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    I have both 2 years ago +1
    This looks hilarious 2 years ago  
    Or C: Throw the person who this cruel in front of a speeding train 2 years ago  
    To the trash with U 2 years ago  
    I know people who are a complete pain. 2 years ago +1
    already do 2 years ago  
    BOTH! 2 years ago +3
    I'd prefer to suffocate under fat 2 years ago  
    That was too easy 2 years ago  
    Assassin's Creed time! 2 years ago  
    And I'm Canadian, that's saying something 2 years ago  
    watermelone! 2 years ago +3
    I've watched too many saw movies 2 years ago +2
    can I turn into other people 2 years ago  
    Time to be blonde 2 years ago  
    What type of question is this, exactly 2 years ago +5
    NOPE! 2 years ago  
    Forever?? 2 years ago +2
    I prefer to punt the pig 2 years ago +1
    To The Meme mobile!! 2 years ago +1
    how about both 2 years ago  
    what nightmares 2 years ago  
    is annoying a illness 2 years ago  
    I own both 2 years ago  
    or C throw both at the person you hate 2 years ago +2
    I hate trains 2 years ago  
    Fallout 4 would be my choice 2 years ago  
    call it what you want, I call it Football 2 years ago  
    why not both 2 years ago  
    who are these guys 2 years ago +1
    I own both 2 years ago  
    What made Nintendo who knows how much cash! 2 years ago +2
    This looks exactly like mine 2 years ago +1
    Have At Thee 2 years ago  
    Cha-CHING 2 years ago  
    last words: I'm out! 2 years ago  
    I'd rather drink 2 years ago  
    now I look like slender 2 years ago  
    hopefully he doesn't try to stab me 2 years ago  
    Already do 2 years ago  
    MEOW! 2 years ago  
    fan of the Joker 2 years ago  
    Rest In Peace: My Grandma 2 years ago  
    Hitman or Assassin's Creed. either way i'm awsome 2 years ago  
    CANNONBALL!! 2 years ago  
    Kill them with fire! 2 years ago  
    I actually don't have either (currently) 2 years ago  
    BRAINSS 2 years ago  
    how about neither 2 years ago  
    what are these 2 years ago  
    I already own both. 2 years ago  
    cannonball! 2 years ago  
    rather walk on legos (i'm kinda immune to it) 2 years ago  
    You get to tell a cooler stroy 2 years ago  

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