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Hello there people on the internet! My name is Isabella, and i post on rrrather! I love posts like which picture is prettier ect. I have and account on, my username is SillyLollie, please check me out!

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    u guys are weird...  
    I love my grandma :)  
    Who cares about cars  
    Do you guys know about youtube? You could always watch that/ Problem solved  
    I'm a girl.. HA  
    NOT TRUE  
    Yeah he does!  
    better than now one  
    I can always get a new one!  
    Like if you are a christian!  
    Chill! It's NOT THAT BAD!  
    I love my sleep. I love my bed.  
    Rain is boring. It rains almost everyday were i live  
    I am a girl... But i like Katy More  
    why would you want to live forever?  
    my friends would all stick up for me  
    Yeah but that's Pokemon not life isn't it!?  
    i would walk in and be loike.. Oops  
    No. Just no  
    Green is a cool color :) And btw, that 'person' Looks like a doll XD >-< Just sayin'  
    Wtf is viddy?  
    I. Don't. Care  
    Who cares about hair? Get a hair cut. And what about the face? Get plastic surgery. Problem solved.  
    It doesn't matter how you sound like. All matter's that your happy. Real kind, loving people won't judge you so you will be fine. Just the world is full of pigs these days.  
    Why would anyone want to get bullied? If you meet others it will be amazing and everything, it doesn't matter about the part that you'r crazy, but really? You wanna get bullied? What type of person are you?  
    Who cares anyways? You can always change it later! So it doesn't really matter!  
    Who cares about money when i could be happy with love? My love will be, happy, rich and powerful. That's all i need, problem solved  
    What's the point in living were you rule? When you could be perfectly happy when your with your family and the people you love in the world? God is the true leader of the world, he loves us and if we love God back in our hearts there will be no problems  
    come on! Going into the future is way cool!  
    Milky milky milk shakes  
    I come into the pool look around... No one is looking! I pee in the pool and come out. MWAHAHAHAHAAA  
    YEP +21
    HAHA! I would slack off school and get money for it  
    Not what? JUST WHAT?  
    Did you know that google is planning to change there name to abc....  
    Who would wanna be old?  
    I don't need to wear makeup! There's something called NATURAL BEAUTY  
    Seriously? Like why? Just WHY?  
    Lol This is so obvi  
    lol XD  
    Who cares about languages? I would be able to learn them later :P  
    19% people are IDIOTS! Or just don't have a proper movie brain :P  
    Erm, if i had a rewind button then i could rob the bank and rewing with the bag on money in my had so the police wouldn't suspect a thing! Problem solved! AND i could have a million birthdays and all the cash of the world! Now THAT'S what i call cool!  
    Why would i wanna have a mac? A PC is much cooler and professional! Wait, whats that? A mac is cheaper? WELL IT'S BETTER HAVE SOMETHING MORE EXPENSIVE FROM A BETTER COMPANY THAN HAVING SOMETHING REALLY CRPY  
    If i new the cause of my death i would not do that for the rest of my life, like car crash? Don't get in your car, just walk dah.  
    UIf i  
    Wake up in the morning jump out of bet, open curtains and people are screaming for an autograph *sigh* Go to the garden and people screaming in my face for an auto. *SIGH* I go outside and thousands of people are running towards me with a note book in there hand. "DON'T I HAVE ANY PRIVACY HERE!?" That's the life of being famous  
    Who cares about starbucks? Actually i would rather had starbucks now...  
    Who cares about relation ships cuz all matters is sxx  
    Lol, if i live twice as long when it's 10000000 than what would you do if the sun explodes? LOL just LOL  
    Anyways, what does it mean if your immortal?  
    Who cares about reading minds? I can f****** fly!  
    MMM CAKE!  
    fck of! I'm a christian!  
    These things are both so creepy.... But Ronald McDonald wearing a clown suit even creepier...  
    2200? What the hell? Anyways, in 1800 if you would live then you would have to go through world war I and II! So... DECISION MADE  
    Come ON guys! It would be SO cool to be stuck in a broken ski lift! I would sit next to my crush and stare at him the whole time >:)  
    Your right! But how much would u sell it for? I would say about 10 million XD You would be LOADED  
    Viddy... WTF is viddy?  
    This is the easiest question! Why would i wanna be ugly? If imma pretty i don't care +3
    Green in a nice color :) I would match ma school uniform ;)  
    same :)  
    Lol, i could just go to the hair dressers! >:)  
    Who care's if i look like a nerd?! There's something called "Plastic surgery!" Dah!  
    It's so obvious! LOL :) Who cares about a name? I mean, i can they never said i cant change it >:)  
    Why would i marry a stranger?! There IS a really hot friend i have... >:)  
    Ew! Gross! Hate both of them! Skipping..  
    If you have no internet... THEN WHAT'S THE POINT OF HAVING A PHONE! But they never said you can't get a new one >:)  
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