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    sans 1 year ago  
    As long as I keep a shirt on I'm good 1 year ago  
    Wtf 1 year ago  
    Get caught eating candy? 1 year ago  
    Shit 1 year ago  
    Attack Helicopter 1 year ago +1
    Rick and Morty 1 year ago  
    Being immortal would be torture after everything ended, I'd rather die rich and happy 1 year ago  
    You can fix being deaf, at least sometimes 1 year ago  
    Killing babies and ruining the life of a person 1 year ago +2
    The queen doesn't do anything 1 year ago  
    Sex wouldn't be extremely awkward if "kid" is like 14 1 year ago  
    Andrew Johnson was better 1 year ago  
    Die. 1 year ago  
    I SURRENDER 1 year ago  
    Socialism is the first stage of Communism 1 year ago  
    Who's 84 for the Patriots? 1 year ago  
    MERICA 1 year ago  
    If you become invisible no one can see you if your old 1 year ago  
    Oh sh*t I thought it said marry 1 year ago  
    Prosthetic arms are cheaper I looked it up 1 year ago  
    Jesus lmao 1 year ago  
    Texting is for a major sh*thead 1 year ago  
    My religion would be fake cause I made it up 1 year ago  
    What's the difference?! 1 year ago  
    I already do #nofilter 1 year ago  
    Serves that piece of sh*t right 1 year ago  
    Gangnam style is catchy 1 year ago  
    Noooooooooo! 1 year ago  
    Sastisfy someone to condemn them to hell. Fun! 1 year ago +1
    Death or eternal burning in hell. 1 year ago  
    Sweet Jesus Almighty 1 year ago  
    I could grow my dick 1 year ago  
    Lamo 1 year ago  
    Hell yeah only child 1 year ago  
    Pepsi weed killer 1 year ago  
    I am a happy moron 1 year ago  
    Sorry star trek I love you 1 year ago  
    SEIG HEIL 1 year ago  
    Massive anime titties 1 year ago  
    I'm Rick Sanchez 1 year ago  
    There is some sh*tty music an I want it to turn black 1 year ago  
    Burger king sexxy 1 year ago  
    Lmao its picard 1 year ago  
    Hitler mah boi 1 year ago  

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