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    Big deal, we think something different then you. Are you gonna cry some more?  
    The universe is so vast and big, it isn't a coincidence.  
    God isnt real  
    God isnt real  
    **the big bang  
    Who the fcvk created god?  
    Whats a water?  
    Sell the lightsaber, save the children.  
    Drugs kill  
    Just change your name  
    I'll try my best to make them happy.  
    Finally, I can watch a big-screen movie without 50 people on their phones!  
    Stop trying to force religion down our throats, damn.  
    Why does it matter?  
    I hate my voice.  
    If we don't stop pollution, then we wont HAVE any animals to worry about. That includes us  
    Harlem shake, because it's shorter... and i hate both.  
    Its either eat diarrhea for 1 hour, or drink pee for 10 hours  
    Mmmm. Milkshakes...  
    Games are much more interactive then movies, and ironically games tell a much better story sometimes.  
    Cash to buy the gifts.  
    Money doesn't make you happy.  
    "Oh look, I have 150,000 dollars!" *knock at door* "THIS IS THE POLICE"  
    Its a win,win situation, you can have baths or just take a photo of yourself.  
    Gay marriage is legal. +1
    At least it's a little better.  
    I regret my decision, please switch.  
    If we knew when the world would end, what the government was doing, and etc. then we would be terryfied.  
    By being important, then am i basically fixing the world?  
    All though i don't believe in god, you are still going to heaven.  
    I have no idea what this means, so i just picked randomly.  
    This is a stupid question.  
    You are asking if you should get rid of people that kill other people, or get rid of waiting.  
    Today's music is just rap talking about how big a girls ass is. +1
    Have you seen some monkeys? They look weird as hell!  
    Well, if the prison cell looks like that hell yea i would go to a 5 star prison!  
    I cant shower, but i can't still have a bath.  
    It tastes the same for me .-.  
    It doesn't matter if god is or isn't real, you're still going to heaven guys  
    Cats = Easier to take care of, sometimes cuter Dogs = Sure, more energetic, but you have to pick up it's poop, walk it outside at least once a day.  
    A stupid game where there is 1 bullet in a gun, and people have to take turns shooting the gun. If you're lucky you live another day, if you aren't. Well. You know what  
    Greedy assholes  
    That's the same as jumping off a building...  
    Didn't say it could be 16 or 17 year olds  
    You can just wash  
    Didn't say if had to be near the mouth  
    Didn't say i had to swallow it  
    Yum, Blue waffles!  
    It's non the less as the big bang, just less believable  
    Then damn, people believe some crazy stuff...  
    (that sorta makes no sense)  
    Still, are you really gonna believe a random guy up in space that's even more giant then the observable universe? Uh-huh. Not beveling it  
    Anybody asking who created god... Christains make a pretty stupid statment to clear that up (No offense) “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation; for in him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or powers—all things have been created through him and for him. He himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”  
    And god is just a fairytale. It's worse then a actually pretty plausible theory...  
    Yeah, and a giant man out of nothingness out of nowhere decided to create a gigantic pile of star dust. Riiight. +2
    Not god, cuz he ain't real +1
    I'm not going to believe a freaking BOOK filled with fairy tales +1
    Science killed jesus +3
    If there was nothing, how was there god -_- +1
    Godspeed, you magnificent bastard  
    You could get those 10 wishes true, with some extra money :3  
    i feel horrible ;-;  
    People it macaroni and cheese with a FORK?!... Am i just weird?  
    It's sad to see the ratings...  
    I love beets! They are my favorite food!  
    Get facebook on the iphone, along with some extra apps. Also more expensive, and you are basically getting it for free so, yeah.  
    1. Satan isn't real 2. I chose this because of the randomness 3. Give people happiness any possible way i can... Bam  
    I never understood the hype for party's...  
    I littearly just picked randomly... +1
    Their newer stuff is... Still sh*t HEEEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHA *Bss-dum-tsss*  
    I only chose this for better games.  
    The hell is a hotmail? (But seriously, people actually use hotmail nowadays?)  
    Choo choo! all around the Steam Train! (The other one) Choo Choo!  
    Faster, and just plain looks better.  
    i am disappoint...  
    What the f*ck is the difference?  
    I already have this webcam :D  
    I like it Monochrome, cuz it removes the sh*tty water, and makes a plain sadder picture  
    From the picture, it looks like literately a MAC BOOK AIR... So yeah, flying laptop for me (I'm stupid)  
    Who uses TWITARD that much anyways?  
    I only have like, 2. Real life ones... I can just find another .-.  
    Better then a Iphone 6S  
    It's a lose lose situation, to be honest. I pick the OR  
    It's the bean  
    Now phishing will be easy :3  
    I'm already pale, so yeah.  
    Just trolls.  
    weaboo much  
    It depends how much i smell, for all we know i could just be 1% smelly... But i am a guy so, it's a win win situation  
    To be honest, this is probably some girl bragging how gro--- I mean, clean her foot is.  
    What's a viddy? (your profile pic)  
    The [email protected] is viddy?  
    If I'm immortal, I can get rich. Also, question: What's with the argument with god?  
    But you aren't the smartest person, idiot.  
    I'd rather have sex with the guy with the amazing beard... oh yeah and burger king crown.  
    Live twice as long to win the lottery?  
    Just because you are famous, that doesn't mean you cant still be with your love.  
    Guys, it doesn't really matter does it? XD More time = More money More money = More time  
    Maybe i could help her/him out?  
    But here's the thing : It's going to happen anyways. It's DEATH. You can't run away from it. It's bound to happen  
    It depends how far i am in the ocean ;-;... I'm scared of drowning.  
    And if anything, it's going to HELP you find true love.  
    What if my dream vacation is to go to a magical place with my "Someone"  
    what in the HELL?!  
    sh*t, wrong one  
    Free wifi  
    But, if I ruled, then wouldn't i make everybody happy and have no problems? Makes sense. Hell, give them free Iphone 5s for all I care  
    Imagine now, the present... Now imagine that x1045. (with amazing wifi) Now think, think about that. Would you think that this is the cor- HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME, THE IPHONE 69 IS COMING OUT!  
    Get a tablet.  
    cheeky bastard  
    i see what you did there...  
    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Oh, and sell the lightsaber for maybe 10,000,000 dollars, and give all that money to Africa... amen  
    burgerpants you are in the wrong game  
    Maybe later...  
    Sell the lightsaber, Almost millions, of millions of dollars  
    let's see how many frozen fans you unleashed  
    No, they are trolls  
    Get a tan  
    that's the worst troll i ever saw  
    I'm a guy  
    And where's the logic in that?  
    No, your the idiot  
    Good point there  
    What if your significant other/friend/family member is in my dream vacation?  
    Yeah i had it my way, not doing it  
    And who created god?  
    Who created god?  
    At least I'd have good breath  
    Uhhh, i'm not gay sooo. YAY I WIN :D  
    My dream job is to be a artist,game designer, or architect  
    I can see the future of my answers on a test!  
    God ain't real, that's what i believe. Goodnight  
    You can just search up the ending of the game on google.  
    Just find more friends?  
    Cancer, aids if you cure it it's just done. While cancer if you remove it, it still keeps on coming back, so cure cancer instead of removing it, since it will keep on coming back.  
    Spearmint? Egh!  
    Feared of drowning. And you have a better chance of dying quickly, maybe even surviving if possible.  
    To young to drive, but yeah I'd drive a Mercedes-Benz  
    Don't thumbs up if you think this is another begger  
    To young to drink  
    They taste the same.  
    So can greed, people can just fight for money.  
    A- It's annoying B- Any religion you are in you are going to hell C- It's scary D- It's weird E- All of the above  
    Yeah, but it can buy a girlfriend .-., say your rich and it's positive they will live with you  
    Yeah, that's the point~  
    How about both >:)  
    Wait, can't you just turn into a famous leader if your a famous inventor?  
    Yeah, not only that the movie could suck, it never said anything about it being good  
    Yeah, not only that it said "Read and awesome book"  
    In my afterlife, i wanna be a human lady. Just wanna see what the life is like.  
    But who would wanna do that?  
    Grolar bears? So I'm fighting nothing?  
    But what if the hoes are your bros?  
    It's rather that i'd go alone... wait what  
    Who else chose need to sleep just because the saw twilight?  
    That would be kinky!  
    Yeah, and where's getting your ass up in the 11's? Exactly.  
    Yeah, neither do you have to plow a flood  
    1- I'm afraid of heights 2- I will be really cold  
    Have a lifetime supply of bacon with morgan freeman  
    plz we have opinions okay good is good alright goodbye  
    Final fantasy was the 2nd best :3  
    Ye-yees.. It scared me :(  
    ---And evil!  
    Meth... a story about meth. Amazing  
    Yeah, and he doesn't even KILL people  
    Jesus wololo'd it. But i'm to young to drink  
    Seriously? I love reading! I just never really saw harry potter books (LAY IT ON ME)  
    By "Earth" they mean stuff like rocks  
    Uhh, duh  
    Your bassicly saying screw everyone with opinions  
    No, 55% have opinions  
    Sega is starting to make crap sonic games, and their other games need sequels +1
    It used to bit, now it's sh*t, it has terrible shows, and even if they did have good shows they turned them into sh*t and it's just turning horrible. Maybe nick as a kid and CN now  
    I'm afraid of heights, i will do mountain climbing as long as the mountain isn't steep  
    How did you make sierra mist so big (o_o)  
    18% of the people have their own opinions.  
    The wheel spinning is fun :)  
    Avatar? You mean that tail porn?  
    I like spidy, he's my second favriote :D  
    and who made god +2
    Who created god?  
    Then who created god  
    Who created GOD then  
    Then shove it up in somewhere else on your body  
    at least i would know how it felt like +1
    What if you were adopted? Then you would know what your mom looks like!  
    Period blood dude  
    then get laid with a human being that just turned into another gender in your house  
    Nah, i just chose this because it's awesome  
    Dude, you can ride on a broom, you have a stick that creates magic and you age grow a beard like every movie.Not only that you don't age so you could possibly live forever, and let's just hope that Voldemort attacked before you came and everything was fixed after that  
    Except the fact that you rule the world, so there would possibly be no liberty. Not only that people would just come to you for help  
    You would have no friends...  
    true, lol  
    Sell the light saber, give the money to the starving! Easy! And what are you gonna do with 1 child anyways. Why not save like, most of the children? 80%? 90%?  
    then just get laid with yourself  
    I'm will wear a bra, then i will know how it feels like? +1
    .-. nice option to be a boy  
    Damnit, there isn't a unlike button +2
    Yuck! Soda that tastes like medicine :P  
    They are the same exact thing  
    Same for me!  
    They taste the exact same  
    There barley isn't any greed in the world.  
    If i am famous, i can get wealth  
    If I'm a inventor, i could become a leader  
    You'd lose friends either way  
    They are the same amount  
    I'd rather read if it's a comic book, or something i would like that isn't a movie  
    I'd switch to a woman  
    Sorry, but i prefer that i was born from another human being. my mother to be exact, you know that person that owns you, and then you start living on your own?  
    I was gonna go plan on camping sooner or later  
    I choose both! *closes eyes* Oooh this is so easy!  
    At least i can it out  
    I won't be Justin Berrie (My name for Justin), you can't make me do it!  
    He clearly said "If you were in prison (and a guy)  
    Pluck it out?  
    I think walrus's have a small... you know what  
    Both is gross...  
    Yes, they did  
    But you get a period  
    You know, true love can end up in very emotional break ups and other examples  
    What if your crush is a celebrity, and your celebrity is what you call "Hot"  
    Antarctica can very easily be more lethal then the desert  
    Sell the light saber, get money, send it to the African children, they would have thousands!  
    Actually, that's half true, but that's no reason to be so mean  
    I wanted both, so i can be squidward :( +6
    A abandoned website, poor poor viddy...  
    I wouldn't be popular if i was ugly as... That  
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