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    did you know that even if a gay couple were to get married in a state that it is legal in, if they moved to a place like Texas (where it is not legal) and one of them was in the hospital for something serious, the other could not visit them because they are not legally family in state? yeah... +1
    at least i'll be with my friends +1
    wow the comments are filled with caps lock... nice.....  
    put a block of ice under my bum  
    you are a genius +2
    at least the parasites are dead...  
    you would die either way +1
    smart people are smart +1
    wish to be smartest person on earth, have the easiest, best paying job, everlasting wishes +1
    ^ this  
    birthdays suck  
    27% of people are 12 year old girls  
    that statement means you can't +1
    ^ this  
    lol XD  
    yes they can  
    punch it in the face  
    cats are so sarcastic. i love it +2
    ^ this +1
    don't need sex +2
    love snow  
    i was about to do the same thing  
    die hard pepsi fan +409
    i don't want an aircraft to shoot me down  
    people wanna kill you when you have money. at least now they can't kill me :)  
    i wanna have a baby +1
    chibi bear ftw  
    a jew is going to save your life +3
    ^ this  
    justin bieber is so annoying +3
    you can't spell "twilight" +3
    sparkling vampires can go die +4
    use the rope to get off  
    i have true love. gimme the money  
    ^ this  
    both suck  
    apple - yuck +4
    cute teen is cute  
    not too girly anyway +4
    same +4
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