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    its called makeup  
    Youd never know if i had bomb package ;)  
    "(like i do)" thanks for telling us your age range xD  
    FIrst, it never said how much, and it never said i could add to my diet. so i would rather eat candle wax for the rest of mine and you'r lives :3  
    I could smell good af, and he can breathe underwater.  
    This question is just for perverts....  
    for real.....  
    this is just dumb  
    Not what?? It didnt mention not eating poop.  
    You're trying to get my info, this isnt even would you rather.  
    This isnt would you rather what the hell  
    I use chrome anyways wtf  
    I shouldnt have voted......  
    Spelling is quality. WHere would I live for the first two years though?  
    Whats popularity, I call that an opinion about the rumors.  
    Neither, done. Your 90% clean is just an opinion.  
    I dunno  
    Whats a genuis?  
    Im into hot nerds :PPPP  
    I shouldnt have voted if I knew what the other one was.  
    I can still hoop and make others obey +1
    They never said good or sane "others"  
    You can legally change your name in North America for 50 dollars anyways.  
    jumping off would make some fire instagram vids  
    what if I brought my true love with me...?  
    I am 12 atm, and my other 12 year old friends have no taxes......we do whatever  
    think about the females  
    At least we all dont get sick  
    I didnt realize that they invented condoms....  
    all the presidents are hated anyways.....  
    the shark could be nowhere near you, it just said sea  
    ya didnt spell it right mate  
    id dump them first, thank you very much  
    Netflix and chill all the way :P  
    I already control my dreams m8 im good  
    you can still get head if youre paralyzed  
    why does the modern society hate on all the famous singers...?  
    Theres a thing called Gain Of Knowledge, ever heard of it?  
    use it little by little fam  
    Never said i had to be gay  
    Larger mushroom :P  
    I can already match someone or somethings pitch by listening  
    Im watching my dreams with her :D  
    most of my best pictures on instagram involve snow  
    damn....this is deep  
    its not 70 feet high in an elevator  
    10 percent is fairly small  
    german shepherds are my dream dogs  
    Michael jackson's lean, id know thesecret  
    you dont have to have a marriage to reproduce  
    wish for nine things, than wish for ten more wishes  
    they do realize that drugs are ALL the drugs, including medication.  
    im always under dressed anyways  
    Id be smart af and never die  
    they might know when theyre lying, but it doesnt mean they can always get them caught  
    it says which is CUTER  
    I already watch my dreams on the television  
    Id get made fun of either way, but darth vador  
    Guys......get frostwire plus on the android store, it doesnt need wifi. youre welcome  
    Id rather be blown up than be eaten alive  
    Hell nah  
    nobody realizes that you can just do the same exact thing on the right, and have a sh*t ton of cash to spare.  
    I could try smooth talk to my crush, and if it didnt work, just rewind :P  
    Lawyers make so much more money  
    Nice stomach ;)  
    id rather be 50 pounds m8 thx  
    Id look crazy old by the time i was about 3/4 through my lifetime  
    If you have fame and fortune but nothing else, what would you do with the fortune?  
    I cant surf  
    Reading minds would be helpful af when im near my crush , so id know what they thought of everything ive said  
    My true love is 10 mill  
    My crush is a celebrity in my head.  
    I dont watch or read Harry Potter, all I know is that he gets attacked like every mile he walks.  
    If I ruled it would always be trouble  
    Ill be at my funeral ;)  
    And its mobile...  
    You can still have games on your phone....  
    Just legally change your last name back, then you can still eat chocolate. You'll only be out 50 dollars.  
    I dont watch harry, sooo....  
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