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    OMG I'm so embarrassed! Thank you, lol.  
    The picture hurts invisibility, but if I could be totally invisible without my clothes there I'd happily pick that. I'd spy on people.  
    I couldn't decide...  
    I don't know how to drive a stick...:(  
    I'd be just embarrassed...  
    I frankly think the lightning is less dangerous.  
    I wanna watch all those people dance around on the sidewalk!  
    This actually happened to me! No joke. I was sick...  
    This is maybe the toughest question I've had to answer so far... +1
    I hope racism/sexism/specism/everything else is gone by then. Let's move forward and evolve!!  
    This feels like an apple to oranges comparison to me. People like me buy Nintendo because they're fans of lots of games that are Nintendo console exclusive.  
    I'd honestly choose the left option for real. I also chose communism over capitalism.  
    I can't sing very well...  
    Let me climb up to you when you're sad and bunt you with my head.  
    Anorexia scares me...  
    Don't mess up my feet, please...  
    A tough one, but I could maybe help out more if I spoke the 5 languages.  
    Aw! Cute little birdie!  
    Uh...I'm vegan? No gelatin.  
    I despise that Wally Wal*Mart company. Target for me.  
    I need the network...  
    Let me sing about one of the key issues and gain fame.  
    I'm going to assume they give the money back.  
    I do not get this question at all...  
    Really? I'm sure compared to the meat industry pets are NEGLIGIBLE. Not worth it.  
    I...can't decide.  
    That picture on the right was funny.  
    Self-control....don't bite them...  
    The cold is more dangerous to our bodies...  
    Strangely, I feel like my answer would be different if I was traveling alone...  
    It's faster.  
    A sizable portion of people discharged from prison are repeat offenders, but maybe an eye for an eye makes us all totally blind...  
    Social justice of today makes me choose left.  
    C'mon, people. Let's think about our friends down the street and share!  
    You can't be by yourself forever.  
    Millionaire can be so grating, though...  
    I want to see all of the people who stay on the land.  
    I despise these kind of questions.  
    I wanna be the best boss ever...and you can't ever find humor out of happiness. So maybe I can make my employees happy? ...Am I missing something!? >  
    I like to be covered, anyway.  
    That thing looks so exotic...but sadly I don't know anything else about either of the two cars.  
    I'm hopefully the white chocolate is diary free.  
    I WANT them to know what I'm doing! X3  
    Let humanity be free! Also, such affairs should really just the business of those involved...  
    It's slowly getting better...  
    I hate this question.  
    1 mill is enough for me.  
    We're very social beings...School/work are only gonna do so much for us. But friends are there for us no matter what. We need them.  
    I'm vegan!  
    I can live on that. Buy a good car and nice cosy small house (I'm different) and I have plenty left over. +31
    I love this question!  
    I've gotta be healthy...and being smart doesn't always make you happier.  
    Only because I'm male...  
    Suddenly, we love it it so much that it's WORTH less disposable income! I wanna come home happy so I can make my future wife happy.  
    That way I'd get my head out of the clouds.  
    Only because it isn't illegal. Drugs are more positive than arms, which are designed to severely injure/disable or kill.  
    I frankly don't see the need for the lamborghini...If I owned 10 cars I'd happily share them with friends who need them!  
    I'd assume the puppies are already suffering and it's my job to end their misery, as gracefully as possible. I don't wanna make things even worse for these poor single mothers...though I could maybe help them go somewhere else. +1
    If I didn't need to sleep, I'd never be tired when I have to start work at 2:30 AM, and I can do whatever I want all day/night!  
    Money can't always buy happiness...  
    I need to stay put and enjoy lasting, meaningful relationships. If I moved it'd be harder if not impossible...  
    If it really did work out this way and I met the love of my life, yes...But it seldom ever works out that way.  
    If I had slow internet...I COULD go to the library, but if not I don't really need the internet that much anyway. The stuff that requires speed, is video games and stuffs... I love getting 50+ MPG in my car right now so I'll take that.  
    I wanna walk down the downtown streets and entertain everybody!  
    No kids for me. I think there's enough people here on Earth right now, and I don't think I'd be able to handle a kid.  
    Assuming he was real given the nature of the question, I'm going with Haiti. Wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life in the nether.  
    This is so tough. Reminds me of A.I: Artificial Intelligence... Emotion is a huge thing for me...  
    It's a lot less dangerous than alcohol, right? I don't know anything... >  
    I wish she turned out to be one one true love instead... Or is she? o.o  
    Only because NYC is so crowded.  
    I can't live alone. Sorry.  
    If I did have a kid, I'd want them to have a nice upbringing so they can be healthy and happy later.  
    I'd probably be a lot healthier and happier if I worked outside. +5
    If I could never be around other people...I'd get so depressed. Too much is better than none, I guess.  
    Let me know I'm good looking!!  
    I don't know the difference!  
    Sorry. I don't wanna mess with the U.S Government.  
    Let me do it at night! I'd look more attractive lol  
    Let me sit and ruminate in the beauty.  
    My siblings can support me on issues that deal with our current generation better than my parents can...  
    I wanna forget the pictures I saw. I wanna forget the day she broke my heart. I wanna forget what I'm so alone.  
    I don't wanna think about what the piranhas would do...  
    I LOVE tall women! And I happen to be 6"11!  
    We would all be much healthier, and there would be less cruelty in the world...  
    I don't wanna be a lonely creep...  
    Intimacy and privacy.  
    Let me watch Avatar because I've never seen it and they've told me it would speak to me.  
    I love questions like this! I honestly like my body and am kinda hungry for fame...But if it was a straight up! And who said the nudity was sexual?  
    My personality changes every day anyway...  
    "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."  
    Something different!  
    Give me something fuel efficient and I'm happy.  
    Lemme treat my body right.  
    I don't think I have what it takes to be a father...  
    I pressed the wrong button! Now I can't make art anymore!! Nooo!!!  
    The poor kid would probably be scared and would drive slowly.  
    Lemme get to you. Fast!  
    Given my current age, 20, the answer is left.  
    This question makes me very sad...  
    I wanna use the science to make the world a better place.  
    Don't put my face on your damn money that I hate!  
    I wanna see her smile.  
    I like knowing I'm being talked about because it makes me feel important. Sorry, it's true...  
    Even excluding the love, I want my dreams of a world free of the evils.  
    This is such a tough question since a great tree house looks so cool from the outside... But the interior of the underground could be, too. It's also a lot safer to live underground! They can't just come burn your house down if they hate your guts. Underground for me!  
    Health before money!!  
    Please prevent me from fighting my younger sibling this time around (I'm actually a twin!)  
    Tough. But I think there other other people more important than me...  
    As much as I hate to say this, I will admit the left answer since I think I have a nice body.  
    Hermione is kind of crude sometimes... I like Harry.  
    My family's values are corrupt, but so is society, I guess... Tough question.  
    Sorry. I'm selfish... :'(  
    I can't handle the pressure that comes from being the US president, and I don't think the Queen has to do as much. But I don't know for sure.  
    I'll be honest. I'll probably love the 10,000 just as much.  
    I changed my mind! Let me use my wealth to help others!!  
    Let me be the best leader that I can be and let me make it better. I will try.  
    I can't really do either all at once...and I don't know how much two liters is so I'll go with potatoes because I at least can tolerate them. Yes, I know I'm dumb.  
    No rule doesn't mean no cooperation. Humanity can and must bond together. It's coming.  
    This is so tough. I'm a male, but I hate my masculinity... There's still male privilege, though. I wanna be soft and passive and adorable without having society question my maleness and having me be self conscious... But in our society, and with everything in mind, I'll stay a man.  
    I can fly, and watch lovers kiss. No one will ever see me.  
    No idea.  
    The first option is too unpredictable.  
    I don't want to burden other people with my suffering...I'm sorry.  
    Low self-esteem! I wanna uplift her and make her feel happier!  
    This is a tough one...but I want the job/salary because I can perhaps make new friends. I don't have much friends right now...  
    Steal from work and give to those who work harder...however, stealing is still not something I could move myself to do.  
    Unlimited power is dangerous.  
    France! I want to see their culture.  
    That's right.  
    Let me be a wizard!  
    My life is less important. I would try to use the money for the common good. Or better yet? Destroy all money.  
    I kind of regret my answer, but it's true...  
    Too cold. Sorry. Tepee for me.  
    I want my son to find out before he commits. If my wife was a lesbian, I'd be upset because I couldn't fulfill her desires... My son may or may not be committed to a relationship at such a time.  
    Nightclubs are fun and uplifting! ...Right? Never been to one.  
    My uneducated guess is that the R8 is more fuel efficient. I'm not a racer.  
    I wanna hear what those people saying about me when I walk past!  
    Just friends...with benefits? Too many unknowns! >  
    Knowledge is power; let's use knowledge to better the world.  
    There's no such thing as benevolent racism, at least.  
    If you factor health into the equation, Subway is much cheaper.  
    If I'm bad at something I love, I always get disappointed and upset. Plus, if I'm good at something I hate, at least I don't have to do it!  
    I don't like sports much at all, but here's why I say Hockey. Skating requires skill and practice, and it's less violent, before fights and stuff...  
    Let's watch it and laugh at it together like old buddies!  
    A kid? No responsibility! Play! No sex drive! No romantic loneliness! Count me in!!  
    Being dumped by text message is disrespectful; it's a cowardly thing when someone dumps like that, and at least I don't have to repeat what happened to my friends later.  
    I can't fit anywhere and waiting to be discovered is terrifying.  
    It doesn't matter if the lion ordinarily lives in the grasslands. It's in the jungle with you right now!  
    You are 2,000 times as likely to be struck by lightening as to be attacked by a shark. Plus, it doesn't matter if the lion ordinarily lives in the grasslands. It's in the jungle with you right now!  
    Only because I'm always obligated to gift and people who I frankly don't wanna give gifts to won't leave me alone.  
    I do!  
    Cruise, only because I've never been on one before!  
    I'm too shy to dance...and I wanna talk to them and be all intimate.  
    You are a very smart person!  
    My lifestyle reduces my cancer risk!  
    I wanna hear your voice and intonations and aural beauty!  
    Read, only because the book was "awesome" and the movie was just a movie. But let's dig deeper. Our mental pictures we form while we read are perfect to us, perhaps better than the ones fed to us! ...Right...?  
    Orbit. Space orbit. In my spacesuit.  
    Can't go into space to help everyone on Earth...  
    If I married a complete stranger, I'd at least never feel so lonely. My parents make me feel lonely. Unless the one I marry is terrible. I'm going with "married to a complete stranger."  
    I know which one I'd emotionally rather be, but I know which is more practical. So I'm skipping this question.  
    This is one of the toughest questions...the right picture reeks of gross fish neglect due to the junk. But consider this: meat industry is actually a leading cause of global warming, contributing MORE to it than vehicular traffic. +1
    Those eyes... Oh, Granger's eyes, that is!  
    Gifts, because getting a gift from someone THAT THEY MADE is the most beautiful, intimate thing to me... Money is so impersonal, but when someone makes that special thing for you personally that you just love...  
    Ronald Weasley!  
    These pictures kinda sway the votes...don't they?  
    If I had that much money and was unemployed, I could do so many things that better the world that I couldn't do if I was at work!!  
    I hate this country.  
    I will NEVER contribute to the evil, broken system. Beggars are honest.  
    If unicorns were real people would slaughter them!  
    My life hasn't been a very happy I answered left. Hopefully my future self has ascribed meaning.  
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