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Hello? Hello,hello?! Hi my name is Silver Skye!I love fnaf! I like Freddy Fazbear because he has so many ways to kill you! Anyway thanks to Scott Cawthon for making this mystery game series! And remember to smile! We fans are the faces of Freddy Fazbears! YouTube Channel:SilverSkye18 Twitter: SilverSkye18 DeviantArt: MooneandStars18 and Quotev: SilverSkye18

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    *evil flowey from undertale voice* you IDIOT! Not you guest.  
    Internet is better than a gosh darn tv. Besides, I don't whatch tv anyway  
    I ain't doing no GTA sh*t  
    God is not real, science is +1
    Is there the secret neither option?  
    *does that calming flute song*  
    When the heck do camels eat toes? And if they do, then get a safe camel! Problem solved!  
    BEN DROWNED bich  
    I don't believe in God. The only god I believe in is HIM  
    I could flip someone off with out them knowing. :D  
    Grammar? Does it exist pikeme12?  
    I'm gonna be known as the mega gamer that calls everyone a f**kboy  
    But now that I realize I'm on they're side. Grolar Bears don't exist  
    No sleep equals I become a glittery princess that says "I'm a vampire"  
    Dude no  
    I only chose because people have to die sometime  
    I don't give a dam if I'm laughed at. I'm a jester.  
    She would fit my hieght  
    MOM IS SEXY Sister is not.  
    I hate more when people chose because of looks, I read it wrong  
    Why people so racist?  
    That's hilarious!  
    I will be clean on the inside as well as the outside!  
    You have to die someday. It's impossible not to  
    I already see the future. By dreaming. I can literally see what the next day will bring when I dream.  
    Idiots. Video game are better  
    That bottle do  
    I don't drink but all I know is Bacardi is good  
    Who needs love?  
    Wrong one!  
    He looks like an idiot  
    He didn't say that!  
    The author didn't say that!  
    FOR HAIR  
    *face palms*  
    There is a lot of hair on that! Unlike the lollipop!  
    Gay means happy!  
    Seriously. Don't call us a idiot negger! They mean like those things that help buns for women! And the doughnut stuff is harder to pick of hair!  
    Technically you can wash it off because the author of this did not say. I hate when they just say once a person says "Oh just wash it off!" And THEN the author say "You can't wash it off!"  
    Could you imagine always going to the bathroom v.s. Never going to school?  
    All who said no is definitely a liar.  
    They didn't say sex toys. My moms toys are figurines!  
    Dam it! Did you know fried cockroaches taste like potato chips?  
    My mom is SEXY  
    They didn't say it was a blowjob!  
    30 years older? Hey! I have a mom that's close to being 50 and she is dam sexy!  
    How do ants kill you?  
    Firie ants? They didn't say it was "fire" ants!  
    Hey. If she was alive then she would smack me all the way to Ur anus  
    Give vaj or get vaj?  
    It does  
    Yes he did  
    I clicked the wrong thing but if I saw this before I clicked it I would have chosen the same thing.  
    You wouldn't kill someone off to end world torture  
    We'll miss Spawn of Satan than you have one sexy baby.  
    I'm better than anyone else I could think of.  
    That's your opinion.  
    Purgatory. Why not?  
    My nightmares are my dreams. So girls that worship Dora and love girly things which would be a dream, that would be my nightmare. And if I saw something scary it would be Boots getting his pingas sucked by plankton  
    "When the righteous chose right wealth comes their way" -Gauntlet Dark Legacy  
    Home sweet home!  
    They are the same!  
    Like Afghanistan does.  
    Not if you got away with it.  
    I have a medium dog.  
    Well moms gonna be pissed  
    I'm heterosexual. Which means as long as I'm happy!  
    He make a lot of vines  
    I already am one!  
    You asshat! I'm ********** and I still drive good! Racist son b**h!  
    People die from drunk driving! People can wait!  
    It's hilarious!  
    A little bit of both.  
    I don't give a monkeys ass, I just believe that there must be a punishment if you do bad things, unless it wasn't your fault.  
    I would wish for kids show to turn into adult shows and porn to turn into kid shows!  
    Hermoine is now a sexy BIATCH!  
    I would go up to someone hot and use the spell of taking the persons clothes off.  
    Mermaids are sexy, unicorns not so much.  
    Neither, I would be afraid that no wifi  
    People would walk in a ask, "Silver, what kind of porn is this?" Or "You really would kill her?"  
    Multiply the fun!  
    I would freak people out so much!  
    Read minds and invisibility would be bae. See who my lover had a crush on and whatch girls go naked  
    You have a gun and you have to spin it like a Roulette spinner which is super fast and pull it it will land on you or anyone that's around  
    I would make sure to pull it on whoever was whatching  
    I don't care if I don't have a family.  
    I don't want a friend to take me back to the dinosaur age!  
    They are both animals, but I hate humans. Even me.  
    So cool!  
    That 19 percent is f**king dumb!  
    Again! Opinion! My perfect world is where a chicken can cross the road without there motives being questioned.  
    I'm small enough!  
    Dude. It's only opinion. Nobody is the hottest person it's only your opinion!  
    My way was for someone else other than a clown say I was loving it. Because if I had to do Ronald, I absolutely wouldn't be loving it!  
    I don't believe in God.  
    Technically I have a little bit of both in real life for me.  
    Who cares?  
    Ikr! It's only in this section because the word love is in it!  
    More funny fun time in the bedroom!  
    Dang it! I pressed the one I didn't want!  
    If that happened I would go up to them and say I like trains.  
    Never whatched them but in a movie a couple had sex right after talking about it so yeah. They even done it in public!  
    Isn't that the island from Spongbob? And we can have sex in public yet nobody will see!  
    Again "I don't need a man to make me feel good! I stay me and free!" The pussycat dolls made that song. I can I change one part to it? Like replace my step mom with my sister?  
    What if she was a butt face to you? And what if it came up with a girl that wasn't hot to you?  
    My best friend is my crush.  
    It's Darth Vader! Which means Lord Vader!  
    I'm so sorry bro.  
    I don't want a long life. That's the only reason I chose it. I don't want my man/girl always being up on me!  
    "I don't need a man to feel good! I will be me and free" -the pussycat dolls  
    I didn't mean to click that! I would be famous! No I wouldn't. If I said ww1 than I wouldn't have technology or wifi  
    So true!  
    Double the fun at least!  
    1 video games and 2 Katy Perry is a hoe  
    You gotta die sometime!  
    He look hot. No I'm not a girl, nor a boy.  
    Make them feel bad! Duh!  
    Well one problem is gone. And I live in a bug free home!  
    Those people are liars.  
    That was a picture of skrillex! You BIATCH!  
    My mom is a gamer, and they didn't say sex toys. And if they meant that than it would be sexy as fuuuuu!  
    My my mom is a perv anyway.  
    They would look young for old be people. I have seen adults that are 50 and look like they are 20  
    Pluck the hair.  
    My bath is always clean  
    At least I can still get it on. And it's once! They didn't say each time you do it its with the walrus!  
    I can't say anything.  
    It might be fun  
    Neither! Well maybe grandma. Sure why not?  
    It would hurt though  
    Bella is a slut  
    It would be cooler  
    The war sucked! That would cause so much damage!  
    You have to die sometime  
    I already do that anyway.  
    What if you don't get wizard powers?  
    No one rules.  
    I have an iPad. I don't need that.  
    Scary. But freakin awesome.  
    Get out the pain and sell it off  
    I just don't like Harry Potter. (Shrugs shoulders)  
    No one shall rule!  
    The time Freddy Fazbears will be created!  
    I want people to feel sad for me!  
    That Question got me but if someone said Dino age I wouldn't want to be there! My friends and I talk about video games and Five Nights at Freddys I want to go to Freddy Fazbears Pizzareia!  
    Gotta have me Internet! Remember to subscribe to MooneandStars18 on YouTube!  
    Without Internet, I am failure. Without iPhone I will survive. By the way on YouTube be sure to subscribe to MooneandStars18!  
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