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I’m 18, born November 9th, 2001 and I live in Pennsylvania, however I was born in Florida and lived there until I was 7. I’m a writer/author/poet and am working on a book that I hope to get published once I reach college. I write stories and such on Wattpad where you can follow me (@BVBLOVER556). I have an Archive of Our Own account, it's just ShadowQuincy, and a DeviantArt account: AvyannaStormbrook. My Tumblr is Emerald-Eye-Rish. I also like to draw and paint. My favorite artist/band is Black Veil Brides (Panic! at the Disco, Sleeping With Sirens, Health, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, and Andy Black are close seconds) and I like to listen to punk, rock, shock rock, glam metal, metal, rock and roll, etc. I do listen to other music but like these ones a lot more. I’m 5 foot 7 1/2 inches (175.26 centimeters) tall and have dark brown hair and green eyes. I prefer to wear skinny jeans, t-shirts, black hipster prescription glasses, sometimes jewelry, and I love Vans and Converse. I'm in a healthy and strong relationship and will soon be off to college where I plan to study Literature-Creative Writing and Theatre.

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    I got them thicc thighs 4 hours ago  
    big brain 1 day ago  
    yasss 1 day ago  
    I already do this 1 day ago  
    rock all the way baby 1 day ago  
    There are so many things we need to change, little buddy 1 day ago  
    Missclick 2 days ago  
    Technically both 2 days ago  
    IT'S. FREAKING. COLD. 2 days ago  
    I've been writing since I was seven 2 days ago  
    Uh hello also emo. You like Kakegurui? 2 days ago  
    Hmm no 6 days ago  
    No it's adorable 6 days ago  
    Misclick 6 days ago  
    No one asked for your opinion, either, but here we are. Remind me again why you have a problem with me? 6 days ago  
    Oh hey callback 6 days ago  
    Of course 6 days ago  
    Yup thanks 6 days ago  
    Thanks, I appreciate it! 1 week ago  
    I'm usually only like that so people don't mess with me, but I'm no wuss. either. I talk big, sure, but I'll back it up by taking real action, especially when it comes to protecting or defending my friends. 1 week ago  
    Oh no, that hurt my feelings sooo much lol XD 1 week ago  
    Like an hour ago 1 week ago  
    lol thanks 1 week ago  
    Ok dumbass 1 week ago  
    From what I know they speak Arabic lmao 1 week ago  
    Nah, but I do wanna make a new design. Thanks for the idea. 1 week ago  
    Myself 1 week ago  
    2001 1 week ago  
    Honestly, even though my name is Harley and I love Batman and the Flash and DC in general, ya can't mess with Marvel or you'll be Avenger's Assemble'd into oblivion 1 week ago  
    Oh hey look another one. Saying dumb sh*t online just to get attention. I'll give it to you, but only so you don't starve, attention whore. There are better ways to be acknowledged. 1 week ago  
    It varies but usually A 1 week ago  
    Same. If I become a successful writer/actor I'll make plenty of money to have A 1 week ago  
    This could help motivate me to exercise more. I wouldn't do B because I get scary cranky without enough sleep and I'm a senior in high school as well as a writer. 1 week ago  
    A precious stone 1 week ago +1
    Green eyes that change color depending on mood or time of day (real thing), medium-fair skin, long eyelashes, dark brown hair (used to be long but I just got it cut short, like above my shoulders), 5'7.5", about 175 pounds (losing weight, have lost 10 pounds so far), thick-framed glasses, cupid's bow shaped lips that are naturally pinkish-red, long arms and legs, angular face, thicc thighs, double D breasts, thick hips, tan nicely, nails painted shimmering deep royal blue with toenails painted shimmering tropical blue, long fingers (great for writing, drawing, typing, sewing, folding, etc), somewhat broad shoulders, scoliosis (crooked spine but only visible through tight shirts or if my back is bare, I'd have at least an inch more of height if my spine was straight), rarely wear makeup, scar over my right eyebrow, and I think that's it. 1 week ago 1 week ago +1
    I used to play viola and violin is almost (ALMOST) the same and I'd love to master it 1 week ago  
    Obviously he's a strong enough spirit to interact with objects lmao 1 week ago +2
    Haha us girls suffer monthly. Cramps from periods are scientifically proven to be able to be as painful as a heart attack. 1 week ago +2
    Already in a relationship so idc 2 weeks ago  
    I miss Steve Irwin. My brother actually got me a Funko POP figure of him :) 2 weeks ago  
    18 2 weeks ago  
    Yep, the Midas Touch. He was a greedy and selfish king who wished to be able to turn anything into gold and his daughter grew sad and upset seeing him lose his sh*t turning things to gold so she was crying in the garden and he kissed her head to try and comfort her but of course that turned her to gold and he begged the god who had granted his wish to turn it back but the god said he would only do it if Midas promised to give away his riches to the poor. 2 weeks ago  
    Same. I'll die before I cheat on my boyfriend (happy early b-day Zach) 2 weeks ago +1
    I always have paper, I keep losing my pens n' sh*t 2 weeks ago +1
    Already have 'em 2 weeks ago +1
    I pride myself in my cooking skills 2 weeks ago +1
    PHOENIX TIME BABY 3 weeks ago  
    Freaking try me b*tch 3 weeks ago +1
    same 3 weeks ago  
    In what way are they changing and why don't I like them 3 weeks ago  
    pepper spray/bear spray, don't make loud noises, curl up in a fetal position, play dead, DON'T RUN 3 weeks ago  
    WANT ME TO MAKE ONE FOR YOU THEN 3 weeks ago  
    My parents saved me when they adopted me. I will be distraught when they pass away. 3 weeks ago  
    Perfectly normal 3 weeks ago  
    I was born on the streets (ever thankful for adoption) so I can understand that life gets tough 3 weeks ago  
    Crocodiles are actually pretty fast 3 weeks ago +1
    Sounds like fun let's go 1 month ago  
    Karr-mull 1 month ago +1
    Dragon and psychic 1 month ago  
    Read, write my novel, draw, sing, hang with friends, dnd, watch shows and movies, play with my pets, sleep 1 month ago +1
    If and only IF the House of Reps and the Senate pass the law and Trump signs off on it, I'd have no choice due to new gender ideals or whatever. A new draft will include women and I've just recently turned 18. In fact that means my sister and brother will be drafted as well and my eldest brother is already in the army. 1 month ago  
    Well... apparently they have 1 month ago  
    Misclick 1 month ago  
    her and she was cremated and her ashes were spread in a garden 1 month ago  
    Lol nope 1 month ago  
    Yes, one full of love and mischief ^v^ 1 month ago  
    Just some info about Holly: We took her home from the breeder (Safari Goldens) in December (she was born in October) and that's how she got a seasonal name. Her father's name was Rocky and her mother's name was Ally. They were both award-winning pedigree show dogs and she takes after her mother. Her dad, Rocky, was really big and had huge paws, which he passed on to her. We always said she had 'Rocky paws.' Holly was only 7-ish years old, and goldens live 10-12 years. She had to be put down, she was suffering too much. It was a peaceful passing, but I didn't go, I couldn't watch her die. She was diagnosed with lyme nephritis, a severe form of lymes disease caused by an unnoticed tick. Her last days were spent being pampered and showered with food and love, even though she didn't eat much. She spent one last Christmas with us. We were so blessed to have had her in our lives. I will never forget the day when that sweet little puppy clambered into our laps in a heated room in that big barn and stole our hearts. I love you Holly, go get those chipmunks in the sky T^T 1 month ago  
    Thank you so much, she was such a sweet girl 1 month ago  
    No I'm not taking it well 1 month ago +1
    same 1 month ago  
    take it back 1 month ago  
    Lol nope I f*cking hate myself 1 month ago  
    My dude 1 month ago  
    Sodium is pretty chill 1 month ago  
    Human instinct we all do it sometimes 1 month ago  
    What ever 1 month ago  
    Hur dur 1 month ago  
    Aye 1 month ago +1
    I think I'm 20-30 1 month ago  
    I gave zero f*cks 1 month ago +2
    I LIKE SO MANY AHHHHH 1 month ago +1
    Lol 100% natural juice is amazing 1 month ago  
    Misclick, you've got Dragon Ball, Bleach, Seven Deadly Sins, Black Butler, etc etc etc 1 month ago  
    Duh 1 month ago  
    Why the hell would ya ban himmmm 1 month ago +1
    I'm going to hell, hooray! 1 month ago  
    Duh 1 month ago  
    Misclick 1 month ago  
    Look around in confusion 1 month ago +1
    I hAvE cRiPpLiNg DePrEsSiOn 1 month ago  
    I'd wish that my mom's uncle was still alive... 10 months ago  
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