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Not much to know about me and not much that I would want to tell you. Just here to have fun.

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Hm... Well... I believe in my family and friends and the other people who make me happy. As for the rest of the world? No way I'm believing in them! People are scary. 3 years ago  
I love your profile picture. And your name because it remind me of my friend. 3 years ago  
Both would make me throw up. The right amount of sauce and cheese, please. Don't add too much of either. 4 years ago +1
We roast marshmallows and tell stories 4 years ago  
It's 2015. 4 years ago  
Um..? 4 years ago  
You never know. Maybe medicine and other tech will allow us to live longer (but i doubt it) 4 years ago  
Seriously? How rude to say that one group is better than the other. 4 years ago +2
neither 4 years ago  
More food 4 years ago +1
People need something to believe in 4 years ago  
Sunset! 4 years ago  
Time to be creatuve 4 years ago  
If I want to show my friend a picture or a video, but don't have wifi I can use my mind! 4 years ago  
People can be their normal selves or decide that some things are normal and other things are weird. 4 years ago  
Usually, but some things cross the line. 4 years ago  
Um... Not going to let kidnappers touch me. 4 years ago  
No one can stand or sit perfectly still. We need to breath, blink, move over when we are uncomfortable... 4 years ago  
Probably not, but A didn't happen so... 4 years ago  
I'm not going to call people who kidnap children, laugh at dead animals and sell drugs smart. 4 years ago  
Wrong one!!!! 4 years ago  
My favorite is brownie batter with Oreo pie crust. Its so good! Ill take that over baskin robbins anyday! 4 years ago  
That would be so cool! 4 years ago  
Yeah! Japan needs to come up with different ideas for anime character design. 4 years ago  
You mean the Miley Cyrus now? Er no thanks. I don't like the things she does in public. 4 years ago  
14 4 years ago  
WRONG ONE!!!!!!!!! My family members mean a lot to me. I wouldn't give them up for a lousy crush on YouTubers. 4 years ago  
I don't want to live forever. Too scary. 4 years ago  
Meth, inappropriate jokes meant for adults, stupid... Im going to go with Dora. 4 years ago  
picked because of the picture (One of fav movies) 4 years ago  
Orange soda. 4 years ago  
Scary, but you never said how long. 4 years ago  
(actually they both do) 4 years ago  
Okami san and her seven companions (A) Toradora (B) 4 years ago  
Haha I watched that, too. A. Okami san and her seven companions B. Toradora 4 years ago  
Because the duck. 4 years ago +1
Wow this is a surprisingly good question. 4 years ago +2
I guess so! 4 years ago  
..? 4 years ago +2
Uh where is that snake going? 4 years ago +2
don't eat me. 4 years ago +3
so i picked the wrong one huh? 4 years ago  
I don't have a job. Unless school counts. 4 years ago  
when I'm not home 4 years ago  
Rich person- sure they have all the money they need anyways poor person- NOOOOOOO! 4 years ago  
It is indoors and its mine now! 4 years ago  
D: 4 years ago  
Which witch is the cutest. 4 years ago  
write fan fictions 24/7 4 years ago  
A is the better option. B is scary :D 4 years ago +1
Finally! I can watch anime and play with my iPad. No more subs! 4 years ago  
I should have picked A. Gummy worms. 4 years ago +1
I could possibly die this year! or the next one! no way am I picking A! 4 years ago  
Wrist- fell and cut it on a night light in the hallway Head-my cousin scratched me 4 years ago  
A: I love food B: walks up to a murderer like what are you gonna do about it? 4 years ago +1
I'm thirsty... 4 years ago  
Yes!!! 4 years ago  
Ive used this for fun a few times and never used google maps 4 years ago  
I won't kill them, but I will attack them! 4 years ago  
sadly 4 years ago  
Need 10 hours anyway and I cant control my dreams 4 years ago  
True love=best friend 4 years ago  
Even though I hate it.... hey at least I have friends. 4 years ago  
Which big words are being used? 4 years ago  
He'll be behind bars and stunned that a "little girl" (im pretty small) said it to him. Then I'll apologize. 4 years ago  
A swimming pool in my bedroom would be so cool!! 4 years ago  
-_- 4 years ago  
Err the girl in a is the same person as b but I guess I don't blame you the pictures do look different. 4 years ago  
More food 4 years ago  
I'll get the money then eventually find someone! 4 years ago  
I think it's almost as bad so... the guy in a is horrible 4 years ago  
I don't even know but both sound pretty pointless so I picked A just because. 4 years ago  
Hw done quicker. 4 years ago  
Jesus is hugging a dinosaur??? Oh my God who drew that??? I want to hug that person. 4 years ago +7
But not severely allergic 4 years ago  
14 4 years ago  
Cough drop 4 years ago  
There is a skip button. 4 years ago +1
I immediately think LAZY but it doesn't annoy me 4 years ago  
Orange juice. Then someone helps me cough up the Orange juice. 4 years ago  
I wouldnt mind! 4 years ago  
Ever say how close the shark is? I swim with hungry sharks all the time! I swim in the shallow part they swim in the seeper part. Everyone who has ever swam in the ocean also swam with shark. 4 years ago  
One does not simply choose 4 years ago  
Thats already happening to me on the weekdays. 4 years ago  
stay the way I am. 4 years ago  
NOOOOOO! 4 years ago  
A will kill us all 4 years ago  
I like my home 4 years ago  
never said i would die 4 years ago  
A= popular kids and I am not one and i would never want to be one. 4 years ago +2
ew! XD 4 years ago  
People need something to believe in. 4 years ago +6
Whisper 4 years ago  
But I can't... :( 4 years ago  
Nope someone already guessed it 4 years ago  
Mycat 4 years ago +1
A is scaring me... 4 years ago  
More names to guess 4 years ago  
Long sleeve shirt it is! 4 years ago  
Worth it 4 years ago  
This one made me laugh so... 4 years ago  
I don't have a sister! 4 years ago +1
Ew b looks disgusting! Too much! 4 years ago  
Kitty 4 years ago  
Never read the other. 4 years ago  
I want to laugh at it and be like,"guess what you become in the future????" Childhood ruined. 4 years ago  
It's not my favorite (I don't like any type of sport) but I'm better at this. 4 years ago  
i do this anyway 4 years ago  
i already have the other one. 4 years ago  
i like ACTUAL lollipops. ya know the food. the candy. 4 years ago  
:) I don't care what you think 4 years ago  
Let's just say he ended up with a better life. 4 years ago  
For a second I thought B said stupid girl. 4 years ago  
It's windy today. 4 years ago  
Fish? Ew. 4 years ago  
Everyone will be forgotten eventually. The world is going to die one day. Sorry that sounded really bad. 4 years ago  
I love being able to see. 4 years ago  
I can barely smell anyway. 4 years ago  
Walk away, call the police, save my own life, save the persons life. 4 years ago +2
Obviously!!!! What did you think everyone was going to pick? :) 4 years ago  
Time to watch reality TV (people on earth) 4 years ago  
I like my friends. Besides.... I want to beat the smartest kid in school for once! 4 years ago  
I wish I HAD longer hair. 4 years ago  
Oh god. 4 years ago  
No need to be called WEASEL 4 years ago  
My friend is a girl and straight but I definitely would not choose the other one! 4 years ago  
Cat, pugs, wolf, fox, bird (because I want to fly!) 4 years ago  
No dying children. 4 years ago  
Actually never mind what If the person doesn't have enough money to get into a good school? I read the picture in B and just assumed that this question only applied to stupid people. 4 years ago  
Drown in the shallow part (pass out with my nose and mouth underwater) and the lifeguard will save me. Oh wait the very bottom in the very center? Yeah I'm toast. 4 years ago  
Burn my finger. I won't die. (And there is stop drop and roll) 4 years ago  
Neither. 4 years ago  
I can get (won't say how) and its summer anyway. 4 years ago  
Girl I win! 4 years ago  
I don't feel like moving. 4 years ago  
Me too! 4 years ago  
Don't kill my cat or my dog or my guinea pig. 4 years ago  
KITKAT! 4 years ago  
5 inches shorter. Fine. I'll just grow again. I hope. 4 years ago  
Do you just believe we came out of nowhere? Are you religious are something? Like really really really religious? It's fine if your religious, but if not how do you think we came to be here? 4 years ago +1
*gets the cannon and the plane* 4 years ago  
Something important to my great grandparents who came from Ireland or a tourist attraction that means nothing to me? 4 years ago +1
No milkshake? No way! LOVE THE MILKSHAKES 4 years ago  
I hate Chinese food. I skip right to the fortune cookie. 4 years ago  
Excuse me but you spelled retarded wrong. 4 years ago  
I don't like dancing. 4 years ago  
B isn't new Disney at all. It's old Disney now. 4 years ago  
I'd rather die. 4 years ago  
If Romeo and Juliet was never created then my favorite MOVIE would never be created... That's a world I don't want to live in. My apologies Harry Potter. Plus, men used to play the part of Juliet. think of how hilarious it would be to go back in time and watch that? 4 years ago  
Considering that I am 14 and alcohol smells awful. 4 years ago  
How many people are going to ask THIS question? 4 years ago  
How many people are going to ask this question? 4 years ago  
... Thanks. *eats cookies but doesn't get fat* 4 years ago  
Only because I don't know what the other one does. 4 years ago  
Memories! 4 years ago  
What's the other one? That's why I picked cod I've never heard of or played the other one. I'm not a gamer don't argue with me! :) 4 years ago  
For a second. 4 years ago  
Are those birds... Dive bombing??? With... With... With PLANE SOUNDS??? 4 years ago  
thats sweet but... *takes out a gun, chainsaw, metal rod...* 4 years ago  
It's just one word that everyone says! 4 years ago  
Taiga and ryujii 4 years ago  
Mark of course! :) 4 years ago  
Not well though. 4 years ago  
It is... Ice tea time. 4 years ago  
New bathtub. 4 years ago  
Bubles will come out of my mouth! Right? 4 years ago +1
Girl. Give me my money please. 4 years ago  
Girl! 4 years ago  
I'm a girl haha! 4 years ago  
Mint please. 4 years ago  
True, but I love it. Also what's the point in replying to me? Many people play it are you just gonna walk up to them be like "that game sucks!" And then walk away? XD 4 years ago  
what? I didn't STEAL it. I'd never get away with that. 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
Both 4 years ago  
They chewed gum before 4 years ago  
Longer 4 years ago  
Both 4 years ago  
I'll become the receiver learn all the colors and then run away. 4 years ago  
I never napped in preschool anyway. (And do they have those "beds" everywhere???) 4 years ago  
Doesnt matter really. Is he a good person? Does he love me? 4 years ago +1
I won't eat a lamb. 4 years ago  
Impress people for a change. No one I know golfs. 4 years ago  
No murder I could die, too. Probably. 4 years ago  
The guy who shoots you gets in major trouble! And what if he misses? 4 years ago  
I'll have a boy and a girl please. 4 years ago  
Throws egg 4 years ago  
Roses are red, violets are blue, wait a minute, violets are violet WHAT EVEN??? 4 years ago +1
Cute house 4 years ago +2
Ice cream 4 years ago  
Hate my teeth ( have braces) 4 years ago  
Not really. I like some games. Minecraft, fnaf and dark meadow for example. 4 years ago +1
No! Wrong one! 4 years ago  
Depends on what mood I'm in. 4 years ago  
I'll get help 4 years ago  
Something that will affect your entire life or a car that will last about 10 years? 4 years ago  
Eat my skin. 4 years ago  
Made me laugh and what 4 years ago  
Wrong one! 4 years ago  
Yes!!! 4 years ago  
My birthday isn't exciting anymore. 4 years ago  
My night consists mainly of sleeping. 4 years ago  
Not off the top of my head. (14 years old) 4 years ago  
Get a huge shirt and dark pants. 4 years ago  
B sounds great but I pick A 4 years ago  
No point in having 50 million since you're already old 4 years ago +1
I don't think they wore stuff like that. 4 years ago  
Paint my arm rainbow and then punch someone! 4 years ago  
Congrats you made me cry. 4 years ago  
My life right now. 4 years ago +1
The wolverines facial expression is making me laugh! 4 years ago +1
I'll be on the first floor. Fall out the window. 4 years ago +2
Shows you the characters thoughts. 4 years ago  
Cute! 4 years ago +2
Ice cream. 4 years ago +1
Wrong one 4 years ago  
Embrace the cheesiness 4 years ago +2
Can't see. Can you make them bigger? 4 years ago  
A isn't ugly at all! 4 years ago +1
Puppies! 4 years ago  
That's what I HOPE I would do... 4 years ago  
Already have that 4 years ago  
Talking is hard. 4 years ago +1
That would be so cool! 4 years ago  
A is worse 4 years ago  
Don't like beer and I'm fourteen. 4 years ago  
When I marry maybe but NEVER the other 4 years ago +2
5:29 p.m. 4 years ago  
Never watched it. Won't read it 4 years ago  
Finger 4 years ago  
Dorothy must die, lunar chronicles, Magic Lessons and Magic child, Toradora (manga) 4 years ago  
Duh 4 years ago  
At least they are babies and you never said how long the bath was 4 years ago +1
Earth science is not fun 4 years ago  
Actually never mind there would be no internet. Because dolphin. 4 years ago  
I only had imaginary friends for two seconds. 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago +1
And I'm not stupid. I know A is the British flag. I'm not obese either. Quite skinny actually. 4 years ago  
I'm Irish. 4 years ago  
Notice me Senpai 4 years ago  
Girl. 4 years ago  
I'll die from both of those. 4 years ago +1
Why is blue black and red orange? 4 years ago  
Yes I have. 4 years ago  
Anime 4 years ago  
Sadly... 4 years ago  
I'm a righty 4 years ago  
Pewdiepie and Markiplier (no, seriously) 4 years ago  
I can earn a lot of money and then quit 4 years ago  
No one will laugh. 4 years ago +1
I'm fourteen. 4 years ago +5
Toradora, Yona of the dawn 4 years ago  
Why do people ship this??? 4 years ago +1
I'll dump it out the window! Onto someone's head! 4 years ago  
I can pretend to be eaten! 4 years ago  
That's.... terrible. God hates you? Go to hell? I know THREE people who are gay and I wouldn't EVER tell them such things. You can disagree with same sex relationships but don't ever take it that far, you hear? 4 years ago  
Big cities=more crime 4 years ago  
The other guy looks like the wire accidentally deattched from the rocket. 4 years ago  
I don't mind. Go! Love whatever you want! 4 years ago  
My little brother never stops talking! 4 years ago  
Throws up 4 years ago  
I need to take more risks. 4 years ago  
Do you like the walking dead? 4 years ago  
Excuse me CHICKEWAFFLESCHIPS???? 4 years ago +1
Kid- song from little mermaids now- Japanese song 4 years ago  
Why is the woman next to a whale? D: not right 4 years ago  
There is no easy life. At least dont think so... 4 years ago +2
Im a girl! 4 years ago  
Oh wait yes... I do. 4 years ago  
I'll kill them all! Guns, tanks, bombs... 4 years ago  
Don't matter 4 years ago  
Snake, Snake, Severus Snake! 4 years ago +1
Neighbors don't have a dog, grandma doesn't have a cat 4 years ago  
No I meant the first one! I'm a girl! 4 years ago  
Two people in mind! But they live far away so... 4 years ago  
You better cry. My apologies but I don't like/watch A. 4 years ago  
(Fourteen years old so...) At least people will think I'm crying about something else. 4 years ago +1
I don't want to kill a kid. 4 years ago +1
Fail at committing a crime 4 years ago  
I'm five feet tall. I'd be 2ft if I picked A and 8ft if I pick B haha! 4 years ago  
Both strange. 4 years ago  
Ouch 4 years ago  
The first four questions are about shoes!!! 4 years ago  
FNAF! I'm terrible at a 4 years ago  
I'll ACT like a kid at home. You know. Playing and swings and stuff. 4 years ago  
more family over and more presents, too! 4 years ago  
i love art and reading. 4 years ago  
Everyone will be forgotten anyway so.... Even hated people. 4 years ago  
Whats a grolar bear? 4 years ago  
never tired and more gets done 4 years ago  
At least the sun baby is cute. 4 years ago +1
piano! or my own voice thats technically an instrument too right? 4 years ago +1
I don't want people to walk all over me!!! 4 years ago +2
I don't know but I've heard that mothers are great liars. 4 years ago  
I don't want to die. 4 years ago +2
The first photo is so funny! It's like he's saying, "Kawaii!" And the girl is just like,"hmm?" 4 years ago +1
Not like your crush? Doesn't that mean he's not your crush? 4 years ago +4
Not a celebrity, but one of the popular youtubers! That would be so cool! 4 years ago  
Roses are red 4 years ago  
I wouldn't be able to get a word out. 4 years ago  
Not the frozen refs!!! 4 years ago  
Hugged my mom yesterday. 4 years ago  
Don't give me presents! No! 4 years ago  
Haha! 4 years ago  
I'll only break up if they offer me a car and/or a trip to Europe. That's what they told me they would do if they thought he was a really bad person. 4 years ago  
... I wonder if guys chose the first one because she's pretty? Well I hope that cheerleader is smart. 4 years ago  
I'm a girl, but if I was a guy I would stay. 4 years ago  
My significant other would be my friend. 4 years ago  
I love you!!! Wait, who are you again? 4 years ago  
I wouldn't mind. 4 years ago  
He won't fight me! 4 years ago  
... No. 4 years ago  
I don't want to be alive when the rest of the world dies out. 4 years ago  
Im a girl. I want food first. 4 years ago  
Less murders I guess. 4 years ago +2
I want grilled cheese now! 4 years ago  
Print is easier. I hate Cursive. 4 years ago  
My mind will be entertainment. 4 years ago  
I have blue eyes already and people tell me they are cool! 4 years ago  
No. My nails thank me. 4 years ago  
I'll tell them that someone forced me to do it and that I think they are pretty. 4 years ago  
Chocolate cake makes me sick. 4 years ago  
Reading and drawing are my favorite things. I cannot simply choose between them. 4 years ago  
Thanks for the reference! Made me laugh! 4 years ago  
You got to give them credit for not being afraid of what people think of them. I'm always scared that people are judging me. They are just normal people though. 4 years ago  
Question: Is the snow soft? How far am I from the resort/lodge/whatever? Can I jump off? 4 years ago  
Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me! 4 years ago  
I can't kill a baby! I can't kill a hundred dogs either... Im sorry baby! I'm sorry puppies! 4 years ago  
I'll send the money to them! 4 years ago  
I was told to be anything but a lawyer. 4 years ago  
I don't weigh much and if I end up fat I can always lose the weight. 4 years ago  
The sun is going to die eventually taking the earth with it and I don't want to be around when that happens. 4 years ago  
Well it be stupid of me to pick hottest. I may not be the hottest if I pick smart but they never said I couldn't be pretty. 4 years ago  
No sharks that can eat me on the Internet! I don't know how to surf anyway. 4 years ago  
Is voldemort dead yet? 4 years ago  
Chocolate hates me anyway. 4 years ago  
although this is pretty much impossible, I'm going to leave the leadership to someone else... 4 years ago  
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