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Not much to know about me and not much that I would want to tell you. Just here to have fun.

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    You mean the Miley Cyrus now? Er no thanks. I don't like the things she does in public.  
    so i picked the wrong one huh?  
    I don't have a job. Unless school counts.  
    Need 10 hours anyway and I cant control my dreams  
    I wouldnt mind!  
    Ever say how close the shark is? I swim with hungry sharks all the time! I swim in the shallow part they swim in the seeper part. Everyone who has ever swam in the ocean also swam with shark.  
    One does not simply choose  
    never said i would die  
    I like my friends. Besides.... I want to beat the smartest kid in school for once!  
    Drown in the shallow part (pass out with my nose and mouth underwater) and the lifeguard will save me. Oh wait the very bottom in the very center? Yeah I'm toast.  
    I can get (won't say how) and its summer anyway.  
    Girl I win!  
    If Romeo and Juliet was never created then my favorite MOVIE would never be created... That's a world I don't want to live in. My apologies Harry Potter. Plus, men used to play the part of Juliet. think of how hilarious it would be to go back in time and watch that?  
    Considering that I am 14 and alcohol smells awful.  
    How many people are going to ask THIS question?  
    Only because I don't know what the other one does.  
    New bathtub.  
    Bubles will come out of my mouth! Right? +1
    Girl. Give me my money please.  
    I'm a girl haha!  
    Mint please.  
    what? I didn't STEAL it. I'd never get away with that.  
    No I meant the first one! I'm a girl!  
    I'll ACT like a kid at home. You know. Playing and swings and stuff.  
    more family over and more presents, too!  
    i love art and reading.  
    Everyone will be forgotten anyway so.... Even hated people.  
    Whats a grolar bear?  
    never tired and more gets done  
    I'm a girl, but if I was a guy I would stay.  
    My significant other would be my friend.  
    I love you!!! Wait, who are you again?  
    He won't fight me!  
    I don't want to be alive when the rest of the world dies out.  
    Im a girl. I want food first.  
    Question: Is the snow soft? How far am I from the resort/lodge/whatever? Can I jump off?  
    Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!  
    I'll send the money to them!  
    I was told to be anything but a lawyer.  
    I don't weigh much and if I end up fat I can always lose the weight.  
    The sun is going to die eventually taking the earth with it and I don't want to be around when that happens.  
    Well it be stupid of me to pick hottest. I may not be the hottest if I pick smart but they never said I couldn't be pretty.  
    No sharks that can eat me on the Internet! I don't know how to surf anyway.  
    Is voldemort dead yet?  
    Chocolate hates me anyway.  
    although this is pretty much impossible, I'm going to leave the leadership to someone else...  
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