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    She's beautiful! ;D +1
    *high five* :D  
    I'd get a puppy.. o.o +2233
    Hate both e.e +1
    Well this looks innocent *clicks waffle* 32% - 68%?? *searches blue waffle* >;O what have I done??? +2
    We do this sh*t everyday D;  
    Special person far away  
    braves ftw  
    Sharks aren't that bad but I prefer snowboarding because i'm afraid of drowning o.o  
    ^-- Douche.  
    Play video games non stop... but kill justin beiber anyway :D +2
    o.O .. really? +1
    Sorry for party rockin! +1
    18% Of people killed who they had to share with.  
    Willlllllsoooon! +1
    ^-- perfect amount of likes  
    I'm like tosh with twitter "*tweets* Man I just took a massive dump" *looks seriously at camera seriously* Am I using this site right? ಠ_ಠ  
    Too addicted to YouTube, bye friend ᵒᴥᵒ  
    Google FTW!  
    Animal abuse.. shut down that rainbow company that petco gets their animals from D;  
    *gets naked* Let's do this ಠ_ಠ  
    No one can listen to beaver singing "BABY, BABY, BABY OH!" on repeat for an hour e.e  
    1 million isn't much now a days .. o.o  
    God doesn't exist, I'd stay on earth and haunt people >:D  
    I hate people that say YOLO. Freaking douche bags.  
    Gotta risk it for the biscuit o.o  
    ;) I always have it my way  
    What if you picked time and only got like a minute? o_o  
    People that wrote the bible were power hungry and didn't even have faith in god, they were hypocrites and their intentions were not pure. They wrote the bible to control women and people in general and constantly contradicted themselves.  
    I picked the wrong one! D;  
    Lol every pic from him in twilight he has his shirt off XD  
    e.e a sparkly retard or washboard abs Jacob? hard decision..  
    Honestly I think it should be legal but with certain rules to it.. cause i mean when your high to don't go home and beat someone you care about..  
    Italy, pewds and marzia is there! :D  
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