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    better be pizza  
    omg that looks like the place where dean and sam went into and met eve  
    why the heck would anyone support their son for doing drugs to the point where he would be homeless? he can live with me so he wouldn't be homeless.But to give him money?? no. +1
    well there's also phantasy star...I quite enjoyed that game. Im frikin excited for the free mmo onNEE. I mean it's freaking FREE AAAAAAAH///  
    i don't because i will burn to my death +9
    obviously haven't had at&t  
    whatever he does. I love it  
    um...what? Woman were least respected back in those days....  
    Ever since I saw Epic Movie...Narnia has never been the same  
    to get world peace is to make everyone happy...To get people happy...We need to fill their bellies!  
    I chose the penguin because laughing is awesome and mostly because I had an obsession for them once  
    don't talk to me like that peasant!  
    this is deja vu...hmm +1
    this question isn't asking your age people +1
    NO HE DOESN'T. The new movie was awesome! It was really better than I expected it to be.  
    I'v been listening to Kpop x-x  
    Only because I haven't heard payphone +1
    my friends are on the internet +1322
    I had a Twix the other day..and dear god, it tasted so good. +98
    hmm...but I really enjoy sonic D:  
    but you're naked +2
    I'm going to be inside anyways so really doesn't matter  
    Harry Potter is freaking awesome +1
    climbing is too much work for me +1039
    sports suck  
    No the baby is inside her body therefore she can do what she wants. Nobody should be forced to have a baby if they don't want to. +2
    A woman can decide what she wants to do with HER body +8
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