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    MUCH better than intercourse. 3 years ago  
    both lovely AND theft-safe? i'm all in for B! 3 years ago  
    forget everything! i'm just in it for his arm and leg! GOD, i love cybernetics/automail/enhancements! 3 years ago  
    i don't want to be recognised as having a penis in the first place... 3 years ago +1
    If god existed, which i frankly don't care about if they do, then god must have a fairly good reason to ask me to do it. like, everybody have been mind-corrupted or so 3 years ago  
    Emma Watson... if she was into girls... 3 years ago +2
    whelp, anything better than someones foot up in me 3 years ago  
    I really want one for 40K 3 years ago  
    Emma Watson, Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, P!NK 3 years ago +2
    damnit! pressed the wrong button 3 years ago  
    i am groot 3 years ago  
    damn. wrong choice. i'm going to next step in my transition :D 3 years ago  
    didn't specify who. I am someone 3 years ago +1
    red 3 years ago  
    and babies is the reason why dragons doesn't exist 3 years ago  
    loved the elevator and the umbrella the most 3 years ago  
    I know what you mean, but i have no idea what you mean 3 years ago  
    read the discription retard! 3 years ago  
    well, i'm a girl. are you sure? 3 years ago +1
    X Q L C D G H E Y I M T R A N S Z B F K N O W J P U V 3 years ago  
    my right arm, and my- ahem... manly private part... 3 years ago  
    don't you dare 3 years ago  
    turn back into a man 3 years ago  
    neither. i can't make anyone pregnant, nor become it meself... 3 years ago  
    who says they'll ever find the body? 3 years ago  
    since obama is too busy caring for the U.S. 3 years ago  
    i would strap bieber onto that car 3 years ago  
    followed by him catching it, and share it with him 3 years ago +1
    so... a prez or a prez? 3 years ago +1
    not all dictators are bad! 3 years ago +2
    i would deliberally try to drink the bug like "hahah! you're dead mofo!" 3 years ago  
    Chelonaphobia. i have a phobia of turtles and tortoises 3 years ago  
    that's because pinapple is secretly russian. while you eat it, it eats you! (because of some acids in the pinapple) 3 years ago  
    but what if your precence at the time and event was enevitable? that it were bound to happen with you at the moment? 3 years ago  
    the middleschool system is utterly insane! first the government want longer hours for the kids in school, and then, when it's gone to hell, they blame the teachers, who has all the time, been against the reform from the start! 3 years ago  
    my radiator 3 years ago  
    jokes on you. i'm asexual ^w 3 years ago  
    I'm mtf, so that would be great... aside from the grimm scar. 3 years ago  
    ouran high school host club 3 years ago  
    i agree. but somehow, i've dropped mine countless times. still unbroken 3 years ago  
    watch out yukki!... 3 years ago  
    both is equally potentionally dangerous 3 years ago  
    i would gladly be unable to view this ugly mans face again in a mirror... until it's not a man's anymore, that is. 3 years ago  
    i can cook myself! 3 years ago  
    opinion approved. not that it matters, since you're an independent being, who doesn't give a fart about others opinion. keep going (thumbs up) 3 years ago  
    that has actually happened to me. 3 years ago  
    that's like asking: "would you rip a plaster off slowly or REAAAAALLYY slowly?" 3 years ago  
    none. they happened, and we need to use it as a reminder, to make sure it doesn't happen again! 3 years ago  
    don't care about sex, so i'd rather have fun 3 years ago  
    a tough decition, the answer to this question was 3 years ago  
    why only for a day... v_v 3 years ago  
    earrings are technically piercings too 3 years ago  
    This guy get it. 3 years ago  
    already do 3 years ago +1
    how should i be able to play the guitar without arms?! 3 years ago +1
    you're at a beach. obvious choice is to ocean-swim 3 years ago  
    *noices of cheese hitting a UFO* 3 years ago  
    i'm on good... no, better-than-hate terms with my ex, soo... 3 years ago  
    Automail* 3 years ago  
    vegetables can taste awesome with the right preperation. 3 years ago  
    gonna do it some day anyway in four years time. 3 years ago  
    i feel i do that every time at diving. 3 years ago  
    truly depends on the guitarist and the genre. 3 years ago  
    truly depends on the player and the genre 3 years ago  
    as a mtf, it's kinda obvious to me, what the answer shall be xD 3 years ago +1
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