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Hi I'm StarWolf but you can call me Kara! I might as well tell You people somethings about me.

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    umm... could you learn to spell simple words you should know by the time you are in 1st grade?  
    ...Okay every one needs to stop being so mean and calling everyone stupid. Both of these are not 100% proven so in a way they are both just theory's on what happened. everyone has their own opinion! every one needs to stop acting like this is all 100% fact. I understand for the people on the god side of this its all "faith " and stuff but please chill! THE SAME CAN GO FOR THE PEOPLE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS ARGUEMENT (sorry for the caps I accidently turned on caps lock and I'm to lazy to fix it.) cant we all just shut up and move on with our lives? +1
    the big bang is not a 100% fact so you are doing the same thing we are believing a certain thing that is not 100% proven  
    *rolls eyes* umm I think I have more then one brain cell or I would not be capable of even typing this. Please Think before you type now have a nice day +3
    Foxy the pirate Fox  
    what kind of acid?  
    if you could read minds it would be less likely for people to do experiments on you  
    how the hell did life even get here if it was not from a higher power  
    just marry pewdiepie problem solved LOL  
    I can simply use a ipod and get a calling app  
    well my mom calls me evil red headed demon dictator so I can live with hitler  
    London is in Europe right? I want to go to London  
    I can just kissmy grandma!  
    what is viddy and youtube is my life  
    hot and smart? im in! I don't like human interaction anyway  
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