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    what's jonny boy beige, don't get it  
    it clearly says the apple is shot off the head with an arrow, you're not harmed, easy q +11
    wtf is up with these pictures? people putting a cd in their computers? wtf +2
    the mac and pc debate is for nerds too +2
    i really don't think british uniforms look like that +7
    would rather marry a horse than a guy +1
    goooood question +2
    i'd F a teletubbie +5
    you could have the greatest reflexes, you could punch someone 2000 times in a second, flash speed would be bad ass  
    easy question +1
    if she dated my best friend, my friend would become my enemy, so if you have her date your already enemy, you still have your friend +1
    you picked stay... +1
    fighting in that historic war would be amazing, even if I died fighting +2
    you would die once you got to the planet, even with a spacesuit, cosmic rays will kill you +7
    50/50! +1
    i feel a relationship needs to be "based" on trust, after that foundation has been made, true and secure love can form  
    longer than you would with candy. tomatoes have nutrients, candy is just sugar +2
    So one option is if my crush sees me naked? hell yea! +1
    without aids, i can screw people without worrying so much +4
    so is mormonism  
    how the f would you know, that's b.s. +1
    disregard morals, acquire currency +2
    doesn't say you have to f#ck him +40
    had the exact same reaction  
    but you would forget how you like mystery challenges  
    15% know the meaning of life +9
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