ago +1
    I never saw it 3 years ago +1
    yeah 3 years ago  
    why you keep using that pic with that old man in panties 3 years ago +1
    Gay 3 years ago +1
    misclick 3 years ago  
    James franco is performance was amazing 3 years ago +1
    I'm a gamer not really a otaku 3 years ago  
    way better 3 years ago  
    star wars is better 3 years ago +1
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