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Which life story would YOU prefer to experience, out of these two options? You have lived a RELAXED, CAREFREE life since birth. You IGNORED every subject at school, not to mention homework & exams, learnt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from school, apart from making friends and having fun. You got straight Fs, grew up HOMELESS & JOBLESS. But looking back, youth was fun while it lasted or You were pushed to develop and excel academically SINCE BIRTH, RARELY given free time for maximum productivity. As a student, life was all about school & tuition, with free time ONLY in the holidays, got straight As. You grew up, got a HIGH-PAID STRESSFUL job, but SUFFER stress, anxiety & depression 1 year ago 50 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Imagine that you're both physically strong AND physically attractive at the same time. BUT... you MUST SACRIFICE either strength or beauty, OR YOU'LL DIE if you keep both. Which would you SACRIFICE? I'll sacrifice my strength, I'll still be attractive but I'm now so fragile and easy to injure. or I'll sacrifice my beauty, I'll still be strong but I'm so ugly everyone will never make eye contact anymore -- I mean face contact! 1 year ago 56 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be UNemployed with passive income, stay at home everyday or Be employed in a job you're PASSIONATE about! 1 year ago 70 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Your son obsessed with fashion, makeup, manicure, pedicure...and labelled 'The Most Beautiful Man In The World', straight girls and gay guys alike swoon over him as if he was a celebrity or Your daughter playing several MMOs addictively, but she's a PRO, ranks #1 all the time, and is 'The BEST Gamer In The World', extremely highly respected in the gaming community 1 year ago 70 votes 39 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have A sunny day in winter or A windy day in summer 1 year ago 60 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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Cute but... The red makes it seem evil... How about no. 11 months ago  
A is pervy. Pervy < Everything Else 11 months ago +1
Obviously 11 months ago  
They're full of p*rn anyway. 11 months ago  
Nobody likes to be exposed anyway. 11 months ago  
Apple Maps deserves to terminate itself. 11 months ago  
Ikr 11 months ago  
So I can enjoy lots of "social games"! 11 months ago  
I'm already learning Chinese anyway. 11 months ago  
Arabic is too difficult anyway. 11 months ago  
Depends on what I'm doing... 11 months ago  
No Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, and Valentines? And you waste it doing NOTHING? No thanks!!! 11 months ago  
Mary Sue(s) will make it boring after 50% of the story. 11 months ago  
In a painless way 11 months ago  
But I'll make them REMEMBER experiences from all their lives. The current system of forgetting is a waste. And I'll make the good people be able to pick whether they want another life, or go to Heaven. The bad people will spend time in Hell according to how serious the sin is, and they'll go back to Earth and try to live a good life. Void is only available by satisfying 2 conditions: 1. You're sick and tired of living 2. You're a good person 11 months ago  
Auroras are boring, reminds me of one of the really boring Windows screensavers. 11 months ago +1
In where I live, "girlfriend" can also mean "a female friend". I'm not attracted to females, but at least I have a friend now. Because real life humans suck. 11 months ago  
More 3D. 11 months ago  
What if I have no friends? 11 months ago  
It says "Jews", NOT "Judaism". Jewish is an ETHNICITY. A Jew can follow any other religion than Judaism. 11 months ago  
Cooler 11 months ago +1
I don't have a favourite anime...yet. But I'd like to star, as long as nobody sees my true fotm. 11 months ago  
Of course. You gotta know your purpose. 11 months ago  
I'd like to try... something new... hehe~♡ 11 months ago  
The person can't swim anyway... 11 months ago  
Only God would be able to do B, but He? She? It? Was done with managing reality, and won't interfere anymore. 11 months ago  
Let people love who they love! 11 months ago  
Ice cream > Pancakes 11 months ago  
Why should A matter? 11 months ago  
Sagittarius is my sign, gotta live up to it! 11 months ago  
Just because of Valkyrie Crusade, one of my favourite games. What's with including Valkyrie Crusade pics? How long have you been playing it? 11 months ago  
I'll murder you. Secretly for sure. Then...FREEDOM!!!!! 11 months ago  
Eggs > Pizza 11 months ago  
IKR!!! 11 months ago  
I ain't attracted to women anyway. 11 months ago  
More relaxing 11 months ago  
It's already happening all the time, whether you realize it or not. The punishments are often indirect, often in the form of sickness, bad luck, or natural/human disasters, whatever. 11 months ago  
Meh, who cares about the outdoors anyway. 11 months ago  
And see everything 11 months ago  
You get something out of it. 11 months ago  
More chocolates 11 months ago  
One tiny droplet. 11 months ago  
Animals > Shit anytime 11 months ago +1
And then have a nice long bath. 11 months ago  
The head is part of your body too, so you'll get bald. And you can pluck'em with tweezers, although it takes a really long time. Then, I'll wear wigs when I'm bald. 11 months ago  
IKR!!! 11 months ago  
I don't have a penis. 11 months ago  
My mom's annoying. 11 months ago  
Override it with EXTRA STRONG perfume. 11 months ago  
Allows you to sit down, despite the periods. They're bearable. 11 months ago  
Too late, but ikr? 11 months ago  
I don't have a sister. I WIN!!! 11 months ago  
There are more actors & actresses, singers, and every other job you can think of, who are well-known for their looks compared to their talents. If you hate exercising to be thin, you can use fat removal therapy to be thin without gaining strength. So, looks are more important than strength. 1 year ago  
It's just testing whether we're selfless or selfish. But wait, it goes both ways. I'd rather be crying for somebody (B) than have somebody crying for me (A). 1 year ago  
Argh misclick! 1 year ago  
Classier 1 year ago  
No way. He's just a lucky spoiled brat who abuses his power. 1 year ago  
To avenge my bullies, past and present. 1 year ago  
In a jiffy. Now that you're a god, you can quickly float out of it, and it's done!!! 1 year ago  
True 1 year ago  
In option A, the kids will die sooner. 1 year ago  
A looks more like a giant rat without whiskers and a tail. 1 year ago +1
A prince has lots of duties to carry out. A soccer player, especially someone who loves it, has a much more relaxing job. 1 year ago  
Both are sexy... especially for pants. But B is easier to breathe in. 1 year ago  
Asians will approve this question. I'll eat them without soup, on a plate instead of a bowl, and with a fork and spoon. Can't use chopsticks. FOR. LIFE. 1 year ago  
Both are used for different purposes, so you can't really compare them. 1 year ago  
Who's B? A is best! 1 year ago  
Those who picked B are either ironic or retarded. 1 year ago  
They're MY shoes, after all. 1 year ago  
B is for cowards/veg(etari)ans. No, I'm not saying that vegans are cowards. 1 year ago  
Tell them to not be scared, and to trust me. Who knows, they'll be braver after this conversation. 1 year ago  
You misclicked. 1 year ago  
He probably just accidentally saw us. I'm not Artemis, who mercilessly kills (directly or indirectly), even for something done by accident. Next, I'll punish whoever caught him, for inappropriate interference with the human race. 1 year ago  
Of course. 1 year ago  
Flee from it. Secretly. I WIN!!! 1 year ago  
I've done it once when I was around 2nd or 3rd grade in elementary. It was so boring and disgusting, no online entertainment and a dirty body. Seriously, living in my day-to-day modern lifestyle with the internet is a billion times better compared to a simulation of Stone Age life. Never gonna do it again. 1 year ago  
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$............................. 1 year ago  
What if you cure yourself? Your remaining time with the illness becomes 24 hours and then it's gone? 1 year ago  
No pain > Pain 1 year ago  
A is ridiculously childish and retarded. 1 year ago  
Have you ever heard of Auto-Tune? Behind the scenes, that's the secret to accurate pitch. 1 year ago  
B can just type on a keyboard, problem solved. Pitch accuracy is extremely important for a musician, no matter whether you're a singer, instrumentalist, or composer. Well, A can be solved using Auto-Tune (edited by someone else WITHOUT tone-deafness), but it can sound creepy at times... 1 year ago  
It depends. My moral compass is neutral. 1 year ago  
Ummm...? I don't know what's they're gonna give me. 1 year ago  
I'm agnostic (unsure of God's existence) and I don't give a s*** on environmental issues whatsoever, so try to prove God's existence to me. 1 year ago  
Be immortal. 1 year ago  
B is retarded. 1 year ago +1
Who are you? I just joined this year. But anyway, life in general simply sucks. 1 year ago +1
I hate communism. 1 year ago  
Doesn't matter to me. 1 year ago  
I've tried multiple dating sims, but I've only felt love for one or two characters. Every other character gets imaginary love which doesn't count. And when the route is completed, my love for him slowly dies away. On the other hand, I have crushes on two or three classmates. And the feels are still ongoing. 1 year ago  
I'm a straight female. 1 year ago  
Shota = Little boys, Loli = Little girls, Hentai = P*rn. 1 year ago +1
I don't mind either... 1 year ago  
EZ, lighter clothes in my suitcase. 1 year ago  
Camping is so boring and disgusting, no matter where it happens. I've camped once when I was really young and I HATED IT!! Plus, there's basically nothing to do on the Moon, except experimenting with floating. It's just mooncrates and a view of Earth, and that's it. Period. 1 year ago  
It's fine for sure. Getting touched by your idol is the greatest gift ever, isn't it? 1 year ago  
B is hell. 1 year ago  
Why are there idiots who'd like to go blind? 1 year ago +1
Both. If she's interested, let her. If not, don't force her to join. 1 year ago  
Kids aren't mature enough to deserve me noticing them. Wait until you grow up, and maybe you would've forgotten about me, or if you still retain interest towards me, please make another letter. It will be better and more well developed than childish junk. 1 year ago  
B is too much work. 1 year ago  
Who knows, they might ask you to say something offensive/embarrassing. I don't want to turn into an internet meme just for that. 1 year ago +1
Too weak to do stuff like that... 1 year ago  
I'm extremely lazy and hate studying, and I also hate sports (but I'm NOT obese). I'm gonna be more successful! 1 year ago +1
Of course! 1 year ago +1
B is hated, I don't wanna be hated. 1 year ago +1
Classier 1 year ago  
R U secretly a terrorist? Nah, just kidding. 1 year ago  
More money. It's just acting anyway, so the whole thing is fake. 1 year ago  
Why would I gain weight? NO WAY! 1 year ago  
Of course, make my fan happy! 1 year ago +1
The people are more attractive there. Plus, pro gaming skills and awesome games. (Does anyone remember Devil Maker Tokyo? It sadly closed down. It really is Korean despite the title.) Also, less suicide rates. I don't even follow Kpop right now, but I'm going to be born as a different person anyway. 1 year ago  
Obvi 1 year ago  
More liberal. 1 year ago  
That's a f-ing organ in the pic, not a piano. There's differences between them. 1 year ago +3
What if it's equal? 1 year ago +1
Cuter! 1 year ago +3
A cute seal. 1 year ago +1
WTH is A? Sounds like a piece of s***. 1 year ago +3
What if you're a woman? A should've said "kissing someone of the same sex"... 1 year ago  
I'm already A but I haven't tried B. I really want to do B but I don't have time because of SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS!!! 1 year ago  
Look at the pic in Indian culture. They're throwing coloured powders everywhere LIKE THEY'RE HIGH OR SOMETHING. WTH. On the other hand I love Japanese video games and music. (E.g. Age of Ishtaria, Valkyrie Crusade, Knights Chronicle*, etc. Seriously, they're so much fun to play. I'm addicted to them.) I'm NOT a weeb, but if you insist on calling me so, it's better than being drunk and wild like those Indians. P. S. The company that made Knights Chronicle is Korean, but it was made in the Japanese branch before global release. 1 year ago  
B is reality. A would be boring! 1 year ago  
Your statement is sooo false. I'm Asian and I've NEVER heard of that statement, even my grandma dyed her hair PERMANENTLY and she loves it! 1 year ago  
It's more A than B. Heck, B rarely gets noticed, and some sources say B happened in some other date. Same goes for Easter. It's just as secular as Halloween. 1 year ago  
The next page would be empty anyway. I'll grab a pen and write: "On (Tommorrow's Date) (My Full Name) experienced a miracle. (First Name) will no longer require glasses, skin will be smooth, hearing will be more acute, increased intellect, will never experience sickness again ... (etc). From this day on, the senses will never decline. (Followed with lists of anything and everything I've always wanted to obtain "I got ..., I got....). (Full Name) will also gain immortality from this day forth." I'VE CREATED MY OWN FATE! 1 year ago +1
B looks like a criminal A looks... That towel looks kinda weird but he seems innocent. 1 year ago  
More useful 1 year ago +2
A is straight B is bent... 1 year ago  
Of course 1 year ago  
Make my enemies dream about themselves getting killed, make myself and my friends dream out our fantasies. I'll make it as vivid as real life (sensations will be felt including 5 senses, pain and emotion, etc), and I'll make it so that 8 hours FEELS like 8 hours, instead of 'sped-up' experiences. 1 year ago  
Ewww salad 1 year ago  
A is dumb 1 year ago  
What if OP is a sissy pretending to be a girl? Should be "I'm feminine". 1 year ago  
More comfy 1 year ago  
Kick it. Try riding it. Push really hard towards the ground. 1 year ago  
Shorter period of time, and I can't nature for so long. 1 year ago  
Both are cool, but B is classier imo 1 year ago  
You can get a grade for it 1 year ago  
Agreed! 1 year ago  
Even without the Pokemon context, the creator obviously came first. The creator then creates the ancestor that creates descendants. 1 year ago +2
Not gonna suffer A. 1 year ago  
Remember that there are audiences who simply don't get it because they don't follow the religion. Just treat them like decorations. 1 year ago  
A has the title showing on the bottom right corner, Battlestar Galactica. B is Evangelion. They're both animes. 1 year ago  
Of course! 1 year ago +1
Of course! 1 year ago  
It's EWWW WITHOUT sugar. I always add sugar to mine. 1 year ago  
A would suck, you wouldn't even be able to jump over a tiny fence. 1 year ago  
The ability to shoot thick laser beams from your palms at will. 1 year ago  
How about the 3rd option? I'M IN! 1 year ago  
Agreed! 1 year ago  
It's just a character, dude. You just step into his/her shoes for a while, and when it ends, it ends. You get to escape from yourself for a while, and that's it. 1 year ago  
Just clicked randomly. It's so difficult to make a choice... 1 year ago  
Chess is difficult and long, Scrabble is easier. 1 year ago  
16, female 1 year ago  
Would you rather rule or serve? Ruling obviously sounds much better. 1 year ago  
Nope, because of your ridiculous question about liking this site or not. 1 year ago  
Why is this even a question? If you don't like it, you could just leave us alone, y'know? Let us have fun here... 1 year ago  
I don't know what option A is, I enjoyed it. 1 year ago  
Game: Love Nikki/Miracle Nikki. If you don't know what it is, look it up! This game is popular amongst many girls in my school, including me. What I'll change: I play Action/Strategy games outside of this. I'll add RPG-like stats and skills attached to certain clothes. Oh, and make a levelling system for clothes as well. The "battles" will stay the same at first, using skills to increase/reduce your score. AFTER this, I'll add a REAL battle... you and your opponent's resulting score turns into HP, you'll now have to pick 4 skills that are attached to your clothes. Some of the handheld items are mostly handbags, but also include weapons such as swords, bows, and suchlike. Clothing items will mainly increase DEF, while handheld items, and maybe shoes and hats will mainly increase ATK. And I'll probably add animations as well, such as kicking, headstabbing, or hitting the opponent with handbags. I'm sorry if this is too long... 1 year ago  
It's so relevant for me to know this. 1 year ago  
5% of $1000 is $50, larger amount of money. I make minor lies everyday, and I insult people sometimes. IN MY HEAD. I've rarely done anything SERIOUSLY bad, so... Anyway, the real question is 'Which do you value more, morals or money?' MONEY is the way to go, for me. I'm an unemployed student. 1 year ago  
Because anime characters are perfectly constructed, and most of the charas are girls to soothe the straight male audience, the majority of people. Well, I have a game recommendation for you, Valkyrie Crusade. Search it up on your phone's App Store/Play Store, enjoy yourself. In my case, I'm a female, I like Anime style graphics so much, I play games with those graphics. I look at the boys more often and get orgasms, but sometimes I get orgasms as well with anime girls. But only attracted to boys irl, orgasming at the sight of real life hot guys, but never real life girls. 1 year ago  
I don't mind... 1 year ago +1
SHIT MISCLICK!! 1 year ago  
Both 1 year ago +1
Given that I'm not caught in this minor act of cheating, I'll do this. 1 year ago  
I'll attack for sure! Do something productive! 1 year ago  
Wow. I'm surprised how many people picked option B. Reasons for option A: You just stay there, at home. You don't need to waste money for fuel/public transport to get to work, as well as saving energy if you walk. Well, unless you want to visit restaurants/shopping centres/cinemas, your life will mostly be spent at home. Online shopping is a thing, I'll save more money because I won't be needing my car/public transport, and I'll save more energy by moving less. Ok, I might sound like I don't care about my fitness,'s just tiring. 1 year ago  
Agreed! *high-fives* P. S. I'm still a childless teen. Yes, respect people's interests. 1 year ago  
Both! 1 year ago +1
Same! 1 year ago  
BTW I know several girls who're typical ALL THE WAY, EXCEPT... it ends when you discover that she plays several sports, and she's GOOD at them! Most girls where I live are like this. 1 year ago  
Nope. I'm female and... My girly traits only include...hmmm...disliking sports, taking hours to get ready (to look as neat and beautiful as possible), and I play some dress-up games... That's it, while my boyish traits are playing Action genre games, being aggressive (ONLY when disturbed), and randomly surfing the web. 1 year ago +1
Nope, straight female. 1 year ago  
Neither because I'm unattracted to women, don't know who they are either, but if I had to choose, of course I'd pick A, the girls in B are so ugly! 1 year ago  
I'm too shy...I hate option A! 1 year ago +2
Don't understand anything, but A looks safer so... 1 year ago  
More important 1 year ago  
Ummm... 1 year ago  
Oh so s** is a hobby of yours. Let them enjoy it. 1 year ago  
Tigers are cooler than horses! 1 year ago +2
Never experienced B. 1 year ago  
22% of people are racist. 1 year ago +2
More spells in less time. 1 year ago  
Hasn't this been posted before? 1 year ago  
The one on the left is ugly. 1 year ago  
Equally attractive, picked randomly. 1 year ago  
The guy on the left is so messy, how come more people prefer him? 1 year ago  
Beautiful pics! 1 year ago  
Won't make it either way. 20 sec is shorter 1 year ago  
I do this everyday in video games. 1 year ago  
Neither, I can live without the news. Oh sh*t, clicked something! 1 year ago  
Blah... 1 year ago +1
What's wrong with it? That's the way its body is! 1 year ago  
You can immediately start playing it. 1 year ago  
Doesn't matter either way... 1 year ago  
Grab the hand and squeezzeee your fingernails tightly... 1 year ago  
I don't have a stone. 1 year ago  
B: Basically what you do in most video games, you just control other characters. A: What happens irl. 1 year ago  
They provide cars, electronics, and entertainment to us. 1 year ago  
Both are hot strangers... OH NO, PICKED THE WRONG ONE! 1 year ago  
Cuter 1 year ago  
The 11% who chose 1D are probably white female 12-13 yo teenagers. EDIT: 9.8% gays out of every known male, 10.9% straight girls out of every known female... 1 year ago  
RUNNN! 1 year ago  
We have been experiencing option A since forever. 1 year ago  
Girl power! 1 year ago  
Our average 'walking' speed would be much higher, because we can RUN! 1 year ago  
This is a Stone Age question. 1 year ago  
I don't mind either way... 1 year ago  
It's cute! Dressing up never hurts! 1 year ago +1
B is ALREADY legal. A reduces the fun. 1 year ago  
Let'em enjoy the satisfaction. Can't you see they're having so much fun? 1 year ago  
Seriously?! More people picked A than B? A doesn't affect us, B does! So selfless! 1 year ago  
Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig... fall below the ground! 1 year ago  
We don't care about animals' opinions. They never mattered to us anyway. 1 year ago +1
More convenient! 1 year ago +2
Enjoy stuff together! 1 year ago +1
I'm currently living here. 1 year ago  
Humans are better than animals. 1 year ago  
Autocorrect being a weeb. 1 year ago  
I don't have a yard, I WIN!!! 1 year ago  
What if 'no warfare' ALSO meant no more MMOs, RPGs, shooters, martial arts movies, action movies and superheroes? That's no fun! 1 year ago  
Both are beautiful...CAN'T CHOOSE! P. S. That tiger is so cute. 1 year ago  
Nobody cares about option 2 anyway. 1 year ago  
I don't want animals and other stuff eating me, even if I'm dead, my soul won't want to see that gross thing ever happen. 1 year ago +2
Y'all die in 3 days without food, y'know? 1 year ago +2
Accidentally clicked something... NEITHER!!! 1 year ago +1
Nobody wants to kill them! 1 year ago +1
Meat > Veggies, P. S. I eat both 1 year ago +1
I don't wanna be poor. 1 year ago  
Meat = Animals, nothing changes. 1 year ago  
Animals don't understand us and can't help us, people do. 1 year ago +2
People > Animals. Wow, 54% of humans are selfless. 1 year ago  
More important than animals. 1 year ago +1
Take selfies of myself and my friends, look at animal photos in Google Images. 1 year ago  
More important than animal abuse. 1 year ago  
Easier to kick 1 year ago  
You can just run around randomly in soccer while the other 10 teammates do the work of kicking a ball into a net. 1 year ago  
Basically be black or Asian. Have you read the news about black schoolkids getting a racist text message that made them all cry? Also, smartness is more useful than strength. And I'm already satisfied being Asian, not changing anything. 1 year ago  
Cuteness Level: Lions > Bears 1 year ago  
*applause* 1 year ago  
Oh, the sensation of sand in your nose, ears, and mouth, as well as swallowing salty saliva. Ewww! Just swim in a pool, go tanning in a spa, maybe see fish in an aquarium, instead of doing these in a dirty beach. 1 year ago  
A is easier than B. 1 year ago  
Basically kill or be killed. I'mma straight female and even if 'man' was replaced by 'woman' or 'monster' or 'whatever', I'd obviously choose to live, not to die. The retarded 22% are probably suffering from depression or something. 1 year ago  
Just physically, just mentally, or both? Nvm, but adults must pay taxes. Kids, especially before elementary/primary school age, have free time 24/7. Seriously. You just eat, play, and sleep whenever you want, without limits. Life was fun! 1 year ago  
Really? I've only gotten ONE every year. JUST ONE. You get more presents at birthdays in my experience, but maybe you're just lucky. 1 year ago  
You only get one present for Christmas, plus a few crappy items. But for birthdays, you can get presents as many as the number of friends you have, and the items aren't as crappy. 1 year ago  
So true ikr 1 year ago  
Rain is more bearable compared to snow. 1 year ago  
The $10,000,000 can be used to buy anything and everything to make me attractive for potential lovers. 1 year ago +1
I loved Chalk Zone, Time Squad is retarded! 1 year ago  
Why'd anyone do A? EWWW 1 year ago +1
Pringles > KFC 1 year ago  
I'd like to erase one of my primary school's classmates' memories of ever having me. (There was this one annoying primary school where every student's rude...) Luckily I've only stayed there for 10 months. Otherwise, every other school I went to is fine. Currently in a good high school. 1 year ago  
Role playing is fake, and I'm not ready yet. 1 year ago  
B happens a lot. 1 year ago  
T-shirts and jeans. Wait. They're unisex. But it's better than slutty clothing. I won't mind if she goes as far to wearing a tuxedo in prom if she's really a tomboy, because that's what she is. Respect. P. S. I'm childless 1 year ago +2
I hate salad, EWWW! 1 year ago  
It's so tough. Treating kids of all the same gender is requires very high maintenance. E.g. Boys might want to collect as many cards/figurines as possible, girls might ask for pretty clothes every time, etc. Wait, that was sexist, but even if the girl was a tomboy/the boy was a sissy (reversed), they'll ask for so much. I'd rather have equal amounts of both genders. 1 year ago  
We have more water than food, I'd rather not waste food just to defeat my enemies. 1 year ago +1
A looks ugly, B is hot 1 year ago  
Just pick the hotter one... 1 year ago  
Sharks > Whales 1 year ago  
1D is retarded 1 year ago  
Not being racist, but most Asian parents would choose option A. Just picked randomly. 1 year ago  
365 DAYS, not years, you idiot! Age would still be the same, but measured in a different way. 1 year ago  
In birthdays, you have a higher chance of getting your dream gift. Also, the more friends you have, the better. While in Christmas, you often DON'T get the gift that you want, the gifts received can often be crappy. If everyday was a birthday, and everyone experiences this, we'd all be giving to each other. And age will be measured in days. 1 year ago  
Teleportation is useful, while flying isn't. But having both strength AND numbness to pain is much better! Wooo! 1 year ago  
Mew, mew~! 1 year ago  
I drink regularly so... 1 year ago  
I hardly ever burp... 1 year ago +2
SAME! 1 year ago  
Not sure! 1 year ago  
I'd rather fly than swim. 1 year ago  
I'm already doing A. 1 year ago  
Argghhh clicked the wrong one! 1 year ago  
A is waaayyyy better than B 1 year ago  
I hate waking up early. 1 year ago +1
B: Finally, I can customise real people like video game characters! Woo! 1 year ago  
Why not both? 1 year ago +1
I'd rather continue being one person for so long, than 10 different people for the same amount of time. 1 year ago  
B is sexist, why are there 51% choosing it? Doesn't everyone want to be tall? 1 year ago  
IMHO All beautiful things are valuable, but not all valuable things are beautiful. 1 year ago  
Both are retarded, while A is more retarded than B. Why would beauty be scary? 1 year ago  
In skydiving, at least you have others' hands to keep you safe. 1 year ago  
We live on land, so there I go. 1 year ago  
B is better 1 year ago  
Just picked randomly, I'd like to have both... 1 year ago  
Easy choice 1 year ago  
Rather save it for later! 1 year ago  
They are powerful. Period. 1 year ago  
Now I'll pee standing up! 1 year ago  
My favourite childhood movie was The Little Mermaid, I'd like to see it come to life. 1 year ago  
Actors and actresses are remembered and recognised for years even if someone rarely watches movies, while soccer players are only famous for a short while, then their names will be forgotten, only avid soccer fans will remember them. 1 year ago  
Respect those who want to participate AND those who don't want to. Nudism is a choice. 1 year ago  
Mew, ñah ñah! (BTW Ñ is Ny, just messing around with weird symbols) 1 year ago  
No emotions = less distraction. With emotions right now, I'm easily carried away with video games and procrastination. If only I had no emotion, I would've been more productive. 1 year ago  
None of these are surprising... 1 year ago  
Because I'm only attracted to guys. He's so hot! P. S. And I don't know who they are. 1 year ago  
I'd rather do neither, oh sh*t, accidentally clicked A! 1 year ago  
They're equally handsome... 1 year ago  
These are all anime mobile games. 1. Age of Ishtaria 2. Grand Sphere 3. Valkyrie Crusade 4. Battle Champs 5. Devil Maker: Tokyo (Discontinued), and I'm NOT a weeb thank you. 1 year ago  
The best female Vocaloid, with the best songs, but I also like several other male characters like...(SECRET!!!) 1 year ago  
Angels > Demons 1 year ago  
Both are good. But video games are an active pastime, you're actually doing something, while for anime/TV, it's passive, you just sit there, watch, do nothing else. 1 year ago +3
What if I'm ugly in certain hairstyles, but good looking in others? The same person can change from ugly to attractive and back again because of his/her hair! Or whether the person wears glasses! I know some people who look attractive with glasses and ugly without them, and I also know those who are attractive without them and ugly with them. LOOPHOLE! 1 year ago  
I don't have it, I WIN!!! 1 year ago  
Why'd anyone be a masochist anyway? 1 year ago  
I HATE SOUTH PARK! 1 year ago +1
He's hot 1 year ago  
'Any' song includes Vocaloid, so no problem, Autotune is the best anyway! My favourite songs are 39 Music, 千本桜, and Ievan Polkka! 1 year ago  
I'm gonna enter my enemies' nostrils and spin around them, making them sneeze uncontrollably, until I get dizzy myself. Then, I'll take a long bath to wash off their germs. 1 year ago +1
Anime has better graphics than cartoons. Period. 1 year ago  
Apple juice is less tastier than orange juice. 1 year ago  
I was expecting a higher % for B... 1 year ago  
I've lived in 2 countries, the 1st one never thought us anything and even demonised it, the 2nd one teaches it since 5th grade until 12th grade. (I have a younger sibling so I know this. Currently in 11th grade) 1 year ago +1
I'm gonna make statues of my enemies, I'll undress them and bam! I don't wanna make dirty debris in B. 1 year ago  
A is creepier than B. 1 year ago  
A has weird, ugly graphics, I revolted at the 1st episode. B was much better. But don't make me retell the story, I've forgotten everything. 1 year ago  
A requires training. B is easier to use. 1 year ago +1
I'm originally from a country where I used to have paid servants (aka maids), if only they were here, I would never experience doing any housework. 1 year ago  
It's more fun to watch 1 year ago  
Only if it's someone I find worthy of living. 1 year ago  
Everyone can fake laugh already. 1 year ago  
I'm agnostic and straight, so B. 1 year ago  
Ugggghhhhhhh...... Can't... Decide... Which one is the real guy? Uggghhhhh..... 1 year ago  
Iceland's a good country, Tasmania is part of a country I'm currently living in, so why not try something new? 1 year ago  
That's easy enough! 1 year ago  
Both are unhealthy but I think A is worse. 1 year ago  
I mean there's footage of these creatures so... 1 year ago  
I'm already like this...I've hated sports my whole life... 1 year ago  
Not being racist but...Asians are smart, and lighter skin is more attractive. 1 year ago +1
B looks gross 1 year ago  
Water seems easier to control...and the moon can be visible AT ALL TIMES from day to night, so B for me! 1 year ago  
I play both. I'll pick a triangle to annoy others! And it sounds epic, too! 1 year ago  
Many people have experienced A, thus A is better than B. 1 year ago  
Why not both? I'd like to be both. 1 year ago  
Lol for both 1 year ago  
Ah-dult. Ah-dul-te-ry. Ah-dult-hood. Used to say it both ways, but now I'm sticking with Ah! 1 year ago  
How do you take care of 30 at a time? 1 year ago  
Less time spent in the toilets. 1 year ago +1
You can blow bubbles to others. 1 year ago  
If I were Mario, I'd be huffing and puffing. 1 year ago  
Who are these people? Just picked A because he's hotter. 1 year ago +1
Never watched anime before, but have been playing Japanese social games for about 7+ years (i.e. online games with anime-style graphics). The graphics for SAO look better, plus the game-like title made me pick B. 1 year ago  
Option A is without Jesus, option B is with Jesus. The real question is, would you involve Jesus in your life? 1 year ago  
I've never heard of B. 1 year ago +1
How about doing both in front of JustWantToKnow? 1 year ago  
As others said, God will NEVER do such a thing. It's just a testament of faith. I'm ex-religious, currently agnostic. Either way, if you did it, you'll go to hell and the victims will go to heaven. And you can always choose to ignore the order. 1 year ago  
This question is obviously targeted at males. 1 year ago  
Why not both? 1 year ago  
Always READ the question carefully before answering, it says "Do you have" instead of "Would you rather". P. S. If it actually said Would you rather, 100% of people would choose B. 1 year ago +1
1. Like Freyr's Laevateinn (Norse myths), it can fight on it's own. Useful for me because I'm weak. 2. Don't forget to make it indestructible. 3. Impossible to wield by another foe. (Sorry for stealing 2 of your ideas!) 1 year ago +1
TV shows are boring, I have NEVER watched porn before. But I'm not even interested in it right now, I'm not mature enough yet! 1 year ago  
If you're a straight female, both choices are equal. However, assuming that 'gay' means lesbianism for females, I'd rather continue liking guys. It doesn't say anything. I mean, some lesbians also use the word 'gay' for themselves. 1 year ago  
I'm straight irl, but if I were bi, all my chances will be doubled. 1 year ago  
Neither! Say no to junk food! 1 year ago +1
What if his/her IQ is just ONE LESS from smart? You haven't defined the level of smartness for A, or a quantity to be reduced for B. 1 year ago  
You'll manage your time more wisely when there's a deadline...get it? 1 year ago  
I have no business with Iraq anyway. Easy! 1 year ago  
I thought there'd be more girls picking B. Turns out it's the opposite. Well, people are getting wiser to know that wisdom is important! 1 year ago +1
They have sticks as weapons, he has bare hands... Also there's a larger quantity in B... 1 year ago  
I'm already thin and weak. How could 58% of people choose to have a retarded body??? Oh wait. Maybe because 98 is a big number, they think they're going to be fat. It's 44 kg. It's thin. That's why units are so can always convert it to something familiar. 1 year ago  
His suffering will end. The 39% of people who chose B are probably -- Well, better not get reported! 1 year ago  
It's been proven. 1 year ago  
Newer is better. 1 year ago  
Neither. Both are equally ugly. 1 year ago  
I'm still a virgin teenager... 1 year ago  
So convenient! You don't need the usual transportation anymore, e.g. You can do your usual daily routine. Then, the time for getting to your desired destination will be replaced by...FREE TIME!!! Or you don't need to wait for hours and hours to go abroad, maybe you can just appear in front of vacation landmarks, take a few selfies until you're satisfied, then return to home sweet home. Yay! Oh, and if there's an ID check while abroad, just go invisible. Voila! 1 year ago  
Keep putting your real surname in forms, try entering fake addresses to prevent...I don't know. I assume that chocolate extends to even the flavour itself (e.g. Nutella), it's the best flavour in the world, ain't giving it up!! 1 year ago  
No pain, no gain. Be brave to take risks if it's worth it. 1 year ago  
Y'all gonna ace in language classes. Woohoo! 1 year ago  
Option A will expire in a year. 1 year ago  
29% of people have no brains. Of course A is better! 1 year ago  
SHIT WRONG CLICK!!! Zombies are more fragile, thus eradicating them is possible, cancelling the apocalypse. WHY CAN'T WE CHANGE OUR MINDS??? THIS SHOULD BE A NEW FEATURE!!! 1 year ago  
Ikr 1 year ago  
Only if the baby is the descendant of bad people like terrorists, Hitler, Kim Jong Un, etc... Otherwise, I'll never do it. 1 year ago  
I'd like to have both, but I think pause is more useful. E.g. Let's say you have a test, and you HAVEN'T STUDIED AT ALL! What do you do? Well, have a good night's sleep the day before the test, wake up properly, have breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed etc... Fast forward to RIGHT BEFORE THE TEST TIME, HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON AND STUDY AS LONG AS YOU NEED TO!! WOOHOO!!! 1 year ago  
Everyone's attitude irl. I admire your bravery for showing your true colours. 1 year ago  
Both are the same tho... 1,000,000,000 / 100,000 = 10,000 1 year ago  
Being a lawyer is tougher... 1 year ago  
Ikr? 1 year ago  
Tattoos = COOL, Piercings = EWW! *Vomits* 1 year ago  
What if I told you that the 61% of people who chose to save an African child actually never cared at all irl, just to create an illusion that the majority of humans are selfless? 1 year ago  
Neither. I'm already short, picking A would make me toddler-heighted. And nobody wants to pick B. 1 year ago  
If you pick A and people find out, they might assassinate you and take it away. With B, you have unlimited time to do anything and everything, including making money. Wait. Immortality often comes with special powers, maybe I'll make $Infinity appear by will and buy everything I want. Or maybe I don't need the money, just think of the objects I want and they'll appear by will. 1 year ago  
If you're smart, you can have a decent job. With a decent job, you earn money. I'm considered attractive, and if I want to boost it even more, I can use the money earned from my smarts for plastic surgery. P. S. I'm already happy with my appearance. 1 year ago  
Money can buy everything~... 1 year ago  
Fortune can buy everything, PROBLEM SOLVED! How'd anyone even survive in B? OK, your emotions are satisfied, but you'll die in a few days for having nothing. But at least you'll die happy. 1 year ago  
I could buy anything and everything I want. The 35% people probably want to stay anon. 1 year ago  
Both are good options, but I suck at leadership. Welcome to Utopia! 1 year ago  
Futuristic technology is the BEST!!! 1 year ago  
If my potential partner wants to go to church/mosque/temple/whatever, let them do it. But I'm agnostic (unsure whether there's God or not), I'm not going with them, and I'll just be separated for a few hours each week. 1 year ago  
You can enjoy private moments. 1 year ago  
Gotta practice drawing AT A QUALITY LEVEL either way, picked randomly. I'm gonna draw my enemies and erase the drawings, and voila, peace! 1 year ago  
There's an alternative to cellphones: The Mac/PC. You still can continue playing mobile games through Bluestacks. Yay! 1 year ago  
I'm still young, I still have so much to explore... Save B for retirement age! 1 year ago  
No more ISIS, criminals, racists, sexists, etc...the world would be 999999999x better! 1 year ago  
Too ez, A is too scary to try out anyway. 1 year ago  
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