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LPer on Youtube. On hiatus currently.

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    This shouldn't be a question. +1
    ...with a Nerf gun.  
    Man...this question again?  
    SSBM and Mario Parties 4-7 kick ass.  
    My computer can be a TV.  
    People in your family don't constantly bug you about sh*t in real life on Twitter.  
    What, the friends that I don't have?  
    It's the default, after all.  
    Blame it on the luck instead of the mind.  
    The smarter choice.  
    Man, I've seen this question a lot lately.  
    59% of voters like to live dangerously.  
    I rarely get to eat cake.  
    *Looks around* Nope, don't see any social life here.  
    Vegetable monster. He was Cookie Monster's replacement for a bit, or so I've heard.  
    I don't really want the taste of mint in my mouth all day.  
    And now, in the future, we can stream from  
    At least you'd get a good result after waiting forever.  
    I've never really watched the simpsons .-.  
    If I sleep an hour less in the morning, I may actually make it to school on time.  
    I already have both of those, anyways.  
    Both of them are pretty good, in my opinion.  
    We're all so heartless xD  
    This is any busy city in general.  
    And if you have a perfect relationship with someone famous...  
    I can't really hold the guitar for either game anyways.  
    I never really got into Final Fantasy games...  
    Ah...peace and quiet.  
    Angry Birds is really overrated.  
    If the world were at complete peace, then there would be no hunger and disease. We got 'em there!  
    I don't watch either of those.  
    Vitamin water is honestly horrible. Gatorade has a better flavor.  
    I like my lemonade without coloring, thanks.  
    The best chef in the world will work for me then.  
    IOS7 pretty much ruined it.  
    I don't wear makeup anyways.  
    Skill is talent. Talent is skill.  
    Moves like JAEGER  
    Well, considering I'd probably fall over either way...  
    Thanks for telling us this after we clicked the button.  
    I just clicked the one I knew.  
    How should I know?  
    One is just singing, the other is singing and a bunch of other crap.  
    Mayo is horrible.  
    If I had a great house in a bad place, everyone would be jealous of me. +1
    I like the bass.  
    It will eventually pay off...  
    Fave steak ever. Too bad they cost so much.  
    I'm bored anyways.  
    I'm already an only child. +1
    I'd rather laugh at them than have them laugh at me.  
    It's actually pretty funny, believe it or not.  
    I'd rather watch anime instead, thank you.  
    You don't freeze to death in Australia.  
    Don't wanna be too annoying.  
    My grandfather made us kids call him "Grandad Jack" after Jack Daniel's whiskey.  
    Same stuff wither way.  
    Actually, I picked him because he looks like he's wearing the wing cap from Super Mario 64.  
    When I was a kid, I had to have 4 surgeries on my paralyzed arm to get it moving. Every time I had one, everyone in my family would buy me stuffed animals and toys. I literally have an entire room dedicated to all those toys now. xD  
    I'd be dead either way.  
    I'm scared to see the next generation of teens after mine...  
    I'm Jewish, and when I was a kid in Hebrew school they talked NONSTOP about this subject. I was always like "Get over it! I've heard this 100 times already!" +1
    I was just about to say that!  
    Eh, I don't really like oranges anyway.  
    I KNEW there would be paragraph long comments here!  
    I'd impress the sh*t out of everyone at my music school, that's for sure.  
    *looks at author's comment* Oh dear god, here come the religious comments...  
    There's more meat on the bone than a drumstick. +2
    Oh my god. Neither. +1
    He'd grow out of it eventually.  
    It's easier to visualize a story with an audiobook.  
    Only sometimes. I love pissing my friends off on Mario Kart DS with the infinite item cheat >:D +1
    Nobody said it couldn't be a temporary tattoo.  
    And my mind goes straight to Hetalia...  
    Oh god, I knew there would be paragraph long comments down here.  
    Everyone who chose the other one have never seen the online community in COD.  
    Hat sex. Best sex ever. xD  
    No annoying people to bother me!  
    I'm allergic to hazelnuts. :/  
    There are black holes in space. Period.  
    Was thinking the exact same thing. xD  
    You can become a YouTube millionaire with a cute kitty.  
    It said you'd be able to, not that you'd be forced to.  
    Faith in humanity restored.  
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