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    All overpriced crap that everyone loves so dearly much just because it's got an "i" in front of the name of the product.  
    I am disappoint.  
    I barely watch Anime anyway, I'm waiting to get into it until some time later on when I get more free time. I think I can go without something I barely have anything to do with for a year, rather that the other way around.  
    I don't even own my own computer so HAH! >:D  
    I don't even...  
    Just the thought of an Iphone pisses me off for some reason...  
    never saw  
    It didn't say how bad the stab or slash is, so I could just lightly scrape it across my skin in that general area & everything would be fine.  
    Never played those ones  
    I already have a N64 so...  
    Hah! 50% - 50%!  
    I'm a ♂, so...  
    No it's not... +2
    I'm a ♂, so...  
    oh crap i forgot it said "guy" NOOOOOOOOOOOOO  
    I'm a guy, so...  
    I'm a ♂, so...  
    I'm a ♂, soo...  
    By putting "videogames" you knew what people would pick...  
    I'm a guy, soo...  
    Hah! 50% - 50%!  
    Just because it said HD, otherwise i have no clue...  
    I've never even heard of the other one, what year did it start?  
    Your keys because it doesn't say lost forever... maybe I left them in the car. Maybe I left them in the kitchen. Who knows? Only 1 way to find out!  
    People, people! A Grolar bear is a hybrid between a Grizzly & a Polar bear! & they are real, Guest from California... people, thumbs up this comment so people won't be confused!  
    Do you/did you live in a haunted place? If so I wanna know! :D  
    It said feel, not smell.  
    These questions are so freaking stupid!  
    I'm no drinker...  
    Don't know, don't care.  
    Fk off  
    Run the frick away  
    I'm sick of this. These page 50 - 60 questions don't even make sense/are extremely irrelevant to the website!  
    Don't know, don't care. And this isn't even a would you rather question!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Looba to you my good sir, looba.  
    Don't give 2 damns.  
    Have you tried this cool new thing called reading the description?  
    Would I rather what?  
    TOO MUCH BRAIN OR BRAWN QUESTIONS!!!!! I mean we get it already! MY GOD!!!!!  
    I... I-I don't... I don't know...  
    It also means no plumbing... :|  
    Don't care.  
    Both, but it says I would survive though so...  
    It is if you make it.  
    Don't care.  
    Doesn't matter, had sex.  
    I chose this because Cells are so cool! :D  
    They never said that they wouldn't return the money...  
    Speak Spanish, Cat language (Scientifically proven to exist), Japanese, Sign language, & Latin. (Would make some real cash off of Cat & Latin languages... & imagine the fun you would have talking to your pet cat! ;D)  
    I am disappoint. You know why, results bar, You know why...  
    Hah! 50% - 50%!  
    Sonic doesn't, only Saiyans can go super Saiyan. (Logic, people?!?!?!)  
    Who now? Doesn't matter, played Minecraft (Get the joke?)  
    Would the ghosts be scary and hostile, and would I be permanently insane? #Unclear and #INeverUseHashtagStuffEver  
    This is already life, as charity companies describe it.  
    I am already past 10 years old, but I assume it just means that area of age in general, so... yeah.  
    I'm a guy, sooo...  
    Have you ever heard of a woman named Justin Bieber?  
    Chose because of the picture.  
    I'm a guy, so...  
    She looks like she actually wants to have sex...  
    Hah! 50% - 50%!  
    God's already real & Pokemon's just so BAWZ‼ +1
    Not if he reforms, or is caught or stopped... or dead...  
    Not anymore... >:3  
    Ghosts in the lodge, Slender man in the woods.  
    Then why the hell were the stars in the sky absent! Huh? Answer me this!!!!!!‼!!!!! +1
    Depends on the situation... >=3  
    Just because of anime...  
    Kit Kats!!!!!!!!‼!!!!!!! =D  
    Gooby pls  
    You're spelling it wrong by the way...  
    Ex. act. ly.  
    I don't have any.  
    Well, My best friends are guys so...  
    My face is a little better than average (being more honest than most of you, acting like you're supermodels or something... -_-), but I could stand to have more muscle...  
    Hot dogs are nasty.  
    Neither. &, yet another question that isn't wyr.  
    They're the same person...  
    Apple disgusts me. Just because they name their products "iPhone", "iPad", & "iPod", everyone just buys it blindly! So overpriced just because the name starts with "i"! Apple is horrible!  
    I don't know‼ & wtf does this have to do with would you rather questions?!?!?!?!?  
    Because it would be like my epic secret hideout... =3  
    Super Mario 3D Land FTW‼  
    Neither. It's not always a 1-or-the-other situation, like the media says it is.  
    There was a joke here? +1
    Or will it?  
    I don't freaking know...  
    High 5! =D  
    Not a ♀ or a gay ♂ so... stfu.  
    They mean like an active hobby, right?  
    "Never have someone to wait you at home" doesn't have anything to do with a "significant other"...  
    Would I still be able to sleep for pleasure because like to have dreams‼ D=  
    I'll find someone...  
    I don't like celebrities.  
    I have no clue what these even are...  
    Fruit is a natural thing for primates to eat. (Which is the category where Humans are.) Ever notice how even if you don't like most fruits, if you see like a pic of berries & tropical fruits it still looks good? (Or is that just me...?)  
    Sell the Priuses, gifts to trusted friends...  
    Bacon's good, but other pig flesh is just meh. (Yes, society, I said "pig flesh" instead of pork. Just deal with it.)  
    I don't have any consoles tho... D: (Except for my BAWS N64 but no recent consoles)  
    I only chose nighttime because of the picture, if they were ordinary showers I would choose the morning because it wakes me up... :P  
    No clue, never even heard of any of these.  
    Cool but I thought it was 8$  
    Why is it bad it's just a leaf  
    I HIGHLY dought that the 40's are gonna be all high tech futuristic flying cars & robots. I would say that comes about in at least 70 or 80 years.  
    Hah! 50% - 50%  
    What I always try to tell ppl +1
    Android would be hot, and be able to fully have sex  
    I would do this so that I can return to the BAWS present.  
    I would like to live alone but if apartment or condo only. just me in massive house with many rooms? Cree~py  
    Already been to Disney World, want to see what Disney Land is. =P  
    Neither, I would lose focus in both scenario's.  
    HG freaking SUUUUUUUUX! Especially the movie. +1
    Not really a zombie, STOP LETTING ME DOWN PPL!!!!! D=>  
    No... D:  
    I like paradoxes, as long as I have full knowledge that they're paradoxes & that I know what happened if the paradox didn't happen.  
    Hah nice bro  
    Tom Boys, less prissy  
    AIDS was made by the government  
    Crap. Oh well I'm not greedy. +1
    I will stay a ♂ because women are usually sexist.  
    Gross... I'll take the soda, along with some chips + some video games.  
    Don't know/care any/about celebrities, so...  
    How the frick am I supposed to know? Don't even care anyways.  
    If I was camping with my best friend, then yeah. But since that was never implied, I chose the hotel.  
    South park is GEEEEY  
    Depends on the parents. If they are the typical biased bunch who will just believe whatever BS lies the younger 1 comes up with because they're so "cute" & "innocent" that the older one is the younger one's punching bag, I will be the youngest child any day. But if the parents are better than that, they will understand that the oldest one isn't always the malicious brat that the 1st parents make them out to be, then I will be the older 1. (BTW: I am the oldest child, I have a little sister.)  
    Not the people themselves, just the practice of being gay. MY OPINION, SOCIETY CAN'T CHANGE IT!!!!!! >:D  
    Guys would steal ur girl, and the same to the other gender.  
    I don't.  
    They're just saying a creep & someone who doesn't talk much, not that they go together stereotypically.  
    Not anymore‼ >=D  
    Exactly. Overpriced things that are just cool because the names are made in this format: i[ProductName]  
    1,000 now, ♥ - seeking l8r. =D  
    | 0 -1 = Baby | 2 - 4 = Toddler | 5 - 9 = Kid | 10 - 12 = Tween/Pre-Teen | 13 - 18 = Teenager | 19+ = Legally not a kid  
    Clearly you don't understand the concept of there being a difference between 4 year olds and 11 year olds.  
    Anarchy is more realistic, & what makes you say all who chose it are "stupid 12 years old kids"?  
    I'm not a sports person, so neither.  
    Then if I don't get killed long enough, I can experience life after Humans! =D  
    No freaking clue. I don't even know what #2 is.  
    Being a kid is fun but kids have no rights and are generally belittled by adult society. (& I'm talking like, late kid/tween/early teen here, not like 5 year olds.)  
    Humans are primates/apes which means we would easily avoid a lion if a jungle were to be involved. (Because come one people, I can't be the only one who thinks of tree climbing when I hear the word primate.) =P  
    Sexist jackass  
    Females, please, men visit this site too. Please, make the questions unisex.  
    Proof that they don't? ... Yeah, that's what I thought.  
    Read the description. =P  
    Humans are animals... but even if you you had that in mind (maybe you did idk), the comment still works, Humans would die off as well.  
    The question meant to be able to zoom in & out of normal hearing @ will, not permanently...  
    Speaking of Google, there's this god-awful screamer that's going around the YouTube comments section, and Google's in the line of suspects for making it. (The screamer also flashes, so people with epilepsy can sue YouTube and/or Google or whoever really created the monstrosity.)  
    Alone B/C everyone would think they're better than me & never let me do anything then they would complain & say I'm not helping  
    I don't want equipment to wiegh me down... XDLOLOMGBFFLOL!!!!!!!  
    With my luck, choice #1 was a surefire YEP  
    We could start tribes!  
    WTF why cat so low?  
    Dogs actually do try to rape Humans sometimes I have no clue why... XD  
    Hah! 50% - 50%  
    Hah! 50% - 50%  
    Starving because at least then you're not a slave and can learn how to fend for yourself.  
    It's already a Human ability to control dreams, so yeah.  
    RAINY DAYS ARE LIKE SO TTLY COOL PEEPS!! OMG BFF LOL!!!!!!!!!! (But seriously, I do enjoy rainy days.)  
    ♂♂ & ♀♀ is some kind of mental disorder, it's just plain not natural! if it was , ♂ would be able to (naturally) get pregnant, & ♀ would have 8==D's! Or better yet, Humans would be genderless animals. (Not saying animals in the meaning of an insult, but rather the taxonomy... oh forget it.)  
    People who don't like Minecraft are either A: Have it set in their minds that it's gonna be bad, so no matter what kind of experiences they draw from the game they will never enjoy it unless they edit their perspective, or B: They've never really played it for over 5 minutes  
    Marrage is too much commitment for me to handle... which is why I'll probably never do it.  
    I probably would rarely kill a chicken/cow/pig, but I would enjoy having the option... (BTW: I eat mostly meat now so if I had to be a vegetarian I would probably rarely eat... D=)  
    That's what dsquared meant...  
    You better be around her age, you possible pedophile...  
    Double my weight, because I'm a 67-lb tween...  
    It's not good to kill, unless it's in direct self-defense.  
    The dogs could be mean  
    Either way, you're dead.  
    Monkeys are like Humans, they don't like to be held captive.  
    Wait.. CrazyChixo are you calling me a giant baby with a 50-year old pervert face!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  
    If it's a paradise earth, than Earth. but if it's right now Earth, well, you can clearly see my answer already.  
    Danm, I love this website... ☺  
    Technically the foreign languages 1 counts also for the 1st one, because not only Humans have languages. (Ex. It's a scientific fact that Dolphins, Cats, Monkeys, & much more have their own languages.) But since I see what they are trying to say here, I choose to be able to speak all the languages of all non-Human animals.  
    Not Unicorns because they'd be hunted to extinction by jakc-a$s Humans who care about nothing but themselves, and the profit that they make.  
    9-11 was the government's doing anyhow, so even if 9-11 was stopped, they'd find another way to scare people into making new laws...  
    I think that they kind of go together, but I'll choose zomb's anyway.  
    1hr because it's shorter.  
    1 or the other or @ the moment? If @ the moment, definitely the $. But if 1 or the other, I would choose true ♥. But, since it probably means @ the moment, I choose the $.  
    I just understood why.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!‼  
    To have all of my dreams I've ever had on separate DVD's? BAWZ  
    PC's are better than Mac's because PC for 1 thing has more available programs, 2nd of all Apple freaking SUUUUUUUUUUUUX  
    Tie, idk.  
    I didn't choose the donating one because it said DOLLARS which is an American currency, they would have no use whatsoever.  
    I choose the coma because, think about what kind of EPIC trip/dream you would have! Sometimes, when your in a coma, you feel like are even in some kind of different world, rather that just a dream. (Like a fantasy world based 100% on the contents of your brain.)  
    All languages include that of non-Human entities, (Cats have been scientifically proven to have a language) so I would choose language any day. Oh, the things I could learn from my pets... the fame & fortune I could make off it... & also, you know how fun that would be to have a conversation with a cat? Who's with me? =D  
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