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No I completely understand what you're saying, it's just incredibly stupid, 'suffering' is a 9 letter word that is defined as "the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship" whatever you 'feel' it means, means nothing. Here's your problem though, you're assuming and generalizing people's experiences as if stepping on legos is the worst things that happen to them, when they could just as likely experience things that fit your distorted view of 'suffering', which you wouldn't even know because that's something people are usually reluctant to share. Also being abused and molested always has long terms effects and does cause suffering. Sidenote: the author never gives examples of 'true suffering' but for some reason your answer was based around how people you don't know classify stepping on legos as suffering. 2 years ago  
I'm sure sodium appreciates your dïckriding 2 years ago  
"Just say his name and I promise that you'll see Candyman" 2 years ago +1
im the dangerous one because you can see the truth in what I say, you most likely ran to one of your echo chambers of a site to have your illogical views reaffirmed but that's completely fine because you still know what I've said. 2 years ago +1
And you're actually not talking about it anymore because each time you make a question you are exposed to different views points which is anti productive when you're trying to live in a bubble 2 years ago +1
"I'm leaving rrrather till I RESET or abandon this idea" you claim to be logical and bash on religion but anyone with any form of logical ability can put two and two together, nothing has come from anything you've don't and nothing has happened to reassure any of your beliefs but you claim to be more sure than ever, which now leaves me with no doubts that you are trying desperately to delude yourself because you know as well as everyone you can never reset. Lol and you talk about coping mechanisms. 2 years ago +1
You're completely oblivious to the world if this is how you think, from how you carry yourself you probably have some self-centred notion that you've suffered more than most people around you while you have no empathy or idea about what they go through. So I 100% doubt enough people have emptied their minds out to you for you to be able to make such a bold statement. 2 years ago  
"suffering builds character and gives balance" this one of the dumbest sh*t I've ever read, do you think third world people are developing good characters from violence, disease and famine, Even though these things clearly work to perpetuate their cycle of suffering? 2 years ago  
how does that change anything? 2 years ago  
Since his right wing ideals are what the world remembers him for 2 years ago The struggle is real 2 years ago  
They same way humans aren't meant to be asking each other questions using electromagnetic radiation. get over it. 2 years ago  
You didn't do it right then 2 years ago  
Vegetables are saiyans too 2 years ago +1
It's an edgy motherfücker named ice cube 2 years ago  
Obviously 2 years ago  
I prefer not evil villains 2 years ago  
Oh shît it dat matty boi 2 years ago  
Who wants to die unknown 2 years ago  
Ravioli ravioli restioli 2 years ago  
lol pretty spooky m8 2 years ago  
I'm finna reset 2 years ago 2 years ago  
My name is pretty unique so pretty much everyone at school knew it plus I have more likes on Facebook than profile views on here. 2 years ago  
Obviously but there's a specific ethnicity of people that are associated with the country, which is most likely what he's talking about other wise he'd be criticizing the country as a whole or complaining about how the country's government works. 2 years ago  
This line is very smart, you see fly informally means cool and he's comparing himself to a creature that does the formal definition of fly, which magnifies the authenticity of his claim and he instead is a young African American. 2 years ago  
Lemon is still funny 2 years ago  
B is dumb as fûck tho 2 years ago  
Aka you want to dwell in your own ignorance 2 years ago  
Do you want a cookie or a noose? 2 years ago  
Me and my friends don't count money owed, I know he'll always help me out when I need it. 2 years ago  
I have an image to protect 2 years ago +1
Lol 2 years ago  
More often then not, and on that note your memes are old as shít. 2 years ago  
So when I actually go crazy I'll already be in one 2 years ago  
That was a comment 2 years ago  
Gross 2 years ago  
You can't go wrong with nikes 2 years ago  
I throw like a manly girl 2 years ago  
Golf is homosexual 2 years ago  
I'm not about to stand anyone up 2 years ago  
Clearly everyone on the internet can single handily defeat Isis 2 years ago +2
"Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels" - Matthew 25:41 2 years ago +1
Guy looks sub-human 2 years ago  
Do you realize these games are drastically different? 2 years ago  
Never played B and I have no intention to 2 years ago  
I'm not about to force my political beliefs onto a sovereign nation 2 years ago +1
That's not inconsistent because the us supports terrorists as well 2 years ago  
You savage, I appreciate that 2 years ago  
You're a sheep that craves acceptance because in real life you live in the background 2 years ago +2
I prefer to argue about it tho 2 years ago  
A would fail instantly 2 years ago  
This why I boycotted the gender option, there should be equality between all 86 genders 2 years ago +1
You can turn your phone to landscape view and it looks completely fine on the computer 2 years ago  
It's like you didn't even read my comment, I'm not about to argue anyone's perspectives. "Lol no" what? if you disagree with my comment point out specific parts and disprove them, so unless you're going to disprove the definition of hypocrite i used or something along those lines you have nothing. But I want to see where your going with that, what's your point with that last comment? Why does it mean you're not a hypocrite? (Please respond to the entirety of the comment, only replying to one line is something I've seen you do) 2 years ago  
Lol so you have proof that nobody thinks that? what ever you think is proof I can guarantee you it isnt (This is why I said it was retarded) 2 years ago  
She was talking about different ways religious people think about it, but this offended you for some reason, the main point for that is that your statement isn't true but you responded something irrelevant to that. *sigh* it wasn't possible for them to come up it an argument to your statement (directly that is) because like I said it has pre-determined traits that you choose to reinforce your own views, essentially you created a controlled environment for you to pretend like you're welcoming feedback but it's obviously a setup, I've pointed out clear logical flaws in your question but instead your making excuses instead of disproving them or expecting it. 2 years ago  
First off you also did it when I gave you an explanation second that's not even necessary, you worded the question in a way that made it seem like there was only one way of thinking and when she pointed that out you went from pretending to want to hear explanations to "GOD SUCKS ASS NO MATTER WHAT" sh*t was retarded as fûck 2 years ago  
Bruh, I made a comment explaining why this was, the pre-determined traits and the bias nature of your question scared them into conforming as the comment section is literally a jerk fest for atheists, if you truly wanted an opinion you shouldn't have been so one sided. The closest to actually saying something I could see was yomoko but obviously you spammed her with some irrelevant shït to make her stop talking. 2 years ago  
Just adding how it makes you feel doesn't count as responding directly, you reply why you agree or disagree with what they said. 2 years ago  
Kinda pointless now, it was more for future reference 2 years ago  
It's not just about it sounding off to me, it's literally how language works."Humans walk on all fours" "SOME humans walk on all fours", which one would you used if you wanted people to know that SOME humans walk on all fours? Also I'm not even religious, I just like to argue when someone says some dumbshït 2 years ago  
No because you question in general is still terrible, especially with your goals for it in mind. 2 years ago  
it's long because I had to go into detail about why your question is bad if you want to hear religious people's opinions, why your question itself is bad and why your comments are bad. Most of it is me just saying "write something relevant to what is being discussed" You see how much quicker things move when you directly respond to each comment.. 2 years ago  
which makes you like the people you're criticising, the fact you think your hypocrisy is justified (which everyone does) doesn't change what it is. With that same trail of thinking religious people can overlook the bad because of the good just like you overlook the good because of bad and what's 'right' or 'wrong' comes down to perspective (aka subjective). And that's how you make your point without peddling, the word religion isn't an excuse to stop thinking logically (seriously why comment when you're not going to relate it to what is being talked about) 2 years ago  
Actually what? This is an argument against your question not religion, you: "this is what religious people think (with an implied 'all')" and her: "not always, they also think like this" you: *austic screeching* 2 years ago  
*facepalm* I literally wrote a whole comment about why your question is stupid and why their aren't people arguing against it (which you couldn't logically argue against so you just said "so?") And my very first comment proved that your statement in the question wasn't the case (no where in the question or authors note did you specify you were talking about a tiny sample of people) but you continued to argue so I asked you if had something to back up for your claim in the question then (as in why it holds any value when having a logical discussion) , which you said you did, and now you're doubling back. 2 years ago  
Which wasn't relevant to my point at all. you claimed religious people praise god for good and ignore him doing bad, and I showed you that wasn't just the case but you were in your feelings and started saying random sh*t. I quoted it because it shows your style of a 'logical discussion'. 2 years ago  
Lol wtf? That literally makes no sense, 'all' is one word that you didn't say (which you didn't even need to as the 'who' in the sentence was 'religious people', you know as in people who are religious not SOME people who are religious) but 'religious people who I have seen throughout my life' is a whole sentence you didn't say. 2 years ago  
Image is important 2 years ago  
I hate dogs 2 years ago  
Doesn't matter, sex was had 2 years ago  
everything you see about Isis is just western imperialist propaganda 2 years ago  
"You think everyone should be treated fairly? Fücking nazi" 2 years ago  
It's almost like you didn't even read my comments, I'm asking if you give God props for every moment something terrible like this doesn't happens? (Because terrible things could be happening at all given moments) Not whether you find him worthy of worship. I just realised your entire bit here is just an appeal to emotion ( a logical fallacy), reading your replies to her literally made me cringe, she's just trying to show you a perspective but you can't even engage her and just peddle your emotions. 2 years ago  
My first issue with that point is you made absolute statements about what religious people believe and God based off traits you handpicked, when I pointed this out to you your response was "so what, god is still an asshole". The second point was your question is ironic for someone who claims to be interested in others view points as it's unfairly setup just to reaffirm your own beliefs which you responded with "so what, religious people already argue at a disadvantage" (paraphrasing obviously) which brings me to my third problem, you had nothing to back up your claims (until you fell back onto the "in my personal experience" crutch) which is why I said you weren't ready to make a valid argument. (The point you just wrote is back tracking your initial tone) 2 years ago  
Your response is retarded, it doesn't directly relate to anything I said (you didn't explain anything, just made more claims), the fact of the matter is you are using logical fallacies left and right, you're like a walking irony machine (what you happened to 'witness' doesn't classify as a logical argument). You made your question just to get your dïck jerked (which is why you weren't even ready to prove/ back up what you said), it's that simple. 2 years ago  
I'd like to see how it changes the game, I like to think of myself as a pacifist in real life. 2 years ago  
By the time I ask for their number I already have her on snapchat or Facebook 2 years ago  
From my experience the app just makes pictures directly from the phone upside down. 2 years ago  
Basically everything kept private is socially unacceptable, so I'm going to interpret the question as, if I do things that are classed as socially unacceptable in social surroundings. (Also yay I'm a muse) 2 years ago  
If I do, it's time to leave. 2 years ago +1
Lol I played along just for this moment. First off, you were the one that deducted the implication and second the implication was that I was always right, not that I know everything (literally read your own comment) making your last two comments irrelevant. And I'm still right in saying I don't know your middle name (as I don't), nice try kiddy but you've got nothing. ('Bruce' was referring to Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlyn Jenner) 2 years ago  
I don't know your middle name, p.s whoever is liking all your pointless questions *cough* Bruce *cough* is on another level of pettiness 2 years ago  
End it fgt 2 years ago  
3.8/10 not enough edge, needs more austism 2 years ago  
Abit late for that 2 years ago  
With a capital 'f' 2 years ago  
K. 2 years ago  
I'd say it's debatable because I'm not a physicist and it's applied in a lot of different ways. 2 years ago  
Go to the question and check it, you're clearly trying to use another logical fallacy right now. (Argument from repetition) 2 years ago  
This is literally something anyone can search up, it depends what you mean by invented. You can say Thomas Edison, Swan or maxin but heaps of people made lamps that essentially work in the same way before them. 2 years ago  
Which I made a counter argument to, which neither of you could counter, go back and see how the comment chain ended. 2 years ago  
most likely the Big Bang but I wasn't there so I don't know for sure 2 years ago  
Is that why you had no argument to make? 2 years ago  
I doubt anyone can prove the existence of God but if we're still talking about the theoretical existence, your question relies on God being all powerful and religious people praising god for 'good' things and denying 'bad' things (which I showed you isn't the case), your questions already has pre-determine traits for both religious people and God which puts anyone who disagrees with your overall statement at a disadvantage, what you did is the very definition of a strawman , which doubles as a scarecrow for different views so people otherwise have to agree/ignore or argue up hill, I don't know what reaction you were looking for but it says a lot 2 years ago  
And your guard is to protect you and you get startled because the things that caught you off guard maybe dangerous, which is a fear. 2 years ago  
Why do you get startled then? 2 years ago  
That right there is another logical fallacy, just because something I said is 'wrong' aka you don't agree with, that doesn't effect any of my other points as they are arguments in themselves, it's clear you're trying to use this as an accuse other wise you would of invalidated the things I said with real points (which you can't because I'm right). 2 years ago  
Not really because when I'm actually making an argument I completely dismantled both of you, and you know it. 2 years ago  
Grow up 2 years ago  
This made me laugh, well played 2 years ago  
It's 2017, you can fück whatever you want. 2 years ago  
Not homosexual 2 years ago  
I'm always alert 2 years ago  
Basically the same thing, when you're startled your reacting to a fear of something you haven't properly indentified yet. 2 years ago  
You wouldn't have a problem with me if everything you said wasn't pure retardation 2 years ago  
Hawt 2 years ago  
Well that's only your perception of me, plus you just think everyone who disagrees with you is 'hateful' 'toxic' and 'corrupt'. 2 years ago +1
Or my soul is completely clean because I'm a righteous person 2 years ago +1
I have no corruption to fight 2 years ago +1
I know what's best for everyone 2 years ago  
Sure, If you say so 2 years ago  
You're retarded if you actually think he's black 2 years ago  
God only does bad things and good things just happen, yeah that's completely different to what you're complaining about. 2 years ago  
Sure because creating a strawman question is the best way to get different and intelligent points of view 2 years ago  
lol what does that have to do with anything? I was just explaining that there are different beliefs involving why "bad things" happen like you asked me to. Why are you feeling some type of way? 2 years ago  
This comment deserves the homepage 2 years ago  
Only if I'm around them for a while, e.g on the bus. I wouldn't chase down someone the street to ask. 2 years ago +1
Well since you already have a thing for children you'll have a great head start 2 years ago +1
Probably the best looking user I've seen 2 years ago  
Not my type 2 years ago  
Legend 2 years ago  
The beard looks great on him tho 2 years ago  
Pretty boy 2 years ago  
If you don't start thinking highly or at least giving God props your doing exactly what your questions is taking a shot at. When something bad happens, God should of done something, when something good happens, free will? 2 years ago  
There are many religious beliefs, there are people who believe god does both the good and bad, there are religious people who don't believe in the devil, so your questions was only setup to create an atheist circle jerk, you clearly don't want to hear other people's views. 2 years ago  
So where does god fit in there? 2 years ago  
how do I have the same morals and views as everyone else if I don't agree with some? 2 years ago  
Let's say she was saved, What would you of said? 2 years ago  
That might be because there are different religious people with different views.....nah, surly not. 2 years ago  
I've been listening to it constantly since its release but I still don't know where I'd place it on his discography 2 years ago  
Looks like a kid 2 years ago +1
Mass effect is always good 2 years ago  
As I said there are rappers that still have the 90s sound also saying they blend together is stupid way of putting it then, just say you don't listen to modern rap instead of making it sound like they have no variety in what they do. Which is why I said you know sh*t all about hip hop, their sound not standing out to you does make them a trash artist. (I'm not a fan of Eminem but I'm not ignorant to what he can and has done) 2 years ago  
I'm going to have to straight up disagree with that because of two reasons, one there are still rappers that use the 90s sound e.g Joey Bada$$ and two, there's no way you've experienced all of modern rap (especially with your mindset) also that "blending" statement doesn't really apply here unless you think the all suck for the same reason, e.g. you don't like Eminem or Kendrick but they're very different in terms of subject matter and style . (you can like what you like just don't be ignorant) 2 years ago  
Lol this is you right now, 2 years ago +1
I know what deja vu is, I just wanted to vote no because almost everyone experiences it. But I half way couldn't tell if she was serious with that lol. 2 years ago +1
He says he prefers 90s rap after trying several times to get into mordern mainstream rap so I was letting him know that the mainstream doesn't represent all of modern hip hop, I then when on to say "even then" Kendrick Lamar (mainstream) doesn't blend into the rest of mainstream, like he suggested. Now if you want me to rekt your ass, cool otherwise sit down and stop being extra. 2 years ago +1
you just proved my point, all hip hop isn't mainstream and even then Kendrick Lamar is something else and will probably go down as one of the greatest to ever do this, anyone how knows hip hop can see that. 2 years ago +1
What is that? 2 years ago  
You don't know sh*t about hip hop or basketball so... 2 years ago +2
A is worded stupid tho 2 years ago  
Definitely not her tho 2 years ago  
I don't work Fridays so Thursdays gets me excited 2 years ago +1
I'm a level 80 social justice rogue 2 years ago  
There's a fine line between not taking yourself too seriously and not respecting yourself. 2 years ago  
2 years ago  
misclick, accepting it perpetuates the cycle, it doesn't matter if it has already been stolen. 2 years ago  
he's a libertarian, which basically equals retarded 2 years ago +1
fgt 2 years ago  
Imagine a republican wearing this 2 years ago  
onex is a homosexual male 2 years ago  
gotta be pc bro 2 years ago  
sex offenders will now feature stories 2 years ago  
lit lic bic 2 years ago  
the power of lemon compels you 2 years ago  
never stop 2 years ago  
such a smiley guy 2 years ago  
not retarded 2 years ago  
look at me by xxxtentacion as well 2 years ago  
all you need to do is take em to starbucks 2 years ago  
B is what makes me me 2 years ago  
Stfu 2 years ago  
I support all religious establishments 2 years ago +1
the fact they're siblings would mean they're unlikely to speak out against their advances (this is their older sibling), as is the case with many family related sexual assaults. Not only that the grooming I mentioned is still in play it's unlikely they'll spontaneously become sexually attracted to their siblings when they turn 16. Even then it'd only be statutory rape if someone else discovers it and reports them. (You Didn't answer my questions) 2 years ago  
Wasps, ants, beetles, moths and butterflies also all pollinate, we're only doomed if you assume humans wouldn't do anything about, because we've never altered nature for our benefits right? They've already been working on pollination drones, bees dying any quicker will push the world to pool more resources into finding the most effective way to replace them (biological or artificially). Now if you want to argue I'm down, otherwise think before you start exposing your retardation. 2 years ago  
I'd want to run through the woods and kill people 2 years ago  
Bees aren't the only things that pollinate and I can live without honey. 2 years ago  
2Spooky 2 years ago  
Not a monster 2 years ago  
I don't like fake things 2 years ago +1
Fgt 2 years ago  
"Send nudes" 2 years ago +1
I've got no problem with liberty and equality 2 years ago +1
I'm not smart 2 years ago  
It's probably really B but he's funny 2 years ago  
He has kids so he's less likely to be a kidnapper 2 years ago  
Firm handshake 2 years ago  
What's your number? 2 years ago  
I don't need to 'know' you personally, you are judged by how you present yourself to others and this is what I've gathered from your comments. If this is something people see maybe you need to step back and see why that might be. 2 years ago  
Libertarian ideology is inconsistent, illogical and just generally badly thought out. And libertarians can be left and right but are more often than not right-wing. 2 years ago  
B is a text book republican dumbass 2 years ago +1
B is an attention whore but A is low key retarded 2 years ago  
Those are two completely different things, the only thing they have in comment is the fact they're both sexual. 2 years ago  
These things can still happen between cousins and especially siblings, as they look to their older siblings for guidance. The real question is why do you see this as something that can be the best law, What are the advantages that possibly outweigh all these problems it'll cause? 2 years ago  
Just ask all the birds in the sky 2 years ago  
Miss click, a sociopath wouldn't really care about you. 2 years ago +1
I'm against killing things but it's a dog, and fück dogs 2 years ago  
B would be uncomfortable and A I get to catch these snakes in the grass 2 years ago  
Only because anyone who uses cuck is most likely socially retarded 2 years ago  
People like it because it makes people look better when it's done properly, calling it art doesn't make you any less "shallow" 2 years ago  
Everyone is choosing B but I can guarantee that majority of their crushes and gfs wear it unless they're prepubescent, looking better > not. 2 years ago  
You're such a fúcking nerd, don't hate on people because they aren't socially retarded. 2 years ago  
Making people feel bad 2 years ago  
Im dat captain now 2 years ago  
His bulge ain't even sh*t 2 years ago  
You should be able to criticize things you like as well, that doesn't make you a hypocrite. 2 years ago  
A big reason incest is illegal is because of the power parents/older relatives have over the kids (similar to boss/employee and teacher/students), this can easily lead to them being misguided and feeling like they NEED to do what they're being asked to, furthermore this allows sick fück to groom children to have sexual relations with them when they get older. And no these things are interconnected and it's stupid to ignore that and look at a tiny section of a picture. (P.s Everyone who up voted you is retarded) 2 years ago  
Minecraft had a bigger impact on gaming 2 years ago +1
23 2 years ago 2 years ago 2 years ago +1
Not a sociopath 2 years ago  
Apples are delicious bruh 2 years ago  
Less people die 2 years ago +1 2 years ago  
Most people who start religions claim that God had contacted them which means one of three things, first is God actually does hate gay people and like slavery, two, God never contacted them/ doesn't exist and three the message somehow got distorted. I don't see how the religious people themselves can be blamed for God giving them no/misleading information (God is all knowing so I think they'd already know the outcome of all things), except the people using the church to control people (but do they still count as religious?)...or maybe God was just waiting for people to start thinking like you. 2 years ago 2 years ago +1
You must only be listening to his singles than because his sound isn't something you can just play on the radio. And no one is more overrated than Eminem. 2 years ago +1
Steel toed boots, dress shoes, hiking boots, converse and ASICS 2 years ago  
Shït's annoying 2 years ago +1
I'm actually curious why 2 years ago  
Greatest rapper alive > a singing nįgga 2 years ago +2
I think I've been a righteous person, for me experience would be scarier. 2 years ago  
religious people actually care about God and are trying to please him, them being misguided doesn't change that. 2 years ago +3
Sure, just like North Korea and all those warlords in west Africa. You only have that much resistance because of the freedoms you've already been given. 2 years ago  
A is ugly but B is an abomination 2 years ago +1
So rapist deserve dead but murderers have to kill multiple people to? 2 years ago 2 years ago +1
I've done some shītty things when I was younger, I just want them to know I've changed. 2 years ago +3
I doubt it, I'll be like the government but I'll have absolute control over essential resources. How are poor, dumb and hungry peasants going to fight my private army? Plus some people will see their lives are easier when they submit. 2 years ago +1
Nope, it just means other people will be able to limit your freedoms. (I'll become a local warlord who takes first borns as payment) 2 years ago +3
There are still crimes in war 2 years ago  
Meh, death isn't my thing 2 years ago  
That's not a problem, I keep my head in a watermelon to cool off. 2 years ago  
Getting worked up is what I do for a living 2 years ago  
that doesn't make you any less of a pussy, it just saws how far you've come. 2 years ago  
Not a subhuman 2 years ago  
Let them live their lives, they'll experience their own pains. 2 years ago  
Who evers mind it is, is thinking it. 2 years ago  
When I look back at myself, it's like I was a different person at that moment. 2 years ago  
2tru 2 years ago  
"water is wet" it being true doesn't make it deep. 2 years ago +1
Drugs won't get you high as this, no. 2 years ago  
better opinions are the ones I believe and I swap them out as needed. 2 years ago  
Knowing the million dollar question doesn't mean I get to answer it 2 years ago  
Islam is the way to true life, submit to god and he will guide you to everlasting happiness. 2 years ago  
The more people to interact with the better 2 years ago  
Says a guy who's afraid of death 2 years ago  
Should of broke it to them easier 2 years ago +1
dat boi 2 years ago  
I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal." - Melania Trump 2 years ago  
He broke the only promise I thought he'd actually keep. 2 years ago  
Well It still had you screaming 2 years ago  
My point is who's going to determine/monitor which porn hurts children? Are you planning to have psychologist and doctors examine them everytime, and you're clearly just trying to avoiding my argument because it's not the only point I gave, for pornography to take place the participants must consent, are you saying a child has the understanding to make a legally binding agreement? Not to mention how you'll stop them from being exploited. How are you going to say something retardedly vague like "only when it doesn't hurt" maybe you should try looking at the whole situation before you start your autistic screeching. P.S your* 2 years ago  
You seriously have nothing, please stop pretending to, you claimed child pornography that doesn't harm children should be legal and I told you why that's a stupid thing to say. Nothing lost in translation there. Okay, so why is that relevant here? (try making a comment that actually contributes something) 2 years ago  
What exactly did I missread? If you had a reply you would have given one, don't say dumb sh*t if you don't want to be called out. lol, I'm terrified (did you forget you're just a guy on the internet?) 2 years ago  
Yes to both, she's now an adult and should be fully aware of the law, which means she knew exactly what she was doing by publishing it. 2 years ago +1
wait, do you think a child has the understanding required to give consent to be in something like pornography? the problem isn't just harming the children, it's the fact they can be easily exploited. Also how often is a grown ass man f*cking a kid not going to harm them (emotionally or otherwise)? You're trying too hard to be edgy to the point of retardation. 2 years ago  
ikr, nobody has it harder than straight white males, living in constant fear of being called racist. Sure people are being murdered but liberals don't understand how much being called racist hurts someone's feelings. 2 years ago  
Flat af 2 years ago  
looks like syndrome from the incredibles 2 years ago +3
Sluts are a gift from god 2 years ago  
Doesn't matter, had sex 2 years ago +2
Nah, I'll just die 2 years ago  
I'm pretty sure you're just a druggie bruh 2 years ago  
A is shît 2 years ago  
People should be treated with respect, dead or otherwise. 2 years ago  
I sleep in my causal clothes 2 years ago +1
I wouldn't use cool to describe either tho 2 years ago +2
Hyenas are gross when they get older 2 years ago  
poor guy, why is the world so cruel? 2 years ago  
there'd be a whole country full of inbreds 2 years ago  
the world would be so much better if it was run by corporations and had no rules (rules drule) don't you agree fellow angsty teenagers? 2 years ago  
I don't understand how and why people do A 2 years ago  
I'm pretty sure I gave my answer just then, I would ALLOW because of the reason above. 2 years ago  
And if it was legal I would allow it because I don't want to be charged with assault or any other crime (because I see that as going against my best interest). Also yes I know that and I never denied it. 2 years ago  
Yes, because what they're doing is against the law and I'm obligated to report them. 2 years ago  
These random letters and numbers mean both to me 2 years ago +1
I've lived without it so far 2 years ago  
Start a communist revolution 2 years ago  
Rocket League 2 years ago  
Back In the garden of eden 2 years ago +1
That's never happened to me but I can understand where you were coming from 2 years ago  
Everything isn't about victory and defeat but knowing that it makes less sense why you tried to argue against it. You're being very selective about this, I never said people should live off just bacon or even meat in that case, everything has a recommended daily intake. Also you say you're not denying its benefits but next minute you're talking about how it has NO benefits (literally read your other comments). You clearly misread my comment (purposely or otherwise) I said the 'terrible' conditions save money and increase production (which is why they do it), lower quality conditions cost less money than high quality conditions which equals more money saved for the business, that's just common knowledge. I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth, I'm just saying would just slaughtering the current cattle also reduce pollution and in the hypothetical situation it's that simple, would you be for it? My last example was basically asking if people have the right to trade their lives (by eating meat, which kills you) for pleasure? Or if it's something they owe to someone/thing. Sidenote: I really hope the points you glossed over mean they've been settled because it's really annoying to have to backtrack. (That other comment was a place holder in case you were wondering what's to on) 2 years ago  
I understood what you wrote but I can't visualize it in terms of a type of cartoon people watch, do you wait til someone invites you to watch a less mainstream anime? All I'm getting is someone watching dragonball then going around saying he's seen every anime, which is pretty hard to imagine. 2 years ago  
It's not even a problem in some places, maybe they'll make me pay a tax. 2 years ago  
For the legal benefits 2 years ago  
It isn't, I'm talking about myself personally. 2 years ago  
I seriously don't understand how you think. "Lmao you can't trust everything you read somewhere" *writes something he read somewhere*, I disagree with your source less fact but that's not even a arguing point for me, like I've said many times, I said you were using your morality, you asked where and I showed you. "Now if you want to talk about morality" it's kind of all I've been talking about but okay. How are you going to continue to claim "People eat meat not because it benefits them" meat still gives me those benefits and before you scream "plants do it better", that doesn't matter, it also benefits my bank account and saves me time, those 'terrible' conditions 'suffering' also save money, time and increases production. It's a business not some people who hate animals doing it to past time, necessity is a matter of perspective when people have different interests. Also when you get into the treatment of animals you're going straight into morality, if you only cared about environment and our health you wouldn't even mention them expect to say how you want them all dead because of pollution. And this leads into an interesting argument whether people are allowed to trade their own existence for pleasure, so when someone wants to kill themselves from meat will you say okay or would try to hold them emotionally captive to "think of the animals". Sidenote : people have different priorities, environment, self, animals isn't it, you don't owe anything to anyone, you don't have to live if you don't want to and the environmental effects don't matter if you only care about your lifetime. (Not referring to myself) 2 years ago  
Not a big stretch from operation Northwood 2 years ago  
Yes, I do think torturing babies is what wrong. (Pretty sure I've answered this before) 2 years ago  
Plant foods having the same things doesn't mean it has no benefits, fact is meat DOES help us survive for the reasons above (necessary or not), I've read plenty of articles that say eating meat doesn't automatically make you die sooner (e.g. surveys only documenting cases of extreme meat consumption) but that's not even something I want to argue, point is you were welding morality before. 2 years ago  
This is one of those things you hear people complaining about but rarely ever happens, they're just like fans who hate on new fans because they're new. Anyway you shouldn't care to the point it annoys you/ makes you hate an anime. 2 years ago  
A lot of little things that use to get made by hand 2 years ago  
I dislike dogs 2 years ago  
you're talking as if otaku is some kind of sacred title and it's honestly kinda gross that you're offended that people call themselves that. Meaning you either A consider yourself a 'true otaku' (a fag) or B some kinda of anime elite (a fag) 2 years ago  
Basically you just admitted I was right then gave arguments for things I wasn't even arguing. Okay. 2 years ago  
First things first you completely went over my comment again but whatever. Eating meat give us protein (Fact) eating meat gives use vitamins (fact) eating meat gives use minerals (fact) those things benefit us (fact) how are you going to claim it has no benefits (I've read arguments against your 'facts' but I'm not about to copy and paste as you could literally search this up yourself) you give reasons why eating meat is HARMFUL but give no reason why 'murdering innocent animals' is WRONG/HARMFUL to us in anyway (I've already talked about pleasure for pleasure) but pretend it's for the same reason (why use emotional language when you claim you aren't using your feelings), lol objective moral assessments? That's a load of bullsh*t guy, what's objective is the facts you gave, applying right or wrong to it isn't. Your argument did have to with ethics and so did many of your questions but know you're just trying to bush it as it didn't happen. If you're just trying to help the environment than the fact we bred them shouldn't matter, slaughtering them all WILL reduce population and at a higher rate and you shouldn't have a problem with that, with all your objective thinking. (Stop repeating yourself and actually read, I said you have your feelings in this and I've pointed out where you've shown it but you've ignored them and screamed MEAT GIVES YOU CANCERS) 2 years ago  
Swiggity Swooty I'm coming for that booty 2 years ago  
It's just a fact I just remember, notice the "Oh yeah" 2 years ago  
Oh yeah, since the age of your rrrather account = your real age 2 years ago  
I can't tell if you're a boy with Down syndrome or a fat lesbian. 2 years ago +1
Don't flatter yourself kid 2 years ago  
Like I said before you referred to ethics which is directly relating to morality and thats exactly where you're bringing your feelings into it, also hurting animals doesn't hurt our physical health at all and eating animals DOES have benefits which you glossed over after claiming them non existent. And again I did respond to them in the first line in my comment, I gave no details because they don't relate to my point, however you completely went over the last part of my comment which was a direct response to you. And yes none of those things are objectively wrong because for the 5th time the objectivity STILL doesn't deal with right and wrong (stop asking me the same thing over and over). The conditions we raise them in isn't what causes the population, it's the fact that they exist which can be solved by just slaughtering them, you wouldn't have a problem with that right? Because it's reducing the rate of global warming. And again you are talking about their suffering which is you having personal feeling, it not benefiting us shouldn't matter, someone out there is enjoying it. (P.s you're clearly trying to apply to morality when you compare it to rape and murder which I assume you find morally wrong, further proving my point your personal feelings are in this) 2 years ago  
Aging 2 years ago  
You should spawn kill them at the hospital 2 years ago  
I've only deleted once, but I reposted the same thing 2 years ago  
If it happens it happens 2 years ago 2 years ago  
Without the tofu and peanut butter sauce 2 years ago  
I can't go without my veal heart 2 years ago  
Finding Fish Titties 2 years ago +1
Your friend is fūcked up and so are you for being their friend. 2 years ago +3
Those byproducts doesn't make it morally/objectively wrong, you don't seem to understand objectivity DOESN'T deal with right or wrong, giving examples of what you feel is also wrong doesn't change that one bit. Also yes personal feelings are being used because you talked about ethics which is directly related to moral principles, so stop running around in circles. You can't use your privileged life in the west as a mold for all people, where did you find that African tribes use 80% of their crops to feed animals for slaughter, and I came to the conclusion because a lot of tribes in Africa e.g Dinka people are animals herds, they don't grow crops for cattle, they herd them around to different areas, I don't see how this sh*t you're whinnying about applies to them, only reason you'll cry foul is because you think animals feelings matter which is your personal feelings talking and try to pretend you have a problem because meat gives NO benefit and is killing them. Don't even try to argue anymore because you're literally trying to appeal to my morality in an argument about objectivity, fück outta here. 2 years ago  
Meat had protein and vitamins for one thing, you can easily research this yourself. Lol your rape comparison is completely unnecessary, just because I think rape morality bad doesn't make it anymore objectively wrong. You're jumping around so much, in the same comment you talk about how meat has NO benefits then go on to say it does have benefits BUT they can also be found it plants. What? 2 years ago  
you asked what was subjective about it and I gave it to you, and yes looking at it from the same view murdering and raping aren't a big deal, it's just people have their own moral views. 2 years ago  
My point with the pleasure is that in that case people decide what's more important, and I think my pleasure is more important than the animals, it doesn't come down to 'right' or 'wrong' because like I said, objectivity doesn't deal with that. Your personal feelings on rape and murder doesn't change that. My point is leaving animals alone in their case will result in the dead of themselves and their families as they're already low on food , making it come down to what people values more like I've been saying the entire time. 2 years ago  
I never like dogs, I don't know why people make such a big line between pet and food. 2 years ago +3
Rich people laugh and cry as much as everyone else 2 years ago  
I haven't responded to your arguments because my original comment is talking about morality bringing random shît into it doesn't make it objectively wrong. 2 years ago  
My point was this comes down to your moral views, if I saw you marching every rally for anything that's causes harm e.g driving I'll see you just care about the well being of everything, and to say meat has NO benifiets is straight up retarded, you can search this up for yourself. Like I said we get pleasure from it, while the animals loss pleasure which is rendered irrelevant when they die anyway, so no it isn't objectively wrong because objectivity doesn't deal with right and wrong. 2 years ago  
That's not the point, I'm telling you nothing is objectively wrong when their is morality involved. I say don't kill babies because I get no pleasure from it but killing animals gets me cheap and delicious food, like I said it's when you choose what you think is more important. Anyway do you have a problem with killing animals in general or torturing them? Because people killing their own animals can solve this, e.g in small African tribes they don't mass produce animals but use them as their livelihood. 2 years ago  
Reagan was fücking terrible 2 years ago +1
We need more refugees in the world 2 years ago  
I'm planning on reading the whole thing tho 2 years ago 2 years ago  
No, Black Hebrew Israelites 2 years ago  
Lol, what kind of excuse is that? 2 years ago  
Nudes or it didn't happen 2 years ago  
Well it's just People are trading another's pleasure for their own so you're just deciding who's more important. And here you're making it about 'want' I doubt zebras 'want' to eaten by lions and in my current position I 'want' to be able to get a cheap burger when I'm hungry but obviously I have morals so I say don't kill babies bro but if I step back but it's no difference. 2 years ago  
My comment still stands, all you did was admit it and say "that's not all". Anything out of moderation is bad for your health, I don't see how you can use that as evidence. In fact why don't you make questions using aftermath images of crashes to help stop people from drinking. At the end of the day it comes down to your moral views on how the animals are treated because their are MANY things that negatively impact human lifes but you show zero interest in any other field. 2 years ago  
wanting answers for the unknown 2 years ago +1
You're clearly full of shīt because you've literally argued about the eithics of it. 2 years ago  
Aight then, explain to me why it's objectively wrong to hurt animals. 2 years ago  
Force as in constantly shoving it in people faces via spammy questions. What's subjective is your constant whinny about how 'cruel and terrible' their treatment, which saves money, so it comes down to what you think is more important or morally incorrect. 2 years ago  
Fúcking weeaboo 2 years ago +2
its funny how you force your morality on people when it's subjective. 2 years ago  
What the fūck are you on about? 2 years ago  
Because guest are smart enough to not waste their lives on here 2 years ago +1
We should work on curing aging 2 years ago +1
Deadass New York n*gga 2 years ago  
I'm going to assume you're smart enough to know you're not changing anyone's opinion, therefore making you just an attention whore. 2 years ago  
No 2 years ago  
You must be on another level of butthurt to be stalking my comments like this 2 years ago  
damn kid, it was a joke. And I only call you stupid because you are. 2 years ago +1
What the hell is B and why does that guy have the redneck flag? 2 years ago  
See, that kind of reason makes no sense. You know that both will help and A would do it a bigger way but you just don't want to give humanity something? 2 years ago  
Moderate is everything, you don't just get diabetes and cancer from eating meat. 2 years ago  
My cat is a d*ckhead 2 years ago  
Still a part of humanity, if some good or bad happens to humanity it's impacting them as well. 2 years ago  
Everyone should believe what I believe 2 years ago  
easy, I'm suing 2 years ago  
Lol that doesn't make any sense, it's about supply and demand. 2 years ago  
Slavery was lit fam 2 years ago  
We share 100% of our DNA with bananas 2 years ago  
Don't worry, I'm going to fix the world. 2 years ago +1
Can you read? 2 years ago  
So I can put it directly into toilet water to pee silently 2 years ago +2
that would mean everyone I meet after would feel inadequate 2 years ago  
Many > Few 2 years ago  
Right, because your family isn't a part of humanity 2 years ago  
Not gonna lie, I think I look amazing in the mirror. 2 years ago  
You used the expression "Let me get this straight" wrong, but no nothing I believe is wrong. 2 years ago  
You could dig clothes out of trash and tell them it's yeezy 2 years ago  
That's just being black in America 2 years ago  
Every guy on TV wears makeup and 100% of them get more pussy than you. 2 years ago  
makeup makes everyone look better, it doesn't have to be extreme like A. 2 years ago  
That's fine 2 years ago  
Those of us that don't do 'bad things' only don't because they aren't in a position to and these things will continue to happen as long as their are humans. This innovative way of getting food is just enslaving animals for slaughter but obviously no body calls it that because humans don't really value animal lives or the ecosystems. 2 years ago  
And I'm apart of the world just like those dying children. 2 years ago  
Isn't that what I just said? 2 years ago  
"I can make his ass burp like a baby" - G.O.A.T 2 years ago  
You have no idea 2 years ago  
I haven't wanted to murder yet but I have wished dead upon a few 2 years ago +1 2 years ago  
Hey how you doin lil mama? lemme whisper in your ear 2 years ago +1
killing animals may be a part of nature but how humans do it is completely unnatural so i don't see how your example is valid, having no humans is the solution to may problem and that's just a fact, your moral view on what's 'right' and 'sick' doesn't change that. 2 years ago  
And it also good for the environment, so I guess we have different views on what's important. 2 years ago  
Doesn't mind animals being killed, finds humans killing themselves sick. Whatever guy, I'm entitled to my opinion. 2 years ago  
And I think it does, humans have destroyed the environment and have been responsible for the extinction of countless species, if that doesn't warrant punishment, I don't know what does. 2 years ago  
everything is spot on 2 years ago  
My facial hair grows so slow 2 years ago  
Actually a good president 2 years ago +3
Since I believe it, it can't be wrong 2 years ago +1
One of the worlds problems is me not having more money 2 years ago +2
Actually I only use it on guys I've shoved my d*ck down, that's why you're so butthurt. 2 years ago  
I clean it out by shoving the entire shower head up there 2 years ago +1
Considering chimpanzees eat monkeys 2 years ago +4
Your edge is making me feel unsafe 2 years ago  
It's cute that you think you're relevant on the internet. 2 years ago  
Well clearly most humans support it, directly or not. Otherwise it wouldn't happen and you wouldn't be defending it. 2 years ago  
Isn't that what I just said? 2 years ago  
Your reactions are mundane and so are you 2 years ago  
I cry laughing from my own jokes tho 2 years ago +2
I dislike hearing my own voice, it sounds so much better in my head. 2 years ago +2
Human centipede with your family 2 years ago  
Sounds like dancehall 2 years ago  
Well one of us is color blind because that's red 2 years ago +1
Well lions don't enslave other animals and mass product them for slaughter in terrible conditions, make other animals kill each other for fun, kill animals they don't eat so they can wear their skin and make jewellery, destroy habitat because it makes life easier for them and pollute everything because they're 2 years ago  
Because if I kill myself I wouldn't be around to spread the message silly. 2 years ago  
More virgins 2 years ago  
Silicon isn't good for you 2 years ago  
lol, come on kid 2 years ago +1
Sus the votes by gender, I'm telling you these hoes ain't loyal. 2 years ago +2
Lol 2 years ago  
Well if you don't want to see buff, skinny and fat people at the gym, you made the right decision staying home. 2 years ago  
I go to the gym everyday so I guess I do a lot of both 2 years ago  
If they asked, the only reason I don't just give them money is because they might not want it from me. 2 years ago  
It can wait, I've never missed a day of work yet. 2 years ago  
Unless they're just really bad at their job 2 years ago  
I'm always where I need to be 2 years ago +1
Wot n tarnation¿ 2 years ago +1
But obviously it depends how long we've been together 2 years ago  
I said 'two' instead of 'too' because that's what the question originally said until I pointed it out and they edited the question. Like I said earlier, if you had any critical reading skills you would be able to make the connection between what I said and the question instead of taking it at face value like an idiot. 2 years ago  
You can get those from babies as well, but apparently that's 'cannibalism' and 'wrong', I mean they don't even do anything. 2 years ago  
Because animals don't matter? 2 years ago  
Id wanna see what I could kill with a spear 2 years ago  
We should kill ourselves as compensation. 2 years ago  
So are people caught raping people, so I guess it is similar. 2 years ago  
I don't dislike anyone to the point of murder 2 years ago  
Cooperate with white people, but never forget they hate you. 2 years ago +1
I always get a buzz cut anyway, going bald will only save me money on the line up. 2 years ago  
I think prison sentences are too long anyway 2 years ago  
people are always surprised when I tell I don't play basketball 2 years ago  
The more they're like me the better they are 2 years ago  
It shouldn't be the sole reason to be killing the animal 2 years ago +1
Characters look retarded 2 years ago  
Yeah but if you're ugly as sh*t how are you suppose to make sure your bloodline lives on? 2 years ago  
We also enslave and rape animals, humans should be charged with crimes against nature. 2 years ago +1
Do you seriously not understand what context is? I said he deserved to die because of the context he used it in, at the end of h2o, which creates a different compound. did learning to read that early completely destroy your critical reading skills? 2 years ago  
It's pretty weird how it takes a lot of time but people are still effective enough to over hunt, And I'm talking about in terms of ethics and environment, I get how it will effect normal people and it's definitely never going to happen but Getting your own would mean they wouldn't need to mass produce animals for the slaughter and less tree would need to be cut down to make room for cows (since habitat loss is what's endangering most species) plus cows pollute, a lot. 2 years ago +1
The only benefit I can see is no spiders in my house 2 years ago  
In all seriousness tho everyone should be required to catch and kill their own meat, because the less cows the better for everyone. 2 years ago  
What I said was ordering (H"2"O"2), which is what the guy originally ordered before they edited the question to say 'too' instead of 'two', should trigger a death penalty. I'm surprised someone who started reading at one can't understand this. 2 years ago  
Exactly but you're still choosing A expecting to get on the lower end of the spectrum, but you can interpreted the question however you want. 2 years ago  
I don't understand your reasoning 2 years ago  
What are you going on about? 2 years ago  
I could, but I wouldn't. 2 years ago  
I'm just afraid of falling to my doom 2 years ago  
F*cking vegans man 2 years ago +1
I wasn't molested as a child 2 years ago  
It's hard to find a decent job period 2 years ago +1
I've already started working 2 years ago  
I never do anyway 2 years ago  
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