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What is a man’s will to cling to life and survive? What is their urge to question and explore? To boldly claim what is theirs? To refuse submission and to continue fighting for assertion? Welcome to the Undying Mind

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    Ofc 5 days ago  
    Feels like longer 5 days ago  
    Through rap 5 days ago  
    On any given day, sure 5 days ago  
    I hate doing dishes 5 days ago  
    Less haram 5 days ago  
    Lit 5 days ago +1
    A is overdone. Don't think I've seen B 5 days ago +1
    I like Pit Crew Toad (Any MKT players here?) 5 days ago +2
    As long as they didn't force their taste on me, I'd be okay with it 1 week ago +1
    Would seem a tad suspicious, but then again if they really were cheating, they could have just hid it from me all together and I would never know. 1 week ago +3
    My favorite DC character ever! 1 week ago +1
    I don't mind it as long as the item in question is still obtainable by grinding/exploring ect. If it's gauche locked or any of that bullsh*t, it's just a shame 1 week ago +2
    Tough 1 week ago  
    I use both interchangeably but B is undeniable 1 week ago  
    Porn and video games give me a reason to go through with my day at least 1 week ago +2
    Et tu senor Pancakes? 1 week ago  
    WWI was absolutely horrific. 1 week ago +2
    Only because B isn't as active anymore 1 week ago +1
    I am almost certain of it 1 week ago +2
    One green boi 1 week ago +3
    Much more fun. I still enjoy B too 1 week ago +1
    I suppose 2 weeks ago  
    What astho said. 2 weeks ago  
    For a sec I thought this was usmanc’s question 2 weeks ago  
    Haven’t played B so I can’t be a fair judge. 2 weeks ago  
    A won’t happen often enough for me to be noticed 2 weeks ago  
    Poison/Ghost 2 weeks ago  
    As long as they were chill and nice, sure. Would feel weird having almost 2 feet on them though 2 weeks ago  
    Nice rack 2 weeks ago  
    Usually 2 weeks ago  
    Sounds fun 2 weeks ago  
    What gtc said (increases my survival too) 2 weeks ago  
    Would never get tired of it 2 weeks ago  
    At least I gave the potential to be a force user or at least a badass jet fighter 2 weeks ago  
    Nicer hair 2 weeks ago  
    Right is always right 2 weeks ago  
    A is disgusting 2 weeks ago  
    I would let them keep their phone/laptop but stash away their chargers >:) 2 weeks ago +2
    For freedom! 2 weeks ago  
    Matt scares me 2 weeks ago  
    A is just all fluff 2 weeks ago  
    2020 is already on a *cough* great start 2 weeks ago +2 2 weeks ago  
    Always been a dream of mine 2 weeks ago  
    Both but sometimes I like B for the awesome exclusives they have 2 weeks ago  
    Hbu? I think I remember you liking DC comics and Sports games 2 weeks ago  
    Mostly manga for the comics, though I love DC and Marvel as well. As for Games, I like to dabble in just about everything but mainly RPGs (Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest etc.) and survival/adventure games (Fallout, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil) 2 weeks ago  
    Something I like to call conservation of circumstance. Basically be as altruistic as possible while also staying guarded and looking out for your own interests too. 2 weeks ago +1
    Depends how white we talking 2 weeks ago +1
    He MF Odin. 2 weeks ago  
    More options 2 weeks ago  
    Need them opposable thumbs. 2 weeks ago +2
    idk what this is but sure 2 weeks ago  
    Sure 2 weeks ago  
    Videogames and reading comics mostly. I am extremely introvert, so I don't go out that often 2 weeks ago  
    Obvious choice 3 weeks ago  
    I don't discriminate, only exterminate 3 weeks ago  
    Better compared to A at least 3 weeks ago  
    English speaking but not of english descent 3 weeks ago  
    Dr. Stone in a nutshell 3 weeks ago  
    Cotton Candy are my fav 3 weeks ago  
    What gtc said 3 weeks ago  
    Kinkeh 3 weeks ago  
    Used right, you can actually do more damage with a sword 3 weeks ago  
    Lit 3 weeks ago  
    Maybe use a minute on each person so as to not do serious harm. Days or weeks on someone if they annoy/piss me off 3 weeks ago  
    Seems accurate to me 3 weeks ago  
    Eww A 3 weeks ago  
    More advantageous 3 weeks ago  
    Never A. Also if I was a parent, I would sue the sh*t out of them 3 weeks ago  
    A is an abomination 3 weeks ago  
    Thanks to MK. Wonder what happened to him? 3 weeks ago  
    Maybe someday though 3 weeks ago  
    I have to be in a special kind of mood to fully appreciate A 3 weeks ago  
    Try to sneak back up without being noticed. 1 month ago +1
    My Hero Academia, Hunter X Hunter, OPM, Dr. Stone, Parasyte, Devilman Crybaby, Akame Ga Kill, Psycho Pass, JoJo's BA and my personal favorite from this year Fire Force 1 month ago +1
    Kind of tough. If it was a surprise encounter, Deathstroke for sure. If Spider-Man managed to get away and came back for a rematch, he would. 1 month ago  
    She's almost on par with Superman and can slice everyday down to an atom if she wanted to 1 month ago  
    Lust, sloth and gluttony almost daily with the occasional one here and there 1 month ago  
    Just went to lunch with the family. That's it 1 month ago  
    Better than the Last Jedi at least 1 month ago  
    Got my dad, a shaving kit and jacket. He was happy (sort of) 1 month ago  
    Hinata is bae 1 month ago  
    Yusuke stomps, even without his Mazoku transformation 1 month ago  
    Either is fine 1 month ago  
    Weird situation. But I’ll always op to survive 1 month ago  
    B looks old 1 month ago +1
    Doesn’t mean I’ll ever use it 1 month ago  
    Probably 1 month ago  
    Oppenheimer destroyed Thanos 1 month ago  
    Ofc 1 month ago  
    If they both went in with knowledge of eachother's abilities, Flash easily. Hulk might have a some chance if they went in blind 1 month ago +1
    She looks bustier 1 month ago  
    Take cover near the closest mosque and pray I don't get nuked. 1 month ago  
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