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    zayn +1
    ayeee whos this peng ting  
    ik right  
    atlest we get to b on telly  
    aint got no penis lol  
    fyyck the police coming straight from the underground!  
    Christmas is haram  
    barely watch tv any more  
    that picture is rugy...but yh football  
    ill tell my bestfreind that hes mine  
    aint got no boyfriend and never had lol  
    i changed my mined i want remote are with ur loved ones cuz i can be with them and save them Lol  
    im scared of dogs -.-  
    inih rather what?  
    I like both my mum and dad  
    I mean why h8 a hot guy  
    none tbh..  
    only break my enemys hearts  
    I can find someone else  
    im a girl so .  
    I Got a Big ass Soo why not  
    if im loved ill be cared for  
    Tbh I don't mind both..just need to be good looking  
    I,ll make them like me :)  
    my bestfreind cuz atleast I,de get to talk to him  
    ill Bomb a country which none of mah family lives in duhh  
    My mum aint ugly sooo ..that leaves me the answer which is a cute puppy plus I aint got one soo yh NONE  
    If ur loved ur cared for soo..  
    Idc bout mahh friends lOl  
    Money money money..  
    Zayn malikk is Bae  
    Im a girl soo..  
    sttfu i will  
    Neither omg why hard questions fycck sake  
    none of them  
    None );  
    yh True ..  
    Don't need to know bout the world...Whats the news For??  
    Be intelligetnt Obvs  
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