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    Emma Watson, Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, P!NK +2
    who says they'll ever find the body?  
    i would deliberally try to drink the bug like "hahah! you're dead mofo!"  
    jokes on you. i'm asexual ^w  
    I'm mtf, so that would be great... aside from the grimm scar.  
    i agree. but somehow, i've dropped mine countless times. still unbroken  
    watch out yukki!...  
    i would gladly be unable to view this ugly mans face again in a mirror... until it's not a man's anymore, that is.  
    i can cook myself!  
    opinion approved. not that it matters, since you're an independent being, who doesn't give a fart about others opinion. keep going (thumbs up)  
    that has actually happened to me.  
    that's like asking: "would you rip a plaster off slowly or REAAAAALLYY slowly?"  
    none. they happened, and we need to use it as a reminder, to make sure it doesn't happen again!  
    don't care about sex, so i'd rather have fun  
    a tough decition, the answer to this question was  
    why only for a day... v_v  
    earrings are technically piercings too  
    This guy get it.  
    *noices of cheese hitting a UFO*  
    i'm on good... no, better-than-hate terms with my ex, soo...  
    vegetables can taste awesome with the right preperation.  
    gonna do it some day anyway in four years time.  
    i feel i do that every time at diving.  
    truly depends on the guitarist and the genre.  
    truly depends on the player and the genre  
    as a mtf, it's kinda obvious to me, what the answer shall be xD +1
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