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    Even if you think marriage should be between a man and a woman, why can't people just accept what gay people want to believe? America is a free country, people! God loves ALL DA PEOPLES (I'm a Christian, an I still believe this) 3 years ago  
    Think about it. Would you want a basketball as a friend, or a HOOMAN 3 years ago  
    Hay I have money! OH WAIT I'm gonna go to jail OOOOH NO (this was a bad idea) 3 years ago  
    Id be like OOH SAAY CAAAN YOOUU SEEEEEEEEEE 3 years ago  
    Just have a pool of clear, reflective water in your bathroom. DUUH 3 years ago  
    I'm a straight girl, and I didn't pick on looks. I picked Emma because HERMIONE IZ DA BESSST AND BEING PRETTY IZ A BONUS 3 years ago  
    Drivers would have to go through an ACTUALLL driver's test, to make sure they don't RUN ANYBODY OVER 3 years ago  
    Only child... HA I BROKE DA OONIVURSE 3 years ago  
    I would never drive high- unless I'm in a helicopter. 3 years ago  
    Who just saw the cheese and clicked it? I'm addicted to cheese. Yup. 3 years ago  
    I had too much coffee today. Again 3 years ago  
    Gotta go to space. BA BA. BA. SPAAAAAACE. Babababa. Badup. SPAAAAAACE 3 years ago  
    I would tell them, "GO MAKE DA MEATBALLS", and then I would give them to Africa's starving children, because DA WURLD NEEDS DA MEATBALLS 3 years ago  
    The cold never bothered me anyway... WAIT 3 years ago  
    I would look extra fancy next to the ordinary houses 3 years ago  
    I could handle da tooth. 3 years ago  
    Mother: Oh, you're playing a MindCraft again! Child: NOO 3 years ago  
    At all. 3 years ago  
    Not kidding. 3 years ago  
    Because the picture on the right looks frighteningly like my uncle Joe. 3 years ago  
    You would get brost fite 3 years ago  
    In heaven, wouldn't lag! 3 years ago  
    Your slumber, it teems with such HORRIBLE dreams that you very much better be waking- 3 years ago  
    Washington FTW! 3 years ago  
    Congratulations, DonkeyPunch. YOU OFFICIALLY BROKE MY BRAINEY BRAIN. Thank you. 3 years ago  
    #spriteftw 3 years ago  
    Then I could act drunk all the time and still swashbuckle like a PRO PRO #jacksparrow 3 years ago  
    I bet they'll love seeing my hamster chew a hole in my grandparents' antique quilt. GOOD JOB DOUGLAS YOU RUINED A PIECE OF HISTORY 3 years ago  
    Dis question is toopid DUUH 3 years ago  
    DumDum bledore = Gandalfywalfywaffle 3 years ago  
    Less chance of road rage 3 years ago  
    That 7% though 3 years ago  
    Fail compilations are just here to make people feel better about themselves. 3 years ago  
    PIGS R LIFEEE 3 years ago  
    MJ is cool. Justin Bieber is a squirrel. Not a cute one, either. LIKE IF U AGREEZ 3 years ago  
    World peace, free cats for all of humanity, chinchilla rights, Thomas Jefferson is now alive, sunscreen that actually works. Like if you can think of five other wishes! 3 years ago  
    Bla blaaa... MAH BRAN EXPLOOD 3 years ago  
    I say! How in the name of my pet albino peacock could one be overdressed? One should ALWAYS have the proper attire. Humph! I say! 3 years ago  
    Even though only listening to music that was created on this particular day would be pretty annoying. 3 years ago  
    Put a like if you think that comments designed solely for obtaining more likes are great! 3 years ago  
    Romney is just like Hillary! They both look like they ate a frog 3 years ago  
    My cuteness meter just exploded. Rip 3 years ago  
    I don't wan't to see my dreams on Tv! Its jurrasic park all over again- Twamatizing- 3 years ago  
    So I could hide things in my hair (even though I already do that, because of my curly pooch hair) 3 years ago  
    Cows are da cootest little things! Even though they aren't little. Except for the calves. Ooooooh! 3 years ago  
    You're a hairy wizard! HA HAGRID 3 years ago  
    Cause' I didn't commit a crime! 3 years ago  
    Just so the world would know that this time, it wasn't humanity who started a war via invasion 3 years ago  
    It's not like people who go to Starbucks care about their money anyways... 3 years ago  
    You only live once. Don't waste your life jumping off of a cliff without a parachute, and yelling YOLO! Really. Just don't. 3 years ago  
    Waaaah 3 years ago  
    No. Just, just no. ; . ; 3 years ago  
    Because I'm in Choir. YUSS 3 years ago  
    I would disperse the money among poor families from multiple countries, including Africa! 3 years ago  
    Twilight= NO. Harry Potter=FANGIRL OVERLOAD. YUP. 3 years ago  
    If I had a rewind button, my conscience would not let me progress. 3 years ago  
    Mentality of a baby? Nope. Body of a toddler? Ehh.. not good either way, come to think of it... 3 years ago  
    I'm squeamish. Sorry. 3 years ago  
    I don't exactly like either... but I think that a tattoo would be better. 3 years ago  
    I would get on one of those Tv shows where people lose weight over time. So yeah. 3 years ago  
    With knowledge, you can help the world grow and develop. With hotness, you can... um... look good? Boring. 3 years ago  
    It's chocolate. Come on. 3 years ago  

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