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my nama freddy flackbear

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Would you rather... Be an idiot but be very popular or Be very smart and have no friends 3 years ago 44 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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hey guys :3 3 years ago  
not even CLOSE 3 years ago  
WHY NOT 3 years ago  
Sleep,Eat,Watch tv,swim,play tv,ON REPEAT 3 years ago  
Insect bites 3 years ago  
christ 3 years ago  
god 3 years ago  
it went either way 3 years ago  
:P 3 years ago  
:P 3 years ago  
Opinions* 3 years ago  
Opions 3 years ago  
Trump desirves MORE 3 years ago  
God created the Universe 3 years ago  
BETRAYAL! 3 years ago  
Elton for life 3 years ago  
Christ Soivet your a sexual guy 3 years ago  
they already are 3 years ago  
ture dat 3 years ago  
:P 3 years ago  
"The Sun burns bright,except on a cold winters day." 3 years ago  
God that beaver 3 years ago  
Housten SUCKS 3 years ago  
pride and two dollars will get ya a cup of coffee 3 years ago  
"I am a cowardice,but fear beats pride!" 3 years ago  
why did I even make an account? 3 years ago  
YEAS 3 years ago  
DA DA DA DA DA DA 3 years ago  
neither 3 years ago  
I knew a 3 years ago  
why not? 3 years ago  
I am a good singer,but im not crazy 3 years ago  
chess is classic,screw technology...oh wait... 3 years ago  
OH MY GOD WHO SAID YES? 3 years ago  
beauty* 3 years ago  
ITS A BUETY! 3 years ago  
I don't wanna pick a,but I cant pick b 3 years ago  
3 HEAD PROTECTION! 3 years ago +1
Jonah is just freaky 3 years ago  
quit,and just get the money 3 years ago  
wait,look at the explanation! 3 years ago  
lame 3 years ago  
my handwriting is like a rat holding a very long and heavy pencil 3 years ago  
acne.hairy is just creepy,and people think you are a ape 3 years ago  
f**k YEA 3 years ago  
dafuq? 3 years ago  
prevents earthquakes 3 years ago  
Elton john,famous british singer 3 years ago  
waste of bills 3 years ago  
lumalee is just plain CREEPY 3 years ago +1
PEACH?! 3 years ago  
get a heat trapper tent 3 years ago  
Nope 3 years ago  
The City Of Gold 3 years ago  
whoever fit the wing was a IDIOT 3 years ago +2
Mandalorian mask offers PROPER PROTECTION 3 years ago  
OH GOD 3 years ago  
iPhone texting meh crush,shades,and a sniper.thats how I wait 3 years ago +1
zits are zits.why is it so hard? 3 years ago  
DISGUSTING 3 years ago +1
I pick...Fat Man 3 years ago +1
Yes,who picked A is nuts.exploding fricken NUTS 3 years ago +1
if I were in that cell,i would be LIVING.THE.DREAM. 3 years ago +1
SUNDAES 3 years ago  
The turtle face is just funny 3 years ago  
1.5 million dollars for a painting fit for a baby.IDIOTICNESS 3 years ago +2
cake is nice,cops arrested brice ;( 3 years ago  
workouts are already dumb 3 years ago  
bor-ing 3 years ago  
quieter and nicer.Not like the home of Gambling 3 years ago  
Played RDR.ALL DAY. 3 years ago  
Love can stop a war,a nuclear bomb stops a nation 3 years ago  
racist 3 years ago  
That way people KNOW and you don't become a big JERK 3 years ago  
social beats virtual.Get a virtual life and get virtual friends,get a social life and become popular IN THE REAL WORLD! 3 years ago  
don't lie,it can kill you 3 years ago  
screw India oh sh*t now everyones TRIGGERED 3 years ago  
Neither,live in 'Merica 3 years ago  
Why sell a product when you can sell products through your service? Answer pending... 3 years ago  
Microsoft...Xbox,PS,Wii,Media.Nuff' said. 3 years ago  
Hulk.Hulk.Hulk 3 years ago  
Neither.Just get a nuclear bomb 3 years ago  
I just did 3 years ago  
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