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I’m 17, born November 9th, 2001 and I live in Pennsylvania, however I was born in Florida and lived there until I was 7. I’m a writer/author/poet and am working on a book that I hope to get published once I reach college. I write stories and such on Wattpad where you can follow me (@BVBLOVER556). I have an Archive of Our Own account, it's just ShadowQuincy, and a DeviantArt account: AvyannaStormbrook. My Tumblr is Emerald-Eye-Rish. I also like to draw and paint. My favorite artist/band is Black Veil Brides (Set it Off, Panic! at the Disco, Sleeping With Sirens, Metallica, Queen, Bring Me the Horizon, PelleK, Jordan Sweeto, and Andy Black are close seconds) and I like to listen to punk, rock, shock rock, glam metal, metal, rock and roll, etc. I do listen to other music but like these ones a lot more. I’m 5 foot 7 1/2 inches (175.26 centimeters) tall and have dark brown hair and green eyes. I prefer to wear skinny jeans, t-shirts, black hipster prescription glasses, sometimes jewelry, and I love Vans and Converse.

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Today I'm Doing an Escape Room With A Friend For His Birthday. Are They Fun? Yes or No 3 months ago 65 votes 11 comments 0 likes
I Got My Driver's Permit Yesterday!!! Congrats!!! or Meh... 5 months ago 57 votes 32 comments 0 likes
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Which Looks Cooler? This One or This One 5 months ago 64 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a Lame Guest That Stalks Users to Spam Them or Actually Make an Account and Quit Being Such a P*ssy 5 months ago 62 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Well, Guys, I Finally Made My Decision. When I Turn 18, I Will Get the Tribal Phoenix Tattoo. Now, For Those of You On Rrrather That Have Been Inked, How Much Do You Think This Will Cost? *comment* or *refuses to comment* 5 months ago 41 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Which Song Do You Like More? My Juliet by Live My Last or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Set it Off 6 months ago 30 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which Tattoo Is Cooler? Phoenix or Dragon 6 months ago 75 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would You Rather Be An Archangel or A Nephilim 6 months ago 58 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Have You Heard About The "Zombie Deer" Issue Being Investigated By The CDC? It's Called CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) Yes or No 6 months ago 71 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would You Rather Have This Colored Eye or This One? 7 months ago 76 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do You Prefer Snake or Snek 7 months ago 77 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Does Philosophy Ever Lead to Answers or Simply More Questions? Feel Free to Comment. Answers or More Questions 7 months ago 62 votes 9 comments 0 likes
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What's happening to my Chromebook? *comments* or No clue 8 months ago 60 votes 10 comments 0 likes
This Was My Lunch in School Today. Does Your School Serve Stuff Like This? Yes or No 8 months ago 115 votes 16 comments 0 likes
One Protects You. The other Tries to Kill You. Who do You Choose? No Ryuk Does Not Have the NoteBook, Don't Try Using That. Ryuk (From DeathNote) or Arcadia Aoi (From Freezing) 9 months ago 54 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Today (November Ninth) Is My Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday!!! or Who Gives a Shit? (I Actually Said This To Myself!) 10 months ago 95 votes 13 comments 0 likes
I'm Asking This Because Someone in My Physics Class Thinks He Has an IQ of TWO HUNDRED:Are Online IQ Tests Are Real? Yes. or Of Course Not! 10 months ago 96 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Have You Heard About the Shooting and Killing of 11 Jewish Elders During Their Worship in Their Synagogue? Yes (Comments) or No (Comments) 10 months ago 76 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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My first 'real' kiss was when I was fourteen and this guy and I found out we liked each other and learned a lot about each other that day and then it simply just happened. It wasn't great, I've had better. 54 minutes ago  
Misclick 56 minutes ago  
I just finished B and I LOVED IT 4 weeks ago  
I'm about to start senior year of high school, so a year from now I'd probably be moving into my college dorm. 4 weeks ago  
You're more likely to be attacked by the lions than the polar bear. Polar bears that are not hungry (in captivity they are well fed) do not pose as great a threat as lions that are not hungry. Like most cats, it is in a lion's instinct to hunt, especially if an animal is smaller than it. Polar bears attack if threatened, challenged, or starving. Just because they are the largest bear does not mean you are going to die. 4 weeks ago  
I live in PA soooooooo 1 month ago  
Both, actually 1 month ago +1
Misclick 1 month ago  
Does this include myself 1 month ago  
Never a 1 month ago  
Well duh 1 month ago  
Roooooooooobinnnnnnnnnn 1 month ago  
Um, duh 1 month ago  
Misclick. Even though I'm 17... 2 months ago  
Don't know squat but I'll go with Mage 2 months ago  
Australia, Ireland, England, Japan, maybe a little France. 2 months ago +1
Try 1983 2 months ago  
Required to read it this year in English 3 months ago  
Reality is depressing anyway 3 months ago +1
I'm bi 3 months ago  
It's a f*cking picture in a glass and metal frame. I can get another one. 3 months ago  
Ah, I see 3 months ago  
Undah da sea 3 months ago  
It really depends... 3 months ago  
Well, I'm bisexual, so one I wouldn't mind and two I'd be sad. 3 months ago  
Slightly less horrifying 3 months ago +1
I already wear glasses... 3 months ago  
Hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, and energy blasts. 3 months ago +1
Well, I gotta say, that escape room was lots of fun! Definitely recommend! 3 months ago  
Honestly I've never watched it but my friend wouldn't shut the hell up about how disappointing it was. 3 months ago +1
Misclick 3 months ago  
I have no money I'm seventeen. Also RIP Grumpy Cat. She'll be missed. 3 months ago +1
Tom Holland is our new Spider-Man 3 months ago +1
Can't even choose... 4 months ago  
Exactly. WHY, FIRESTAR, WHY?!?!?! 4 months ago  
Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, Warriors, Gone, and Accidentally Demonic 4 months ago  
Already do A. People there are pretty decent 4 months ago  
"Azerath metrione zinthos" *Sent to hell* 4 months ago  
Or, roses are red, violets aren't blue, I've ruined this poem and I don't care. Boo-hoo. 4 months ago +2
Roses are red, violets are actually purple, go f*ck yourself 4 months ago +1
Misclick 4 months ago  
What asthomasa said 4 months ago  
*stops functioning due to tough question* 4 months ago  
I f*cking hate being cold 4 months ago  
Duh 4 months ago  
Creativity 4 months ago +2
A has WAYYYYYYY too much incest 4 months ago  
Have you met any of the world's population? 4 months ago  
Why is this even a question. It's obvious. 4 months ago +1
People suck. 4 months ago +1
My walls... my shirt... my towel... a chair... a pillow... a cushion... dots on my walls...I like blue... :P 4 months ago +1
Bi 4 months ago +1
Sam Frickin' Winchester 4 months ago  
Mt. Dew, Cheerwine, smoothies, milkshakes, frosties 4 months ago +2
Don't know you 4 months ago  
Dumb racist pig 4 months ago +1
Person on earth 4 months ago  
Rangiku!!!!!! 4 months ago +1
Please write a book. 4 months ago +1
You honestly think you triggered me? Sweetheart, you haven't even scratched the surface. 4 months ago  
I like both but relate to Draco more in the way that I have made my mistakes and done things that I regret and never wanted to do. Alsoooo.....I'm a Slythendor (but Pottermore says I'm a Slytherin so whatever). Both are actually more alike than most people think. They have a reputation to uphold, people expect a lot from them, they have two people pretty much ALWAYS with them, etc 4 months ago  
Allow me to correct myself. 'Lummodical' is not a real word. 4 months ago  
Misclick. 4 months ago  
I f*cking hate mayo enough already. 4 months ago  
Eat mor chikin 4 months ago  
I freaking loved that vid 4 months ago  
From as in live or from as in born there? I'm from PA but I was born in FL. Besides, why bother pretending to be from somewhere else? 4 months ago  
Misclick, I'm actually already great at B. I'd love A because it would help me make more friends (except for the fact that I love my current friends a lot and no one can one-up them) 4 months ago +1
Lummodical is not a real word. 4 months ago  
Dude I'm not even old enough to drink... 4 months ago  
A Mini Cooper, a Chevy Suburban, or my dad's 1979 Porsche 911 (he wants me to learn how to drive stick) 4 months ago  
Are you kidding? NOBODY WOULD FOLLOW THAT. 5 months ago +2
B made me cry (BUCKYYYYYYYYYY. AND PETER. AND LOKI. AND WANDA. BUT MAINLY BUCKY) and A looks horrifying. 5 months ago  
I am the little sister, but I've got four inches and thirty pounds over my older sister so B wouldn't happen to me. 5 months ago +1
Been stung before. Meh. 5 months ago  
If I try to stop him, he would start to distance himself from me and we wouldn't get along because he would feel like I don't accept him. 5 months ago  
KITTY 5 months ago  
Misclick 5 months ago +1
Prosthetic 5 months ago +1
Read it. 5 months ago +2
I already have three dogs and two cats, but I'd love to get another of either one. 5 months ago  
Dude the FAA keeps giving him tests because people with aspergers don't typically become pilots. He's had it his entire life and has taken medication for it. He has it, he's just got a really great (and also complex) personality that makes it hard to tell. 5 months ago  
Help me get over my fear of falling. 5 months ago  
F, only because I didn't study. 5 months ago  
My brother has it and he's still f*cking awesome. You can barely tell he has it. 5 months ago  
Has anyone here seen the HISHE for Aquaman X'D 5 months ago +1
obviously 5 months ago +1
I wanna try to trap it in a plastic container. Should I go for it? 5 months ago  
Thanks T.T 5 months ago +1
Thanks, mate. 5 months ago +1
thanks XD 5 months ago +1
Billy Joel's music. He is a friggin' god. 5 months ago  
Skeletons? Dude, I would summon motherf*cking angels. Or dragons. 5 months ago  
Bonk the shark's nose. 5 months ago  
No sh*te. I regret the entire thing, man. 5 months ago +1
Yup! 5 months ago  
But-oh, forget it...if I don't listen you'll give me hell for it later... 5 months ago +1
Make an account, you p*ssy. 5 months ago +1
THANK. YOU. 5 months ago  
I was implying the fact that she looks UNnaturally thin. LOOK AT HER SHOULDERS. 5 months ago  
Yes, I'm cringey. Did I not just establish that? 5 months ago  
I thought you were the troll here. 5 months ago  
Thanks, buddy XD 5 months ago  
Meaning? 5 months ago  
Sie werden feststellen, dass ich nicht bin. 5 months ago  
It means your question is so cringey it made the cringiest person on this website (me) cringe. That's a big oof. 5 months ago  
Try to get a glimpse of the story, but yeah, that meme is gold. 5 months ago  
What are you doing to my F*CkInG tAbLe!!! 5 months ago  
It's spiderman. J Jonah Jameson tried to give someone 50 bucks for the spidey suit. what do you think he does to peter? 5 months ago  
He wouldn't be stealing squat. It's f*cking Jesus, the son of God we're talking about here. According to the Bible he was literally incapable of sin. 5 months ago  
He's f*cking Mewtwo. 5 months ago +1
TaKe Me WiTh YoU! 5 months ago  
I'd rather be good than be a satanic douchebag. 5 months ago  
I hate anything with shells >. 5 months ago  
He. Still. Committed. A. Crime. 5 months ago  
Either one, actually. My kid would be smart enough to hide but also, if the one in the bed was a monster, why the hell would he ask me to look where my real son is? 5 months ago +1
Are you stalking my comments or something? 5 months ago  
That's the point, asshole. 5 months ago  
Why, because I'm LGBT? Naturally. 5 months ago  
I take it English isn't your first language. Ne me jugez pas avant de me connaître. 5 months ago  
I'd wish that my mom's uncle was still alive... 5 months ago  
Well hello from a Scorpio XD 5 months ago +1
OMFG XD 5 months ago +1
Aw, it's so cute. 5 months ago +1
Wow. 5 months ago +1
I mean, A needs a bit more food... 5 months ago +1
Not my kind of gal. 5 months ago  
XD 5 months ago +1
Now THAT is odd. 5 months ago  
Not really. I'm an emo kid. Takes a lot to make me cringe. 5 months ago  
XD 5 months ago +1
LOL 5 months ago +1
Pewdiepie was losing to t-series for a little bit O.o (is that scary enough?) 5 months ago  
No, it's not just you. I thought the same thing. 5 months ago  
Really? 5 months ago +1
:( 5 months ago  
I don't actually speak Romanian. I have an English to Romanian link burned into my internet history because my main character in my novel and her twin brother speak fluent Romanian....btw, American_Jedi, you said "of course, my horse." I don't know what that means.... 5 months ago +1
Well, it'd be a bit shorter, actually. About nine inches top to bottom, seeing as I want it to start on my shoulder and end around the middle of my upper arm. 5 months ago  
One of my schoolmates said I could get it done for about $70-$80. Then again, she also said her friend could do it for free.... 5 months ago  
Misclick. Definitely B. 5 months ago  
Is this saying that they're both bad? Because damn, look at that beauty. 5 months ago  
My friends and I throw shade and make fun of each other all the time. It's a lot of fun. 5 months ago  
They...literally do nothing... 5 months ago +1
Omnomnom 5 months ago  
Misclick. KindaPsycho is right. 5 months ago  
*ahem* Vietnam and Israel. 5 months ago  
F*ck off, t-series. 5 months ago  
Nah, I've gotta wait until November Ninth. 5 months ago +1
Also, for the record, I would never in real life fight RebelUnicorn. RebelUnicorn is cool peoplez. 5 months ago  
Ohhhhhh, okay. Misclick. You're fighting someone as spiritually strong as a damn phoenix. Good luck. 5 months ago  
Wait who am I fighting....? 5 months ago  
SO FABULOUS 5 months ago  
So major pain versus guaranteed death... 5 months ago  
A would just be AWESOME. I'm already working on a novel, I love drawing, and 50 points would bump me up to 185. I'd be a genius! And B...well, B is great, too, but you know the saying: Brains over brawn. 5 months ago +1
There is so much more for the world to become. 5 months ago  
Minor sprain or whatever. 5 months ago  
Your questions make me cringe. 5 months ago  
I actually can't choose. A has such a thrilling storyline and is so beautifully designed, while B gave us an unexpected hero and we have to work to receive our fighters. 5 months ago  
Distreaza-te in calatoria ta! (that's Romanian, btw) 5 months ago +1
Chill. Never said I liked the guy. Besides, even if I did, he's probably too old for me. 5 months ago  
actually make an account 5 months ago  
Get out of my face, asshat. 5 months ago  
Get out of my face with your stupid question. 5 months ago  
Shut the hell up. 5 months ago +1
Exactly. 5 months ago  
Some of my mistakes led to great things. 5 months ago  
I live in Pittsburgh. B would be a miracle. 5 months ago  
Welp, I don't have a partner...sooooo..... 5 months ago  
All of my friends are weird. 5 months ago  
I get criticized for a lot. Impulsiveness, inability to focus, but mainly I get criticized for who I am. Apparently wearing black and dark colors, listening to metal, rock, and punk, and painting my nails black is a crime. Thanks, highschool, ya freaking suck. 5 months ago  
Misclick. While they are similar, realists will tell you how it REALLY is. Pessimists are similar in that way as they see things deeply and truthfully, yet they are hindered by a negative mindset that blurs the line between what happened and what they FEEL like happened. 5 months ago +1
Normal is a matter of perception. To a monkey, throwing sh*te around is normal. 5 months ago  
Robotic tattoo XD 5 months ago  
Good acting, good effects, good storyline, and I'm sold. The pace doesn't matter to me. 5 months ago  
SCIENCE 5 months ago  
M-am săturat de aceste întrebări..... 5 months ago  
Nnnnnnnnnnnope. 5 months ago  
Neither. Also, those two countries are actually against nukes, so why-ohhhhhhh....I get it now. They kinda have no defense. Like a bully punching a kid in a wheelchair. 5 months ago  
Meh. No opinion. 5 months ago  
Er...I don't have one. B looks good, though. 5 months ago  
My dad always makes amazing French Toast (even though he doesn't like it!) 5 months ago +2
I'm sorry but who the hell chose B. 5 months ago +2
I'm no millennial, I'm GenZ, but honestly I just wish this kind of thing was a problem. 5 months ago +1
Mm. Nice hair. Also, what's with the wink...? 5 months ago  
Please commit no comment. 6 months ago  
Just wondering...who even are you??? 6 months ago  
Well I already have B, so NOTHING CHANGES. 6 months ago  
I'm bi I don't give two sh*ts. 6 months ago  
LOL 6 months ago  
OH MY (*P#R&^T*)&(_*+)@(#&+)@*#(^% 6 months ago  
pEtEr No!!!!!!! 6 months ago  
Goin' down, t-series. 6 months ago  
How is this even close??? 6 months ago +1
mycelium 6 months ago +1
I just came back on and I see THIS. While I'm sure there are better ways to settle this issue, this is f*cking HILARIOUS! X'D 6 months ago  
I understand your hatred for niko, but surely you have something better to do with your time. 6 months ago +1
Yup. The more we hate on him and talk trash to him, the more he is going to post. He's like a f*cking cockroach. 6 months ago +1
while I agree that niko is trash, kys is not even right. 'yourself' is one word. 6 months ago  
I would say it very quietly while turned away. Problem solved. 6 months ago  
I'd rather listen to a donkey screaming. 6 months ago +1
Oof, ya can't just group them together like that. Books 3, 4, and 7 are my faves. 6 months ago +1
Yup. *throws confetti everywhere* 6 months ago  
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy, it's me boy Anti! Top o' the mornin' to ya, lad, it's shore bin' a fine day t'day! 6 months ago +1
Look at the f*cking picture in B. I f*cking love that picture. But also, YEET 6 months ago +2
Well I don't even have B... 6 months ago  
I have a schizophrenic nerd friend, does that count? 6 months ago +1
In all technicality, it is actually always full because oxygen is a thing. Usually I empty the glass (drink) and say "hey, can I get more?" 6 months ago +1
I haven't seen B, and A actually made me cry, but A was really well done. "Dude, you're embarrassing me in front of the wizards." 6 months ago +1
Did alexw make an alt account? 6 months ago +1
In real life you are never truly safe. 6 months ago  
Despite the fact that literally everything wants to kill me, I've always wanted to go to Australia. 6 months ago  
You could just drink it. 6 months ago  
Neither. F*ck off. 6 months ago  
I'd rather help, but I wouldn't last a day. 6 months ago +1
All the way up to 175? Yeah, absolutely. 6 months ago  
Wake up, go back to sleep, wake up again and get ready for the day. 6 months ago  
Wait I wanna be on your side... 6 months ago  
I love Anti...yeah I have problems, so what? 6 months ago +2
I want more Anti... 6 months ago  
NO. 6 months ago +1
LOL 6 months ago +1
Woohoo 6 months ago +1
Go away. 6 months ago  
Does a phoenix count as an animal I can turn into? 6 months ago  
Live for what you love and never give in. You are strong. 6 months ago  
Misclick. Usmanc is right. 6 months ago  
Mom's mother and dad's father. Never got to meet them because cancer just HAS to exist... 6 months ago +1
Scorpio, even though I already am one. Seriously, I am a perfect representation of a Scorpio... 6 months ago  
Okay, 1. Trypophobia. 2. It reminds me of a beehive and I f*cking hate bees. 6 months ago  
Get that child a f*cking doctor. 6 months ago  
I mean, I'd get it really small, and probably on the bottom of my foot or at the base of my hair on my neck. 6 months ago +1
Honestly, I think both are really cool. 6 months ago +1
How is this even a competition? 6 months ago  
Smash Ultimate, CODMW3, Minecraft 6 months ago +1
Captain America: Civil War, Batman: Bad Blood, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 6 months ago +1
Supernatural, Shadowhunters, Snake City 6 months ago  
Kurosh*tsuji, Freezing, Bleach 6 months ago +1
My cats prefer B 6 months ago  
I'm not cute. 6 months ago +1
Good to see that most people here are somewhat mentally stable 6 months ago +1
I was thinking the same thing... 6 months ago  
Is that Chuck Norris? 6 months ago +1
I kinda already am.... 6 months ago +1
Preeeeeeetyyyyyyyyy 6 months ago  
Yup. 6 months ago  
I love smash ultimate 6 months ago  
Here I was thinking this garbage was over. Oh well. Nice pic in B, though. 6 months ago  
Good taste, man. 6 months ago +1
Yes, it frickin' was. 6 months ago +1
Thomas Brodie-Sangster 6 months ago  
Rock music, metal, punk, and lots of P!ATD songs, especially Casual Affair and Nicotine. 6 months ago +1
I love jasmine rice 6 months ago +1
Babies can be cute, but children are nightmares. I know I was definitely a handful. 6 months ago  
Reality sucks. 6 months ago  
B is pretty good, tbh. 6 months ago  
Exactly! 6 months ago  
Who. Gives. A. Crap. 6 months ago +1
I subbed to pewdiepie so people would leave me alone. Can this be over? PLEASE? 6 months ago +1
There is no point in picking either. Humanity is screwed anyway. 6 months ago  
I'm not going to lie, they both seem pretty stupid. 6 months ago  
I like the tempo of a, but I've never seen b. I actually have a friend who can recite word for word all of a with just the instrumental playing. 6 months ago  
I'm just as surprised as you. 6 months ago  
No matter what gender they are, a kick to the groin would make them keel over. Take that opportunity to kick them to the ground, then pin them and ask them what the hell they want. 6 months ago  
I'm bisexual, who the f*ck cares. 6 months ago  
I saw A on Friday. F*CKING LOVED IT. 6 months ago +2
Bohemian Rhapsody 6 months ago +2
B was AMAZING 6 months ago  
Not afraid, just don't like pain. 6 months ago  
It already has A... 6 months ago +1
Coca Cola is better than Pepsi, but I do the Dew. 6 months ago +1
I have both ^v^ 6 months ago  
I mean, mine is at least 98% accurate. 6 months ago +1
Nom nom 6 months ago +1
I'm talking about in Supernatural. THE SHOW. Besides, all nephilim grow to be stronger than their angel parent. If a nephilim was born to the first regular angel, it would be as strong as an archangel. 6 months ago  
It friggin' sucked... 6 months ago  
Besides, he was pissing it off...and a shark attack or box jellyfish would be cooler. 6 months ago  
Yup. 6 months ago  
Actually, I may save the human because my dogs are golden retrievers. They're literally built for swimming, so the odds of one of them drowning are slim. Hell, my male golden tried to swim across a friggin' lake. 6 months ago  
Nah, somebody else. To my face. And it wasn't tranny, it was f*ggot. 6 months ago  
That's nice, kid. 6 months ago  
Author and actress 6 months ago  
I've heard that B is good. 6 months ago  
I've never played it but it's AWESOME 6 months ago  
Pie. 6 months ago +1
Huh, it's pretty obvious for me. 6 months ago  
We suck. 6 months ago  
I hate what currently passes as 'feminism.' It's f*cking stupid... 6 months ago  
My siblings can be a pain in the ass but I can't imagine life without them. 6 months ago  
Better than this reality... 6 months ago +1
Sorrow can lead to awful things. Fear literally saves people's lives. 6 months ago  
Only with my friends. Otherwise I'm sending a hidden message or am pissed off. Or, I could be defending myself in a subtle way. 6 months ago  
I'd be able to help them get one, I guess. My friends are all hilarious, though. 6 months ago  
Tell them they pissed me off and tell them why. 6 months ago  
It's actually a real mental illness that causes them to be unable to care about anyone but themselves. It's not really something they can control. 6 months ago +1
Never. Been called things like that, though. 6 months ago  
I loved B so much. I even got emotional at the end during the remake of the Live AID Concert. Rami Malek was amazing and I wish the world had never lost Freddie Mercury. RIP the Sassiest of Queens 6 months ago +1
Neither 6 months ago +1
Oof 6 months ago +1
He's okay 6 months ago +1
B has more gods... 6 months ago +1
I love both, I really do, but DC would get their asses handed to them. 6 months ago +1
nope 6 months ago  
Yeah...but...why use Freddie? Not only is he not a virgin, he's not even straight. 6 months ago +1 6 months ago +1
lol my eyes are almost the same as A 7 months ago +1
Hey, look, it's Freddie Mercury! :P 7 months ago  
Same, but if I had to choose I'd go with anxiety. 7 months ago  
I'd say it depends on what they've done. If it's the physical assault type of bullying, then they should be tried as minors (we ARE talking about kids, right???) for physical assault or at least serve community service and be dealt an out of school suspension. If it's verbal harassment then that's a different story. Verbal harassment can lead to depression and anxiety, and I believe the bully should have to have after school detention (depending on how bad it is) and/or a meeting with their parents and the assistant principal. 7 months ago  
B would kill me anyway. 7 months ago  
Super babies/part demon babies. I mourn for you when they reach their teens. 7 months ago +1
Neewwwwt 7 months ago  
I may be queer, but c'mon, man. 7 months ago  
I'mma sneeeek 7 months ago  
Lol 7 months ago +1
Scorpio 7 months ago  
Huggles all around! 7 months ago +1
A world without marriage would mean no divorce. 7 months ago  
I'm a bisexual female GET OVER IT GEEZE. 7 months ago  
I'm no professional photographer, but I'll keep that in mind. 7 months ago  
They already are a thing. You know that, right??? 7 months ago +1
Yes, I did. I didn't want Raelynn to defend me, she just decided to. I told her I didn't need her help and she defended me anyway. 7 months ago  
What? Oh, what the hell. See you later, then. 7 months ago  
Raelynn, honestly, I don't need you to defend me. 7 months ago  
I'd like to point out that this entire thing was started because Sodium managed to get upset at my wee little comment about depression sucking. 7 months ago  
Who? You could be referring to anyone in this thread, myself included. While I'm not stupid, I can be quite clumsy. 7 months ago  
I'm not arrogant, but I won't deny the fact that I'm a b*tch. 7 months ago  
Aw, c'mon, I just wanted to see which of my cats people thought was cuter! :) 7 months ago  
To be honest, I find this to be rather amusing as well. 7 months ago  
Stay out of it, sweetheart. 7 months ago  
I believe you will find that I am not retarded and am in fact an individual of surprising intelligence. noun INFORMAL•OFFENSIVE noun: retard; plural noun: retards /ˈrēˌtärd/Submit 1. a person who has a mental disability (often used as a general term of abuse). 7 months ago +1
Well, I'm actually a junior in high school. I just happen to be a writer with a large range of vocabulary. 7 months ago  
No, I'm not autistic. Are you? 7 months ago  
I hope THEY are ready to die. 7 months ago  
Doesn't everyone have B? 7 months ago  
17 7 months ago  
For starters, don't call me Shadow QUEER. That is making a mockery of my name and an insult to my family and their legacy. Second of all, do you need your significant other to fight your battles for you? Grow up. My comment was a simple response and not one that needed the negativity that a lummox such as yourself brought upon it. Your hubris is truly outstanding and I advise you to walk two moons in my shoes before judging me or anyone else. You could have simply kept your doltish thought to yourself but instead you decided to make such an unsophisticated comment in an attempt to belittle me. Your partner shares these same traits also has the same proclivity to negatively attack someone who firstly made an innocent comment and then attack them again when they unambiguously attempted to safeguard themselves from your discourteous words. I have no quarrel with either of you and easily accept the fact that we have opposing outlooks on this notion. I apologize for my audacious response to your original comment and hope that we have no altercations in the future. However, if you continue to vilify me in such a way you will find that my ridicules will become a powerful onslaught that not even you could hope to harbor yourselves against. Have a nice day. 7 months ago +2
Nope. I have two cats that I love and cats are amazing and I COULD NEVER HURT A KITTEN. 7 months ago  
both are really important 7 months ago  
both 7 months ago  
Magical wizarding world of Harry Potter HERE I COME! 7 months ago +1
Still a junior in high school. 7 months ago  
I could bring a loved one back... 7 months ago +1
I just hate politics, sooo.... 7 months ago  
Closer to my age and also funnier and cuter 7 months ago  
Oh, I'm sorry SALTYPANTS, did I f*cking ask for your opinion? (by the way, yes, that was a play on your username, NOW GET THE HELL OVER MY COMMENT) 7 months ago +1
Because you typed it in as your username... 7 months ago +1
GET. OUT. 7 months ago  
Go back to sleep, Todd, maybe it's just a dream XD 7 months ago  
Yes, have fun watching with them as the known universe eventually DOESN'T EXIST. 7 months ago  
Can someone freaking ban this b!tch already? 7 months ago  
I'd rather be allowed to go to the emergency room immediately after walking on those thorns. 7 months ago  
I'm sorry, but the literal purpose of having friends is to have people in your life that MAKE YOU HAPPY 7 months ago  
CAN WE BAN NIKOPOWER123?!?! PLEASE?!?! 7 months ago  
What happened to the days when I first joined Rrrather and questions were actually WORTH MY FREAKING TIME?!?! 7 months ago  
Free hot chocolate. 7 months ago  
I could not care ANY less. 7 months ago  
Excuse me, but poison must be injected, ingested, or inflicted in order to take effect. 7 months ago  
I don't care about brands, I care about comfort and quality. 7 months ago +1
Neither. I don't think BVB, PTV, SWS, BMTH or my favorite classic rock bands would fit... 7 months ago  
Hilarious, but less volts means LESS LIKELY TO DIE 7 months ago  
Hello Katherine McNamara 7 months ago  
lol 7 months ago  
B without the piercings all over her face or more emo/nerd A would be fine. 7 months ago  
I am seventeen. I HAVE NO KIDS. 7 months ago  
A teaches fear. B teaches respect and discipline. 7 months ago  
Depression just sucks in general, dude. 7 months ago +4
Apparently we forget many beautiful things that happen in our lives, so I have to go with B. 7 months ago +1
Well, kinda neither. It was moreso a border state. 7 months ago  
I mean, I don't like kids (I'm seventeen, anyway), but bouncy castles bring back good memories 7 months ago  
73% of the people on this website don't know what good acting is... 7 months ago  
Both are wearing a lot of makeup. 7 months ago  
They've been telling me a lot lately that they are proud of me. 7 months ago  
Don't know 'im. 7 months ago  
I don't know, both are cringy as hell 7 months ago  
*shrugs shoulders* well I'm not actually dead, I'm just trapped in the soul stone. (with Bucky ^v^) 7 months ago  
Honestly I like both. I have a lot of Batman merch, though. 7 months ago  
I'm a girl and I think other girls are selective. Personally, I'm bi, and I'll even be selective about girls. I mainly just like people that share similar interests with me: don't like fake people, like rock and roll, like reading, like games, like jokes, etc. 7 months ago +1
I already have depression and pain is a simple part of life. 7 months ago  
The odds of dying in either one are pretty damn the US, everyONE wants to kill you. In Australia, everyTHING wants to kill you 8 months ago  
Wtf is this? Bon Jovi is amazing!!! 8 months ago  
no 8 months ago +1
you spelled 'I'm" and "retarded" wrong... 8 months ago  
You're kidding....THE BIG BANG WAS CREATED BY TWO ASTROLOGICAL BODIES (PLANETS) COLLIDING TOGETHER. THAT WAS CAUSED BY GRAVITY. GRAVITY HAPPENS BECAUSE OF THE UNIVERSE. THE UNIVERSE IS INFINITE AND PEOPLE NEED TO STOP USING RELIGION AS AN EXCUSE FOR SOMETHING WE DON'T UNDERSTAND. ALSO, IF GOD EXISTED, HE COULD NOT BE BOTH ALL POWERFUL AND ALL GOOD AS THE BIBLE SAYS. Quote: If he is all powerful, he cannot be all good (famine, disease, droughts, war, murder, crime, etc). If he is all good, he cannot be all powerful or he would have stopped these things. 8 months ago  
what, are you a fellow SPN fan? 8 months ago  
Not this sh*t again 8 months ago +2
GIVE. ME. THAT. TIGER. 8 months ago +1
misclick, honestly f*ck that guy. 8 months ago  
Convince a terrible person to create an account then give it to them. 8 months ago  
I dunno. I also agree with Silverhawk. 8 months ago  
I don't even like coffee. 8 months ago  
literally neither. I'm not Hitler but I am bi 8 months ago  
I actually do both 8 months ago  
haha 8 months ago +1
Okay I actually had to think about this but I guess I don't exist XD 8 months ago +1
THEY ALREADY DO. 8 months ago  
Kitties!!! 8 months ago +1
Honestly it depends. 8 months ago  
I want both. 8 months ago +1
Can...can we just leave everyone alone? PLEASE?!?! 8 months ago  
I want to be happy. It's not easy for me. 8 months ago +1
Neither, actually. It's odd, actually, because I aspire to be both an actress and an author. Crazy that. 8 months ago  
Well, I was a foster kid and they loved me enough to adopt me when I was 3 and my half sister as well. Now I have my sister, two brothers, and an entire family to love and care for.... 8 months ago  
Er, it depends on whether I can use it again. 8 months ago +1
THANK YOU 8 months ago  
What. The. Actual. Fvck. 8 months ago  
I just wanna meet the dog... 8 months ago +1
Bees, heat, cold, bugs in general, annoying people, traffic, wind, rain, sleet, hail, hurricanes, tsunami, tidal wave, tornado, animal attacks, literally anything can happen. 8 months ago  
I like the old-fashioned kinda look. Lambo looks like that girl in school that's trying too hard. 8 months ago  
Hekking neither, Bohemian Rhapsody all the way. 8 months ago  
I'm bi, but whatever. 8 months ago +2
Yeah, I respect people more when they actual tell the truth. Lying to save someone's emotions doesn't always end well. 8 months ago  
At this point it's become cliche and infuriating. They killed off Glen and Carl, two of the most popular characters, which probably lost them a lot of fans. 8 months ago +1
Bruh same, like honestly why does this matter? 8 months ago +2
pffft lol 8 months ago +1
Literally both. Again, SPN fans know how to kill everything. For B, I would find the highest frequency of sound that I could and f*cking broadcast it to help people kill the aliens. 8 months ago  
Again, Supernatural fan. I can kill her if it's a monster 8 months ago  
I'm a Supernatural fan. If she's a monster, I'll know how to kill her. 8 months ago  
I was bullied for most of the year >:( 8 months ago  
I'd called them my fans... 8 months ago +2
I hate half the people I know. Not risking running into drunk versions of them. 8 months ago  
If I had one, sure. I drive my friends crazy enough as it is 8 months ago  
Assuming things is the best way to ruin relationships. 8 months ago  
Neutral, go watch the Life is Fun music video and you'll see that I think both ways. 8 months ago  
Every time I actually make any, I end up breaking them. I figure I just won't have any and just change a few things that would typically be resolutions. I used to never study and now I'm a studying machine (F*CKING FINALS!!!) 8 months ago  
Hilarious... 9 months ago  
misclick 9 months ago  
Neither, I don't listen to rap. 9 months ago +2
I'd rather not be a bad person. 9 months ago +1
Again, acting requires talent. Modeling is just about looking pretty. 9 months ago  
Models don't need talent, just looks. Acting requires talent. 9 months ago  
My grandma isn't fit enough to cook a large meal. She's over 93 years old. 9 months ago  
Snuggle 9 months ago  
I'm not an idiot. 9 months ago  
I like sleeping, actually... 9 months ago +2
Thanos isn't a goddamn Avenger! 9 months ago +1
I'm already emo, sooooooo 9 months ago  
Those of Jewish faith believe in God but do not believe that Jesus was the messiah. 9 months ago  
LightQuincy god that sounds awful 9 months ago  
While I completely agree with what you're thinking, everything about Scorpios is true about me. Although it doesn't mean all that much, I do enjoy looking up stuff about Zodiacs, despite the fact that it's mostly just vague characteristics that almost anyone could associate with. 9 months ago  
Again with the killed by a girl bullsh*t. 9 months ago  
Me. Because I intend to be an actor. Otherwise, I'd have to say Katherine McNamara. 9 months ago  
father and half brother, technically both. 9 months ago +1
Family neither starts nor ends with blood. I'm adopted and I love my family all the same. Also, if you're close enough with your friends, they become like family. 9 months ago  
Ahem. Who cares? 9 months ago  
I like both, but sometimes I read laying down and I'd rather not have a hardcover fall on my face. 9 months ago  
My thoughts exactly. 10 months ago +1
A watch is a small clock, though... 10 months ago  
I only wear glasses due to the fact that the muscles in my eyes take too long to focus and then don't do it right, so I have pretty decent vision but wear very weak prescription glasses to focus faster and better and make things clearer. As for B, I can't remember things for the life of me. I'm seventeen and can't remember anything from before I was seven, which is when I moved to PA. I'd love to have a better memory. 10 months ago +1
Honestly, I hate it with a passion, because due to my ADHD and terrible anxiety, I failed it in eighth grade because my teacher didn't help me learn it in a way that was healthy and now I'm in 11th grade stuck in CT Algebra 2. However, although I don't love it, I know that it helps with a few things in life. 10 months ago  
Well, glass would f*ck up my insides and wood and metal can be formed to not injure me... 10 months ago  
While that would be awesome, I'm depressed as hell and am filled with shadows and my own demons :) 10 months ago  
Earthquakes have aftershocks, break things from their foundations, drops sh*te on your head, knocks ya down, can cause flooding and tsunamis, don't forget landslides, etc. Tornadoes kinda just pick stuff up and throw it. 10 months ago  
Misclick. My happiness literally can affect my health. 10 months ago +1
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