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    I just had to like! That was so random!  
    I had a blackberry... I like iPhones better  
    Have you met ted?  
    I will bring the gloves!!!!  
    You are awful... Die in a hell fire.  
    Pain without love! pain can't get enough pain! Pain I like it rough cause I rather feel pain then nothing at all.  
    Zelda is my childhood!  
    You think he made everything in 7 days? It's more like 1 million years.  
    Spoken like a wise man  
    I'm not religious but you put that better than I would have. And I agree with you about that. We need to respect you and you need to respect you. That's how it should work.  
    Wow... Try a history class... It really works....  
    It going to be legend wait for it......,........ Dary! Legendary Ted!  
    Um so your into fat people?  
    Really? Just really? Religion is based off of a book. It's called the bible and that thing make no sense.  
    The one you picked mean the big scale and the other means the small scale. I'm thirteen and know that.  
    Hey I won the lottery once. Sure it was only 100 dollars but I gave it to the shelter! I would give it away!  
    Thank you! The first person that's not a snob about it!  
    Wow .  
    Um. A lot of people. On the cheek Maybe but this says make out so um . No.  
    Ha! That's so weird!  
    Um neither.  
    I hope not as a girlfriend boyfriend thing....  
    What ever. Did your Flying Spaghetti Monster tell you that?  
    Oh my god no mother should do that to her baby! I would get away from those people as soon as possible! I hope it gets better!  
    Stay thirsty my friends.  
    I know the will is so much better! ;)  
    That's awful but so funny!  
    No! Never! Neither! They are both way to cute!  
    Suit up Ted! It will be legend wait for it... Dairy!  
    Let's all go hug slendy!!!!! He has a tentacle for everyone!  
    Um gross. Is there a neither option?  
    Then I don't have to worry about getting bags open anymore!  
    Just stop talking.  
    We are all here for you!  
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