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    If I were sex everytime high school musical was on surely I wouldn't be watching the actual movie  
    Accidently hit IOS because that's what I have ATM but I seriously can't wait to get back into android  
    I don't know about anyone else who has dyslexia but I find calibri way easier to read.  
    Already a vegetarian +1
    Nope, well mine wasn't. But I'm 28 now so we're talking like (ugh god now i feel old) 12 year ago now so...  
    Vanilla vodka is lush. When I first discovered it I legit thought I was gonna become an acoholic.  
    From basketball diaries until the beach. Although he was hot in wolf of Wall Street.  
    I know it's healthier, doesn't make it any less gross though. White wine is only slightly better though. Give me rosè any day.  
    Never seen either of them but I do know Sebastian Stan was in gossip girl and 200% would tap that.  
    The amount of people who think kissing one girl would automatically make them a lesbian is astounding.  
    Cannot wait until my iPhone contract is up.  
    My art GCSE was 6 hours and I could have my head phones and listen to my music all day, so... +18
    I'm left wing but if you know your world history you know that communism doesn't work it's not a good thing all things in moderation.  
    Id just rather live in a cabin. Don't care if it's with a friend or a boyfriend, in too pale to endure too much sun.  
    Just because in your opinion doesn't exist in America, (in not American so I can't really say but from what I have seen and when personal accounts I have read it seems to still exist.) that doesn't mean it doesn't exist in the rest of the world. This is the problem with humanity it's became us against them. We are still all human. So just because you and I live in such privileged countries such as Britain and American should we just stop caring about other countries that are still fighting these battles  
    I'm British and always wondered why Australians didn't speak with a British accent seeing as how Britain colonised Australia same with America. I love Australia been there a few times and as a child my family nearly moved over there but I had to choose Canada because you know Tony Abbott. Not that our government here in Britain is that much better  
    Hate them both, but at least beliebers are just kids point at something shiny they'd be preoccupied with that to bother with me.  
    Im pretty sure he isn't considering he's only ever dates girls and even if he was being gay is only insulting to homophobes so....  
    People saying celebrities you don't know if the constant media attentions has f***ed them up mentally or if they have became a self centred egotistical twat that has no concept or reality anymore. At least with your own brain/mind you know what you're dealing with.  
    Already tried the first one, and I was a chubby little f*** as a baby so I obviously didn't hate it, May as well try the cheese as well  
    A lot of illnesses go undiagnosed in females purely especially when it comes to illnesses that surround the menstrual cycle. I feel another female would be less dismissive.  
    Only listening to one headphone ends up with me having a migraine to I don't want to live in constant pain.  
    I know this shouldn't be funny, but I just choked on to drink after reading this.  
    Yes tape is always the victims fault isn't it. Shut the f*** up you dumb f***.  
    I hit the wrong one, totally pro choice somebody else's uterus has nothing to do with me, plus I've never been in that situation so I don't know what it takes to make that kind of choice  
    Wow you know when people do the whole 'murica thing, yeah, you're who they're taking about. Dumb as sh*t.  
    Yeah I'm pretty sure people manage to have babies without the whole wedding thing  
    Pretty sure my go too a outfit at 10 was dungarees and converse. That was 1997, now in 2016 everyone seems to be wearing dungarees and converse are still the comfiest shoes out there.  
    Oooh I like this, it being called gay marriage is so silly, your totally right it should just be marriage. Two people in love making vows together no deffinition between gay or straight. What a great idea. I mean it's not like anyone elses relationships have anything to do with anyone else anyway right.  
    Highly unlikely, they don't even charge cops for murder when they shoot an innocent black kid  
    It's the womans job to be late to her wedding. Plus they'll still marry me if I'm late. I won't get hired though  
    I already have the small boobs can I have the money now  
    I remember biting my tongue more than stubbing my toe so that obvs hurt more  
    Religion is in no way a bad thing, the people who hide behind their religion to incite hatred however... Unfortunately them type of people however on the minority they may be always seem to shout the loudest  
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