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    Dude you can't even spell  
    It's brittney b*tch  
    Shit I accidentally clicked it  
    No bones=jello me=hilarious things happening  
    It's just dye  
    Religion = disagreement = war = death = this. Get rid of religion and the world would be so much more peaceful.  
    I love acting and all the show biz  
    I love gay people but dads are pretty disastrous and moms are better at keeping organized  
    Well you may think that but I hate my body and have always wanted to be skinny  
    I'm a swimmer sooo...  
    Yep that's realistic I totally believe that did your dad tell you that or did he leave after you were born.  
    American dad or South Park are better but stewies frickin hilarious  
    I would fight the other people  
    Start over, clean slate. No depression, suicidal thoughts, or anxiety. Sounds nice.  
    This makes me think of Big Eyes  
    I'd probably waste the 50 years soooo  
    Idk what either of these are  
    I'd be fine. I already only get 5 hours on a good night, so what's 1 more?  
    This actually happened to me this summer  
    Just cause you sell drugs doesn't mean you dress badly... like what?  
    He actually hated nazis and communists and publicly portrayed it with shorts filled with propaganda against them.  
    Essentially be crazy preservative and restricted or get to do crazy illuminati sh*t? +1
    Lol it's not IMac it's MacBook  
    Me af  
    Idk who either are sooo  
    Um the needles actually don't stick you... They ARE sticky, but that's just sap, every tree has it. Have you ever even had a real tree?  
    I'm too lazy to be the star  
    So me now or being popular?  
    Why are you on here then  
    I have an irrational fear of male doctors idk wh  
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