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Would you rather A funny meme or A funny scream 1 year ago 58 votes 1 comment 0 likes

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my namis jeg 1 year ago  
In Soviet Russia Chuck Norris can still kick your ass. 7 years ago +8
I don't want someone to feel guilty over me. :( 7 years ago +2
Camera. :P 7 years ago +2
Get this douche banned for asking these religious war starting questions! He's caused too much damage. 7 years ago +15
Hey, no one EVER said you HAD to get the food everyday, you can wait a few weeks, and when you feel like getting McDonoalds, it's free, plus i don't really like subway. 7 years ago +5
Honestly, spinach is kind of good, and i want to be as healthy as i can be. :P 7 years ago +3
I'd like to know what my forgotten childhood was like, and see my greatest achievements again, plus i wouldn't want to know when i die. 7 years ago +4
I'm a dude, so none. 7 years ago  
Who're you calling a pinhead. 7 years ago +5
This is the mosr racist question i have ever seen on this site. 7 years ago +10
Oh, i think i'll go to YouTu.- or nvm, it hasn't been made yet, memeba-, funnyjun-, twitt-, rrrath-, oh nvm. -_- 7 years ago +7
That's life for you. 7 years ago +11
Black... GUY!?!?!?!? 7 years ago +16
What if the ugliest person ever i a guy? 7 years ago +5
Hey, atleast i get a free girlfriend. 7 years ago +10
I'm new, and i'll just vote on some cool stuff. 7 years ago +2
Only gays would say no. And it says "GUYS:" in the title, so girls can't answer. 7 years ago +6
Why the #### would i talk about that... "thing"? 7 years ago +7
Both? 7 years ago +6
Too laggy. 7 years ago +3
Playing x box is like choking yourself... 7 years ago +1
Smack on DAT ASS! 7 years ago +16
If i was addicted to homework, then i would have better grades 7 years ago +17
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