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I am 15 years old and I wanted to get on RRRATHER because I wanted to see what everyone else thought about the world. These 'would you rathers' are a good way to see what everyone else prefers and what they believe in.

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    u spelled SCREAMING wrong btw  
    already me  
    eew that man whore  
    ohgod i love ice cream  
    hahahahahahahaha yeap  
    jump off of cliffs into the water all the time  
    the lion would kill quickly and painlessly whereas the shark would tear you apart alive +2
    haha that pun tho XD  
    tru dat  
    murder them  
    don't have internet... sadly...  
    ohgod so uncomfortable but i need my underwears  
    for .1 seconds  
    already don't have boobs so yea  
    already don  
    i could not stand that  
    ten thousand what?  
    sorry bae  
    which is never  
    heh i don't have love my black heart is all that is left muahahahahah but my friends like me for it hahahahahah  
    at least i would have my friend for support  
    so naturally my dad is my best friend ever  
    ima girl  
    this is a good one oh gosh  
    oh god no neither oh god  
    Animals, because then I could probably get some awesome stories! Especially from tortoises.  
    Harry is a total idiot. Hermione helps him through literally everything! Well, except for the one with the huge serpent... since she is paralyzed then, she can't help. Nonetheless, she is definitely better.  
    Yeah me neither.  
    My family was kidnaPPed by ninjas. I need MONEY for karate lessons. Learn to write, hobo.  
    It's easier.  
    If you're paralyzed you can't move, but if you're in a coma it's like pausing your life.  
    Sorry people.  
    Oh my god I have to shower all the time. I would seriously die. And I have my phone camera to look into, so it's all good!  
    I find this question hard to answer. I love going outside but if I had no access to the outdoors I would gladly play Minecraft.  
    Spinach is not that bad.  
    I would want to go and murder someone  
    I am usually the scientific type, but I do go to church occasionally and I do know a few stories. But if I wanted to have my own theory, I would say that maybe God set off the Big Bang because he knew that eventually, it would lead up to bacteria on Earth and then fish and then reptiles and amphibians and then dinosaurs. He knew that mammals would form and dinosaurs would die out, and that after that mammals would grow and eventually there would be specimen 'Lucy', the first sign of a primate walking on two legs. He knew that over time, humans would evolve and eventually the world would be as it is now. That's what I believe.  
    I would always prefer a loving relationship because money isn't the world and a real, true relationship is worth more than 1,000 dollars anyway.  
    Wouldn't have the 'monthly fairy' as a man but I prefer being a girl anyway.  
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