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    I kissed on my first date .... 4 years ago  
    I picked the wrong answer again, dang it! 4 years ago  
    Sh*t I picked the wrong one. 4 years ago  
    Dang thats hot 4 years ago  
    I am dating a nerd anyways :) 4 years ago  
    This is a very, VERy tough choice... 4 years ago  
    crap I picked the wrong one! 4 years ago  
    This laptop seems to float! 4 years ago  
    I'm pretty serious about my computer.. 4 years ago  
    I will never get another Apple product again! 4 years ago  
    The hottest person I know could be a celebrity... 4 years ago  
    To have your last name as Hitler would be a little cool! 4 years ago  
    The cell phone would be almost useless if there was no internet. 4 years ago  
    i would like to go to Europe than to any Caribbean vacation. 4 years ago +1
    i am my own friend :) 4 years ago  
    oh crap i didn't read the question... i just picked it because it showed Jason Voorhees....... 4 years ago  
    i lie good, anyway. 4 years ago  
    i would sound bad ass 4 years ago  
    you can learn to speak other foreign languages. 4 years ago  
    i'm serious about my internet. 4 years ago  
    i have black hair and pale skin, and that person on the right is a bad example. i look better than that! 4 years ago  
    i could still give the money to the africans 4 years ago  
    well, definitely not twilight! 4 years ago  
    if u use it correctly, it could pause, too. 4 years ago  
    oh i thought it said half your weight... never mind. I choose the other one! 4 years ago  
    what type of sh*t question is this? 4 years ago  
    The hottest person I know could be a celebrity... 4 years ago  

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