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"Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance." Jean-Paul Sartre

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Kathleen Kennedy: "The time has come. Execute Order 66". Rian Johnson: "Yes my lord." 5 months ago  
Jame Earl Jones..... 5 months ago  
Oh cool! 5 months ago +1
At least there isn't the "subverting expectation" sort of deal. And the hate was mainly about Jar Jar, while the Last Jedi entire plot is illogical. Why did we even need that casino plot? And why did we even need Rose? 5 months ago +1
UNLIMITED POWAAAA!!!! 5 months ago +1
He was just Stalin.....waiting for the perfect moment to strike. 5 months ago  
Hi 5 months ago  
Short and sweet. 5 months ago  
Technically, I can create a black hole just by making any regular object really really small. 5 months ago +1
Telescopes..... 5 months ago +1
Duh. 5 months ago +1
Hey, they said everyone you love. Includes people besides family. 5 months ago  
I'm an atheist. 5 months ago +1
Time to start humanity over! 5 months ago  
Two men with discoloured skin. 5 months ago  
Seems kind of cool. 5 months ago +1
B isn't as interesting as A. 5 months ago  
The amount of aluminium in the vaccine is meagre to the amount anybody would come in contact with the environment. There's not enough metal to pose any threat. You're more likely to get sick. 5 months ago  
Parents have a moral obligation to ensure their kids are safe. I'd even argue it should be illegal to deny your kids vaccination since doing so is neglecting your kids well being. 5 months ago +1
I mean this is the fundamental principle of a democracy. 5 months ago +1
It's about time. 5 months ago +2
I'll get him later.... 5 months ago  
Are they just strangers? 5 months ago  
On LSD? No, I don't think so. I'm very much fine mate. 5 months ago +1
Surfurist Atlanteans. Besides, I'd get tired of seafood. 5 months ago  
I don't want to have any LSD, thank you very much. 5 months ago +1
Who wouldn't want to? 5 months ago +1
Crammed in a little metal ball and forced to fight for master? No thanks! 5 months ago  
........ Well if that's the case, I think most people wouldn't want this "purity". Not many people would view it as a good thing or a necessary thing. I'd go as far to say that it's bad for the our species survival. 5 months ago  
Who wants A? 5 months ago +1
More useful. 5 months ago +1
Ehh....despite what most people think, our ability to remember is quite limited anyways. Better deal. 6 months ago +1
Hmmm..an owl, a penguin, so many options! 6 months ago +1
Sounds like a win win to me. 6 months ago  
Sound can't travel through a vacuum though..... 6 months ago +1
Sign up as an executioner. 6 months ago +1
I'd go to Asia while Europe is stuck in its Dark Ages. 6 months ago +2
I'd be really wise.... 6 months ago  
Philosophy leads to answers that have more questions...... 6 months ago +1
If I could live forever, I could spend all that time thinking. 6 months ago +1
B would be bad for crops. 6 months ago  
Sorry, but we could be friends. 6 months ago +2
Why? I guess you still have 3 other gas giants as well, so removing Jupiter isn't gonna make a big difference. 6 months ago  
Snow.... 6 months ago  
People, in the attempt to avoid death, try to seek answer from religion. But death comes to all of us eventually and there's nothing one could do to avoid it. 6 months ago +1
Not if the whole universe is filled with lions....especially if those lions are blocking the sun. 6 months ago +1
In one day, I will make 43.20 dollars. I'd say, not bad. 6 months ago +1
Can I just fill the universe with lions and tigers? 6 months ago +1
Jupiter is just too gaseous....*ba dum ting!* 6 months ago +2
Reversing entropy! That could mean the universe could live....forever. 6 months ago +1
Nothing much is left in option A. In option B, I'll command all the remaining aliens to stop destroying humanity and Earth and to set up an alliance instead. With our combined power, we can create a technological empire. 6 months ago +1
Well when I'm really old, I'll just set an alarm clock for 30 minutes. Then I could enjoy my prime. And rinse and repeat. 6 months ago  
Well I'll never need to buy knives. 6 months ago +1
Do I slice with my hand or what? 6 months ago +1
Rather be truthful. Truth>>>what people think of you. 6 months ago +1
Why is this even a tough choice? 6 months ago  
But how fast does it age me backwards? A year per hour? 6 months ago  
A "HIGHER" world? *smokes weed* 6 months ago +1
Yum! 6 months ago  
YAAAAAAS!!!! 6 months ago  
I don't want to make someone believe something. I believe the reason should decide for itself. If I'm reasonable, any reasonable person should believe me. If I'm not, they'll vocalize their ideas. Making them believe something just admits that you can't come up with something convincing. Beside, shapeshifting would be useful. 6 months ago +3
Cool. Never need to buy any car. 6 months ago +1
Immortality! 6 months ago +1
But advance in science. 6 months ago  
Nobody wants a nuclear war. However, we may have space race. 6 months ago  
Sorry Europe, but I've got to look after number 1. 6 months ago  
Traditions and old beliefs are just that. Traditions and old beliefs. And when the time comes that new evidence arrives, one must be ready to throw away evidence and old belief in light of new evidence. 6 months ago  
Shouldn't be? Then by definition, they are not living things... And considering the scientific community agrees to define animal as: "Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia. With few exceptions, animals consume organic material, breathe oxygen, are able to move, can reproduce sexually, and grow from a hollow sphere of cells, the blastula, during embryonic development." 6 months ago  
Either way, there's no intervention of supernatural beings. 6 months ago  
Do they have proof? 6 months ago  
Well here's the thing. There's a science that studies life called biology. And biology has shown all living things are made of cells. All you need is a microscope. Furthermore, humans fit the necessary description of what an animal is. 6 months ago  
I guess that's cool. Now I could eat sushi with no worries. 6 months ago +1
They weight the same by definition. 6 months ago +2
Neither. 6 months ago  
We have DNA evidence showing that evolution is true. We're eukaryotic multicellular organisms that take in Oxygen and glucose to create energy. We are animals by definition. 6 months ago +1
Yes. 6 months ago +1
More overpowered. 6 months ago +2
By definition, humans are animals. 6 months ago +1
Can I create something that allows me to create something 13+? "Forget this adventure, there's another adventure I want!" *hint hint* 6 months ago +1
Therapy has certainly helped. 6 months ago +2
I can't talk to a bacteria!!!!! It doesn't have a mind! Though I'd be disappointed why he or she is my last decendant. Go to a sperm bank or donate your eggs. 6 months ago +4
Define evil... 6 months ago  
Do I get fast reaction time? Otherwise, I'd be running into things. 6 months ago +2
Penguins are cute! 6 months ago +1
I ca create anything with A. 6 months ago +1
Secrets behind aliens: They arrive here nude because Voyager 1 contains nude image of humans. 6 months ago +2
Well time to make several bets. 6 months ago +2
I mean everyone is dead if the world ends. 6 months ago  
So with necromancy, would the person retain their memory and former selves? 6 months ago +1
The rice are amazing. 6 months ago  
Well you don't know how abusive some parents can be. Physical punishment is as traumatic, if not more then just walking away. 6 months ago  
The physical punishment won't? 6 months ago  
What? 6 months ago  
Have you learned about Operant conditioning? And I'm not too much of a fan of physical punishment. 6 months ago  
Just walk away. Make it seem like I'm abandoning them. 6 months ago  
Electricity. 6 months ago  
At least people won't be spontaneous and suddenly stab someone. 6 months ago +2
Simple solution: Fish tank. 6 months ago +2
Who needs to be when you have unlimited power! 6 months ago  
I feel like he's gonna copy Zeus, turn into a swan, and grab some p***ies. 6 months ago  
No clue, but cool. 6 months ago +1
Army of me then. 6 months ago +1
Would the dead person retain their mind? 6 months ago +1
Can't I manipulate reality to heal somebody? Just more uses with A. 6 months ago +1
Doesn't A guarantee B logically? 6 months ago +2
My battalion will led me to victory! 6 months ago +1
Who'd want A? 6 months ago +1
It's much better than punishing someone innocent. 6 months ago +3
Dew it! 6 months ago +1
Because you are all obsessed with this Reset thing. 6 months ago +1
"Oh boy! It's the Polar Express!" *train goes to Auschwitz* 6 months ago +1
Who'd choose B? 6 months ago  
If you were in Calculus class, you would've also learned about Squeeze theorem. And the meaning of equal in mathematics also allows for limits. That's why I could say 1+(1/2)+(1/4)+(1/8)+...=2 6 months ago  
I'd probably buy out land and improve the land with my wealth. 6 months ago +1
Most people wouldn't immediately notice. 6 months ago +1
Though A may be tasty. 6 months ago +1
Sounds like a powerful abilities. Nobody can stop me!!! 6 months ago +1
Why not? 6 months ago +1
I like to be open about things. 6 months ago  
0.999999....=1 because of Squeeze theorem. If a>b, then there must exist a number c that satisfies a>c>b. Otherwise, they're the same number. You could think of it as if you had two different number, there has to be some distance between them and a number in the middle. What number satisfies 1>c>0.999999...? No number. Therefore, 0.9999...=1. Mathematically demonstrated. 6 months ago  
Socialism may work, but at what cost? 6 months ago +1
If I become a blade of grass, I wouldn't be really alive anyways because I wouldn't have a mind. 6 months ago  
I'd say that's a win win for me. 6 months ago  
The Red Army would've defeated Stalin and the White army. Though it would be interesting to see how Soviet Russia played out had it not had Stalin. 6 months ago  
That would be a cool alternate history. Sadly, you didn't say the USSR would also be capitalist. Most likely, if Stalin was a capitalist in Russia, he'd be dead. 6 months ago  
Time to be a FSM follower! What would the Flying Spagetti Monster do? 6 months ago  
Yum! 6 months ago  
Time to change the past! 7 months ago +1
So if I brought myself and a friend, we could defeat this monster. 7 months ago +1
That would seem fun! 7 months ago +1
Couldn't care for any of the other animal. Just the penguin. 7 months ago +1
So in B, if you turn an object into food and gen eat it, does it revert back to it's original form inside of you? 7 months ago +2
Who'd want B? 7 months ago +3
So there's a difference between metaphysical solipsism and epistemic solipsism. 7 months ago  
Das Reich! 7 months ago  
Solipsism has less ground than pretty much anything else in philosophy. Why? Because it's just like if I claimed there was an invisible undetectable dragon here right now. But at least with that, you could have somebody question it. With Solipsism, you can't rely on anyone's word. But you shouldn't but that must trust on yourself. 7 months ago  
Well I'd show statistics and data to the government showing that reducing birth like that results in an aging population and in reality would make the current economic situation a lot worse without a young working population. 7 months ago  
Why wouldn't I want to be immortal? 7 months ago +1
I'll do it in emergencies. 7 months ago +2
The entire thing is a hoax. 7 months ago  
I still don't want to live in a society with a class system. The brighter future space society is better! 7 months ago +1
I'll bring in the Spear of Destiny. Then I could just do A. 7 months ago +1
But that still begs the question. Why are most fantasy world still stuck in medieval technology? Why is the main government divine right of rule? Why is magic not use to help the peasants overthrow the nobility? And even if you could teleport, you'd teleport into the middle of the vacuum of space. Think about that for a second. A ship would be a better option because you could breathe in it. 7 months ago +1
Have no clue what A is, but I don't like dogs. 7 months ago  
Hog warts have a surprisingly lack of safety. I mean you could be chilling in the bathroom one day and something comes and eat your face off. 7 months ago  
If I had a time machine, I could go back, answer this question again and also get B. 7 months ago +1
So you would be living in a world where the best explanation for supernatural phenomena is "because the gods". I'd like a world where we actually investigate this scientifically. Also, space travel. We've got space travel. 7 months ago +1
I mean if we looked in a sci if world, at least we have scientist understanding these stuff scientifically and expanding upon this knowledge while in fantasy world, I don't know why anyone has taken magic, studied it scientifically, and use it to make a technologically advance society and potentially gain more knowledge of the universe. At least sci if makes sense within it's own continuity unlike magic which is never explained or studied, just left as a mystery, as though it is too sacred to study. 7 months ago +1
Because we could actually understand these weird phenomenon scientific instead of being ignorant to the reality of things. 7 months ago +1
That is a power. 7 months ago +1
That's what they all say. *shapeshifts into you* "There can only be one..." 7 months ago  
Good. I don't want to live in the Imperial Era. 7 months ago +1
I'll just go back to my past self and improve myself. 7 months ago +1
Much more overpowered. 7 months ago +2
Hero and villain are a matter of perspective. However, you cannot deny my Power! 7 months ago +1
Though what era am I in? 7 months ago +1
Would I be under witness protection? 7 months ago  
So either way, my powers are from something subjective. I'm going with this one because he looks more epic. 7 months ago +1
I mean you don't know what STD are without sex really. One kid should ask, "But how does one get an STD?" 7 months ago  
The outcomes of my choice is a mystery of the universe.... 7 months ago +1
Corsets are actually dangerous and it affect the body, deforming it. 7 months ago +2
Let's be realistic. If you have a decent income, you shouldn't be too worried about taxes. However, death comes after everyone, rich or poor. 7 months ago +1
I'd obviously make sure the person is tested. And you said sex. 7 months ago  
You realize if both people don't have the STD, there isn't the risk anymore? 7 months ago +2
Question things! 7 months ago  
Be like everyone else. 7 months ago  
Get some of the good stuff from the man in the trench coat. 7 months ago +1
Hell isn't a thing. 7 months ago +1
Why am I also to assume something crazy? 7 months ago  
You could die! 7 months ago  
Who wants B? 7 months ago  
Who would prefer A over B? 7 months ago  
Pizza has lots of options. 7 months ago  
What does B mean? Did I kill my grandpa in the past? 7 months ago +1
Echolocation. 7 months ago  
More powerful. 7 months ago  
If urban legends are true, there would be scientist probing that area. 7 months ago +1
Ummmm.....you constantly mix up between naturalist and materialist. And we can't say future is absolutely predetermined because quantum mechanics. It has a random element to it. However, just because some parts of the universe are random, does not mean we have free will. 7 months ago  
Just because no beard to worry about. 7 months ago  
Point out they could make value. 7 months ago  
Anyone can be virtuous, from a certain point of view. 7 months ago  
How does one get mauled by a goldfish? 7 months ago +1
Seems better. Besides, I'd always have to be naked to be invisible. 7 months ago  
Neither of the above. 7 months ago  
How is this tough? 7 months ago  
That would free up so much time. 7 months ago  
Easier life. 7 months ago  
Nah, but everyone I hypnotized has......including you. 7 months ago +1
That should be interesting. Exploring other worlds. 7 months ago +1
Hypnotize someone to fetch me some clothes. 7 months ago +2
I can do B with reason already. Philosophy is what one needs, not powers. B seems like intellectual dishonesty. Though imagine how one could use A on themselves to do all sorts of stuff. No consequences! 7 months ago +2
It's not my choice in determining what is or isn't true. The statement that one can choose their belief is just factually wrong. Not a matter of belief. In that case, might I ask you to go a week believing that you cannot die. Can you believe for a week that you are immortal? It's an enticing belief for you because no worries about death at all, yet it is illogical to accept that belief. Psychologically, it's impossible to choose to believe. Can someone will themselves to believe a placebo actually work? Well no. If you know it's a placebo, then you can bang you head constantly while saying it's a placebo in hopes you would think it is a placebo. 7 months ago  
Well why would a God honestly even care about that. If anything, he'd want honesty, and that isn't honesty. Belief isn't something someone could just choose. 7 months ago  
Santa is a pedophile. 7 months ago +1
Cool. So what future stuff are there? 7 months ago  
Should we only believe things because they sound comforting or because they have actual evidence. I have yet to see actual evidence for a god. The only argument made is to believe a claim made because this claim claims that believing it will get you an award. Tell me how that is logical. 7 months ago  
I think both sounds interesting. 7 months ago  
That sounds interesting. 7 months ago +1
Why is Santa a socially acceptable pedophile? 7 months ago  
Before taxes.... 7 months ago +2
If I never surrender, it's going to be at most about 40,000 people. 8 months ago  
That is under the assumption that you have nothing to lose if you believe in religion. And you're also assuming that god is okay with people that fake til they make it, but not okay with genuinely good people because they didn't believe in him. 8 months ago  
Reverse entropy! 8 months ago +1
Hmmm....cartoon characters don't die and they don't fall as long as they don't look down. They might be blown up and in the next frame, look like nothing has happened. Not to mention, cartoon characters could hide behind thin poles. I think that would be extremely useful. 8 months ago +1
That sounds like a win win to me. 8 months ago  
Oh I'm my own grandpa. 8 months ago  
Power!!!!! Unlimited Power!!!!!! 8 months ago  
B just sounds messed up. 8 months ago +2
Why am I not surprised of this? Crazy.... 8 months ago  
Both are terrible. But at least I could pretend to be Christian. 8 months ago +1
I could just come back with an army of me, all versions from different points in time. Like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BVlYcpOhk0U 8 months ago  
You're too stubborn. This conversation is over. 8 months ago  
And where's the evidence for that? 8 months ago  
Doritos? 8 months ago  
I mean if you damage the brain, what will happen? 8 months ago  
-_- Seriously...you're gonna pull that move. Look, come back when you have actual proof. You have yet to show me anything. 8 months ago  
Now have a seat. I see you have an obsession of me. Was this due unconscious unresolved conflict as a child, perhaps involving a spork. 8 months ago  
Well our brains give rise to consciousness. We've studied the brain. We have yet to see an evidence that consciousness is caused by anything external. Instead consciousness is something that arises within our brain. 8 months ago  
Pretend to be Neil deGrasse Tyson on his ship of the Imagination. 8 months ago  
-_- It hasn't been proven. In that case, someone could claim that the Loch Ness monster is real and you can't proven them wrong. 8 months ago  
You have sticky hands, but not sticky enough to climb walls. It's the same adhesiveness of regular tape. 8 months ago  
You have webbing between your fingers. 8 months ago  
Power! Unlimited POWER!!!!!! 8 months ago  
I mean think about it. 2 feet is not bad. 8 months ago  
Give me a powa!!!!!!!! 8 months ago  
At least I know she isn't gonna stab me in my sleep. 8 months ago +2
Pearl Harbor. 8 months ago +3
The lesser of the evils. 8 months ago  
Reasonable people. 8 months ago  
Atheism isn't a belief. And as far as we know, it's the most reasonable take on theism until,there is evidence. As far as we know, the two are not mutually exclusive. 8 months ago +1
Errrrrmmmmmm.....to much effort. *goes back to sleep* 8 months ago  
Steal half a billion dollars. 8 months ago +2
I don't believe a soul exist because there has yet to be any evidence. 8 months ago  
It's not a belief system. It's lack of one. 8 months ago +1
Simple. You need to stop going to the candy man in the white van. 8 months ago +1
Even without power. Why? Because morality is entirely subjective. 8 months ago +3
Fractals are fool mathematically. 8 months ago  
First of all, there's nothing that atheism teach. It's not a religion. Secondly, in case if I needed to make this clear to you, this is what Willy Wonka said apathetically. 8 months ago +1
Stop. Don't. Come back. 8 months ago +1
Nobody, not even god, can beat Phil Swift. 8 months ago +1
She just been trying out some "magical candy". 8 months ago +1
Dangerous stuff includes alcohol. 8 months ago  
A would be creepy. I have a feeling that person would have to be cared for constantly. Though B would be older than the universe, which that can't be the case. 8 months ago  
Nice. 8 months ago  
Who? 9 months ago  
Except nothing is said about a watch. Only clocks. Next time it should say, "Never be able to read time." 9 months ago +1
I'll look at a watch.....ha! 9 months ago +1
It leads into further math that has a lot of applications. 9 months ago  
I would probably call this doctor out for being unscientific. Pee is essentially what your body is trying to get rid of. Deliberately drinking pee is a bad idea. 9 months ago +2
What do you mean I'm guaranteed to suffer. The thing is that Pascal's wager makes a false dichotomy. 9 months ago  
Couldn't you wish for A? 9 months ago +1
I wouldn't know how to care for the Panda......wait, whoever said I have to care for it? *Later....* This is some good stuff. 9 months ago +1
Hmmmm....have the ability to go to any point in spacetime and live out the ultimate sci fi fantasy or meet someone and exchange body fluid occasionally to create more of your kind. Hmmmm....I think it's obvious. 9 months ago +1
More money. (2^22)-1 pounds. 9 months ago  
What if your plan? Get a homage jumpsuit, attach on a cape, and attempt to Superman it. 9 months ago  
When you ascend, you'll fall back down. What goes up, must come down. 9 months ago  
A unicorn is just a horse who's a little more horny. 9 months ago  
So what, a lot of people are June 6th at 6:00 in the morning. And a lot people become politicians. And I mean the idea of what is and isn't evil is subjective. 9 months ago  
Seems like it would benefit me more. 9 months ago  
That seems more useful. 9 months ago +1
That sounds delicious. 9 months ago  
Math seems easier and more interesting. 9 months ago +1
Navy Seal. 9 months ago +1
I feel like this question was a bit lazy. 9 months ago  
I mean what is their new body like? I guess I could. 9 months ago  
I could get a billion dollars with lightning powers. 9 months ago  
Long term makes you who you are. 9 months ago +1
B is for necrophilliacs. 9 months ago +1
Logically impossible. 9 months ago  
I have yet to see that. 9 months ago  
Only in Disneyland..... 9 months ago  
Definitely minecraft. 9 months ago  
Humans can create bioweapons. 9 months ago  
Every man for himself! 9 months ago  
No reason to. 9 months ago  
History is a cool class. Unless it's computer art or sculpture. 9 months ago  
What is consciousness? 9 months ago +1
So if you don't know who you are, you don't share any memory with the person, what makes you different from somebody else? 9 months ago  
It says a cheeseburger every day. I'll just ask for the smallest burger and just eat other stuff as well. 9 months ago  
But smoking is a whole lot worse. 9 months ago  
Much better. 9 months ago  
So what? I mean I don't share any personality or really anything else with this past self. As far as I'm concern, we're two different people. 9 months ago +1
Smoking is bad. 9 months ago  
Actually look it up. Also you realise intelligence is more complicated than just knowing stuff from a book. It's about application as well. Intelligence require creativity. 9 months ago  
Still better. 9 months ago  
Gnome seems like they're defenseless while I got like trident. 9 months ago +2
In the long run, it was good. 9 months ago  
You realise the IQ test is actually flawed and there is little to no scientific evidence that shows it works. It was originally designed to assign kids into different level for kindergarten. 9 months ago +3
Seems like the less insane ones. 9 months ago +2
I was in my bathroom, watching YouTube videos. 9 months ago  
Except if that were true, why do one's hallucinations conflict with other. If you ask a person in America, they see Jesus and Heaven along with other things in the Christian religion. However in India, they get a totally different result? What could explain that inconsistency? If you do science in America, it's the same result you would get if you performed it in India. Could it be that this these visions you see differ by cultural differences? And how could we know these experiences actually happen and not just in one's head. The mind isn't infallible. 9 months ago  
Yeah, there's also sighting and witnesses in Salem of witches. But what do we know? These witches aren't real. You can't support a claim with other people saying claims. They never actually document these occurrences that allow us to verify if they actually happened. 9 months ago  
How do you know that you aren't the one having the hallucinations and going crazy? Just saying. I mean it's a pretty big claim you're making right there. 9 months ago  
Little did she know, that pink stuff was radiation and she was diagnosed with brain cancer..... 9 months ago +4
Especially in the Clone Wars series. 9 months ago  
It's all about the fans. The fans are always right. After all, these are the people paying you to make the movies. 9 months ago  
I don't want to die! 9 months ago  
Sorry, even a strong correlation doesn't imply causation. http://tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations In order to determine if it's a causation or not, you need to run an experiment, something I find lacking. Can you "Zodiac hypothesis" make predictions that are reliable and could be tested over and over? 9 months ago  
You know, I respond to theologians and philosophers that people recommend to me. Who would you say is the person that you got your argument from? And I wouldn't say I'm afraid of that stuff. It's like if I said "You're afraid of Zeus because you're afraid of what he'll do to you if you don't praise him. I know this because you write off something as ancient as Zeus and think he's garbage." Let's even try to think about how ridiculous it is to think that the lack of a belief is a coping method people use. "Oh my goodness, I have AIDS! I'll just believe AIDS are not a thing." "Oh my goodness, the Russians are launching nuclear missiles at us. I'll just not believe nuclear missiles are a thing." "Oh my goodness, terrorist hijacked the plane! I'll just not believe terrorist are a thing." We don't believe things because we fear them. That would be ridiculous. We don't believe things because there isn't evidence. 9 months ago +1
Afraid? How am I afraid of them? Where did you ever get that idea? 9 months ago  
Of course not. 9 months ago  
They're a bunch of snake oil. 9 months ago  
And some French.... 9 months ago  
I mean the employer wouldn't just hang up if I said that. 10 months ago  
Go to the police, but keep the money. 10 months ago  
I don't want to die. And I don't think there is anything after. 10 months ago +1
"Don't worry, I'll be nice dictator." *chop off his head* 10 months ago  
None of the above. They needed to happen or else things won't be the way they are today. 10 months ago  
Yeah, I mean I can make moves that are seemingly odd until the end. 10 months ago  
Do we even have free will? 10 months ago +1
A unicorn is just a horse who's a little more horny. 10 months ago +1
You still need evidence for this ascending. 10 months ago  
Any of your claims. 10 months ago  
For example, I asked for evidence and you failed to conjure up any. 10 months ago  
My first wish is that the rules that you put on my wishes don't apply to the rest of my wishes. Then I wish for an infinite amount of wishes. 10 months ago +3
Mine craft is superior. 10 months ago  
Yum. 10 months ago  
It just so unreasonable and nuts to the point it makes the nuts I deal with everyday look like sane people. 10 months ago +1
I feel like this one had more questions. 10 months ago  
I'll just keep them in my missile silo in case anyone attacks. 10 months ago  
Yeah, but every time you say something, it makes me lose faith in humanity, which is funny because I initially thought I had none. 10 months ago  
I'm not gonna question the logic in this. 10 months ago  
How would that work? I'm older than him then. 10 months ago  
Seems more useful to me. 10 months ago  
An eternity of ear rape. 10 months ago  
I mean if I'm that smart, I could outsmart people without having to outstrength them. 10 months ago  
Most people want Weirdmaggeddon. 10 months ago +1
I think A would be more useful? Question: If I saw in the future I would do something, what if I chose not to do it? Wouldn't that be paradoxical? 10 months ago  
That sounds tasty. 10 months ago  
Seems cool. 10 months ago  
My hell is gonna play those ear rape noise for all of eternity. 10 months ago  
Seems more accurate. 10 months ago  
I think several standards would be Don't steal people, Don't murder people, don't be an A**hole, and if you are an ActualFrisk cult member, its straight to hell. 10 months ago +1
I would probably also throw in a little "Hail Satan!" in there as well. 10 months ago +1
I mean I don't want to die. 10 months ago  
I mean do I get their powers? Cool! 10 months ago  
I'd feel like I might get executed even if I'm high in ranking. 10 months ago  
Yum... 10 months ago  
It's THE future. Haha! That mean A includes B as well. 10 months ago +1
Either one. 10 months ago  
Fresh from the source... 10 months ago  
Depends. What is this afterlife about? 10 months ago  
What god said. He said a ton of screwy stuff. 10 months ago  
Well the Bible had a lot of screwy stuff that's messed up. Like Divine right to rule. 10 months ago  
Cool 10 months ago  
If anything, God is the most dictatorlike of dictator. I mean his first 4 commandments has nothing to do with morals, but himself. And commandments 9 and 10 dictate what you can even think. So hell no! Nobody would want to live in a country that followed biblical principles. 10 months ago  
I know, but I could be some sort of vigilante that catches rapist. 10 months ago  
Well if I know it's gonna happen, I'll record the incident to report whoever did it. 10 months ago +1
Baby antichrist says, "Blessing to you and yours on this most joyous of holiday season." 10 months ago +2
Yeah, but according to this, how could I live my worst fear for an eternity if my worst fear is death? 10 months ago  
I mean what if the two things contradict. I fear death, yet I am immortal. 10 months ago  
Invincibility!!!! 10 months ago  
I mean this temperature is so hot that it might even create a black hole. That doesn't make sense, but look up a kugelblitz. 10 months ago  
I shall call myself, Dasani. But seriously, what distinguishes the two? 10 months ago  
Knives!!!!! 10 months ago  
Obviously. I want the greatest skilled people. 10 months ago  
Long range usefulness. So what do I have? Throwing knives? A bow? 10 months ago  
Try going faster than light. 10 months ago  
So you can't imagine something known as the emergence property. That we can have simple parts and these parts follow simple rules, but give complex results like consciousness. 10 months ago  
The laws of physics don't change, just our understanding of physics. 10 months ago  
Hell no! 10 months ago  
Why flat earth? Well I mean given that you believe all this stuff is real, being flat earth is like a Cherry to the top. 10 months ago  
Looks like it's from that one show. 10 months ago  
But I'm god. I make the rules. Make diseases not a thing. You know what, eating would be optional. Starvation isn't a thing. 10 months ago  
So what does it do? Oh, it's covered in gasoline, tossed at me, and I burn. Stop. Drop. And roll. 10 months ago  
We did that once before. It wasn't that good. 10 months ago  
Yum! Besides, it's healthy! 10 months ago +1
Okay, what evidence? 10 months ago  
I mean if I know he exist, I must have evidence. Otherwise, what reason suggest he is real? 10 months ago +3
Why not both? Existential crisis and humor at once! 10 months ago  
Why not both? 10 months ago  
I don't like cat/dogs, 10 months ago  
Why? 10 months ago  
You know what, just make death not a thing. 10 months ago +1
So what is she? An AI? 10 months ago  
Darwin comes back from the grave.... 10 months ago +1
Sounds more intimidating.....*Teacher turns to students* "Wolfgang is going to be teaching you all a lesson tomorrow." *everyone shivers in fear* 10 months ago +2
So the orb is a bomb? Knife should be too hard. 10 months ago  
Manages to take down a trained stormtrooper who has combat training....then absolutely fails to take down a girl with zero experience and just joining them. 10 months ago  
Kinetic energy? So somebody chucked it at me... And how does the girl kill me? 10 months ago  
So does somebody chuck the orb at me or what? I mean it's just a ball. And the girl, how does she kill me? With a knife? Because in that case, I have a fighting chance. 10 months ago  
Winter is great! 10 months ago  
Either that or tell them to stop or else. 10 months ago  
Mary Sue ruins any story. Just look st the new Star Wars. There is no way Kylo Ren manages to take down Fin, who was a trained stormtrooper, yet a girl who has no experience and is a scavenger somehow poses a threat. 10 months ago +1
Still, you don't reveal personal information of a person. That poses more danger than it may seem. Someone gets that and thypey know where you live, and other stuff. You realize that, right? It's not only exposing cheaters. 10 months ago +1
Well ISIS wouldn't be a thing. 10 months ago +2
That's pretty unethical to expose people's identity. 10 months ago +2
I'll definitely will wrestle physically for my daughter.... 10 months ago  
Shoot it in the eye or mouth. Or use the sound of a bullet to scare it. 10 months ago  
Tipping actually hurts the waiters since if they earn any tip, they have an even lower minimum wage. 10 months ago +1
You KILT me right there.... 10 months ago +2
The End is pretty boring. 10 months ago  
My official title is 22 old man/ 17 old girl/ a taxi driver/ John Smith / etc I have to spend 5 years to get etc as a title. 10 months ago +2
Teach them to question things! 10 months ago +3
So basically idealistic America? 10 months ago  
No clue who that is, but nobody gonna control me. 10 months ago  
Technically it is! 10 months ago  
Life back then, you were more likely to die due to war, crime, etc. Not to mention the medical advances we've made today. In history, this is statistically the best time to be living. 10 months ago  
Can I be part tardigrade so I am nearly invincible? 10 months ago  
Horse. There I could outrun y'all. 10 months ago  
"A unicorn is a horse who's a little more horny." 10 months ago +2
Cool. Catch me if you can. Though I think I wouldn't even need to go 100mph. 10 months ago  
I mean you gotta have money before fun......otherwise you wouldn't be alive to have fun. Duh. 10 months ago  
Haven't heard of this one so I'm willing to try. Can you murder people in this one? 10 months ago +1
Let's just say the end result is an ice pack and my head. 10 months ago  
Chess is more fun in my opinion. Had bad memories of soccer from my youth. 10 months ago  
Origin of Infinity itself? What do you mean? I mean a line segment has infinite dots in between the two points. A square has infinite lengths in between the two edges. To ask what is the length of the square is mathematically meaningless. I mean we could get into Hilbert curves, but that's another thing. We could ask the perimeter of a square or the length of it's side, but we can't ask the length of a square. 10 months ago  
I mean it's amazing to look up at the dark cosmos, especially with a telescope. 10 months ago +1
Mind if I tag along? 10 months ago +1
Happy 15 birthday. You're one year closer to your death. 10 months ago  
Yeah, but you haven't even proven it was true in the first place. 10 months ago +3
How to tell if someone has been on too much drugs..... 10 months ago +2
I'd like to paint that. That sounds like a ton of money. 10 months ago  
Why not both? Or Knife porn. 10 months ago  
I think we need Steve Irwin more. 10 months ago  
These questions are getting annoying. Why? 10 months ago +2
Animal talking would be cool. Animals, come with me. We shall form a brotherhood of evil! Mwahahahahahahaha! 10 months ago  
I mean Machiavelli said that a leader should strive to be as good as possible. A leader should strive to be both loved and feared. But if he cannot be both, it is better to be feared than loved. There's a reason because if people don't realise he has power, they'll overthrow him for someone else, and that someone else could be even worse.... 10 months ago +1
I won't have to pay too much for additional spice. 10 months ago  
For a leader, yes. 10 months ago  
Temperatures of Star vary between 3,000 K to even over 25,000 degree K. 10 months ago +1
That's crazy. I mean maybe she's an awkward smart nerd who also doesn't like water. I mean even if she was an android, who cares? 10 months ago  
I don't want to be taken by a Sombrero! 10 months ago +1
I can't be a virgin!!! 10 months ago  
Birds. 10 months ago  
Penguin. 10 months ago +2
Like those cool cave fish without eyes. 10 months ago  
At least that's more reasonable. 10 months ago  
But then what distinguishes you from someone else. If you lack personality, memory, etc. and only retain consciousness, and someone had the same thing happen, how could you distinguish the difference? 10 months ago  
Is that so? It would not seem that way. 10 months ago  
I'll take that immortality, thank you very much. 10 months ago  
Though who will we ship you with. Margaret, spin the wheel. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5vPAWkuNB1c 10 months ago  
ITS A JUDGE OR BE JUDGED WORLD!!!!!!!! 10 months ago +1
Probably isn't gonna happen. Though what do I keep? Memory? Personality? What? 10 months ago  
Make death not a thing. 10 months ago  
When somebody ghost you, they're no longer present with you. You're f***ing a ghost. Therefore, you're f***ing someone no longer present. 10 months ago  
Yeah, but why do people say a dead person is no longer here? 10 months ago  
But technically, the person is no longer here, right? 10 months ago  
Is doing it with a sex doll masturbation? Is listening to audio for an orgasm masturbation? Is humping an object masturbation? 10 months ago  
But technically the person is no longer here, right? They're dead.... 10 months ago  
I have no reason to think otherwise. 10 months ago  
A right triangle. Think about it. Right triangles are cool, especially when talking about their relationship to a circle. The Pythagorean theorem is a^2 + b^2 =c^2. The equation for a circles is x^2 + y^2 =r^2. That could be thought up of as every possible right triangle with hypotenuse r. The definition of a circle is the set of all points r distances away. And sides a and b? It varies with angles. How much? Welcome to trigonometry. 10 months ago  
Art is pretty good. 10 months ago  
The limit, as v approaches 299792458, the observer's time approaches 0. That means that if you travel at the speed of light, time doesn't exist for you and you can't experience anything or even think since all of those require even the slightest bit of time to pass. 10 months ago  
B would kill me. Besides, who cares about the name. It's just a name. 10 months ago  
I mean if you have sex with a ghost and ghost are people that are no longer here, you're having sex with someone no longer here. If the person isn't present, then does that mean you're masturbating? 10 months ago  
Half angel? So what do they get? Wings? 10 months ago  
So what makes you you? I mean if you lost personality, memory, experiences, etc. due to brain damage, who do you become? 10 months ago  
So masturbating? 10 months ago +4
Cool. Teach me some Harry Potter stuff. 10 months ago  
Talk my way out of it. 10 months ago  
Firstly you haven't proven anything. Secondly, what is the soul even responsible for? We can affect our consciousness by physical damage to the brain, indicating it's physical. I mean when you damage your brain, you are not you anymore. You completely change into another person. Like Phineas Gage. 10 months ago  
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