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Would you rather Take a test using the internet or Take a test online 3 years ago 135 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Meet any celebrity you want or Meet any rrrather user you want 3 years ago 2,709 votes 28 comments 0 likes
What would you rather do? Move to any country or state or Move to a different planet 3 years ago 129 votes 20 comments 0 likes
I'm back from the mid-evil dead. FINALLY!!!!!!! or I don't care 3 years ago 117 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have A 50% chance of all of your dreams coming true or A 50% chance of going to heaven when you die 3 years ago 113 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Better info? When you grow up,you're gonna be a man/woman or Someday you're gonna be dead 3 years ago 94 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a Banana or Potato 3 years ago 100 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which one is creepier/cuter? These or This 3 years ago 1,416 votes 40 comments 0 likes
Who should I dress up as for Halloween this year? Marionette or Golden Freddy 3 years ago 149 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to Let it go for 10 hours or 1D for 5 hours 3 years ago 271 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather read Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries 3 years ago 174 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Be a sex slave for 5 years or Be unattractive for 10 years 3 years ago 751 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Which one? Mickey or Oswald 3 years ago 636 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Which one would you like as a pet? A baby black panther or A baby cheetah 3 years ago 155 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be friends with Golden Freddy or Springtrap 3 years ago 85 votes 6 comments 0 likes

StrawberryAeris has posted the following comments:

Hard question 2 years ago  
Both and Hard 2 years ago  
Nick was went bad. 2 years ago  
I'm a love doctor. 2 years ago  
I don't steal/cheat and I don't want my ass whooped. 2 years ago  
If you tell/show your text to your friends,then it'll be a whole different story. 2 years ago  
If I'm dyin,they're dying with me,ain't no choice. 2 years ago  
lol 2 years ago  
I'm a witch,not a pixie 2 years ago  
Hard decision. 2 years ago  
Lady's Crazy 2 years ago  
See how that goes 2 years ago  
Obviously 2 years ago  
Star wars is awesome in my opinion. 2 years ago  
Looks badass >:3 3 years ago  
As I see it,yes. 3 years ago  
Thanks 3 years ago  
Misclick -_- 3 years ago  
Lol 3 years ago  
Idk 3 years ago  
-3- 3 years ago  
An interesting character with an interesting backstory. 3 years ago +1
They call her Jabba the Hutt for a reason. 3 years ago  
They have strawberries in both of them. 3 years ago  
Duh 3 years ago  
Not a lot really. 3 years ago  
Your picture matches up your comment.XD 3 years ago  
Oh my god! I didn't know that! OoO 3 years ago +2
I think asexuals have this phobia. 3 years ago  
Spooky 3 years ago  
Yep.Sometimes.meh. 3 years ago  
In my mind:That motherfvcker...... 3 years ago  
So call me maybe. 3 years ago +1
Sounds fun! 3 years ago  
Already had a harsh dream. 3 years ago  
It's a TRAP! 3 years ago  
But dang ,no strawberries?! 3 years ago  
Can't wait to get a mouth full :) 3 years ago  
The gun's a beauty 3 years ago  
Not really,but when hear something outside my room,I start to panic. 3 years ago  
Wow ;D 3 years ago  
Very pretty 3 years ago +1
Pizza and strawberries are my two weaknesses 3 years ago  
I hope I see a shark! 3 years ago +1
Cold and icey,but refreshing. 3 years ago +3
Dammit.Both are awesome. 3 years ago  
That was a good question there.Even they have strawberries on them. 3 years ago  
Some people would want to die for electricity 3 years ago +2
I chose B because B is for BACON! 3 years ago +1
Power is like an element. 3 years ago  
Some people can be idiots 3 years ago  
No dog,No sex 3 years ago  
I won't get mad. 3 years ago  
I'll just take a nap,then get back up.Simple. 3 years ago  
Pizza 3 years ago  
Spikes.Everywhere. 3 years ago  
Well good luck for that. 3 years ago  
Human Rights 3 years ago  
I was going to a boy,put I lost my penis sooooo..... 3 years ago  
Beautiful snake pic tho 3 years ago +2
Same 3 years ago +1
To me,It gets creepy sometimes 3 years ago  
Hard one 3 years ago  
Batman 3 years ago  
Rock,Pop,and Metal 3 years ago  
Rights 3 years ago  
You're welcome 3 years ago  
Thank you 3 years ago  
Ouch 3 years ago  
Satan>Illuminati 3 years ago  
Light 'em upupupupup on FIIIIIIRE! 3 years ago +2
Yes.I got at least 8 3 years ago  
It's awesome 3 years ago  
I won't 3 years ago  
A few months 3 years ago  
Well I play Archery soooo... 3 years ago  
Alright >:3 3 years ago  
I got my bow. 3 years ago  
Well here ya go! 3 years ago  
Deodorant 3 years ago  
A is so fluffy tho x3 3 years ago  
Let me be your ruler 3 years ago  
Idk him 3 years ago  
COOKIE :3 3 years ago  
The baby's not beeing penetrated or anything 3 years ago +1
Duh.People will respect you more for rights 3 years ago  
*jumps on nyan cat and flies off* 3 years ago  
Who wants this new type of bread? Only $1.Oh don't worry it's blueberry! 3 years ago  
And that's why I chose that picture XD 3 years ago  
Nah 3 years ago  
At my old school,one of the teachers name was Ms.Gay 3 years ago  
It has "Pizza" in it 3 years ago  
Kind of.I have hazel blue eyes.Sometimes they look green. 3 years ago  
As long as the submarine is yellow. 3 years ago +1
6,please. 3 years ago  
STILL! 3 years ago  
I see 3 years ago  
Depends on the weather 3 years ago  
I did parkour with it once 3 years ago  
I watched both and a lot more 3 years ago  
At least you gey some money :p 3 years ago  
Jesus 3 years ago +3
To be honest,Kidz Bop is like a copied/rip-off version of the orignal songs,but they make kids sing it. 3 years ago  
O_O Oh god.... 3 years ago  
Mmmm cake 3 years ago  
Tough one there :p 3 years ago  
Yes.And she can called Aerith or Aeris 3 years ago  
In the morning,I went downstairs and smelled something(like waffles or whatever) even though nothing was cooking or food ready. 3 years ago +1
Green eggs and ham to kids What the fvck is this sh!t to teens and adults 3 years ago  
Can you see my username? 3 years ago  
R.I.P 3 years ago  
If pizza goes,I go with my pizza 3 years ago  
I was named after Aeris so.... 3 years ago  
The Little Shop of Horrors 3 years ago  
The food would be all gone 3 years ago  
Ok 3 years ago  
Tough one there 3 years ago +1
We'll miss you 3 years ago  
Rest in peace 3 years ago  
I can get away from school when I'm sick. 3 years ago  
OoO 3 years ago  
Why not? 3 years ago  
It has the world's tallest/largest hotel and it seems pretty cool there. 3 years ago  
Yes 3 years ago  
Probably. 3 years ago  
A:Stewie B:Kenny 3 years ago  
A:California B:U.A.E 3 years ago  
No dog,No sex 3 years ago +1
Tough one :p 3 years ago  
Coughing sucks. 3 years ago +2
Mmmhm.But she ain't creepy. 3 years ago  
The creepy badass ones are the hottest ones 3 years ago  
For Light and L 3 years ago +1
Thank you :) 3 years ago  
I'm Mr.Krabs! IAMIAMIAMIAMIAMIAMIAM! 3 years ago +1
Tough one :p 3 years ago  
Super Nice,Thank you :) 3 years ago  
Yay 3 years ago  
Abortion can be an opinion on some people. 3 years ago  
I'm a genius,kids! :D 3 years ago  
Freedom NOT to talk or make a speech. 3 years ago  
A:Reese's Puffs B:Naopalitan 3 years ago +1
Tough one. 3 years ago  
The only thing I like about Disney is the game Epic Mickey. 3 years ago  
We can cheat on people,right? 3 years ago  
The Big Bang Theory 3 years ago +1
1006,1007,1008,.......Wait where was I again? O_O 3 years ago  
7 honest. 3 years ago  
Hell yeah! 3 years ago  
Not really. 3 years ago  
FOR THE PIZZAAAAAAAAA >:D ! 3 years ago  
Spirted Away 3 years ago +1
She has a Totoro shirt on and her own Baymax for the love of god! 3 years ago  
Dance party on your hands. 3 years ago +1
Answers to everything. 3 years ago  
Idk 3 years ago  
Yeah. 3 years ago  
Duh 3 years ago  
At least my sibling is a boy so... 3 years ago  
Bruh 3 years ago  
I like violence :3 3 years ago +2
That's hard.People say I have beautiful eyes and I have great vision(yes I went to the eye doctor today) 3 years ago  
Aww thanks. 3 years ago  
I don't wear make-up.I'm a tomboy. 3 years ago  
I guess :3 3 years ago  
D'ok 3 years ago  
Are goals dreams? 3 years ago  
I'm in love with a toilet now. 3 years ago +1
I have all my fingers,but I might as well chop chop chop. 3 years ago  
Green is a nice color for hair :p 3 years ago  
Don'y wear any.I'm a tomboy. 3 years ago  
Don'y wear any.I'm a tomboy. 3 years ago  
Not really... 3 years ago  
I did O-O......But I burned it. 3 years ago  
August 19th 3 years ago  
I wouldn't really care. 3 years ago  
Oh! Thanks :3.Never got a compliment like that from a guy before. 3 years ago  
I already have a amazing voice. 3 years ago +1
Damn that on was hard. 3 years ago  
Best question I've seen so far on rrrather. 3 years ago +2
*Starts singing* Wait...*looks at screen* Oh sh!t 3 years ago +2
I randomly just chose this for no reason. 3 years ago  
Nomnom. 3 years ago +1
If i had one 3 years ago  
I need my MEAT 3 years ago  
Your heart skipped? 3 years ago  
Well we just met... 3 years ago  
Wat. 3 years ago  
You're Welcome. 3 years ago  
It's 11:15 here.So it's still good enough :D 3 years ago  
I can fly and sh!t. 3 years ago  
Happy late Birthday 3 years ago  
It was. 3 years ago  
I am the craziest looking girl. 3 years ago  
Sometimes. 3 years ago  
4,Blue,A 3 years ago  
Hmm. 3 years ago  
On the outside,I'm straight.But on the inside,I'm bisexual. 3 years ago  
If Alaska goes,I'm going with Alaska,too. 3 years ago  
Tricky one. 3 years ago  
That's pizzas' hometown. 3 years ago +1
I won't survive without Wi-fi... 3 years ago  
*slowly claps* 3 years ago +1
Twitter? 3 years ago  
If I were gay...Oh wait,I'm secretly Bisexual. 3 years ago  
My music is like a son/daughter to me. 3 years ago +1
He's an old one,actually. 3 years ago  
Sometimes,being underdressed is comfy. 3 years ago  
Small dogs just YIP! 3 years ago  
MARKIPLIER!!!! 3 years ago  
PIZZA!!!!! 3 years ago  
They're half brothers. 3 years ago  
Ikr?To me,He's kinda cute(in a teddy bear way). 3 years ago  
School crap 3 years ago  
God damn I hope so.He makes an appearance as a co-star in Epic Mickey 1 and 2. 3 years ago  
Unicorns Bitches. 3 years ago  
All I need is to dye my hair from Dark Brown to Black,then I'm good. 3 years ago  
Unless if I have $10,000,too. 3 years ago  
I wonder what it will be like as my b*tchy kid self again. 3 years ago  
The money is my true love. 3 years ago  
I'll just take both :3 3 years ago +4
Y-Y-Y-Yeah O_O 3 years ago  
Really now S:D ? 3 years ago  
Oh...We both live in Alaska :D! But I'm Irish. 3 years ago  
That son of a... 3 years ago  
Tsunami. 3 years ago  
Be Alone... 3 years ago  
80% at least,if you can say S:) 3 years ago  
Yep...Never tried any. 3 years ago  
Yeah! 3 years ago  
YES! I mean....Good choice. 3 years ago +1
Furry Porn. 3 years ago  
China. 3 years ago  
Kaya. 3 years ago  
MINECRAFT!!! 3 years ago +1
Ginger mermaid! 3 years ago  
Panda! 3 years ago +1
Nope. 3 years ago  
Um...sure. 3 years ago  
Pretty much.I looked up baby panthers and that's what they gave me. 3 years ago  
Yeah.For once. 3 years ago  
Ikr? 3 years ago  
Continue! 3 years ago  
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 3 years ago +1
Continue it 3 years ago  
Dream vacation. 3 years ago  
Fly >:D 3 years ago  
My wedding. 3 years ago  
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