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Would you rather Make out with a cat that just ate tuna or make out with a fish 4 years ago 89 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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I guess you're a grammar nazi 4 years ago  
GOOD FOR YOU 4 years ago  
What about Lisa Simpson? 4 years ago  
i'm a guy so i don't think she'd hit very hard but i think he would... because she'd be banging a guy... (ROFL LULZ) 4 years ago  
i'm a guy who's not gay so... GIVE ME THE MONEY 4 years ago  
OH MY PRECIOUS WAIFU 4 years ago  
QATHERINE 4 years ago  
think if you can't get sad at a funeral you'd look like a fluckin psychopath 4 years ago +1
so with a zombie or an animal? 4 years ago +3
by men or women? 4 years ago  
i HATE the thought of immortality 4 years ago +1
my siblings are all older than me so i wouldn't feel as bad 4 years ago  
yup 4 years ago  
it says i won't be happy so... 4 years ago +1
it doesn't say the one you love loves you NEITHER does it say that you love the one that loves you 4 years ago  
rather WHAT?! 4 years ago  
i'm a guy so i'll hit the guy 4 years ago  
you could yell at her that she's wrong (i am also an atheist) 4 years ago  
we'd think it's normal 4 years ago  
1%... 4 years ago  
way to ruin a book i won't read! 4 years ago  
it only last a month so... 4 years ago  
i'm a guy so i wouldn't really want my GF to be more manly than me 4 years ago  
yeah but he runs so fast that he pushes wind so... do you want skirts to fly or not? 4 years ago  
well at least the one i love will be with a nice guy 4 years ago  
i'm a guy so 4 years ago  
if you liked blondes? 4 years ago  
depends on the girl 4 years ago  
why EW? 4 years ago  
mom or my best friend hmmm? 4 years ago  
your point being? 4 years ago  
he can have sex before marrige or GET IT FROM YOU 4 years ago  
what normal people count as a ten i'd think is like a 7 4 years ago  
hug? 4 years ago  
i hope that if my son was gay he'd embrace it and tell me rather than hide it and have me find out in a dumb way 4 years ago  
i don't know WHO this is but i know it ain't JB 4 years ago  
i don't know he 4 years ago  
i wouldn't be in the akward situation she would 4 years ago  
he looks... hotter? 4 years ago  
plus maybe it's just a private wedding? 4 years ago  
the guy who wrote the question 4 years ago  
wouldn't the other answer be better for you then? 4 years ago  
depends on how far you've gotten into the relationship 4 years ago  
let me see a picture of you if you're not bold then you're a liar 4 years ago  
that destroys the question and it's meaning 4 years ago  
that destroys the question 4 years ago  
depends on the group 4 years ago  
visit Iceland? 4 years ago  
atheist RIGHT HERE 4 years ago  
yeah but that DESTROYS the question MAN 4 years ago  
i'd be happy so... 4 years ago  
google is a thing you know 4 years ago  
ignorance is bliss 4 years ago  
but ignorance is bliss 4 years ago  
i have PLENTY of friends 4 years ago  
i always have a stuffy nose 4 years ago  
english? 4 years ago  
i'm a straight guy so that's the only way i'd have a boyfriend 4 years ago  
then he wouldn't be going free 4 years ago  
i live in a cold country... 4 years ago  
depends if it's a boy or a girl 4 years ago  
i hear people are actually really nice in Texas 4 years ago  
this was made 3 years ago... Charlie Sheen was still in the show then right? 4 years ago  
i'm to young to live off that 4 years ago  
IDENTICAL twin 4 years ago  
lottery... 4 years ago  
stay at home day? 4 years ago  
i think you'd be paranoid of when you're going to die 4 years ago  
then the question is meaningless 4 years ago  
i think 2700 will be a wasteland sooo... 4 years ago  
i'm a guy sooo... might as well go all out 4 years ago  
depends on your job 4 years ago  
i am 14 4 years ago  
so have you given your money? 4 years ago  
is the ghost hot? 4 years ago  
as a guy 4 years ago  
i'm a straight guy so... 4 years ago  
what about the cace and lollies? 4 years ago  
RAYBAN 4 years ago  
so... what? 4 years ago  
well have you ever thought that pok√©mon WAS suppsosed to be MADE for CHILDREN just like FF is made for emo tweens? (newer ones anyway) 4 years ago  
yeah but it's like a fresh start 4 years ago  
i'm a guy so... OH NO MY GUY-LINER AND MANSCARA 4 years ago  
i'd be happy so... I WOULDN'T CARE 4 years ago  
RINGO 4 years ago  
mentally challenged people seem happier so 4 years ago  
THEN YOU'RE MAKING THE QUESTION USELESS THE QUESTION SAYS YOU WOULD HAVE TO DIE AFTER TEN YEARS. "sigh" it's like someone would say do you want 10 dollars or save up and get 20 later? and you say I WANT TWENTY NOW... FLUCKIN JESUS 4 years ago  
then the question is useless 4 years ago  
i'm an athiest and i agree if people want to believe in a better life or another one then they're lucky if you ask me 4 years ago  
i'm 14... and a guy with no GF 4 years ago  
to bang? is better? 4 years ago  
sex? 4 years ago  
water is wet you say... let's work together to get this studied upon TO THE LAB I SAY 4 years ago  
skills to pay the bills 4 years ago  
the question for me is NOT who do you like more. The question is, who do you dislike less? 4 years ago  
i'd make BIGGER bets at casinos 4 years ago  
depends on the buffet 4 years ago  
i'm actually answering these with my mother... LOL 4 years ago  
orange the color and then orange the fruit? 4 years ago  
look at me. STOP. look at me. YES! 4 years ago  
who? 4 years ago  
it's the same thing 4 years ago  
the difficult questions are always really messed up 4 years ago  
i can take the cold better than the heat so 4 years ago  
it just makes a more interesting story 4 years ago  
don't have one but... 4 years ago  
so i'd be scared of my life when i see a child because i don't care what you think but don't hand a 5 year old a weapon stronger than a machine gun 4 years ago  
i believe in the future beng a huge pile of crap (Fallout 3... kinda) so i don't really wanna meet or go to people that'll murder me if i have anything useful 4 years ago +1
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