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    Either way he's gonna die  
    I am a pretty plus sized girl  
    Cuz in a resturaunt I don't gotta cook or clean  
    She's a push over lol  
    If u start out blind u won't miss seeing  
    Gotta know if the sex is good or bad  
    I was 16 n pregnant not as bad as what the cancer will do to ur body while u have it I turned out fine  
    I thought they were the same thing??  
    The little sh*t got everything  
    Both answers are the same haha  
    Usually if I'm good at it I like it lol  
    Cancer is huge in my family  
    Either way ur screwed  
    Usually buffet food isn't as good  
    Love hurts  
    Yay so I'm not alone haha  
    Hey!!! I AM a ginger  
    Didn't mwntion if u get caught cuz if u do u lose it all if I wouldn't get caught I'd do the illegal  
    N humans r selfish its a fact.. pappy rita neecie n uncle kirk  
    Cuz the 5 ppl are usually gonna be ppl we love  
    My chihuahua is chill n doesn't bark  
    I can't change anything. If I lost my kids cuz I changed somethin I'd lose it u know how it goes one thing could change a lot  
    Ill get the perks cuz its my bff but no paparazi  
    20 years ago I WAS 10 lol so same thing  
    I can't eat without a drink. Hate eatin anyways  
    Marijuana helps with many medical issues +1
    Lol y would I want my dogs to win ugliest dog?? I don't want ugly dogs haha +1
    R.ip aunt rita pap uncle chip  
    I'd die if I hit my dog  
    What kinda sick question is this lol  
    I eat chinese food once a week what's the difference  
    I'm on birth control and am married so no rubber pls  
    Yall lyin whoever said take the blame haha  
    Italy has italian men that's what italy has lol  
    I don't wanna hear others thought cuz if I did I'd probably be in jail for doin somethin to em. Even my husband I know he does dirt so he'd get cut lol  
    Ha I don't do friends I have associates I have ONE friend cuz I trust noone. But my computer entertains me way more then her haha  
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