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    at least now people won't be saying that i'm heartless just because i have no idea what they're feeling at that moment  
    as long as i can choose the 12 people  
    i'm a boy. it's natural  
    i love technology, so the future  
    if the partner is ugly then i'll go somewhere by myself  
    just say "thanks"  
    just go down ;)  
    pleasing the society is almost impossible  
    slightly? it's worth it  
    i win!  
    why would someone choose anarchy??? ._.  
    2L is nothing. but 20 potato is just too much  
    citric acid shall do just fine ;)  
    an utopia is better than being a dictator though  
    live forever? hell no  
    alone, no one will be sad, and i will not suffer. not a bad deal  
    terrorist are bad, aliens might not.  
    be smart is better by all means  
    good teachers gives good scores ;)  
    why the hell not?  
    as long as i have a good internet connection  
    i have a decent antivirus, so yeah....  
    why risk it when 1 million is already plenty  
    everyone is using google, so google  
    games ftw  
    career first than marriage  
    start my own company is way better, and i already have my own religion, and do not wish to make a new one  
    cats are cute  
    i like watching something alone, so this works just fine  
    overall, i will gain lots more. and i'm happy with the job and that 200k per year salary  
    food wins  
    outside? never heard of it  
    they would fall asleep watching me +1
    why would someone choose to live on earth when he can go to the heaven? +1
    10%... why not?  
    fail compilation is funny, so i choose this  
    anything except bieber.. i might go crazy though  
    screw true love  
    knowing how to rule everything gains me the second one ;)  
    not even a question  
    of course penguin  
    watching my own dream might be interesting  
    teleportation beats flying by far. and invisibility is a nice touch also  
    world war 3 shall finish the world quick enough if they used nuclear weapons like mad  
    it's like 10 times the amount, lol. and not to mention you can buy something with it and resell it, profit!  
    screw law. it's good and all, but i hate studying it  
    immortal is a no for me. Why would anyone want to live forever anyway  
    as someone who major in science, i would love to be the smartest person  
    i wanted to go and see europe, so yeah....  
    i don't need to live twice as long, getting old and fragile is a bad thing  
    true love first. probably...  
    knowing the cause could prevent the death itself  
    be famous!  
    reading mind is better in aspect of stealth  
    borrowing money is not a good idea  
    not a fan of harry potter, so fame and wealth shall do  
    the past is boring  
    i use computer most of the time, so yeah....  
    PC, definitely PC  
    blackberry? hell no  
    i'm using it as for now  
    I'm already dead, so i wouldn't care  
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