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Would you rather Earn $500 million right now or Earn $5 trillion equivalent to now after 10 years has passed 4 years ago 230 votes 19 comments 0 likes

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I'll have a lightsaber show, make people pay money for it, and pay most/all that money to save MANY children, not just one. 4 years ago +1
Aww same! I always talk in my cute voice trying to talk to cats when I see one on the street. There are so timid and run away even though I'm being nice to them! I love cats so much. Dogs are filthy brats that need too much care 4 years ago +1
Just to point out. There IS little snow in Antarctica. It's just ice. I love the cold and hate the heat but I know I would die in antarctica 4 years ago +1
Beware: Spiders and Poisonous snakes Aussies 4 years ago  
I'm only 12 sooo... 4 years ago  
Both are S***! 4 years ago  
Personally world of warcraft is s*** but it doesn't say how long I have to play for. I'll play it for a second and then turn it off! 4 years ago +1
Another factor to consider, a digital watch could blow up your microwave and start a huge fire. Still got water though in the sink and fingers are permenant 4 years ago  
You don't know how long 10 years really is! 4 years ago  
I don't need unlimited love thanks. One is all I want and need, not 30 4 years ago  
MULTI billion 4 years ago  
Why didn't you choose money then. I'm 11(12 next month) 4 years ago  
you might me dumb enough to buy 1.5 tons of crack soo, thats dumb 4 years ago  
I would never be late to go to school.A minute can make a big difference 4 years ago +3
He has a 16 inch pen. Pens never hurted me 4 years ago  
stop, drop and roll. didn't say I will die from burning alive 4 years ago  
OH GOD!!! 911 LIKES 4 years ago  
Oh darn. I will die in 10 seconds ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Baby bab" *dies from ear rape* 4 years ago  
The 1-5 hours is in my sleep! 4 years ago  
Well, I'm rich so I'll buy a slave with an amazing car. PWNED! 4 years ago  
Oh sh*t. I didn't know what take up ment so I searched it on the internet 4 years ago  
OOH. Free storage inside the mac. Go smash the macbook air and take the storage 4 years ago  
And the number would be less than 6 million jews! 4 years ago  
I'm robot, never said die from 4 years ago  
54% forgot the "deal with satan" bit 4 years ago  
Then why didn't you choose money 4 years ago  
WTF IS THIS. I'm 12 so GO FOR MONEY 4 years ago  
7 people die a second. So I'm saving less that a second of people while I love my life. Unluckiness is just unlucky ok 4 years ago  
I love spending, but I earn little money "$7 a week" and I'm smart enough to not blow it on something so If I earn loads, I would blow all of it down 4 years ago  
Sorry, I prefer cats 4 years ago  
What an idiot. You think steven hawkings is ugly. GO KILL YOURSELF 4 years ago  
My house has wheels and I can drive it 4 years ago  
It said you WILL DIE! Didn't miss out the die part. So you are wrong and the 120 likers are dumb or guillible 4 years ago  
You will DIE! so stop drop and roll is useless 4 years ago  
Ohh darn. I am south asian, yet I am nothing like one or anything african. they will treat me like s*it because of my skin color (a normal color but a bit dark 4 years ago  
It's just an needle in the arm. I would rather get a shot than die 4 years ago  
It says your poor so your wrong 4 years ago  
I live in UK..... No Walmart or Target here 4 years ago  
It is peace if you are not hungry and don't have disease. *GENIUS LAUGHTER* 4 years ago  
I don't do either. I don't believe in magic and I don't gamble, I'm only 12. SKIP NOW 4 years ago  
One word. Tippex 4 years ago  
A speeding ticket costs about 1000 max in Uk(where I live). My precious car would cost much more 4 years ago  
I'll go kill the members of Al-Qaeda. Now, there is no chance that I am a terrorist 4 years ago  
I believe in the existence of heaven so no need to suffer for 100 years. 4 years ago  
I haven't voted yet and I guess gay marriage 80%, is it right. 4 years ago  
You can control her mind to make sure she does that so you got PWNed 4 years ago  
There is no point of looking at the future as you can't change it. 4 years ago  
I would know that I'm dying on the year so I would be scared so if I chose the way, I am fine 4 years ago  
Where's the android button 4 years ago  
Music is a language, so I would know the language of music AANND way more. 4 years ago  
I love the rain. LOL 4 years ago  
ONE WORD. HITLER 4 years ago  
WHAT IS THIS STUFF 4 years ago  
you can skip you know 4 years ago  
the phone is cheaper 4 years ago  
the wii is cheaper. 4 years ago  
29% are insanely retarded 4 years ago  
I love pokemon and this is one of the most idiotic questions ever. God is real!!!!!!! 4 years ago +1
I've got bulletproof armor. Didn't say I will die from it. 4 years ago  
Nah I'm Bill Gates! 2 million can only buy me a rubbish mansion. 4 years ago  
I'll go kill that murderer 4 years ago  
Dumbest question ever 4 years ago  
Lol made me laugh so hard 4 years ago +1
He's a cereal killer, so I just can't have cereal. Problem Solved 4 years ago +1
My dad is so loud at shouting and I hate being told off and when I get told off, i usually cry for 30 min- 1.5 hours. I get told off by my mum lots and I don't care too much 4 years ago  
i would say pleas 4 years ago  
oh and muslim because im muslim 4 years ago  
Stop drop and roll, it didn't mention anything about being forced to die while burning 4 years ago  
lol i doubt more than me and you are in hull. I am in hull ro 4 years ago  
the picture is why I didnt choose it 4 years ago  
I have the pleasure to be with the people I like 4 years ago +1
I don't need a tv, i don't watch it 4 years ago  
Skippy skip! 4 years ago  
I don't want to live forever. But I'm not keen for all the money in the world. Hey, whats bad about all the money. Give it away 4 years ago  
It's painless! I hate pain 4 years ago  
I can concentrate finally!! 4 years ago  
That guilt inside me! 4 years ago  
I would wish for Bill gates house and 1in2 bigger 4 years ago  
I would miss the internet 4 years ago  
Three hours of awesomeness = yeah man 4 years ago  
Our human needs want happiness nothing else, therefore 26% of people are idiots 4 years ago  
I can get new keys! 4 years ago  
I love my parents, what more can I say, its a no brainer for me, they are kind and caring and give me a lot 4 years ago  
You creeped me out, I'm looking at this in 1am in the dark 4 years ago  
buffet are so annoying and awkward 4 years ago  
I am agreeing with you! Yeah I'm weird 4 years ago  
I can get a wheelchair, really obvious 4 years ago  
I don't waana choose. I want a nice teacher but I really really care about my grades. 4 years ago  
Beat dat guy up! 4 years ago  
I would choose left unless the people are boko haram 4 years ago  
confusing 4 years ago  
1 million is more than plenty! 4 years ago  
Games cost more so yeah i'm choosing games 4 years ago  
YEAH Cats for the win!! 4 years ago  
not answering, yeah people 4 years ago  
darn, i didn't know what hit on ment, i thought it ment get hit by. I lose, no vote 4 years ago  
Emm, I have a laptop, and that is not a pc on the picture so yeah I can live 4 years ago  
A law: Ban alcohol , yes loads of people disagree with me but drunkness kills drivers and people attack because of drunkess so there you go. Disagree with you want cause it doesn't change my decision the slightest. Even with a limit , people go drunk 4 years ago +1
a broken ski lift is WAAY More scenic 4 years ago  
Me but i hate the pic 4 years ago  
No brainer heaven 4 years ago  
skipped! 4 years ago  
i will go to my true love by travelling the world or i will dream for my true love. ha beat you 4 years ago  
or the other way round, because some people dont buy the iphone 6 because it is too big for them 4 years ago  
Prostitue, ok fine im leaving, i'll have to be a cashier cause prostitues are stupid 4 years ago  
some people decide to get it to spread 1000 to 1 million in africa so some of the 33% are actually smart. 1000 dollars is a heck of a lot in africa 4 years ago  
no not doing this 4 years ago  
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