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Do you feel the same when I'm away from you

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    Says loyal. 52 minutes ago +1
    Islam is right about women. 1 hour ago  
    Yea, kinda threw me off. 1 hour ago  
    Not a fan of them, but better than A. 1 hour ago  
    CDU/CSU are trash. 1 hour ago  
    B is trash. 1 hour ago  
    Wrong one. Took me a while to realize who he is. 1 hour ago  
    Oh hell naw, wtf is that 1 hour ago  
    Aight, here ya go. "and the reason is you#5149" 1 day ago  
    Possibly puberty and hormones. Especially testosterone. Changed your bone structure, or "didn't change". idk man. You know you. 1 day ago  
    Better for her female manipulation tactics, so no. 1 day ago  
    the heck is A. 1 day ago +1
    Ugly then, ugly now. 1 day ago +1
    Yea. And we broke up. 1 day ago +1
    Meds, depression and a nasty breakup won't let me fail it. 3 days ago +1
    What the fuсk am I reading 3 days ago +3
    Edgier. 1 week ago  
    Less gay. 1 week ago  
    Less gay. 1 week ago +1
    Less gay. 1 week ago  
    waternibbas 1 week ago  
    My ex lol. 1 week ago  
    Already won't have any of that lol. 2 weeks ago  
    Oh no, the pestilence! 2 weeks ago  
    More human 2 weeks ago  
    Too ugly to reproduce. 2 weeks ago +1
    A was freaky. 2 weeks ago  
    Jesus. 2 weeks ago +1
    Closer to death 2 weeks ago +1
    Oh that's boring though. 2 weeks ago  
    I can also stop breathing for the rest of my life. 2 weeks ago +1
    Can you travel back to the 90s to prevent me from being born then, please. 2 weeks ago +1
    Supporting a single mother is cuckery. 2 weeks ago  
    Although A's culture and society is somewhat better. 2 weeks ago  
    Women would choose A because they "douchery" shows alphaness. Plus rich, cmon. 2 months ago  
    Was A. Now B. 2 months ago  
    Homosexuals are gay. 2 months ago  
    Star Wars turned into Soy Wars and my estrogen level has risen since I watched the last movie. 2 months ago  
    WHAT? 9 months ago  
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