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    I love cliff climbing. And who needs equipment?  
    either way my feet are hard and wont hurt that bad  
    Games are the best thing in the world  
    murderer dies  
    hold my breath for 10 minutes.  
    oh hey a switch! I wonder what that does?  
    voldemort died so....  
    18 and never kissed.  
    pick up tiny horses, put them in a cage. Tiny horse pets!  
    Lid closed its the middle of winter rite now. It would be nice and warm +1
    No tiger? I can sleep here tonight I guess... Tiger in the cage? Ok I can sleep here tonight curled up to a soft tiger. (my new friend)  
    The place has a POOL. I don't think I'd miss my internet much  
    NO NO IM DONE NOPE! NO PLANES NO!!!!!!! I have a HUGE fear of planes. nope  
    I don't have to hit my granny hard. I love animals so I'd never kill a puppy  
    I like sharks. No lions In jungles btw. and I can always swim and hold the fin of the shark so it can't eat me :) WIN  
    At least I won't sparkle  
    ha ha ha. I already had so much pain I'm used to it and I am numb to most physical pain now so HA!  
    Already game every day  
    Right now I wish I had a favorite celebrity.  
    If I could see my mom again, I'd be happy with a punishment. She passed away and I miss her too much  
    have phone locked, get a new one. DONE  
    Australia is my dream place. I am saving money to live there! I love Australia sooo much  
    I'd sooner kill myself. NO NO NO NO NO I wont kill a puppy or my dog! NEVER I'd sooner kill 5 human babies! >:(  
    NO wrong click!  
    Robo leg. Extra strength and more power in sports.  
    already. I can live with live easy enough. I have amnesia. I can't remember anything in my life before the age of 16. I am 18. NO JOKE. I live on easily +1
    Mermaid forever! And I can be happy! I like flying but LIVING UNDERWATER is the best! +42
    Laughing gas. and as for hung.... hung by my ankle for 1 second. done +100
    Already alone. Might as well get some cash to make me feel better  
    playing video games or gambling... I guess I should split the 5,000 cash I won yesterday huh?  
    Oxygen tank. And hey I can still get home. maybe I am by the space shuttle thing.  
    I don't have many secrets. Ok yeah I do. But nothing that would get me in trouble..... maybe  
    I was told by a lot of people to go into a singing carrier. Maybe I will. I can sing well.  
    it is proven that you can walk across coals easy. And I have no pain in my feet anyways. might be relaxing and stress relieving.  
    didn't specify what stabbed you. a rubber knife. or toy knife. done. saved. no pain  
    It doesn't say I'd have to die. It's called base jumping for a reason. Parachute! Parachute! and anyways the other questions I picked flying as my power.... no worries  
    No time limit. 2 weeks!  
    16 inch hair? ok. and they still staying on the floor while I take the bed. Safe!  
    its a shirt.. It covers well enough. Long enough and its a dress!  
    even if its hell on earth, you can still live a good life  
    Borrow money back  
    I miss the show +1
    I CAN handle the truth!  
    Call the phone. Solved  
    Lets get down to business. To defeat, the Huns!  
    I can't kill my granny  
    The house is HUGE and awesome. Hey..... they didn't saw anything about having another car. They just said A ugly car. Doesn't mean I can't have a beautiful car next to it.  
    tv on the internet  
    I hate the color pink anyways. I be the lazy genius.  
    Monkey's are so cute. I had one on my shoulder before. They are funny  
    I am a girl.... I have no worried here  
    I will run. Even though I did nothing wrong. Run just for fun  
    What it Strathford???  
    Use them to help you survive, then eat them  
    citric acid!  
    easy choice. Then I can act how I want and nobody would think anything of it. OR I could act smart and be considered a prodigy  
    I can swim  
    I don't wear white. And washing is easy  
    There is always a possible surgery depending on what you are blind from. I can get surgery and see again. and I want to hear the world around me  
    I broke my toe last time I stubbed it. I don't need to repeat that experience again. and I bite my tongue all the time. It's not that painful.  
    If its the size shown in picture, it's not that huge..... a spoon would cut it's head off easy  
    I'm going with all my friends.  
    Not need to sleep.... as long as I don't sparkle. If I sparkle then I change my answer  
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