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    Obviously 4 hours ago  
    Finally someone with some sense. These results or ridiculous lol 5 hours ago  
    Trippin 8 hours ago  
    Already do 8 hours ago  
    I’m black so straight hair would just look plain weird on me 8 hours ago +1
    Love my ramen 20 hours ago  
    Both 20 hours ago +2
    Non dairy version of B 20 hours ago  
    Much stronger 20 hours ago  
    Less emptiness 20 hours ago  
    Turn up 20 hours ago +1
    Bath 20 hours ago  
    Both unhealthy but B is far worse 20 hours ago  
    You’ve never watched.... 1 day ago +1
    Mines over 2000 1 day ago  
    It’s very clear if you have eyes... and I had to specify post cuz you misunderstood 3 days ago  
    The picture specified it. And so did I do therefore you’re eating a giant spoonful of wasabi 3 days ago  
    Well too bad you’d had to eat a spoonful of wasabi as big as A 3 days ago  
    Oh.. i thought anime was for nerds?!? 3 days ago  
    Gorilla 3 days ago  
    Well now I am 3 days ago  
    Don’t encourage him 3 days ago  
    Haha good one 4 days ago +1
    Great choice 4 days ago  
    It’s the same amount depicted in the picture 4 days ago  
    Hmm interesting 4 days ago +1
    Early retirement 5 days ago  
    Not too sure lol 5 days ago +1
    It’s true 5 days ago  
    SuperSaiyanGod2 5 days ago  
    I can just make new children. Can’t do the same for parents 5 days ago +1
    I’m not a loser. 5 days ago  
    For real 5 days ago  
    Lol I sincerely doubt it. You’re opinion doesn’t matter because at the end of the day no one cares about it and it’s negative. 6 days ago +2
    Who are you to decide what a “good rapper” name is. Many people liked it so why does your irrelevant negative opinion matter? 6 days ago +4
    That doesn’t make me a loser 6 days ago  
    How am I a loser 6 days ago  
    That’s why I just stay single. Marriage is for losers anyways 6 days ago  
    Haha fair enough 6 days ago +1
    Meliodas is very strong. I’d put above naruto in terms of strength for sure 6 days ago  
    Natsu wouldn’t able to kill meliodas in the first place 6 days ago  
    You’d kill hinata?!?! You cray 6 days ago +2
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