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Have you tried to kill yourself before? Yes. or No. 7 years ago 594 votes 18 comments 0 likes
If there is no such thing as an afterlife, would you prefer the human race die off and go extinct immediately after you live a long life or Die right now, yet saving the human race 7 years ago 1,208 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather bang Your dad or Your brother (or if you had one) 7 years ago 3,339 votes 99 comments 0 likes

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it clearly states "but with your current knowledge and wisdom" meaning you can't get any smarter, that's why the maker stated that. and it didn't say anything about dying from cancer in ten minutes, I don't know where you're pulling that from, but if that were the case, having knowledge of the universe may reveal a solution or that there is some life beyond death 7 years ago  
what's jonny boy beige, don't get it 7 years ago  
link me the article you read, ps, you're wrong 7 years ago  
like this hasn't been asked before 7 years ago +2
cookie monster all the way 7 years ago +2
i'm really put off by the percentages, i really didn't see this one coming 7 years ago +3
why would they need a heart if they're dying tomorrow anyway? 7 years ago +11
with knowledge comes power, with blind uncontrolled power come tragidy 7 years ago +3
its misleading since the pictures are flopped 7 years ago +6
finally a twilight question I want to answer 7 years ago +2
bring the heat 7 years ago +7
they're both perpetual, one involves just anxiety, the other involves anxiety and bloodshed 7 years ago +2
chuck norris eats horse sh*t 7 years ago +7
another marylander, yo wassup! 7 years ago  
obama can teabag me anyday 7 years ago  
the one on the right is too literal 7 years ago +2
i would have the fastest reflexes 7 years ago +5
Great question 7 years ago +5
what I do without my child pornography 7 years ago +4
antarctica is a desert, and by definition a desert is not hot, it lacks humidity and rainfall 7 years ago +2
gotta wash em first 7 years ago +1
truth 7 years ago  
i didn't answer this b/c i think this is a dumb question 7 years ago +2
lego my ego 7 years ago  
repeat questions suck 7 years ago  
surprised at how many people voted 7 years ago  
naked every day? or one day? 7 years ago  
acid, like LSD? most defiantly 7 years ago +1
it clearly says the apple is shot off the head with an arrow, you're not harmed, easy q 7 years ago +11
cannot stop laughing 7 years ago  
worms could be extra fun if you think about it, all of that wiggly goodness. I'm aroused already 7 years ago +2
yea, i'm really tired of people making excuses and not playing the game the way it should be played 7 years ago  
once you join a gang, you can't leave, would rather be poor than be owned and be someone's b*tch 7 years ago +7
*claps* 7 years ago  
i would normally say dog, but that cat is too funny 7 years ago +3
that's what I was wondering, but I could be eternally pissed on if it was by Jessica Alba, or that cute asian girl who works at that diner down the street 7 years ago +1
good point 7 years ago  
how long is the lock up? 7 years ago  
I think the one of the right is Eddie Izzard, I could be wrong, but if it is, he's an atheist 7 years ago +2
GoodGuyGreg: Supposed to kick your ass; Doesn't do it 7 years ago +6
top halves don't have the vag, it's either bottom half vag, or top half oral 7 years ago  
i can bang Palin. With Hilary it's a no-go. 7 years ago +4
girls were judged in the 90s, who cares about that anymore 7 years ago  
girls squirt 7 years ago +3
how big is the marble, they come in many sizes 7 years ago +3
50/50!' 7 years ago  
now that I think of it, getting raped by a baboon wouldn't be that bad. their p3nises are like an inch or less. It would barely do anything, and I think I would like the intimacy compared to eating a rat 7 years ago +1
wtf is up with these pictures? people putting a cd in their computers? wtf 7 years ago +2
hilarious question, and I love the pictures, great job 7 years ago +1
3d is over rated 7 years ago +7
you burrrrrrrrned him 7 years ago +1
you're a smart man; couldn't have said it any better myself 7 years ago +2
and that's why you picked it? 7 years ago +6
burn for 5 hours or burn for eternity? wow, what a toughy 7 years ago +20
the mac and pc debate is for nerds too 7 years ago +2
Skipped it, outsmarted you motherfu8cker 7 years ago  
did you seriously call america "the colonies" 7 years ago +3
only because its called a hornet 7 years ago  
i really don't think british uniforms look like that 7 years ago +7
that defeats the purpose of the question, stop making excuses and "what ifs" 7 years ago  
stop asking this question 7 years ago +2
defender is so badass 7 years ago +1
only because I don't know how to sing 7 years ago +2
you're a funny man 7 years ago +1
Russians are so hardcore 7 years ago +1
would rather marry a horse than a guy 7 years ago +1
and the second doesn't? 7 years ago  
why would a person marry me if they don't love me? 7 years ago +2
i'm a bit of both 7 years ago +3
this question is so over done, stop it 7 years ago +9
the human race has got to go 7 years ago +2
this question does not make sense on many levels 7 years ago +11
if she were my sister, you wouldn't even have to ask the question 7 years ago  
goooood question 7 years ago +2
I want people to see me naked 7 years ago  
even if my life depended on it, no 7 years ago +21
i'd F a teletubbie 7 years ago +5
i suppose you could "destroy" illness 7 years ago  
this is so great 7 years ago +1
I know myself, so wouldn't I die? 7 years ago  
a katana is a sword wtf 7 years ago +4
shfifty shfifty! 7 years ago  
actually a marsupial 7 years ago +2
Hang like a man 7 years ago  
Great question 7 years ago  
50/50! 7 years ago  
you could have the greatest reflexes, you could punch someone 2000 times in a second, flash speed would be bad ass 7 years ago  
a constant smile would just come off as creepy, tears I can tolerate 7 years ago +4
yeah, if it's spit from the chick in the pick, I would bath in it and drink it 7 years ago +2
easy question 7 years ago +1
50/50! 7 years ago  
if she dated my best friend, my friend would become my enemy, so if you have her date your already enemy, you still have your friend 7 years ago +1
thank you, and I agree with you 7 years ago  
only if the flaming fart did not burn my anus in the process 7 years ago  
you picked stay... 7 years ago +1
i picked the one on the left because she's hot 7 years ago  
these soviet russia things are so annoying they're bumming me out, please stop 7 years ago  
what are you asking? 7 years ago +3
if my sister looked like that 7 years ago +4
atleast the left one has eyes; and on a seperate note, for those of you who skip because "I don't want either", you're missing the point of the game, quit wussing out 7 years ago  
fighting in that historic war would be amazing, even if I died fighting 7 years ago +2
i would so kill myself either way 7 years ago  
you would die once you got to the planet, even with a spacesuit, cosmic rays will kill you 7 years ago +7
I'm sure bigfoot is a great lover, i'm going with bigfoot 7 years ago  
detach oneself from belonging, obtain currency 7 years ago  
50/50! 7 years ago +1
i feel a relationship needs to be "based" on trust, after that foundation has been made, true and secure love can form 7 years ago  
this is a very deep question, took me a few minutes to answer it 7 years ago +3
longer than you would with candy. tomatoes have nutrients, candy is just sugar 7 years ago +2
50/50 7 years ago +1
i would love a chick who would try to fight me, so hot 7 years ago +5
so why did you skip? 7 years ago  
fighting a bear would be epic 7 years ago +2
I like getting spanked, sooooo... 7 years ago +3
So one option is if my crush sees me naked? hell yea! 7 years ago +1
I'm a straight guy and I would rather F DeVito 7 years ago +2
we are made up of oxygen and water, we would be dead either way, stupid question 7 years ago  
so true 7 years ago  
slugs have the most parasites above any other species, good like with that 12% 7 years ago  
*Imaginary high-five* 7 years ago  
good one 7 years ago  
50/50 7 years ago  
I think the 2nd one is Jessica Alba, prettys sure she's not a kid, just a thought 7 years ago +1
that was cold, but really funny 7 years ago +1
o my god, cannot believe you went there... 7 years ago  
well said 7 years ago  
is the pencil sharpened or unsharpened 7 years ago  
without aids, i can screw people without worrying so much 7 years ago +4
50/50! 7 years ago  
50/50! 7 years ago  
both answers are the same. i picked the 2nd b/c of yoshi. 7 years ago  
50/50! 7 years ago  
so is mormonism 7 years ago  
how the f would you know, that's b.s. 7 years ago +1
if my friends know i'm not a liar, and i tell them I won't steal from from, they will believe me, ... but i'd probably steal from them anyway 7 years ago +4
50/50 7 years ago  
disregard morals, acquire currency 7 years ago +2
50/50, you mad bro? 7 years ago  
i would lose my mind if i lost my ability to walk 7 years ago +4
it says "run", as in, you don't have the chance to "search the ground" 7 years ago +3
doesn't say you have to f#ck him 7 years ago +40
had the exact same reaction 7 years ago  
but you would forget how you like mystery challenges 7 years ago  
15% know the meaning of life 7 years ago +9
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