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    Babies aren cute. Puppies are flipping amazing and adorable  
    I like big bang  
    Youre an idiot  
    How do you not know? You're an idiot  
    Pokemon ftw  
    Ashley :P  
    Ashton. Not a fan of Charli  
    Breaking Bad  
    Not a fan of climbing. I'd rather skydive cuz it feels like you're flying  
    Bob Barker! least she sorta looks her age rather than lindsay, who looks like shes in her 40's  
    He was adorable when he was younger  
    Oh loverbooyyyy  
    I'm a computer geek. I can't play amnesia or slender on console so....  
    I have both but ps3 ftw  
    I like batman more but Id rather be superman rather than spiderman because I could do wherever  
    Minecraft is too addictive  
    Narnia. Sorry, but....FOR NARNIAAAAAAAA  
    Sith. They're way cooler  
    Magic kingdom XD  
    They were both amazing movies, bit Star Wars is, like, a classic  
    Books. I loved them  
    Croatia so pretty  
    Eric's Way hotter +1
    MJ all The way  
    Butt sex...  
    Watch one with my parents. It'd be awkward but whatever.  
    Chicken, but imma girl so... How would that work?  
    Some guys like transsexuals so...  
    Get as drunk as possible thn join once and you won't remember can't get pregnant by swallowing sperm.  
    Grandpa... I Guess  
    I love Gandalf *-*  
    Well...I'm Atheist so...  
    Miserable...not a troll btw that's what I prefer +3
    Never have sex  
    I could be a bird, mother flipper  
    Milkshakes, beotches  
    Undressed, I'm a lazy chick, soo...  
    I already get away with lying, and people are always lying to me, so my option is easy :P and obvious  
    Change. I hate myself  
    I dont like history, and the futures prob effing awesome  
    Screw YOLO, haKuna matata forever ^-^  
    Def Ron  
    I'm atheist so...  
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