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Would you rather choose Kirisaki Chitoge or Onodera Kosaki 4 years ago 60 votes 2 comments 1 like

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i would be really smart 4 years ago  
I almost always eats rice, so yeah... 4 years ago  
i practically always use a non-erasable pen so no problem there 4 years ago  
I major in maths so this would be best 4 years ago  
be rich or have a risk to cause most of the people you know to never exist.. easy enough 4 years ago +2
I hate fame and attention so this works out very well 4 years ago +2
"All sentences doesn't happen literally" and i just created a paradox 4 years ago +3
why be a avatar when you can stop time? 4 years ago +2
well, i got ignored quite often 4 years ago  
mark zuckerberg 4 years ago  
never trust anyone at april 1st.. never 4 years ago  
i can redo my mistakes over and over again, so why not? 4 years ago  
anything goes actually 4 years ago  
i need this one. college life demands it 4 years ago  
at least now people won't be saying that i'm heartless just because i have no idea what they're feeling at that moment 4 years ago  
that unnecessary long Kaneki walking scene is unnecesary 4 years ago +1
assassin for the win 4 years ago  
i like hinata more, so yeah... 4 years ago  
^this 4 years ago +1
Kamui is somewhat weird if you ask me. So he has hundreds of organ inside him and somehow he has the personality and mind of them which doesn't make any sense to me. do please correct me if i'm wrong 4 years ago  
i have a very poor aim, i'll miss anyway 4 years ago  
Rolo's geass without my heart stopping would be nice... 4 years ago +1
Spongebob VS Code Geass....... 4 years ago  
if i know everything wouldn't that mean i know how to be omnipotent? 4 years ago +1
would want to see one even if it kills me 4 years ago +2
at least with A we have more chances of surviving or even winning 4 years ago  
Indonesia government puts their mind on the wrong place, always! so australia 4 years ago  
true for some aspect but not for all ;) 4 years ago +2
it's just my own opinion though. And the idea of kirito (damn that name, why must he be named kirito?) not able to be scanned because he has like hundreds people's organs in him doesn't really in my liking. but that again is just my opinion. 4 years ago +1
either way is fine though, but i must choose volley if i have to choose one 4 years ago  
nope 4 years ago +1
what? 4 years ago +1
never a fan of fps, so yeah, skyrim 4 years ago +1
Yuki Nagato is better, for me at least 4 years ago  
someone is blind, or just have a very poor sense of beauty 4 years ago  
i would want to have a job that is related to my degree, so no thanks for the admission office 4 years ago +1
yes, but rarely though 4 years ago  
it's like 6 hour plus several minutes 4 years ago  
i'm on vacation, so yeah.... 4 years ago +1
people will probably think i'm insane, so i won;t even bother 4 years ago  
men can cry, because why not 4 years ago +2
why not? 4 years ago  
looks cooler, so why not 4 years ago  
the second one kills 4 years ago  
no, but i do want to see one 4 years ago  
as long as i can choose the 12 people 4 years ago  
:v 4 years ago  
I'm an introvert 4 years ago  
although i think i might go insane talking to einstein, but why not? 4 years ago  
why choose weed? 4 years ago  
not a hate, more of a dislike though 4 years ago  
twitch??? 4 years ago  
never heard about maxthon 3 4 years ago  
she is my 18 years old daughter.... funny enough, i'm 18 4 years ago  
this is me, most of the time 4 years ago +3
i'm a boy. it's natural 4 years ago  
i love technology, so the future 4 years ago  
if the partner is ugly then i'll go somewhere by myself 4 years ago  
just say "thanks" 4 years ago  
just go down ;) 4 years ago  
pleasing the society is almost impossible 4 years ago  
time to do a mass murder 4 years ago  
slightly? it's worth it 4 years ago  
i win! 4 years ago  
why would someone choose anarchy??? ._. 4 years ago  
2L is nothing. but 20 potato is just too much 4 years ago  
citric acid shall do just fine ;) 4 years ago  
an utopia is better than being a dictator though 4 years ago  
live forever? hell no 4 years ago  
alone, no one will be sad, and i will not suffer. not a bad deal 4 years ago  
jaw is awkward. very awkward 4 years ago  
makishima shougo is better 4 years ago +1
terrorist are bad, aliens might not. 4 years ago  
be smart is better by all means 4 years ago  
mine sucks. big time 4 years ago  
good teachers gives good scores ;) 4 years ago  
i love playing games and have fun, so.... yeah. 4 years ago  
as long as i can turn it off 4 years ago  
why the hell not? 4 years ago  
as long as i have a good internet connection 4 years ago  
i have a decent antivirus, so yeah.... 4 years ago  
why risk it when 1 million is already plenty 4 years ago  
everyone is using google, so google 4 years ago  
games ftw 4 years ago  
career first than marriage 4 years ago  
start my own company is way better, and i already have my own religion, and do not wish to make a new one 4 years ago  
cats are cute 4 years ago  
i like watching something alone, so this works just fine 4 years ago  
why would anyone choose a slut ._. 4 years ago  
i've seen the second one like almost everyday. so seeing someone fall would be a change 4 years ago  
overall, i will gain lots more. and i'm happy with the job and that 200k per year salary 4 years ago  
food wins 4 years ago  
outside? never heard of it 4 years ago  
they would fall asleep watching me 4 years ago +1
why would someone choose to live on earth when he can go to the heaven? 4 years ago +1
10%... why not? 4 years ago  
fail compilation is funny, so i choose this 4 years ago  
anything except bieber.. i might go crazy though 4 years ago  
screw true love 4 years ago  
knowing how to rule everything gains me the second one ;) 4 years ago  
not even a question 4 years ago  
i think i'll suffer alone... somewhere 4 years ago  
of course penguin 4 years ago  
watching my own dream might be interesting 4 years ago  
pfft, why should i kill myself from this again? 4 years ago  
teleportation beats flying by far. and invisibility is a nice touch also 4 years ago  
world war 3 shall finish the world quick enough if they used nuclear weapons like mad 4 years ago  
it's like 10 times the amount, lol. and not to mention you can buy something with it and resell it, profit! 4 years ago  
screw law. it's good and all, but i hate studying it 4 years ago  
i feel guilty, but if one live can save many, why not? 4 years ago  
immortal is a no for me. Why would anyone want to live forever anyway 4 years ago  
as someone who major in science, i would love to be the smartest person 4 years ago  
i wanted to go and see europe, so yeah.... 4 years ago  
i don't need to live twice as long, getting old and fragile is a bad thing 4 years ago  
true love first. probably... 4 years ago  
knowing the cause could prevent the death itself 4 years ago  
be famous! 4 years ago  
reading mind is better in aspect of stealth 4 years ago  
borrowing money is not a good idea 4 years ago  
not a fan of harry potter, so fame and wealth shall do 4 years ago  
the past is boring 4 years ago  
i use computer most of the time, so yeah.... 4 years ago  
PC, definitely PC 4 years ago  
blackberry? hell no 4 years ago  
i'm using it as for now 4 years ago  
who would chose to be eaten anyway 4 years ago  
I'm already dead, so i wouldn't care 4 years ago  
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