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I’m 17, born November 9th, 2001 and I live in Pennsylvania, however I was born in Florida and lived there until I was 7. I’m a writer/author/poet and am working on a book that I hope to get published once I reach college. I write stories and such on Wattpad where you can follow me (@BVBLOVER556). I have an Archive of Our Own account, it's just ShadowQuincy, and a DeviantArt account: AvyannaStormbrook. My Tumblr is Emerald-Eye-Rish. I also like to draw and paint. My favorite artist/band is Black Veil Brides (Set it Off, Panic! at the Disco, Sleeping With Sirens, Metallica, Queen, Bring Me the Horizon, PelleK, Jordan Sweeto, and Andy Black are close seconds) and I like to listen to punk, rock, shock rock, glam metal, metal, rock and roll, etc. I do listen to other music but like these ones a lot more. I’m 5 foot 7 1/2 inches (175.26 centimeters) tall and have dark brown hair and green eyes. I prefer to wear skinny jeans, t-shirts, black hipster prescription glasses, sometimes jewelry, and I love Vans and Converse.

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Would You Rather Cuddle With Holly, 7 year old female golden (she wouldn't have snow on her) or Ace, 8 year old male golden 1 day ago 25 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which Pic of Clarice is Cuter? This One or This One 5 days ago 54 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which picture of me with one of my cats is cuter/better? Rudolph Giving Me a Kiss or Clarice Refusing to Get Off My Ass 5 days ago 49 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Figured I'd post the link to my pending novel, Loyal Traitors. Don't care if you judge, just thought I'd finally get it on here Lit or Cool 1 week ago 35 votes 9 comments 0 likes
If You Hate Me (Or Judge Me or Whatever) Then Join The Club We Meet On Wednesdays around 5 I'll Bring Snacks Coolio or I'm Only Coming For Snacks 1 week ago 42 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Do You Like This Poem I Wrote? Yah or Nah 1 week ago 47 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Guess What? I'm Bisexual. lol okay or ... 1 week ago 69 votes 51 comments 0 likes
Which is Better? Dark or Light 1 week ago 51 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which Lighting Is Better? Natural Lighting or Artificial Lighting 1 week ago 54 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Well More People Voted In Favor Of A Face Reveal Sooooo Here I Am *comment* or *comment* 1 month ago 61 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Should I Do A Face Reveal? Sure Why Not or Nah 1 month ago 66 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Do You Think Schools Should Be Allowed to Block Websites? Hecc Yess or Hecc Naw 1 month ago 63 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Could/Should I Date This Girl? (read explanation) Ya or Nah 1 month ago 51 votes 16 comments 0 likes
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Misclick 3 hours ago  
Misclick 3 hours ago +1
Not always 3 hours ago  
We're all mad here :P 4 days ago  
Well I guess I should post pics of my dogs instead, then... 4 days ago  
Cats help me relax after socially interacting with my peers. I mean so does my boyfriend but he's not waiting by my door for me when I get home sooo... 4 days ago  
I don't know if I'm supposed to be offended but I could use a drink as well 4 days ago  
She is just a smol bean 4 days ago  
She's just yawning 4 days ago  
She's literally like a god-tier character 5 days ago  
YEET 5 days ago  
*yip* 5 days ago  
It was the jackass who kept bumping into my friend because he was roughhousing with his friends when the fire alarm went off today and we were all standing outside...mwuahahahahah 5 days ago  
Yeah a lot of sh*t wouldn't have gone wrong if I had seen certain things coming -_-' 5 days ago +1
idk 5 days ago +1
Oh, you write as well? That's awesome! What's your preferred genre to write? 5 days ago  
I'm awesome my dude 6 days ago  
I've been working on this novel for about two years now and got the original idea nearly four years ago. 'Fraid I don't have time. 1 week ago +1
By the way you being a troll has no effect on me, I find our little feuds to be rather amusing. 1 week ago  
While I in no way think it's a good poem, you're good at rhyming. Kudos, but I take poetry seriously. 1 week ago  
Thanks! 1 week ago  
Well. 'It's a fat, hot, steamy, sloppy, wet heap of sh*t' 1 week ago  
It's called the 'I Hate ShadowQueer' club. What else would it be lmao 1 week ago  
ya actually I do 1 week ago  
If that's what you think then write a better one lmao 1 week ago  
Oh look someone else with nothing better to do with their time. 1 week ago  
No sh*t 1 week ago  
things didn't pan out for us. she had a good time, so it's all cool between us. still friends :) 1 week ago  
oooooooh, i remember now :P 1 week ago +1
So I see lol 1 week ago  
You're a fvcking idiot, that's all XD 1 week ago  
I mean bro I'm about to turn 18 on November 9th I've got my whole life ahead of me. Don't tell me what I can or cannot be 1 week ago  
lmao for real bruh 1 week ago  
Thanks for the backup, fam 1 week ago +1
Wait really 1 week ago  
Lol you're asking SATAN to go against this XD 1 week ago +2
omgarsh u so sweeeet 1 week ago  
Snek friend 1 week ago  
Not bad, it's really a good piece 1 week ago +1
No u 1 week ago  
I now know latin and will summon a demon :P 1 week ago +1
Let's summon demons yo 1 week ago  
I'm adopted and I write. The end. 1 week ago +1
all I know is that a was shot and his kid was born 7 months later 1 week ago +1
thanks, you're so sweet 1 week ago  
wasn't old enough for the school blood drive last year, but I fully intend to donate this year 1 week ago  
ghost friend 1 week ago  
yep, that be me 1 week ago +1
not what i expected but okay 1 week ago +1
haven't even seen it and i know it's great 1 week ago  
have fun switching between sunshine, monsoons, and hurricanes every five freaking seconds 1 week ago  
Always Jojo 1 week ago +1
Something that had to do with being Persephone...idk 1 week ago  
Misclick 1 week ago  
Misclick, children are considered a top priority in medical emergency, odds are I wouldn't be the only EMT on the scene 3 weeks ago  
karate is a sport time to kick ass 3 weeks ago  
I do it a lot 3 weeks ago  
Either Kanade from Angel Beats, Genos from One Punch, William T. Spears from Kurosh*tsuji, or Arthur from Nanatsu no Taizai 3 weeks ago +1
Vegeta might beat Genos but if Saitama lands his punch then Goku is finished 3 weeks ago  
Princess Lizzzzz 3 weeks ago  
just a toe 3 weeks ago  
misclick, the spartans were supposedly well-trained in battle and had great tactics 3 weeks ago  
nice snakebites 3 weeks ago  
duh 3 weeks ago +1
Sure why not 1 month ago +1
idk I guess usmanc, American Jedi, Crazy Horse, mustakrish, and ilovefreedom 1 month ago  
when I turned 9 1 month ago  
Misclick Ban for the win 1 month ago +1
Mainly because I'm a girl 1 month ago +1
Eh probably like 7 1 month ago  
Not getting drunk when I got depressed lmao 1 month ago  
Thank you 1 month ago +1
Thanks! 1 month ago +2
I am literally 17... 1 month ago  
I'm already going to hell so WHATEVER 1 month ago  
My brother has asperger's and he's still a great person... 1 month ago +1
Got ready for the homecoming football game 1 month ago  
Misclick. In some tall tales and fables the sun is depicted as a male while the moon is depicted as a female. It switches back and forth. 1 month ago  
My first 'real' kiss was when I was fourteen and this guy and I found out we liked each other and learned a lot about each other that day and then it simply just happened. It wasn't great, I've had better. 1 month ago  
Misclick 1 month ago  
I just finished B and I LOVED IT 2 months ago  
I'm about to start senior year of high school, so a year from now I'd probably be moving into my college dorm. 2 months ago  
You're more likely to be attacked by the lions than the polar bear. Polar bears that are not hungry (in captivity they are well fed) do not pose as great a threat as lions that are not hungry. Like most cats, it is in a lion's instinct to hunt, especially if an animal is smaller than it. Polar bears attack if threatened, challenged, or starving. Just because they are the largest bear does not mean you are going to die. 2 months ago  
I'd wish that my mom's uncle was still alive... 7 months ago  
A world without marriage would mean no divorce. 8 months ago  
I already have depression and pain is a simple part of life. 9 months ago  
The odds of dying in either one are pretty damn the US, everyONE wants to kill you. In Australia, everyTHING wants to kill you 9 months ago  
Wtf is this? Bon Jovi is amazing!!! 9 months ago  
no 9 months ago +1
you spelled 'I'm" and "retarded" wrong... 9 months ago  
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