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Do you feel the same when I'm away from you

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If you were to destroy western society, would you rather turn their women into promiscuous whores or turn their men into spineless weaklings 2 weeks ago 25 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Oh, I am not brave enough for politics. 1 week ago +1
That was the first thing that came into my mind. 1 week ago  
Dorime 1 week ago  
Tell him to kill himself. 1 week ago +1
I like Lorde. 1 week ago +1
But we wuz kangz n shet. 1 week ago +1
Abs are muscles, nigga. 1 week ago  
Wait, wrong one. 1 week ago  
A for pudding only. 1 week ago  
Yeehaw 1 week ago  
Based. 2 weeks ago  
One of my favorites. 2 weeks ago  
Bruh you're still alive. 3 weeks ago  
From 0 to 17 I was A. 3 weeks ago  
Why does A look so familiar... 3 weeks ago +1
Already do to some extent. 3 weeks ago +1
4. 3 weeks ago +1
Sorry bro, but it's Revenge of the Fifth now. 3 weeks ago +3
Saying stuff like that is exactly why nobody takes male rape victims seriously. 3 weeks ago +6
I reject my humanity! 1 month ago  
Bro all women cheat. 1 month ago +1
Arrividerci 1 month ago +1
How would humanity progress without women. 1 month ago +1
Based. 1 month ago  
What? 1 month ago  
Less faggy. 1 month ago  
B*tch is gonna leave you if you're B for too long. 1 month ago +1
Two months ago you didn't know my name and now you want my fame? 1 month ago  
Based and redpilled. 2 months ago +1
Wrong one. Instinctively saw B and didn't vote for it. 2 months ago  
Wrong one, I'd totally do it. 2 months ago  
I mean congratz. 2 months ago  
Although B is full of trannies and cucks. 2 months ago  
Death to B. 2 months ago +1
Used to be B. 2 months ago  
Isn't B a lunatic ghoul? 2 months ago  
B enables A. 2 months ago +1
Based. 2 months ago  
OK MASTA 3 months ago +1
Nobody likes me. 4 months ago +4
Wagie wagie get in cagie. 4 months ago +1
Bouncing the leg while sitting. 4 months ago  
Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite dotA! 4 months ago  
Harry Potter is for gay tranny faggots. 4 months ago +2
He is the senate. 4 months ago +1
Good Star Wars not Soy Wars. 4 months ago  
A is what the jews want. 4 months ago  
Guacamole Nigger Toilet 4 months ago +1
B's value is higher than Squintman's market value in our todays hypergamic society. 4 months ago  
Damn, that's really far. 4 months ago +1
Not cucked. 4 months ago  
Is that when you have to walk around in the desert in GTA 5 so you build that thing in order to walk around without touching your controller? 4 months ago  
Less gay. 4 months ago  
Wrong one, I love Death Grips. 5 months ago  
Eh, 2010 - 2015 was nice, after that it was trash except 2018. I'd say 6/10. 5 months ago  
Shoot me already. 5 months ago +1
Nobody really knows me here though. 5 months ago  
I feel the same. 5 months ago  
Depends. 5 months ago  
All the bad things that happened makes me rate this year a solid 0. 5 months ago +1
Hotter but more useless character. 5 months ago +2
You can easily ruin a man's life with false rape accusations, so yeah. 5 months ago +2
A stando? 5 months ago +1
Already do. 5 months ago  
WHAT? 1 year ago  
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